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"I'm going to save you even if it kills me!"

Ah, One Piece, a series in the high seas where physics are ignored unless they add to the awesomeness; what, with the Pirates and World Government clashing with one another constantly. It's the number one best selling manga for a reason. It won't be easy listing all of the hardcore moments this series brought us, but we'll sure as hell try.

Note: Similar to the Tear Jerker page, songs like "Facing 3 Admirals", "Overtaken", "Shuraiya vs. Needles", "Sanji vs Captain Honki" and "Spirited Swordsman Zoro", among others, are practically Awesome Moments in music form. Play songs like those to intensify the effect.

WARNING: All spoilers for the series are unmarked.

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Super Rookies Era

    East Blue Saga 
Romance Dawn Arc
  • For Shanks, the whole saving-Luffy-as-a-child thing complete with LOSING HIS ARM to a sea king and then scaring it away with a GLARE.note 
    • What really makes that scene is Shanks telling Luffy, "It's just an arm."
    • The image may be the header for the show's Tear Jerker section, but this is most certainly one of the most awesome and badass moments of the initial arc. Pretty heartwarming, too.
  • One minor, but noteworthy thing: Lucky Roo is the very first person to score a kill in the entire story.
  • Koby's first Moment of Awesome, which occurred in the very first episode by telling off his boss:
    Koby: You're the most... ugliest thing on the sea!! [...] I'm leaving and I'm gonna join the Marines! Then I'm going to spend the rest of my life beating up dirty pirates like you. [...] I'm gonna do what I want. And no one's gonna stop me! And when I join the Marines, [...] I'm gonna catch your lousy ass first!!
    • He gets another one when he sees Luffy and Zoro off after they defeat Morgan. He salutes them in respect, and then suddenly, from right behind Koby, all of the Marines Luffy and Zoro just liberated from Morgan join in the group salute. Let's think about this: Marines are saluting pirates. This is so far the only time the Marines ever gave such a form of respect to Luffy and his crew.
      • You've got to love what comes immediately after. The commanding officer tells Koby that "you've got a good friend there." He then promptly turns around and tells the other marines that, because saluting pirates is really bad for a marine, they all have to go without food for three days. Response? "YES SIR!"
  • How about the fact that Luffy recruited Zoro at the execution platform? Either Zoro was going to remain a civilian and die, or join Luffy and become a criminal. He chose the latter.
    Zoro: You must be demon spawn...But I'm not ready to die without a fight! All right, dammit! You've got yourself a pirate!!
  • How about that first Gum Gum Pistol? Still so satisfying to watch.
  • The amazing teamwork between Luffy and Zoro for their first team-up. There was no heads up or warning from Luffy for Zoro to attack Morgan while Luffy took out Helmeppo. Luffy entirely trusted Zoro to watch his back.
    Luffy: Nice, Zoro.
    Zoro: Leave it to me, Captain.

Orange Town Arc

  • When fighting Buggy the Clown's second mate, after cutting open his own wound to show what a badass he is, Zoro gets kicked around a bit by Cabaji. Finally, he complains that he's tired, knocks Cabaji off his unicycle, and, when Cabaji rushes him, Zoro takes him down with one strike. This is Zoro's second fight scene.
  • Buggy blowing up his own henchman with a cannon for making fun of his nose (or so he thought).
  • Nami hands Luffy over to Buggy to get into his crew and rob him when his guard is down. Then Buggy has Nami set a fuse and shoot a Buggy ball at him. When she’s hesitates to do it, Luffy calls her out for getting in involved with pirates with a half assed resolve
    Nami: Resolve to do what? To kill people like it’s nothing? Is that a pirates’ resolve?
    Luffy: No. The resolve to put you life on the Line!
    • Even better, he’s actually shocked that she tried to save him instead. He said this fully expecting to get blown up.
    • Speaking of which, this turns into a moment for Nami herself. When a mook lights the cannons’ fuse himself, Nami whacks him on the head in a spur of the moment. Without any time to dose it with water, she smothers the spark with her bare hands until it’s snuffed out.
  • Luffy suplexed a giant lion. And then took out the lion tamer with one hit. All to make sure a dog gets some peace in its life. None Piece even notes how awesome it is:
    I think it's time to switch condiments, 'cause that weak sauce ain't helpin'! I killed a lion!
  • When Luffy and Zoro go confront the Buggy Pirates, Luffy pushes Buggy's Berserk Button by calling him, "BIG NOSE!" and provoke the clown into firing one of his town-destroying Buggy Balls at the pair. Luffy inflates his stomach with the "Gum Gum Balloon!" and bounces the ball back. The result is the entire Buggy Pirates, with the exception of Buggy Cabaji, being taken out.

Syrup Village Arc

  • Kuro effortlessly sneaking behind the rebelling Siam and Buchi and threatening to kill everyone if they can't get past Luffy and Zoro in the next five minutes.
  • Remember when Luffy was temporarily hypnotized? Yeah, not only did he effortlessly Gum Gum Gatling the other hypnotized Mooks, but he tore off the figurehead and part of the keel of Kuro's ship, easily three times his height and massive enough that the mooks did a Mass Oh, Crap! when he threatened to swing it at them. And let me remind you that this is all the way back before he got to the Grand Line.
  • Usopp not hesitating to try and shoot Kuro point blank in the face with the pistol Kaya dropped to protect her. Kuro gets one in return for dodging that.
    • Just the fact that, as scared as he was, he was PERFECTLY willing to go up against Kuro and rescue Kaya the instant he found out his true plans. He even voiced his intent to stand against his crew at the seashore before he had any reassurance that Luffy, Zoro and Nami would help him out.
  • Luffy's Shut Up, Hannibal! to Kuro, telling him that in his eyes, Usopp will always be better than him.
  • Kuro deserves credit for putting up a much better fight than Buggy did without a Devil Fruit power of any sort.
  • Kuro's Lack of Empathy for even his own crew hits Luffy's Berserk Button, so what does Luffy do? Stand there taking his slashes until he gets an opening to grab Kuro and slam him down. Luffy then tells Kuro to his face he'll never be like him.
  • Usopp's 'crew' managing to give Jango a decent fight. They didn't win, but being able to take a grown pirate off guard and give him a few licks is impressive for three little kids.
  • Kaya having the guts to threaten to kill herself (and thus ruin Kuro's plans, as they need her alive to sign over her fortune to him) to protect Usopp's three friends.
  • Luffy defeating Kuro by grabbing him during his ultimate attack and wrapping him up with his rubber limbs to immobilize him before finishing him off with one serious headbutt (called appropriately the Gum Gum Bell, as in Kuro's bell's about to get rung). He then proceeds to give a Badass Boast to Kuro's crew before pretty much telling them "Take him, leave, and never come back". And boy did they hurry to comply!
  • Zoro and Usopp defeating Jango, particularly with the team work: Zoro cuts just the right branch to clear Usopp's aim, allowing him to nail Jango right in the face with a long range exploding shot.

Baratie Arc

  • Luffy's fight against Krieg. Krieg fires stakes at him, which he simply runs straight through, getting impaled, punches through Krieg's spiked cape to hit him in the face.
    • Breaking Krieg's exploding punching the dang thing over and over again, tanking all the explosions until it breaks.
    • Credit where it's due, Krieg No Selling Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Gatling, considering how many enemies have fallen to a version of that move.
    • As much of a Smug Snake Krieg is, he's the first Arc Villain to come genuinely close to killing Luffy, and would have if Sanji hadn't dove down to save him.
    • Luffy reversing Krieg's last ditch attempt to kill him into a super powered Spinning Piledriver to finish him off.
  • The end of Zoro's first fight with Mihawk. First, he gets stabbed in the chest nearly to the heart with Mihawk's knife, but refuses to step back because he'd rather die than lose and break his promise. Then, he goes on to continue to fight Mihawk, only to have two of his three swords broken. He accepts his defeat and faces Mihawk so Mihawk can deliver the final blow to the front of his body because, "It's shameful for a swordsman to be hit from behind."
    • Luffy attacking Mihawk with a Gum Gum Pistol after it looks like Zoro was killed, dispute having just seen how far out of his league Mihawk is.
    • Chapter 51 against Mihawk. When preparing his Three Thousand Worlds technique, there is a bead of sweat by Mihawk's eye. It is true that Mihawk effortlessly defeated Zoro regardless, but it was at that moment that Mihawk saw that Zoro would be the one to surpass him.
    • His sheer determination also earned Mihawk's respect, to the point that Mihawk clearly wants Zoro to be the one to surpass him as the world's greatest swordsman someday. It helps that he's suffering from a serious case of Victory Is Boring disease.
  • Sanji kicking Fullbody's ass and then delivering a couplet "Offending a chef at sea, is one mistake you should never make. Especially when that chef is me, Sanji."
  • Krieg lifting the Mackerel Head (the Baratie's battleship) out of the water with one hand and tossing it towards the Baratie itself.
    • His true Moment of Awesome came when he opened fire on Hawkeye friggin' Mihawk. After the swordsman had cut his flagship to ribbons and easily taken out Zoro, he still had the cajones to fire at the man who could deflect bullets with his blade, without a moment's hesitation.
  • Mihawk attacking and giving chase to Don Krieg's massive crew of over 5,000, with his four inch knife, just because they disturbed his nap. He also sails the seas alone in a little raft. The same seas that are frequently described as being chock-full of freaky weather, (200 foot tall or more waves,) extremely powerful individuals, and giant monsters. Mihawk has more awesome crammed into him than most powerful crews have put together.
  • Gin being able to fight. He hasn't eaten in days except for what Sanji has given him, he was in a cell for 3 days and likely abused by the Marines who caught him... and yet he was still able to take out several marines, capture the experienced (albeit handicapped) Zeff and defeat Pearl with a single blow.

