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"Gather up all of the crew,
It's time to ship out Bink's Brew..."

As should be expected, an epic series like One Piece deserves an epic soundtrack.

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  • Nothing beats the original opening song, "We Are!", by Hiroshi Kitadani, which can in many respects be considered the series' theme song. While One Piece has many great opening and ending songs, this is the only one that sounds apart from mainstream J-music, and more like something specifically written for the show (it was composed by Kouhei Tanaka, after all). It's cheery, upbeat, and has a great singer, and the accompanying animation is impressive. And if you've been a fan of the series for so long and look back upon it, it's bound to strike a few chords in your heart.
  • The intros to the English version of the second opening, "Believe" and the third opening "Toward the Light" are pretty inspirational.
  • Opening 6, "Brand New World" is possibly the best opening, as one of the few that shows exciting scenes from the current arc.
  • “Hope”. This song is also sung by Namie Amuro and is considered by many to be one of the best openings in the New World era.
  • "Super Powers" by V6. An energetic piece guaranteed to pump you up for the coming episode.
  • "Over The Top. Now the fourth opening song sung by mainstay Hiroshi Kitadani, this may be his finest work on the series since "We Are!".
  • Say what you want about the 4Kids Entertainment version of the series, but it's hard not to love the rap theme. YA-YO!