Arlong Park Arc

  • Sanji's cooking deserves a mention here. After all, it managed to hunger an ENORMOUS sea cow-monster to a crazed state from SEVERAL MILES AWAY and send said sea monster into a high speed pursuit after the Straw Hat's replacement ship (see Episode 31).
    • Sanji then proceeds to beat up said sea cow-monster (which is said to have destroyed an entire village) when it tries to eat him in addition to the food he'd offered it. He calls it 'exercise' afterwards.
    • Next time we see said monster, the Straw Hats tied it up and use it to pull their ship to Arlong Park.
  • When Nami pretends to stab Usopp but really stabs her own hand. She was willing to take it that far to protect her friends.
  • Nami's adopted mother managing to blindside Arlong and shove a gun in his mouth. Had Bellemere known the full situation and just pulled the trigger, she'd likely have killed him then and there. Of course, then there's the fact that she chooses to die rather than abandon her children.
  • Luffy's sole reason for challenging Arlong was because the Shark-Captain made Nami cry... on top of being a jerk. He proceeds to demolish Arlong Park and curbstomps that arc's Big Bad through the remainder of the building.
    • That one also is for the crew as a whole. Luffy places his hat on Nami and walks off. He comes to the rest of the crew, calmly waiting, and simply says "Let's go." Everyone falls in line and follows him to Arlong Park, ready to fight for their friend.
      • The next volume opens with a shot for each member of the crew. Nami is in tears, with the caption "STAND THE PAIN". The others? "STAND BY".
  • Luffy introducing himself to Arlong. He smashes down the gate to Arlong Park, asks who's Arlong, then does a Slow Walk towards him. When two Fishmen try stopping him, he nonchalantly smacks their heads together without missing a beat. He then punches Arlong so hard he's sent flying into the wall of the place.
  • Zoro's fight with Hatchan.
    • First of all, Zoro was burning up with a fever and hampered by his previous injuries from Mihawk and yet he still fought. Arlong himself was shocked and amazed that he was still able to stand.
    • Then, he caught Johnny and Yosaku's swords that were thrown to him from behind.
    • When Hatchan began punching apart a pillar and tried to have it fall on top of Zoro. Zoro just gets up and pushes him into the path of the collapsing pillar, stating "Why don't you take it yourself?" Sadly this doesn't happen in the anime.
    • And then, he dodged all six swords from Hatchan in close combat and while dodging, managed to cut Hatchan across the chest.
    • While a semi-conscious Zoro was tossed in the air, Hatchan began spinning his six swords like windmill, so that when Zoro fell back down, the rapidly spinning blades would slice him mercilessly. For a minute, it looked too late for Zoro to dodge them. Only for him to land safely to the ground, as he cut up Hatchan's hands in midair, spinning his body so that it matched the rotation of Hatchan's swords.
    • After the fight Arlong, probably the single largest human racist in the series, has a complete and utter belief that no human can ever match up to a fishman. Upon seeing the wounds Zoro had been fighting with, it took him all of three seconds to decide that he was too dangerous to be left alive. To put this into perspective: Arlong, the first true Big Bad of the series, was more afraid of the unconscious, half-dead swordsman than anyone else.
    • Zoro reminded Hatchan when they met again right before Sabaody that he wasn't able to touch him in their previous fight.
  • Sanji kicks Kuroobi's ass through Arlong Park, after taking the pain of fighting him underwater, and taking the pain of rapid water pressure increase crushing him.
    • Early in the fight, Kuroobi demonstrates his Fishman Karate skills with a punch that sends Sanji through the wall back out of the park several hundred feet. Sanji then gets back up and reveals that he had essentially No-Sold it.
    Sanji: So that's a 40th-dan attack? Pathetic. The old man's kicks were 400th-dan.
    • "The chances of you surviving are... ZERO!" "COLLIER! You said my chivalry was naive? EPAULE! That I can't protect anyone, huh? COTELLE! SELLE! POITRINE! GIGOT! MUTTON SHOT! Guess you don't... need dessert."
    • How Sanji forced Kuroobi to the surface: realizing that while Fishmen can operate on both land and underwater, they switch between breathing air and breathing water. He promptly exhales his held breath directly into Kuroobi's gills, nearly drowning him.
  • After successfully deterring Arlong's henchman off his trail and coming up with all sorts of stories to tell his crewmates to excuse his escape, Usopp says to himself 'this is shameful', gets up and fights. It's the point where he turns away from being a true coward.
    • "What did you say was over?" "This fight! Did you know that grog burns?" Bad. Fucking. ASS.
    • Earlier on, Usopp is hiding while Arlong is about to kill a man for possessing a weapon. If the town does anything, Arlong will destroy it. Usopp has no reason to reveal himself...but he does anyway. By shooting Arlong right in the face with an explosive. Usopp is scared to death, knows going up against Arlong and his entire crew isn't something he's capable of...but does it anyway. The end result is both the man and the village living to see another day and Arlong having such a Villainous Breakdown his men have to forcibly drag him away.
  • Nami's taken down her share of bad guys, but certainly her most stylish moment was leaving her village...and stealing everyone's wallets in the process.
  • Arlong when, pissed off by Luffy's antics, his eyes turn red and narrow. Sanji realizes this means Arlong's going into Unstoppable Rage mode. He then proceeds to kick Luffy's ass around for a little while before going for the BFS (the "S" can stand for both "saw" and "sword"). That said, Luffy took the beating and just commented, "Damn, he's really pissed now."
  • Arlong and his his crew are arguably the first true opponents the Straw Hats faced that really challenged them. Buggy wasn't prepared for another Devil Fruit user, Kuro relied on manipulation and his crew, and Krieg relied too much on his weapons. Each of the fish-men is easily a match for the Straw Hats, requiring real struggle and skill to defeat them. Hell, Arlong was on the verge of killing Zoro before Luffy returned, and even then he put up a hell of a fight. He was the first one to really test Luffy at his own game.
  • Arlong sinks his jaws into Luffy twice through their fight; once into Luffy's arm and once into his neck. The strength of those jaws had been shown to be capable of bending steel and crushing stone, but Luffy keeps him from doing either simply by beating him until he lets go. When Arlong bites into his neck and is about to tear out his throat, Luffy reaches back, grabs Arlong's blade-like nose with both hands and snaps it like a toothpick.
  • One of the most amazing moments of the arc, and still one of the most bone-chillingly awesome moments of the series. Arlong and Luffy find themselves in the cartography room, where Arlong goes on a Motive Rant about how with Nami's help, he'll take over the world. The whole time, Luffy's just passively grunting while looking at the bloody pen. Finally Arlong puts his saw blade to Luffy's neck and asks if he can use Nami as well as he does. Luffy then drops the pen, grabs the blade, shatters it with his grip, and says "USE?!"
  • When Luffy shatters Arlong's teeth for the first time (itself an awesome moment), he gives a short speech about all the traditional pirate activities he can't do (like wielding swords and navigating) and needs his crew to do for him. Arlong laughs and goes on a rant on how pathetic he finds Luffy and ends it questioning his worthiness as a pirate captain, asking "Just what can you do?" And Luffy responds with the most simple yet effective Badass Boast of all time:
    Luffy: I can beat you.

Loguetown Arc

  • During Loguetown, right before Buggy attempts to kill Luffy in front of a huge crowd of civilians, Buggy asks Luffy if he has any last words. He does, and declares that he'll become the pirate king at the top of his voice, stunning the civilians.
  • While out sword shopping Zoro is about to make a purchase, but is warned by the shopkeeper that that particular sword is cursed, as all who have wielded it in the past have met horrible deaths. Zoro proceeds to test out this curse in an awesome fashion by throwing it up into the air and seeing if it will come down on his arm blade-first. It doesn't. That's right, when Zoro goes sword shopping, he doesn't mess around. The shopkeeper is so impressed by this badass display that he immediately apologizes for trying to cheat him earlier and gives him the best sword he has and the cursed sword for free.
  • Dragon's Big Damn Heroes moment, savings Luffy from Smoker.
  • Alvida has returned... as Ms. Fanservice? And she's mellow? Best. Devilfruit. EVER! Starter Villain be damned.
  • Though technically filler (Oda came up with the scene, but cut it from the manga for pacing reasons), Usopp winning a sniping contest against Daddy Masterson, the Marines' Best Sniper was awesome. Usopp has to hit a weathervane from all the way across town or else Daddy will execute him on the spot. Nami tries to defuse the situation, but Usopp tells her it's all right and he takes the shot. A tense moment passes while everyone watches the weathervane... which doesn't spin at all. Nami and Daddy Masterson's own daughter both beg him not to kill Usopp, to which an impressed Daddy replies: "I can't shoot him. Usopp shot right through its crown". The weathervane didn't budge because Usopp shot it directly through the center of its mass, earning Usopp the victory along with the new goggles he was trying to buy earlier. Between Usopp and Zoro, it seems a Straw Hat Pirate can't even go shopping without putting their life on the line.

    Alabasta Saga 
Whiskey Peak Arc
  • Zoro's fight with 100 assassins at Whiskey Peak. He fights 100 different assassins and 4 Baroque Works agents. And with the assassins he not only has a massive laugh attack the whole time, but also easily breezes through all of them in the most badass way possible, for a chapter.
    • Zoro issuing a Face Palm Of Doom to Ms Monday, made even better by her bragging right beforehand that no man can match her strength.
      Zoro: What's the matter muscle woman? Isn't this what you wanted? To test your strength against mine?
    • Zoro vs Luffy. Zoro may often seem like second string compared to Luffy, but this battle showed he's every bit as tough as his captain. The fight ends in a stalemate when Nami interrupts them, but up to then it was a fairly even fight. And this is after Zoro had fought 100 bounty hunters and 4 single digit Baroque Works agents.
    • Luffy and Zoro sending Mr 5 and Ms Valentine flying with offhand punches, expressing irritation that the "pests" were interrupting their fight.
  • Mr. 9's Heroic Sacrifice to help Vivi escape. "Bye bye, baby."
    • We find out after the two-year time skip that he did indeed survive, as did Miss Monday, who performed a heroic sacrifice shortly afterwards. The two are currently living at Whiskey Peak, a married bounty hunter couple with a son.

Little Garden Arc

  • During the conclusion of the Little Garden arc, Mr. 5 (a bomb-man) is about to kill Usopp by detonating his entire body. Suddenly, Zoro leaps out, and defeats Mr. 5 with one attack. While on fire.
    • And right before that, when he was still trapped, he actually started to CUT HIS OWN FEET OFF to escape.
      Nami: How did you think you were going to escape after cutting off your feet?
      Zoro: You've got it wrong, I was cutting off my feet so I could fight them, not escape.
    • On top of that, while waiting for Luffy to come and free them from the wax, Zoro poses with his sword. Nami asks what is he doing and he replies with "In case we become candles, I have a nice pose."
  • It's not the most substantial arc in the world, but it's Usopp, and not Luffy, that ends up being the hero. Luffy's kick to Mr. 3's spinning candle of doom only managed to make things WORSE, in that it caused the wax to coat Zoro, Nami, and Vivi that much quicker. Not only this, but he also got himself snared by Miss Goldenweek's painting. Usopp, on the other hand, was the one who managed to exploit the wax's weakness by setting the whole thing on fire.
    • It actually took both of them working together. First, Usopp fires a Flame Star that the enemies think missed, but it was Exactly What I Aimed At; Usopp's shot burned off the Color Trap, freeing Luffy. He then, even while being squashed by Miss Valentine's Crescendo Stone, yells at Luffy to burn the rope he had Carue wrap around the wax because it's soaked in flammable oil, so Luffy grabs Mr. 3 by his flaming hair and does just that.
  • Despite not playing a big role in most of the arc, Sanji gets his at the end when he intercepts a call from Mr. 0, meant for Mr. 3, and after convincing Mr 0 that he (Sanji) is the real Mr. 3, manages to 1) con him into believing that the Straw Hats are dead (which protects the entire crew from further pursuit from BW while sailing to Alabasta), 2) defeat the Unluckies when they try to kill him on arrival, and 3) intercept their Eternal Pose to Alabasta, which allows the group to leave the island without delay.
  • Nami and Vivi easily achieve theirs in the Little Garden arc by finally taking out that laughing hyena Miss Valentine.
  • Luffy was facing Mr. 3, and he had many wax clones, bragging about how Luffy will never be able to hit him. Luffy hit the correct one, and knocked him out. When asked how he knew which one was real, Luffy's response? "Instinct." Apparently, even Luffy has class.
    • Luffy's retort is even better given that it's an Ironic Echo of Mr. 3's earlier taunts that he's "just a monkey operating on instinct."

Drum Island Arc

  • There's when Luffy climbs a mountain... during a blizzard in freezing temperatures while having no ventilation... with his bare hands and feet... while carrying two of his crewmates, one of whom is in his teeth.
    • The Lapahns. And avalanches. And saving a little lapahn from an avalanche. And that the 'mountain' was a literal pillar hundreds of feet high with no handholds, and completely smoothed by gale force winds. Not to mention he is frostbitten to the point where his muscles were freezing. Not that wussy 'frost-bite' frozen, but frozen to the point of actually cracking apart.
    • Then taking a direct hit from a mortar shell defending Dr. Hiluluk's jolly roger from Wapol. Cue "Luffy Gets Angry" mode.
      Luffy: This flag isn't something you can break while laughing foolishly!
  • Luffy asking Dr. Kureha to save Nami and Sanji when he himself was on the verge of freezing to death after the above-mentioned mountain climb.
  • Chopper almost getting himself killed to get a plant he thought would save lives.
  • Chopper defeating two of Wapol's top men in 3 minutes.
  • Hiluluk. Oh God, Hiluluk- and it's made arguably more awesome by being his last words. "Sooner or later, I will die anyway. But a man does not die when he is shot. Nor does he die to disease, nor to eating a poison mushroom! He does not die due to a sword! A man dies when he is forgotten!"
    • It mirrors perfectly with Gold Roger's own death, right down to the philosophy on death.
    • Oh, and he goes out by drinking something that makes him explode. He may have been a quack, but he got style.
    • We later learn that Wapol's twenty doctors were so impressed they did a Heel–Face Turn just to not continue being outdone by a fake doctor.
  • Retrospectively, this arc gives the first glimpse of how dangerous Blackbeard is. He and his crew overthrew a kingdom by themselves... and this was before his big recruiting drive, so there were only four of them at the time.

Alabasta Arc

  • The final defeat of Sir Crocodile. He is punched through the solid stone roof of an underground chamber so hard a city block above him explodes. In the anime this happens while Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 "From the New World" 4th movement plays. The recap movie changes the exploding city block to Crocodile being propelled vertically through a massive tower and rocketing out the top.
  • Zoro's fight with Mr. 1. Come on, he had pity for the guy he couldn't defeat. Because when he would be able to do it, he was going to be the man capable of cutting steel.
  • Mr. Prince. Sanji uses the fact that Baroque Works had never seen his face to screw them over. Most of the crew (and Smoker) is trapped in a sea stone prison, where the room is flooding and one of many Bananawani lining up to eat them. Sanji and Chopper beat up the Baroque Works agents outside, used to a Den Den Mushi to call Crocodile out of his Casino, where he would start chasing Chopper in his heavy point form (posing as Mr. Prince ) to lure him further away. Sanji blew up the bridge entrance, made his way in, and rescued the rest of the crew.
    • Mr.Prince also makes his entrance kicking one of the massive Bananawani in the air with one kick.
    • Doubling as a funny moment, once Luffy and Zoro are free they make a pile of Bananawani by the time everybody else turn around.
  • In his and Chopper's fight with Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas, Usopp takes a blow from a multi-ton metal bat. To the face. While being dragged at thirty miles an hour. And. Kept On. Fighting.
    • How about the speech he gave? An X-ray panel showed that is skull was shattered into pieces after taking that baseball bat. The same attack was also enough to put him in a body cast. And what did he do? He stood up, and he started talking. Then when he was done saying his piece, he used one attack to KO three enemies at once. If that's not badass, what IS?
    Usopp: LISTEN, CHOPPER! For a man...
    Miss Merry Christmas: It's about time you died, Long Nose! MOGURAZUKA MOLEHILL HIGHWAY!
    Usopp: Even... E-Even if... h-he's about to die... Facing fierce enemies...
    Miss Merry Christmas: Off to Hell you go! MOGU MOGU IMPACT!
    Chopper: Usopp!
    Usopp: E-Even if... There's no way... he can beat the enemy...
    Miss Merry Christmas: Mr. 4! Quit standing there laughing like an idiot! You're up to bat! 4-ton Bat! Here we go! MOGURAZUKA YONBAN KOUSATEN!
    Chopper: USOPP!!
    Miss Merry Christmas: No matter what weaklings do, in the end they're still weak! Just look at him!
    Chopper: YOU JERKS! You...!
    Miss Merry Christmas: Eh? You want a piece of this? Bring it on. We're gonna off ya just like we did that Long Nose coward!
    Chopper: SHUT UP! Usopp... Usopp isn't a coward!
    Usopp: There is a time... ... when a man... ... will not run from a fight.
    Miss Merry Christmas: Wha-? You're still...!
    Usopp: That time is when his friend... When his friend's dreams... ... are laughed at!
    • Even before all of the above, Usopp manages to use the confusion of the fight to sneak into the tunnels Ms. Merrychristmas dug and psyche them out by hitting Mr. 4 with a (fake) five-ton Hammer and playing the whole thing off like he was the one who singlehandedly defeated every Baroque Works agent up till that point. For a moment, his lies work for him, and Miss Merrychristmas is ABSOLUTELY GODDAMN TERRIFIED. It doesn't do much because the attack ultimately doesn't have much effect on Mr. 4, but in that moment, Usopp had completely played the brains of the duo, and convinced her he was a terrifying opponent.
  • Nami gets another one during her fight with Miss Doublefinger, where she has her foot impaled on a spike but says that the pain is nothing compared to Vivi's, before finishing off her opponent. And this while trying to figure out her new Clima-Tact for the first time, so she was doing more useless gimmicks than anything.
  • Chopper finding a GIGANTIC crab and piloting it for a getaway vehicle.
  • Crocodile revealing just how beautifully he manipulated all of Alabasta, and handing Luffy his first and second total defeats.
  • After an arc of being beaten soundly by every villain she encountered, Vivi finally gets her moment when she sends two villains, Mr. 7 and Miss Father's Day, single-handedly careening off the side of a clock tower in one hit, after she deliberately missed with her first attack so she could catch them off guard with the second. These were villains that, when Vivi was still on their side, were the next ones up from her (her partner Igaram was Mr. 8).
  • Captain Smoker: TELL 'EM (his superiors) TO SHOVE OFF!
    • The dubbed version, while not as vulgar, is just as powerful: "Tell them I said go to hell."
    • He says this twice. Once when he went after the Straw-Hat pirates without orders, and then after being offered a reward by them simply because he was there when the Straw-Hats saved their bacon and they need to reward somebody. Apparently, he'd previously turned down a promotion, and one imagines he turned them down with those same words.
  • Vivi's duck Karoo gets one as well, when he and Vivi are running away from Bon Clay, and Karoo runs straight up a several-hundred-foot tall wall, despite having gotten heavily injured in a stampede mere moments ago.
  • Pell's speech before his Heroic Sacrifice.
    "I am a Guardian Deity of Alabasta. The Falcon! It is my duty... to destroy the enemies of the Royal Family!"
    • He survives an explosion capable of wiping out a city, at POINT BLANK RANGE!
  • How about Robin joining the crew? Prior to this moment, when a crew member joined (barring Zoro), it was a Heartwarming Moment, and most fans had the expectation that Vivi was going to join. She didn't join, and then suddenly Robin was in the crew. Seeing her win over the crew was awesome.
    • How she did so was quite simple: Luffy accepted her offer, (because she isn't a bad person; also Luffy did tell her she could do what she wanted, if she wanted to join his crew, who was he to go back on his word?) Nami went from keeping her distance to calling Robin "Sis" due to Robin's jewel bag, and with Sanji, well, he was on board with the idea to begin with. Usopp and Chopper caved when she used her powers to help Luffy make silly faces. Only Zoro wasn't amused.

    Sky Island Saga 
Jaya Arc
  • Luffy and Zoro have a chance to be awesome without beating anyone up on Jaya Island. In fact, it's awesome specifically because they didn't beat anyone up while taking ridicule from Bellamy and the rest of the bar.
    • In addition to that, when Luffy DOES fight Bellamy later on, it's wall-to-wall (to turn a phrase) Moment of Awesome. "Do I know how to throw a punch?" indeed.
    • What's more is that while Bellamy is showing off his powers and has been ragging on Luffy all day Luffy ends the fight with a single blow, without using his powers. Neither Bellamy nor his crew had any idea how much of a monster Luffy really was. Even after they got word of his updated wanted poster (which showed he outranked Bellamy in infamy), his behavior earlier made them think it was a fluke. One punch later, and the poster literally flew in their faces as they realize the bounty is no joke.
  • Nami's true crowning moment of awesome comes when she navigates the Going Merry UP a Knock Up Stream, which is capable of tearing up small islands. Anyone can kick ass, but only Nami can predict weather on the Grand Line and a ship onto a sky island.

Skypiea Arc

  • Luffy fighting Eneru. Eneru might seem relatively tame, but the beginning of the fight is epic. Eneru hits him with his strongest attack. Luffy is still standing, not even scratched. He figures he must have missed, so he sends a giant electric monster at him, which swallows Luffy whole but doesn't even leave a scratch. Then Eneru hits him with at close range with everything he's got. And then... Luffy hits him. A full page of the manga is given just to show the shock on Eneru's face.
    • And then after Eneru has to visibly collect himself and manages to barely fight off Luffy, Luffy yells at him that even if he gets past Luffy and onto the Blue, he will still have to contend with the 'hundreds of rubber monsters' down there. Given that Eneru has never heard of rubber his entire life and has no clue what's down in the blue seas it's clear he's terrified.
    • Every time Eneru has shown up to this point he's been totally untouchable and one shotted anyone he came across, Sanji and Zoro included. Everyone else is down for the count, except Nami and a little girl and it is left to Luffy who is quite literally Eneru's "natural enemy".
      • This may be Foreshadowing on Oda's part when you find out he Will of D means one is God's (Celestial Dragon's) natural enemy.
    • And then came the final part. Luffy's just had his arm grafted onto a giant metal ball by molten lava, and he still hasn't given up. Everyone in Skypiea is cheering him on to end the war for good. As Eneru mockingly says he'll simply dodge the next attack, Luffy winds up for a GIGANTIC Megaton Punch using the very golden ball Eneru grafted on him. It stretches on long enough to ring the golden bell, ending the four hundred year war.
    Luffy: LET THEM HEAR IT!
    *Luffy manages to hit the bell, crushing Eneru in between*
    Luffy: Can you hear it old man? The city of gold is here! Resting for over 400 years... The city of Gold... HAS BEEN IN THE SKY!
  • Zoro realizes he needs a "flying slash" attack to be able to strike from a distance, so he develops the one-sword "36-Pound Phoenix" and uses it against Braham.
    • Then Zoro perfects the three-sword "108-Pound Phoenix", defeating Ohm by going through a wall AND Ohm's Iron Cloud sword, despite not knowing where Ohm was.
    • The Italian translation gives the technique a much more badass name: the "108 Devilish Passions of the Phoenix".note 
  • Zoro's Badass Boast when asked what he could possibly do against Eneru:
    "By the time I'm done with him... this 'god' is going to bow before me! I don't believe in him anyway. What do I care about pissing him off?"
  • Zoro is seen pushing off a huge weight again. This time it's a huge slab of (because he had just caught Chopper with his other arm mid-fall).
    Zoro: Damnit! I almost died!
    Robin: That would've a normal person.
  • Sanji kicks Usopp out of the way of a gigantic lightning blast and takes it himself. To say the shot of his silhouette fading as the lightning rushes toward him is awesome would be a complete understatement.
  • "Ordeal of Love." After Luffy, Usopp and Sanji spend a fair amount of time having trouble with one of the bad guys in the Skypiea arc, Sanji beats him by himself (with help from Luffy) while equating the beatdown to preparing a meal, complete with a line about "tenderizing the meat... brutally".
    • The Funimation Dub, while different in its script in this scene, still has kept the badass Sanji feel.
      (Dub) Sanji: I got a question. Do you ever cook? Well, you don't have to be a chef to know which dish is best served cold.
  • Chopper's fight against Gedatsu. Combination Moment of Awesome and badass level up.
    Chopper: NOW I'M A PIRATE TOO!
  • Robin's awesomeness when her Adventurer Archaeologist and Badass Bookworm kick in as she takes on and defeats Yama, Chief Enforcer of Eneru's forces, after he destroys ancient ruins of Shandora. Even saying, 'Even if you choose to repent, I won't forgive you." for what he did to the ruins. And subsequently whips his ass via swinging him into a tree, sending him to crash into another tree, having his own Axe Dial belt used against him, turning down his pleas of mercy, hurdling him off of a cliff, and breaking his back before he even hits the ground after falling off of said cliff.
  • Wiper himself is so Made of Iron that he took a 30 million volts and an El Thor head-on, and uses a Reject Dial, a device known to destroy a man's body after two uses, to kill off Shura, actually kill Eneru (though Eneru amplifies his heart to revive), and blast a gigantic beanstalk so that Luffy and Nami can confront Eneru. ALL. WITHOUT. DYING.
    Wiper: ENERU!!! Don't take my name in vain!
  • Luffy destroying the Raigou thunder ball, exploding it followed by the rays of the clear blue sky shine through the massive hole in the clouds it made. Looks even more amazing in the anime.