  • All of the Straw Hats' themes are awesome, and fit them to a T. Sanji's is jazzy and suave, Robin's is sexy, classy and elegant, Usopp's is fast-paced and upbeat, Nami's is cute and mischievous, Zoro's is dark and serious, Franky's is triumphant and awesome (So awesome it was even used before Franky was introduced), Brook's starts off creepy, then becomes goofy and happy, mirroring people's reactions to him (At first they're scared, then realize that Brook is a Nice Guy), Luffy's is adventurous, and Chopper's is cute and happy, curious even.
  • "Karakuri Defense System, Activate" is a very foreboding track that usually precedes the appearance of an enemy stronghold or a huge threat bursting onto the scene. Most notably, it's used to introduce Enies Lobby headquarters and showcase the moment when Blackbeard reveals he can use two Devil Fruit powers simultaneously.
  • "Karakuri Castle, Transform" is arguably one of the most intense, fast-paced fight themes in any show, and especially by anime's standards. Played often through the series, KCT makes any scene that much more thrilling.
  • "Overtaken" makes any scene in which it's played instantly better, because it's usually when the Straw Hats have decided that, no matter how much punishment they've taken already, no matter how hopeless the situation has become, no matter how powerful the Big Bad is, these guys will not back down, they will not surrender, they will pull out all the stops and won't quit until they're dead or have put the villains in their place. If "Overtaken" has come on, you know the Mugiwara/Straw Hat Pirates have just officially declared that SOMEONE is about to get their shit DESTROYED.
  • While it started out as a funny gag song, (warning, clip arguably has some spoiler material prior to Enies Lobby) "The Man from the Island of Snipers" becomes Awesome Music when Usopp gets dangerous. After all, this is a series about fulfilling one's dreams — so what is more badass in context than a song about one's dream self? Also comes in a dubbed version.
  • The most terrifying combination of music when played to the presence of someone like Bartholomew Kuma has to be Desperate Situation and Difficult until 1:50. If either one of those pieces are playing, it's usually a sign that shit has hit the fan. Also, A Dangerous Storm!
  • Facing 3 Admirals, quite possibly the best song from the tenth movie, if not the entire soundtrack. First plays when Luffy stands against the admirals.
  • Both versions of Brook's Fight. Both fast-paced, heart pumping pieces.
  • Debuting in the Thriller Bark Arc, The Eleven Supernova plays when the good guys are gaining the advantage, or kicking the bad guys' asses.
  • Movie 10 introduces a whole brand new slew of awesome music. First there's Run Luffy! which fits the rough, wild nature of the movie's setting perfectly, as well as To East Blue?, which starts out majestically, befitting the Scenery Porn of Merveille's introduction before abruptly shifting gears along with the plot. Next we have Begin the Operation for when the Big Bad's plan goes into motion, and the sad Nami's Message. Then we get Baby Dance, Nami Escapes, Sanji and Usopp, and Sanji's Leg of Wind (the latter apparently having become Boa Hancock's Leitmotif), all catchy, jazz swing pieces. Rounding out the battle music are Zoro's Nine Blades (actually a rearrangement of the much earlier "Gomu Gomu vs. Goe Goe" piece mentioned above), and the appropriately climatic The Final Battle. Finally, there's Message of Faith, showing the return to normalcy for the Straw Hats as well as underscoring the Heartwarming Moment that the film ends on.
  • Zoro vs General Maji and Sanji vs Captain Honki, both from the 7th movie.
  • The music in the OVA Defeat the Pirate Ganzack is all kinds of awesome. A shame that none of those tracks were reused for the actual show when it came out.
  • The moment you hear Uunan and the Stone Storage Room, expect a really serious scene to take place.
  • The music at the end of the episode where Oars, dying, reaches out to Ace is the most amazing, heart-rending piece. It's called "Dokuro ga Shinnen no Shouchou", and is from the 9th Movie Soundtrack.
  • I'm Becoming the King of Pirates! gives off the sense of joy and adventure the series loves.
  • Sign of Friendship from the 8th movie. First used when the Straw Hats say goodbye to Vivi at the end of the movie, but it's best known for The Going Merry's Big Damn Hero moment in the Enies Lobby Arc.
  • Dokuro wa Shinnen no Shouchou from the 9th Movie. Notable moments when this song played during the anime includes the part in Impel Down where Luffy tells Iva that he's going to Marineford to rescue Ace and, more memorably, the scene where Whitebeard makes an epic Last Stand against the marines. Also featured in the clash between Luffy and Don Chinjao, the first battle where both fighters were confirmed to have Haoshoku Haki. It is also featured when Monkey D Dragon puts out the fire on Gray Terminal and invites the Bluejam Pirates to join the Revolutionary Army in the fight for freedom.
  • Gomu Gomu no Bazooka! (2:00 is especially epic)
  • "Can't Escape, Fight", the song that plays when Luffy is fighting Wyper, is nothing short of kick-ass.
  • Whenever Luffy's Here starts playing, you can expect Luffy to either have an epic entrance or do something amazing.
  • Whether or not it was released as part of the soundtrack, the track that plays when the fake Straw Hats are gathering at Grove 46 certainly qualifies.
  • Shuraiya vs Needorusu is the song they play when shit goes down. Originally from Movie 4.
  • The second part from The World's Number One Oden Store is an amazingly beautiful track, and does a great job of getting across the great things that tend to happen in One Piece flashbacks (Saul's betrayal of the marines and Roger/Rayleigh's first meetings stand out).
  • Karakuri Defense System, Deploy is the kind of theme that makes any dramatic scene twice as intense. Usually played whenever the bad guy has the upper hand in a fight, or when there's impending doom.
  • The song that plays in various flashbacks (such as the barkeep's reminiscence of Gold Roger) is particularly great, providing a trailer-esque quality to the flashbacks, and sounding great on its own.
  • Luffy versus Rachet Round 1 and Luffy versus Ratchet Round 2 from Movie 7. Mostly Round 2; when that plays, you KNOW something big is about to happen.
  • Mother Sea is Tearjerker and Heartwarming put into musical form.
  • Z adds a number of impressive action soundtracks to the series's music collection, such as "Z vs. the Straw Hat Pirates", "Fierce Battle" - a medley of battle music for the Monster Trio, and "A Grand Battle". It also contains the heroic "Now Onward to the Island of the Final Battle! and the melancholy sailors' hymn "Ocean Guide". Of course, there's other awesome tracks that deserve mention. Robin's Dance is a catchy, oriental music played during, well, Robin's dance; ZEAL, the opening theme of the movie, and Z's Tragedy, a dark and sad theme that fittingly plays when Garp reveals Z's Dark and Troubled Past.
  • The New Animal King. A triumphant-sounding tune, fitting for big moments (Vivi's introduction during her coming of age speech) and after big victories (Luffy vs Lucci).
  • The Marine Swordsman's Battle Cry. A serious music for serious moments, perfect for setting up big events (like Shanks' meeting with Whitebeard).
  • Musshuru vs Luffy - Conclusion is intense and triumphant, usually played when there's a big finishing move.
  • The Straw Hats Counterattack is lauded as one of the greatest tracks in the series by a lot of fans, mainly due to one key moment it's played: when Shanks appears to stop the Marineford War.
  • A yet unreleased track has been played a few times in the Dressrosa Arc, essentially solidifying itself as Doflamingo's leitmotif. It's a sinister, chilling theme that fits the character incredibly well.
  • The Time of Promise has joined Mother Sea as one of the most heart-wrenching tracks in the series, and is used beautifully during tragic or emotional moments.
  • The Very, Very, Very Strongest, which plays when Luffy takes down 50,000 New Fishmen Pirates with one burst of Conqueror's Haki.
  • To Victory, which plays when Usopp stands up against Perona on Thriller Bark, and again when the Thousand Sunny's Gaon Cannon is first used.
  • The New World soundtrack features some amazing pieces used in the Dressrosa arc. Dressrosa is an upbeat Spanish guitar piece that does an excellent job of setting the mood for the new arc's setting and Dressrosa's Hidden Secrets is a Ghibli-esque piano piece that gives any scene it's played in a haunting beauty.
  • The theme for Gear Fourth is certainly a standout for a Theme Music Power-Up.
  • Guardian of Alabasta is easily one of the single most intense pieces in the series. It debuted in Episode of Alabasta when Pell sacrifices himself, but it's best known for its use during the Marineford Arc when Luffy launches his attack against the three Admirals.
  • Film Gold has a number of excellent pieces, including the swingtastic Gold & Jive, the badass and intense Daigyakuten, Kyukyoku no Entertainment, or Sakusenkaigi.