    Water 7 Saga 
Long Ring Long Land Arc
  • After seeing Luffy get the crap kicked out of him by Foxy, it was very satisfying to see him turn the fight around in one punch.
    Luffy: HELL YEAH!!
  • Zoro's speech to a crying Chopper during the Davy Jones Games, being the only one who didn't panic about Chopper being taken by Foxy, also deserves a mention here.
    "Shut your mouth, Chopper! You are disgraceful! It was your choice to get a life on the sea. Dead or alive, the choice was yours alone. Don't blame it on others. We accepted the challenge. Usopp and the others tried their best. In the pirate's world, tears won't get you anything. If you are a man, then sit tight and quietly watch the game!"
  • Then, Zoro's team-up with Sanji in the Groggy Ring. Despite the two of them initially bickering and arguing, they made one fine team at the end, beating the Groggy Monsters.
    • This deserves some clarification. They start out spending more time arguing with each other than fighting the Groggy Monsters and this, combined with the biased ref, results in their now weapon-using opponents giving them a horrifying beatdown, seemingly leaving them within an inch of their lives, to result in an easy win for the Groggy Monsters. This pisses Zoro and Sanji off enough to actually work together and obliterate the Groggy Monsters to win the game.
  • During the Davy Jones Games, the referee clearly acted "dumb" to allow cheating for the Foxy Pirates and let them get away with everything, while penalizing Zoro and Sanji with every chance he gets. When finally, Sanji kicked one of the players at him to get even, he tried to give Sanji a red card ... only to find his cards and whistle were missing.
    Robin: You're such a naughty girl.
    Nami: What can I say? Old habits die hard.
    (While wearing the whistle, Nami pulls the missing cards out of Victoria's Secret Compartment)
    • Then, at the end of the game, when Zoro and Sanji won, Nami gave the semi-conscious referee his whistle back and reminded him blow the whistle. With Sanji's red card the only thing in mind, he quickly blew the whistle to signal Sanji's foul ... only for the announcer to proclaim that there was the whistle, making the victory official. The referee could only look on dumbfounded while Nami cheerfully thanked him.
  • Foxy is a cheating egotistical lout, there's no denying that. But in his last bout with Luffy he proves to be a genius in how he applies his Noro Noro no Mi in battle. He proves himself as both a Trap Master and a surprisingly competent boxer.
  • Afro. Luffy. Dub.
    • For those lacking context, (or hype), it's the beginning of the battle between Luffy and Foxy. The moment you see Luffy with that afro, you know shit will go down.
    Chopper: Is Luffy gonna win?
    Robin: Of course. He's wearing an afro.
  • Supreme Admiral Aokiji recognizing the Strawhats, a tiny pirate crew mostly comprised of teenagers and with a relatively tiny collective bounty of 239 million, as a threat worth taking seriously. So much so that he launched a preemptive attack to squash them before they get too strong (albeit a lazy, half-hearted attempt).
  • Zoro intercepting Aokiji's attack to save Robin.
  • A small one from the anime in the fight against Aokiji; as Usopp and Chopper are trying to take a frozen Robin back to Merry to be thawed out, Aokiji begins to pursue them, only to be halted by Nami, who's by now fully aware of how outclassed she is by him. Her actions make it clear that she intended to potentially die just to buy Usopp and Chopper time.
    Luffy: Usopp! Chopper! Run and take her to get thawed!
    Aokiji: (slowly chasing after them) Don't bother. The world would be better off if she died.
    Nami (presses the Clima-Tact to his neck) That's funny. You could say the same about all of us pirates.
  • Luffy sending the crew away to face Aokiji alone. To put this in context, Aokiji is one of the top fighters in the entire navy, which Luffy was aware of, but Luffy still refused to back down.

Water 7 Arc

  • Usopp blasting down the door to the Franky House and challenging demanding the money that the Franky Family stole back despite them kicking his ass earlier that same day all so that the Going Merry could be repaired. Usopp may have gotten his ass kicked again, but the sheer amount of balls it must have taken to walk in there is badass enough. (may cross over with heartwarming)
  • When Luffy leads the Straw Hats against the Franky Family to get revenge for Usopp. "Don't leave a single bone unbroken."
  • The Water 7 arc as a whole was probably one of Luffy's greatest Moment of Awesome. When you look back at the series, Luffy has hardly ever taken any real initiative as captain. In fact, almost all of his decisions as captain of the crew were recruiting new members. Any important decisions were mostly agreed upon by the crew as a whole, so when you see Luffy deciding to part with Merry, and his duel with Usopp, it reminds the reader that Luffy is, in fact, captain of the crew.
  • Zoro and Luffy cutting and punching through a tidal wave through sheer determination.
    • The build up to the part where Zoro cuts a sea train car in half too. The Franky Family is ready to dismantle the sea train car, when Luffy just calls Zoro and the following exchange takes place:
    Luffy: Cut it! It's in the way.
    Zoro: Sure.
  • Zoro cutting cannonballs out of the air in Water 7.
  • Sanji's fight with Wanze is awesome, especially when he took out the knives and chopped up Wanze's noodle armor, as well as having all those cut up noodles land neatly on a plate.
    • Sanji then decided the best way to finish the fight would be to beat him ugly. Wanze's face looking like it did, this didn't leave Sanji with much to do. Not one to be denied, Sanji then took the logical step of beating him pretty before proceeding to beat him ugly again.
      • And then when he met Duval it was established that beating somebody pretty is one of his special abilities.
  • Usopp breaking into Franky House to try and steal back the money that would go into repairing the Going Merry. Sure, he got his ass handed to him and didn't really accomplish much, but it was still undeniably awesome of him.
  • Usopp vs. Luffy for the Going Merry. Usopp fought Luffy and held his ground with clever tactics and balls-to-the-wall determination. He may have lost, but he got actual blows in, against Luffy.
    • You'd expect this small, weak, cowardly guy to just die right from the start, especially considering he was just mugged down by a street gang, but he still manages to plan out how to beat his foe, and actually get close to doing it. Luffy eventually says, "It stings... It burns... It hurts...!" Then, Usopp traps him in an explosion.
    • During that fight it took two shots from Luffy to bring him down, and both were pretty devastating blows, plus Usopp got the crap beaten out of him already earlier that day.
    • Usopp knows that his captain is right, and he's still willing to fight to the death for the Going Merry.
    • When Luffy tells Usopp to stop using pranks as his weapons Ussop says with full conviction:
  • Franky should get a mention for fighting on even ground with Luffy.
  • Sogeking's theme song. 'Nuff said.
  • Water 7 has Chopper saving Nami from falling rubble and bursting out of the building as it burned with 2 more rescues, not including a mouse.
  • When Franky tries to stop a train and then rebuilds himself into a cyborg.
    • Later he takes an iron bar to the head without flinching and the bar bends to the shape of his head.
  • Tom the Fishman standing up, with a huge harpoon in his chest, and outlining his personal philosophy to a bunch of Knight Templar government agents.