    Character Singles 
  • At the count of Jango, you will listen to this beat. 1, 2, Jango!

    Other Music from Anime 
  • Rather than just dubbing "We Are" into German, they made an entirely original song for the show's first opening in Germany. The result? Die Legende.
  • The Italian dub's opening is really catchy from the beginning!
  • The "Soul King's" final song, New World! So kickass that his fans jumped to hold back a force of invading Marines just so they could listen to it. Here's the full version. And now the long-awaited English version by Ian Sinclair is just as awesome.
  • This English cover of "Share the World" is just like how Funimation would handle it if they were still dubbing the theme songs.
  • Big Mom's introductory Villain Song, "Bloody Party", is just as cheerful and violent as it sounds.

    One Piece video games 

One Piece Grand Battle!

  • Choose Your Character!, though repetitive, has a surprisingly good keyboard solo around 0:56 in.
  • Paradise of the Fish People, a catchy Arlong Park theme that will be stuck in your mind. Many people declared this song as "the best theme in the whole game".
  • Fate, an intense track for the final battle in Event Battle mode.

One Piece Grand Battle! 2

  • Select Now!, a character select theme that sounds more upbeat and hopeful than its first game counterpart.
  • Country de Fosha, the cheerful and catchy theme for Fusha Village (Luffy's homeland).
  • Hill Road with a Sea Breeze, a theme for Syrup Village (Usopp's homeland). Based on this progressive tune alone, you know that the composer improved a lot compared to the previous installment.
  • Holiday in the Park, a theme for Arlong Park in the second Grand Battle game. While it sounds completely different from its first game counterpart, it is still a good song.

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