Enies Lobby Arc

  • Zoro's absolutely fearless attitude towards the sea train falling toward the ground at Ennies Lobby,and his "plan" to land it:
    Zoro: We leave it... to luck.
  • Yokozuna flattening the gate, allowing the sea train to use it as a jumping off point.
  • Oimo and Kashi deserve a mention for issuing a Curb-Stomp Battle to the Herculean destroyers, the biggest and strongest members of the Franky Family.
  • The Galley-La foremen and Franky Family taking Oimo and Kashi down using tactics and skill to counter the giants brute strength.
  • Ussop turning the giants against the world government by revealing the truth about Dory and Broggy.
  • Galley-La, the Franky Family, and Yokozuna holding off the Ennies Lobby forces so the Straw Hats can deal with CP9.
  • Every single moment the Straw Hats and Franky put Spandam through a bigger and bigger Humiliation Conga. The guy deserves it.
  • Luffy's fight against Rob Lucci on Enies Lobby, where he initiates Gear Third: using his Devil Fruit powers to blow up his arm like a balloon and inflates it to a ludicrous size. He then punches Lucci, and knocks a huge hole in the tower to boot! View it in Japanese or English.
    • Just how powerful is Gear Third? Lucci is the strongest fighter to have ever lived in the CP-9 unit and has butchered hundreds of men at once with just his bare hands, and no one but Luffy has been able to even make him flinch. This invincible assassin almost got OHKO'd by Gear Third. The move is that strong.
  • When Luffy first uses Gear Second and hands Blueno his ass.
    • It's a minor one, but one of Luffy's first moves in that fight is punching Blueno into a pillar while the latter's in mid Flash Step. Made better by Luffy not even being in Gear Second at that time.
  • Speaking of the Enies Lobby arc, Luffy has a great Moment of Awesome when he storms the Marine headquarters and proceeds to beat down hundreds upon hundreds of guards by himself. With his bare hands. And it is stated that of all the guards taken down, Luffy took down at least one thousand of them.
    • Furthermore, at least 500 of them were taken down in five minutes.
      Enies Lobby Guards: Hey, Straw Hat Luffy... How many dozens of people did you bring? Ha ha ha... Enies Lobby's forces are ten thousand strong!!!
      Luffy: Yeah... and I'm alone. Now step aside!!!!
    • Luffy essentially told the world government "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT SHE'S DONE!! YOU GIVE HER BACK RIGHT NOW OR I WILL COME UP THERE AND GET HER MYSELF!!" And he proceeded to do just that.
    • The dub, which was amazing, had this little gem:
      Luffy: OH YEAH?!? BRING IT OOOOOON!!!
      Spandam: (Screams like a bitch.)
    • Even more amazing, Stephanie Young, the Voice Actress for Robin, nailed the scene in ONE TAKE. click here for epicness.
  • Luffy's defeat of Rob Lucci. What makes it so awesome isn't just that Luffy's finishing move, Jet Gatling, was the result of Gomu Gomu no Gatling being voted the most popular attack of the series, it's that the final blow is as much crushing to Lucci mentally as it is to him physically. Lucci realized that not only did he not win, he could not win — Luffy would never stop fighting to protect Robin.
    • The look of utter disbelief on Lucci's face when Luffy gets up again, after taking his strongest attack to his heart, while screaming bloody murder really cements that moment's awesomeness.
    • Funimation absolutely killed it when it came to Gum Gum Jet Gattling.
  • A combined Moment of Awesome and Moment of Funny for Luffy in the Enies Lobby arc. Luffy approaches the Marines standing outside the gates to Enies Lobby. The Marines ready their weapons and prepare to stop him... then Luffy stops, bows his head and asks them politely to let him in. The Marines are actually stunned. Then they tell him that asking politely won't work... and what Luffy does next probably made them wish they had just let him in when he asked.
  • Sanji heats up his leg and beats down Jabra with his burning leg.
    • To be more precise... Sanji turns on one leg, slowly at first, and then so fast all you can see is a blur. Then, he comes to a stop, with his leg looking kind of like hot steel. And then, yes. He kicks enemies with his burning leg. The end result being that a man who was able to turn his body into an ironlike state where he was invincible to swords and bullets and who has been fighting in this state for most of his battle with Sanji remarks that it feels like his bones are burning. And by "remarks," hear "screams in agony." Oh, and the name of this ability? Diable Jambe. Or in English, Devil's Leg.
    • View the Japanese clip here, and the Funimation clip here, and watch as Sanji pulverizes Jabra.
  • The Hunter... dude Sanji has the best entrances EVER.
  • Sanji was the one shutting the Gates of Justice at Enies Lobby, destroying a HUGE Buster Call ship and disorienting the rest, allowing the Straw Hats to escape the supposedly inescapable Buster Call.
  • Usopp's arsenal of awesomeness: One, shooting down the World Government flag with a firebird. Two, sniping Marines on top of a tower from an unheard of distance even with all that pesky wind. With a slingshot. While singing the Sogeking theme. Without hitting Robin even once.
    • Also, turning the giants Kaashi and Oimo back against the marines.
    • The anime makes Usopp's sniping of the marines even more awesome. The timing between various marines being hit with Gunpowder Stars is about two seconds between hits in most cases. Two seconds is also the rough length of the whistling noise the shot makes in flight before it hits. This means two things: one, he's making those ridiculous shots with less than two seconds of aiming time per shot, since those two seconds include grabbing a new Gunpowder Star, pulling the slingshot back again, and firing, and two, going by some measures of the distance he was sniping from, his slingshot has a projectile speed on par with modern rifles. He then proceeds to take it one step further and starts rapid-firing several shots a second. Usopp apparently doesn't even need to aim to snipe like that.
    • What makes this moment even more awesome is the mere fact that he managed to do it without hitting Robin who was part of the crowd on the bridge.
    • Heck, check out his pose when he's checking the wind with his finger, sun behind his shoulder. Usopp looks like a bonafide superhero.
  • Luffy's calm yet determined order: "Sogeking. ... Make that flag burst into flames."
    • Even moreso is the fact that Sogeking (the typically cowardly Usopp) carries out the order — the most dangerous thing he's ever been asked to do — without hesitation.
    • Part of what makes the moment so awesome is that, for once, Luffy is totally calm. This isn't him losing his temper or even Tranquil Fury like it normally is. He's calm and fully aware of the choice he's making by giving the order.
  • A rather subtle one: When he and Zoro are cornered by the two CP-9 assassins, he proclaims his almost trademark "I've got 8000 pirates awaiting my command to destroy you!" Thanks to the activated Buster Call, which will decimate the island including the assassins, he can very well back-up that threat!
  • Usopp cheering Luffy on:
    "Even though it's been blackened by explosions, we can still see the sky! We can still see the sea! This place... This place isn't like hell!"
    • Also, Usopp challenging Lucci to a fight, even though Lucci would be able to tear him up like paper. Whether he genuinely planned to fight Lucci or if he was just trying to get Luffy to stand back up, he was still deliberately taunting someone who could rip him to shreds.
  • Nami, when she BRINGS DOWN A FRIGGIN' THUNDERBOLT in the middle of a melee. This prompts the mooks to say, "I thought she was one of the weak ones."
    • Nami's fight with Kalifa. Breaking Kalifa's soap powers with rain, casting illusions, and finishing the whole thing off with a delayed lighting bolt to the chest. And to think that the Clima Tact was originally designed as a party trick.
  • Two Words: Monster Chopper. Some put an awesome video on YouTube to demonstrate.
  • Robin's steadfast refusal to go through the Gates of Justice, including holding onto a wall with her teeth and then having to be dragged along is even more awesome then any time she fought.
  • Robin breaking Spandam's spine with a loud and clear Clutch. After seeing this spineless coward beat the shit out of her while she was completely defenseless for nearly 50 chapters, after learning the sheer spirit-crushing sadness of her backstory...we needed to see this. And DAMN, was it ever satisfying!
  • Franky got his Catharsis Factor in earlier when he saved Robin from the Spandam's Elephant Sword Funkfreed. He then thanks the Straw Hats for giving him a chance to do something he'd wanted to do for 20 years...which was smash Spandam's face, as the Superlative Dubbing put it, "...until there was nothing left but bloody hamburger!" And he does it by taking said Funkfreed (in elephant form, meaning weighing a lot) by the trunk, and body-slamming him right on top of Spandam so hard he crushes Spandam's face, his pride, and part the Bridge of Hesitation!
  • The moment when Robin is about to be shot to prevent her from being rescued is a definitive moment in the arc. All this has been about the Strawhat-Franky Family alliance chasing Robin and finding the keys to her Power Nulliffer cuffs. At this moment, when all that is about to be thwarted, Franky jumps to block the bullets. They finally caught up. Robin is finally close enough that they can protect her.
  • When Franky inflates his butt and fires it. 4 words: greatest fart joke ever!
    • Here's a vid of the event, too.
    • Franky's definitive Moment of Awesome was right after Robin's flashback, where he manages to effectively ruin Spandam's long, drawn-out plan of acquiring the blueprints for Pluton that lasted for five years... by simply burning the blueprints and then declaring he's going to fight on the Straw Hats' side in front of the whole of CP9.
    • Franky's defeat of Fukurou. After blasting him from the air straight into the ground with his Coup de Vent, with so much force it causes a giant crater, what does Franky say? SUUUUUUPAAAAAAA! :D
  • Rob Lucci cumulates this with his Moral Event Horizon when he kills a pirate crew and 500 hostages at only 13 years old.
    • Incidentally, killing those 500 hostages was Lucci's way of resolving a hostage situation.
  • And give one of the most popular villains in One Piece, Kaku, his due. He used rankyaku in his half-Giraffe form to cut the Tower of Justice at Enies Lobby in half.
  • While we're talking about CP-9, there's Kumadori. He swamps Nami easily, and would've succeeded in beating Chopper if not for Monster Point, and even then he stood up to that horrifying creature that would've made half the people in that tower shit their pants. There's also his epic entrance when he's paired against Nami, banging his staff against the floor with hamming it up. Dude is definitely Crazy Awesome.
  • The two of them may not be able to stand each other, but when Zoro and Sanji team up, expect one of these to occur. Case in point, this scene during the battle at Enies Lobby:
    (The Straw Hats (minus Luffy) and their allies are riding Gomorrah, a gigantic fish through the place, and they're about to crash into a building)
    Zoro: A dead end? Do you see one?
    Sanji: Nah, I don't see one anywhere.
    (They proceed to OBLITERATE said building)
  • The first ship, Going Merry: Turning up in time to rescue them from Enies Lobby which was about to be pounded out of existence by cannon fire guided only by the spirit of the ship and despite having a keel that had snapped in half. Then we get one of the biggest tearjerkers in the series.
  • Everyone who charged into Enies Lobby defeating a force of 10,000 strong, with approximately hundred people, mainly shipwrights. Even better: not one fatality. Everyone who went to the island on that mission got out alive!
  • The Mooks of Enies Lobby have one, when a bunch of marines and government agents chase Luffy. He escapes to a rooftop when surrounded. But do the mooks give up the chase? No. They toss each other up to the roof. And this is while chasing a guy who has repeatedly escaped them and taken out hundreds of them with his bare hands. You've got to hand it to the Marines: They've got balls.
  • During Jaguar D Saul's attempt to protect Robin from the Buster Call, he lifts a Buster Call-level battleship And. Throws. It.
    • "I've got no idea what is right, so I'll just protect my friend!"
  • Enies Lobby is a font of CMOAs, especially Luffy's order to Burn down the flag of the world government, essentially declaring war on the entire world.
  • Demon Aura Nine Sword Style Asura. With something that sounds like that, you know this is awesome, as in "cut Sky Slicer into mist and then finish off the impudent mortal who thought he could defy you with Asura Silver Mist" awesome.
    • View the Japanese clip here, and the English clip here.
  • Iceburg deserves a mention here. What did he do? He patched up a ship that was at the end of its rope to the point where it could safely set off. By himself. In the middle of a freaking hurricane.
  • Aokiji's evaluation of the Buster Call and ordering a retreat of the remaining Marine forces shows just how tenacious the Straw Hat Pirates are: They're not only one of the few people to escape a Buster Call, they escaped with more people in their crew than when they arrived, and they sunk three of the ten battleships brought over. Aokiji declared the Buster Call a "total failure," the first and so far only one to be described that way.

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

  • Nico Robin gets hers when she uses her power to put Franky's "treasure" in a vice grip.
  • One for Franky and the new Thousand Sunny: When Garp, Luffy's grandfather, lifts up a ball and chain BIGGER THAN EITHER SHIP, Franky, the new guy, activates Coup De Blast, which blasts them one friggin mile away. The best part? Any damage that comes to it, Franky can fix up, no problem. Now thats what you call a good first impression.
  • Blackbeard stating, "Ace, your body is fire, right? I am... darkness." Swiftly followed by sucking a town into a black hole, THEN blasting it back out, THEN defeating Ace despite having a sun essentially thrown at him.
  • Shanks and Whitebeard's clash. How awesome was that one clash? Awesome enough to divide the sky into two.

    Thriller Bark Saga 
Thriller Back Arc
  • 600 MILLION BERRI JACKPOT!! It's the dubbed version, in case you were wondering.
  • During the Thriller Bark Arc, when the Rolling Pirates give Luffy his first shadow power-up (episode 370), they ask him "Can you use a sword?" He replies "No, not one bit." Then they toss a sword towards him, he catches it and then slashes a tree to splinters so quickly we can't even see it.
  • One Moment of Awesome came in the end of the Thriller Bark arc, where Luffy absorbs the shadows of a hundred powerful warriors and becomes Nightmare Luffy, developing crazy power, speed, and resilience. The catch? The shadows only stay inside his body for ten minutes. Luffy wipes the floor with Oars, until the time is up. Oars still isn't beaten. Then he leads the all of the Straw Hats to kick his ass anyway.
    • The very start of the fight when Nightmare Luffy starts pummeling Oars is awesome, even more so in the anime
      Nightmare Luffy: There's only one Luffy and that's me! GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!
  • That whole part where Zoro fights Kuma. Especially the part where he takes all of Luffy's pain into his body. That was so much pain, it inverted the colors of the show. Pure unfiltered awesome.
  • Zoro's whole fight with Ryuuma was undeniably amazing. From exchanging cuts and slashes that completely destroying the room they were in, to fighting up on top of the tower and finishing it with an aerial fight.
    • The best part of this fight was this quote from Ryuuma just before the destruction began:
      Ryuuma: It feels as if I am about to fight a titanic creature... It even sends shivers down my body. What a feeling! Yohohoho!
    • This guy, an undead samurai with Brook's entire moveset and an excellent sword, was scared of Zoro!
    • More likely Ryuuma's zombie body still had memories from his past life (similar to zombie Cindry) and the body shivered from excitement in front of a great challenger. "A titanic creature" refers to a dragon which he had once slayed meaning that he compares Zoro to a dragon. It's a great compliment from a hero of Wano and CMOA/ Fridge Brilliance in hindsight.
    • And directly beforehand, when they first met face to face, and Zoro smugly announces that he's going to defeat Ryuuma and take his sword. Brook actually faints from his coolness!
      • And now you can too! Experience the original subtitled hardcore fight here, or allow the dub to soothe your fanboyism here.
  • Sanji became so angry that that he exploded with rage and Zoro even comments on how he would transform if he got any angrier.
  • Usopp in Thriller Bark. Seven words: "I just naturally have... A NEGATIVE PERSONALITY!" To explain, Usopp is probably one of the few people in the world who is immune to Perona's Negative Hollows. They have the power to drain all the optimism from whomever they pass through. Trouble is, it's hard to suck optimism out of a pessimist. In fact, Usopp's so pessimist that he turns the attack on the ghosts...and even Perona herself, causing all of them to become depressed.
    • And then he tops that later in the fight by being a coward: "Somebody save me! Save me... SOGEKING!!!"
      • Immediately after that, he defeats a ridiculously strong zombie bear by shoving his arm down its throat in order to get it to swallow salt (the zombies' weakness).
    • And when all the other Straw Hats just stand around gawking in horror as Oars is about to smash the unconscious Sanji it is a clearly-terrified Usopp who actually does something about it: firing at Oars's head and turning the giant's attention towards himself.
    • For crying out loud, he defeated someone referred to as "The Ghost Princess" by making her faint from fear using nothing but adhesive, toys and a giant balloon.note 
  • It falls to the background in comparison to all the other action going on, but during the battle with Oars Chopper pulls off a few awesome moments. He pulls off an autopsy on the giant zombie mid-battle, recognizes the critical weak points of a bad right arm and being vulnerable to freezing (which was how he originally died and, because the Straw Hats followed this advice and aimed their attacks accordingly) Nami made it rain, Franky and Usopp fired an air cannon to freeze the rain and pin him in place, and Zoro and Sanji forced his back straight—left Oars ultimately helpless in the face of Luffy's final attack, which made sure Oars stayed down by pulverizing his spine.
  • When Franky went up against the Spider-monkey. He really wanted to try out his nunchucks, but the Spider's too big for that. So he finds a couple of the castle's pillars, and attaches them to the nunchucks, and begins to whale on the spider-monkey. In a panic the spider-money manages to web up the super-nunchucks, and as he laughs in relief, Franky just glares at him for spoiling his fun and shoots him.
  • Any time Franky busts out his mad building skills. Whether he makes an unusually ornate bridge in less time then it takes somebody to notice, or he's building a staircase in mid-battle so he can punch a giant in the face.
  • During the Thriller Bark arc, two of the Straw Hats had been cornered by a giant zombie monkey spider which, like the other zombies, had no known weakness. Cue a quaint little song being sung from the unseen rafters, and suddenly the abomination is freaking out; turns out, he remembers this song. The music stops, Brook attacks, and as he's walking away his Diagonal Cut kicks in and the enemy gives up the ghost. Brook wouldn't have batted an eyelash... even if he had any left. Ladies and gentlemen, the musician has arrived.
    Brook: Three verse humming... ARROW NOTCH SLASH!
  • Another for Brook is his zombie's fight with Zoro. Ryuuma's body may be stronger than Brooks and that Zoro was a sword down but still, Brook was a close match he might not be able to beat Kaku, but he would still hold his ground.
  • He gets another when he slices through and purifies a corridor of zombies while still singing. What makes it so awesome is that the zombies start to panic and run JUST from hearing his song in the distance.
    • He only took about 4 seconds to hand the whole group their collective asses.
  • Really just the whole thing with Brook's singing terrifying the zombies. He started singing to himself to keep his spirits up because of how creepy Thriller Bark is, but it turns out that he's so good at dispatching zombies that he's become a nigh-legendary boogieman. On an island full of zombies.
  • When the Straw Hats fought Oars together. Highlights include: Zoro using Franky's heavy nunchucks, Franky making a staircase mid-fight so he and Chopper can punch him in the face, Usopp's giant-sized Phoenix Star, Brook's electric arrow attack, and managing to pin him to the ground with his own horns for a while, so they can all start whaling on him.
  • Laboon in the Rumbar Pirates' flashback. After leaving Laboon behind because he couldn't come with them to the Red Line, we see Brooke and Yorki's crew sailing through dangerous and stormy seas and the reverse mountain, making it to the twin capes where Crocus allows them to stay. Then he asks "By the way, is that whale that followed you your pet?". Cue Reaction Shot from the whole crew, who found out Laboon followed them through all of those hazardous waters. A baby whale swam through a upstream current while following their friends' ship!
  • A minor moment only in the anime, but do you remember when Sanji was daydreaming of Robin docking? Cue the Death Glare from Robin. Seriously, THAT DEATH GLARE! Apparently, even thinking about docking is a Berserk Button for Robin, but more importantly, it turned a gag into something truly awesome.

    Paramount War Saga 
Sabaody Archipelago Arc
  • Luffy doing the in-universe unthinkable: Walking up to a World Noble — a descendant of the twenty kings who oversaw the World Government's creation, and the only ones above their laws, whom you must never, ever offend lest you want to go to toe-to-toe with an Admiral - and punching him square in the face.
    • Its even more awesome in the anime.
    • He punched that guy so hard he punched the colors out of the show.
    • When Boa Hancock heard about this, she broke down, started to show the vulnerable, warmer side of herself, mentioned only one other badass she heard do such an audacious act (she was freed from the World Nobles' captivity by him and was understandably terrified of him) and helps Luffy understand her Jerkass behavior. After hearing that Luffy is more likely to do it again as he dislikes them, she pulls a Heel–Face Turn.
    • The only thing about this that could possibly be spun as not awesome is the fact that if Luffy hadn't done it, Zoro was going to slice the bastard to pieces.
  • Usopp got one in the Sabaody arc: dropping down from the ceiling and flattening the most sickeningly evil character we've seen thus far. With his butt.
  • The Thousand Sunny, the Straw Hats' ship, claimed one of these moments. Two words: Gaon Cannon! In Zoro's own words, it's a little TOO awesome.
  • The glory of Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Eustass Kid walking out to brutally Curb Stomp a Marine unit responding to Luffy's little diplomatic incident on Sabaody. Three pirate captains, shoulder to shoulder, in a world where rank is a BIG DEAL.
  • The Sabaody Archipelago Arc upgraded Gold Roger's dying words into a full blown Moment of Awesome by revealing some key information about his death. He wasn't captured, he turned himself in; he didn't care about being executed, as he had a deadly illness and was going to die anyway. and the day before his execution, he spoke to his former first mate, and told him: "I won't die, partner." What did he mean by this? Simple. With his last words, he both ensured his place in history, and changed his own execution from a chilling warning to all aspiring pirates, to the event that sparked the Golden Age of Piracy, the World Government's worst nightmare.
    • It was also one of the most awesome callbacks ever, as it ties in with Dr. Hiriluk's dying speech, where he asserts that a man only dies when he is forgotten. With his last words, Roger ensured that the world would NEVER forget him.
  • When Rayleigh offers to tell the crew where the One Piece is, Luffy loudly declines and says he'll quit being a pirate if he knows where it is. Why?
    Luffy: I don't want to go on a boring adventure like that!
  • A huge Moment of Awesome for Silvers Rayleigh, he not only blocked a kick/laser beam, he cut a logia user and made him bleed.
  • Silver Rayleigh's very first appearance. A scene so manly that your testicles will grow.

Amazon Lily Arc

  • "I TOLD YOU TO STOP!" Luffy just shouting this at Sandersonia and Marigold, managed to knock out a large portion of the audience instantly. The ones that weren't commented on him having "the king's disposition", which even scared Boa Hancock (and she has very impressively demonstrated the same ability). This moment was raw (and to Luffy, unintentional) awesomeness.
    • How about being able to resist Boa Hancock', charms?
    • There's an even earlier hint of Luffy having "The King's Disposition" or "Haki". During the Duval encounter, he stopped Duval's Motobaro without flinching and said "There's no point in us fighting!". Haki activates unconsciously and Motobaro goes the opposite way before collapsing. In the manga, Motobaro was foaming at the mouth!
  • A moment from the Amazon Lily arc, detailing the background of Hancock. A fishman, by the name of Fisher Tiger, climbed up the Red Line, bare-handed, and defied the Celestial Dragons, essentially a death sentence that has only been done twice, once by Tiger, once by Luffy, and raged through the city to free the Fishmen enslaved there. And not just the Fishmen, as he freed anyone who was a slave. Pretty goddamn high Awesome Quotients from the fishmen in general.
    • Speaking of Hancock, after a single campaign, she got herself a bounty of 80,000,000. No one, not even any of the Straw Hats, got that kind of bounty from their first act of piracy. From just that, the Government quickly and cautiously approached her and offered her the position of Warlord of the Sea.

Impel Down Arc

  • In the Impel Down arc, Going Gear Second and giving the Chief Warden Magellan a speech on why he's not giving up his plan to save Ace, then proceeding to give him a Gomu Gomu no Jet Bazooka. To give you an idea, Luffy smacked a man whose body is coated with an armor of corrosive poison. And his hands are starting to feel it. That's pretty hardcore.
    • And that leads into another Moment of Awesome / Heartwarming Moment, though not from Luffy. Unfortunately, Magellan defeats Luffy and he's carted off to Level 5 of Impel Down. Back on Level 4, Mr. 2 gathers Mr. 3 and Buggy back together and says that they need to rescue him immediately. When Buggy demands to know why they should go to certain death for him, and Mr. 2 replies "Because he's a friend!! I don't need any other reason!!!
      • Luffy gets another one here... Yes, Luffy was beaten and not only taken down to Level 5, the "freezing hell", but he was also covered in a mixture of so many poisons that the doctors said he could not be cured. Imagine, that would have been absolutely agonizing. And yet, Luffy is still trying to get up and save Ace. When Mr. 2 drags him into the forest in search of "Iva-San", whom he believes can cure Luffy, he is attacked by vicious and powerful wolves — and then Luffy gets up, stares one in the eyes, and makes the entire pack (which may have been at least 20 of them) collapse purely through using the king's disposition, despite his absolutely horrifying condition that, by all rights, he shouldn't even be standing from. Absolutely incredible.
      • Here we go again. Luffy, amazingly, asks Iva-sama to help Bon Clay, despite his horrifying condition, which makes Bon Clay look like he merely got a scratch. This request was more than enough for Iva-sama to help him and Bon Clay.
      • Will the awesome never end? Luffy is subjected to an absolutely agonizing process to heal his body that will take days, and relies on his willpower. Everyone in the Okama Paradise comes up to his cell to cheer him on. Seven Twenty hours in — the first ten of which Bon Clay had spent in dead sleep while he recovered from his injuries — the screaming stops, and Iva-sama declares Luffy dead. Then Luffy slams his fists on the door with full force, never mind that he was tied up in several layers of huge chains, screaming "FOOOOOOOODDDD!" Iva-sama is naturally astounded, not even a day had passed since it began!
      • Somehow, Luffy has managed to pull together a kick-ass team well worth reckoning with. Who's on said team? Crocodile, Jimbei, Ivankov, and Inazuma. It's likely the other Baroque pirates will stay by Luffy's side with Crocodile involved. Add on Buggy and Hancock, and you have three Warlords of the Sea, two high-ranking Revolutionaries, and two crews at Luffy's command. WG beware.
      • The caption at the end of the chapter just makes it all the better: This is one crazy team!
  • Another one for Buggy: breaking out of his cell in Impel Down. Granted, the Marines weren't aware of his Devil Fruit power, or even that he had one, but given that this is the Marines' top prison, that is still awesome.
    • And if that doesn't wet your pants, this will: Luffy and Buggy team-up.
    • The Luffy/Buggy/Mr. 3/Mr. 2 team-up is a Moment of Awesome, especially at the end of Chapter 532 when they all work together to take down a minotaur.
  • Reread that last part: Magellan is a Crowning Badass of Awesome. He's fought those opponents without even coming close to losing.
    • To be clear, he defeats the entire Blackbeard crew without breaking stride. So much as daring to stand against Magellan is considered bad ass.
  • Vice Chief Hannyabal, who was presented as the Starscream of the Impel Down arc, had a CM of A near the arc's end when he tries to take on Straw Hat Luffy and is beaten bloody as a result, but refuses time and time again to get out of Luffy's way and has a Heartwarming Moment when he explains why he can't let Impel Down fall, as the weak and ordinary citizens of the world who fear pirates depend on Impel Down to keep them safe. This was the guy who considered letting two pirates escape so as to pin the blame on his boss and get his job.
  • Ace, Jimbei, and Crocodile get one off-screen. Namely, when prisoners are brought to Impel Down, they are stripped, boiled on an iron kettle, tossed into water reaching a hundred degrees, and "baptized". According to one of the officers, they went through all that without lifting an eyebrow.
  • Bon Clay has been on a roll since his loss in Alabasta. Not only did he get himself captured to save fellow former Baroque Works members, but in the Impel Down arc he teamed up with Luffy and has since helped take out the fearsome (but oddly adorable) Minotauros, impersonated the Vice-Chief after regretfully leaving Luffy to fight Magellan alone, and to atone for running away went down to Level 5, the Freezing Hell, where he rescued Luffy from his cell and fought off killer wolves, that had been too bloodthirsty for the upper levels, while half-naked and bloody!
    • Want to know how he assumed the appearance of Hannyabal, the man who curb stomped Buggy and Mr. 3 (granted, it is Buggy and Mr. 3)? Beat him to a pulp? Oh, no, no, no. Used his shapeshifting powers to become Nami and used the good ol' hot, sweaty girl wants to remove her clothing gambit, resulting in the vice warden being Bound and Gagged in a storeroom wearing nothing but his own boxers.
    • This couples as a Heartwarming Moment: as soon as Bon Clay learned that Luffy's healing process depended upon his willpower and that it would take over two days, which would cause Luffy to be unable to rescue his brother, he refuses to eat or sleep and stands in front of Luffy's locked recovery room and begins to cheer him on. The other okamas, including even the cynical Iva, join in after seeing his resolve and spend eight hours yelling encouragements to Luffy as he goes through the painful healing procedure.
      • And now he appears to have pulled a Heroic Sacrifice, staying behind while the others escape so he can imitate Chief Warden Magellan to open the Gates of Justice. Magellan comes and confronts him too late to stop him. Just as Luffy realizes what he's done and contacts him. The whole thing is an Awesome Moment, Heartwarming Moment and a bit of a Tear Jerker.
        Magellan: Do you have any last words?!
        Bon Clay: (smiles) I have no regrets.
      • This is the whole of Episode 451 in the anime. As the music surges, Bon Clay throws off his disguise, and faces down Magellan. "Do you have any last words?" To which Bon Clay responds, with a smile, "Satisfaction!" Magellan's fist comes down, the screen goes white, and a single rose petal falls to the water. The dub retains the impact; when Magellan asks what are Bon Clay's final words before he annihilates him, Bon Clay boldly responses with "Have at Thee!!"
    • This is an important Character Development for him as he had previously ran away and hesitated to fight him because he feared justifiably for his life against a man whose touch and breath can kill you in one hit. The sheer determination to save his friends, had given him enough resolve to face him with complete satisfaction of his friends' safety and insult him while making this man like an incompetent officer is awesome beyond words.
    • It's even implied that Magellan was demoted all because of what Bon Clay did.
      • And somehow he survived. And is the new queen of New Kama Land to boot.
  • And now there is Emporio Ivankov, the retired Queen of Kamabakka Island. Don´t let him fool you guys. He may look like a parody of a Drag Queen, but he can repel a 'cannon ball by batting an eyelash''! And then he turned the poor guy, who attacked him, into a woman!
  • When Inazuma uses the powers of the Choki-Choki Fruit to cut up the floor and manipulate it like cloth to block an oncoming wave of knockout gas.
  • The entire Impel Down Arc is made of Crowning Moments of Awesome, with MR. 3, OF ALL PEOPLE getting one as well, when he blocked Magellan's highly poisonous Hydra attack with his Candle Wall, despite being only a quick sprint away from complete freedom, urging Luffy and company to escape.
    Mr. 3: I'll be damned if I'll stay in your debt, Straw Hat!
    • He then, along with Luffy, gets ANOTHER Moment of Awesome when he gives Luffy wax BOXING GEAR, who then fights off Magellan while Mr. 3 put up guards. I repeat, Luffy fought a MAN MADE OF POISON WITH BOXING GLOVES!!!
  • Jimbei the Fishman is showing himself to be a walking Momentof Awesome.
    • Evidence 1: He knocked out multiple enemies at one time by PUNCHING THE AIR!
    • Evidence 2: HE THREW THE SEA! Yeah, you read right! HE THREW THE GODDAMN SEA WITH HIS BARE HANDS! And no, he doesn´t possess a Devil Fruit power! He´s "just" a Fishman and simply THAT GOOD!
      • In short, he's the One Piece version of Aquaman.
      • Namely, the UBER BADASS one from the DCAU.
      • Aquaman in a universe where Aquaman is absolutely deadly.

Marineford Arc

  • Luffy should get one just for falling from the sky above Marineford, while Whitebeard had came from below the ocean earlier in Chapter 556.
    • Oh, it gets better... In the next chapter, he effectively challenges Whitebeard while standing by his side. And, if the smile is of any indication, earned the old man's respect. The reactions of quite a lot of the bystanders are priceless. The entrance itself is pretty awesome, with the team shot, and the resulting mix of surprise, relief and Oh, Crap! from various characters.
      • To reiterate, Luffy momentarily stopped the whole war
      • And the chapter after that... After quickly chatting to Whitebeard like they were equals, Luffy bounds off to rescue Ace. This is a combined Moment of Awesome — first, he's saved from Kizaru by Ivankov, then Jimbei makes Moria's zombie-raising powers useless through using salt water from the ocean itself (remember, he can THROW THE SEA), and then, Luffy's response to Ace's urging him to flee? Punch out a GIANT (made even more awesome by the fact that he did it with a technique that made his fist even bigger than the giant's whole body) and then say, "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY! I'M GOING TO SAVE YOU EVEN IF IT KILLS ME! The kicker? Whitebeard then effectively orders Marco to protect Luffy. Now Luffy is cutting a path through the Marines towards Ace, and one of Whitebeard's finest, as in, the guy who blocked an attack from Kizaru, is protecting him. This is going to get real interesting.
      • A point for Luffy's INTELLIGENCE(!)... when Crocodile rushes to attack Whitebeard, Luffy intercepts the strike. After the fact, Crocodile notices that Luffy had the foresight to get his arm wet, exploiting Crocodile's weakness to water.
    • And that epic punch up there is made even more epic by the fact that it was done in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann style. So it looks like a Giga Drill Breaker.
  • Luffy now standing in front of ALL THREE ADMIRALS seconds away from Ace's execution. If this isn't a holy shit moment, nothing is. Why else would it be this very page's image?
  • In the anime, there's the brief clash between Mihawk and Jimbei. Mihawk wins, sending Jimbei flying. And if that wasn't awesome enough, Mihawk does it WITH ONE STRIKE.
  • Luffy, after getting badly Worf'ed by the Marines' higher ups — especially the Admirals — came back roaring. After getting beaten up by Kizaru et al and having his body run out on juice on him, he begs Ivankov to inject him with Vigor Hormones again and, upon seeing the decapitation about to take place, yells out a very familiar STOP IT ALREADY! Luffy's Haki finally unleashes itself, knocking out Ace's executioners along with many other Mooks in the vicinity. Sengoku and Ace are both left speechless, Aokiji's surprised, Ivankov's amazed, and Whitebeard just thinks "that little snot-nosed..." That's how you prove yourself, Luffy.
    • It's also very much worth noting that that was the moment Luffy (unintentionally) painted one massive target on himself. The Marines immediately made targeting him a priority. And that's picking him over Whitebeard. Yeah, that's right: the Marines find this kid who keeps getting stomped by the Admirals to be more of a threat than the man who can actually go toe-to-toe with their best men.
  • Portgas D. Rouge, Ace's mother, gets one for carrying him inside for twenty months. Why does she do that? To hide the fact that Ace is GOLD ROGER'S SON!
  • Whitebeard finally gets to show us that he is easily the most badass character in the entire franchise in this arc. Before we list off the massive amount of badass things he pulls off, this has to be mentioned. Whitebeard is 72 years old, has been on life support for about 10 years, has a heart disease and is half blind and half deaf. Even before the battle of Marineford he's one leg in the grave. And despite that, he manages to pull off the following:
    • He has a habit of punching reality so hard, it breaks.
    • He refused Gold Roger when he wanted to tell him the location of One Piece because "I already have a family, and that's all I need".
    • He treats every member of his crew as a son or daughter (with the exception of Blackbeard, who he "disowned") and will risk his life for every single one of them (which is how the Marineford arc starts, as Ace has been captured). He even gets stabbed by one of his "sons" who thought he betrayed them, and... gave him a Cooldown Hug.
    • He starts off the battle by punching reality hard enough to create 2 tsunamis the size of Tokyo Tower.
    • Even without using his Shockwave powers, he can block the strike of a 90 foot tall giant with one hand on his bisento before knocking off balance and FLIPPING THE FUCKING OCEAN.
    • Keeps fighting after Akainu punches him with lava. HE DOESNT EVEN SLOW DOWN. This same attack killed Ace in one hit.
    • His Dying Moment of Awesome finally comes after having been stabbed, shot, bombarded, punched through the stomach and having half his face burned off, and he still beats Blackbeard down so hard his entire crew has to intervene. After that, we are told he survived 300-something stab wounds, hundreds of shots, 46 cannonballs, having his face melted and his guts being burned by lava. AND HE STILL DIED STANDING UP.
    • And then to top it all off, when his cape falls from his shoulders it reveals that despite his front being a scared, broken mess, his back hadn't received a single wound or mark over his entire life. Recall Zoro's words when he refused to turn his back when he first fought Mihawk. Epic Call-Back to show just how much this kind of pride means to a true warrior.
  • Donquixote gets one in the Marineford Arc after helping to incapacitate Oars Jr. and setting the invading captains against their crews. He gives a Breaking Speech on how flimsy and warped the ethics of the world are, and almost Breaking the Fourth Wall by noting how the roles of good and evil in regards to the marines and pirates are always shifting:
    "The one's who stand on the top determine what's wrong and what's right!!! This very place is neutral ground!!! Justice will prevail, you say!? But of course it will!!! Whoever wins this war will become Justice!!!"
  • In Chapter 560, Boa Hancock breaks Smoker's Seastone Jutte with a simple kick. Remember that Hancock is a fruit user. She broke a weapon made out of her Kryptonite Factor and as hard as diamond. with a kick. Without a scratch. And afterwards can still look down on Smoker so far she's actually looking up. Bad. Ass.
    • Only the tip of Smoker's weapon is made of seastone. The rest is presumably just some regular sort of metal or else Smoker, a Logia, couldn't wield it himself.
    • Her stealing of the keys for Ace's cuffs. Damn, she's as good as Nami!
    • And in another chapter, she kicks a Pacifista in the face and it explodes!
      • Not only that, but she's later confronted by Sentoumaru for destroying quite a few Pacifistas. Remember that it took the entire Straw Hat crew to bring down just one of these things.
      • Well, the Pacifista though were programmed not to attack her because she was their ally. Still shows she has a ton of raw power though, especially since her fruit powers are useless against emotionless beings.
      • You might want to tell that to the cannonballs and the jutte she petrified. They are not only emotionless, they are non-sentient! That's right, she is so badass her power works on stuff that for all purposes should be immune!
  • Chapter 562 not only has the army of Pacifista turned the tides of the battle in favor of the Marines, but Whitebeard is betrayed by one of his own men and stabbed clear through his chest.
    • Whitebeard's reaction to this is definitely awesome. Despite having just been impaled by a BFS, he calmly asks what the attacker's problem was, and, after finding out it was due to a ploy by the Marines to turn his allies against him, he tells the guy that they are all his sons anyway, and gives said allies an escape route in case they really felt he was going to sell them out. He then turns around and attacks the Marines by himself, head on, completely ignoring the wound.
      • Whitebeard actually hugs his comrade turned assailant, saying that he'll always be one of his "sons".
  • Chapter 564...Sengoku wasn't kidding about Whitebeard being the strongest. He just tilted the ENTIRE FREAKING MARINEFORD ISLAND, AND THE SEA ALONG WITH IT!! And has also one-shotted another Marine Giant, by names of John Giant. He is the man!
    • The admirals also deserve credit. They somehow managed to prevent the platform Ace was on...are they Haki users too? And Akainu just began raining down a literal meteor storm of magma fists.
      • Yes the admirals are doing a fantastic job against the guy who had a freaking hole though his heart. Usually that supposed to kill people. Odd it took all three cheap logia ADMIRALS to stop Whitebeard's handicapped attack.
      • Yes and said admirals are still treating it like a tea party. The One Piece equivalent of the Armageddon is on full assault and they haven't batted an eyelid yet.
      • You have to remember that, according to Word of God, we are only about half way through the series. There has to be SOMETHING more then this later on.
      • And imagine how strong Roger was. He was on par with a younger and most likely healthier Whitebeard, probably even stronger, AND managed to become the Pirate king.
  • Marco further proves why he is the 1st division commander by kicking Aokiji in a way that would make Sanji jealous when he was about to finish Luffy off.
    • Kizaru effortlessly intercepting and kicking Gear Second Luffy.
      • Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Garp preparing to fight. Yeah...someone is about to get rage stomped.
  • Whitebeard gets another one for concealing another freaking ship underneath the water, in case of anything.
    • That said, give Oars for being alive much less carry a ship smashing though a wall that whitebeard himself couldn't break though.
  • And what about Crocodile? If stopping Ace's head from being chopped off doesn't qualify, then how about purposefully defying Donquixote Doflamingo? Doflamingo is the man with the highest bounty we know of in the entire series thus far, four times greater than Crocodile's bounty was. It goes to show just how badass Crocodile can be, despite not even being the arc's Big Bad.
    • Crocodile? That's not the crown of badassery, considering that Crocodile's power comes from his manipulation ability. The way he dinks away Mihawk's BFS with his hook handed arm because he notices that Mr. 1 is "taking a nap" and because he's not in the best mood because he is disappointed that Whitebeard isn't STRONG enough, and then goes to only become important when needed, such as saving Luffy and stopping Akainu for no reason except that that Impel Down prison place was getting pretty boring.
  • What no CMOAs for the latest chapter? It's a huge Moment of Awesome for the World Government... and Luffy. Kizaru defeats Marco after a vice admiral puts seastone cuffs on him and Kizaru fires straight through him. Jozu is frozen solid. Whitebeard is on his deathbed impaled by several vice admirals and marines while his commanders and the pirates are getting cut down all around him. Koby and Luffy fight and Luffy one-shots Koby like it's nothing. Finally the biggest Moment of Awesome in the chapter, Ace is seconds away from being executed when Luffy screams out with his king's Haki knocking out hundreds of marines and stopping them from beheading Ace.
  • The latest chapter is a huge Moment of Awesome. Luffy defeats Garp (though Garp actually threw the fight), Luffy tries to free Ace, Sengoku attacks Luffy whilst turning into a giant Buddha that effortlessly beat Gear 3 Luffy, destroying the platform. The now-freed Ace then rescues Luffy!
    • And that would have been impossible without Mr. 3. Yeah, the wimpy Smug Snake actually disguised himself as one of the execution soldiers and crafted the key to Ace's cuffs. And then his Candle Wall managed to absorb the blow of Sengoku's Buddha punch. And why is he doing all this? To repay Mr. 2!
      • His quote alone makes it his greatest Moment of Awesome.
        "If the reason I am here right now... was to avenge my fallen friend, would you laugh at me, hmmm?!"
  • Chapter 572. Whitebeard shouting his final order, and then prepares himself to fuck up the marines is simply the most badass thing he's done this whole battle.
  • Akainu mocking Whitebeard just so Ace will lose control and attack him, then Akainu nails Ace while telling him that fire can not possibly defeat magma.
    • Kind of dark, but he should get another one just for negating the series' infamously thick Plot Armor.
    • We really need a trope for something that's a combination of crossing the Moral Event Horizon and a Moment of Awesome. Crowning Moment of Monster?
      • Somebody mentioned Crowning Moment Of Evil. Maybe it'll work?
    • Akainu's refusal to allow Luffy to live even after being punched by Whitebeard; that man will only be stopped by killing him.
  • Oh Whitebeard, will you ever cease to amaze us? Despite every single hit he's taken. You usually fall over dead when half your fucking face is melted off by magma. Even then he still has enough force to not only smash the Akainu but as well as continued destruction of the HQ along with separating the marines from the pirates.
    • In one hit.
    • Earlier, Akainu made the statement of how he aimed to defend Marineford against tyrants like Whitebeard. So guess what Whitebeard does? He purposely directed attacks towards the buildings, destroying them, while mocking Akainu about protecting it. And after Akainu had killed Ace, in a brutal and calm fashion, Whitebeard smashed and utterly pounded Akainu to the ground in two blows and at the same time, he managed to split the entire island and everything in it in half. Don't mess with Whitebeard.
    • How about the arrival of Blackbeard and his new crew? Zehahahahahahahaha!
  • Whitebeard's death. He dies on his feet, never falling down, from 267 slashes and stabs, 152 bullets, 46 cannonballs, and half his goddamned face being melted off... without a single wound to his back. He never, EVER retreated.
    • That was after he made Blackbeard crap his pants in fear. After BB taunts him, Whitebeard starts beating the ever loving shit out of Blackbeard. Including a Quake to the face. And in the end it took Blackbeard's entire crew attacking all at once to take down GARbeard.
      • And his last words? "THE ONE PIECE IS REAL!". And they were being broadcast to the entire Sabaody Archipelago! Sucks to be Sengoku, as the world's pirates just had their ambitions jump-charged.
      • To put the above words in context, the Marines were pretty close to wiping out pirates everywhere. The current age was slowly ending, and if they had managed to execute a member of Whitebeard's crew without a reprisal, it would have ended right then and there. But then Whitebeard says those last words, and it starts a new age of piracy.
    • On the flip side of the coin, Blackbeard and his crew combine this and the Moral Event Horizon by way of Akainu. Blackbeard took the head quake, a move that may have killed a Vice Admiral and leader of the Giant Squad and a Haki-infused slash to his aorta, and lures Whitebeard into a trap, where they kill Whitebeard like Sonny in The Godfather, and Blackbeard's laugh and lack of pain after the attack shows that he may be sneaky, dirty, and underhanded, but he just took two killing blows, and killed the World's Strongest Man.
  • In Chapter 577, Blackbeard makes the entire world reach for its brown pants when he manages to STEAL the power of the Gura-Gura Fruit from Whitebeard's corpse. That's right: Marshall D. Teach has broken the cardinal rule of "No one can have more than one Devil Fruit", thus becoming, the most powerful man in the world. And if that weren't enough, the two most broken abilities in the series earthquakes and darkness!
    • Also Jimbei tells Akainu to go to hell when he insists on killing Luffy. This is a man made of magma vs. a fishman. Followed shortly by Ivankov using his Hell Wink to get Akainu out of the way.
    • The true Moment of Awesome came when Blackbeard declared, "This age!" So, for all technical reasons, he's declared himself to be Pirate King.
  • Sengoku telling Blackbeard where to shove his talk of sinking Marineford by hitting him with the Buddhist palm in his giant Buddha form, causing Blackbeard and his entire crew to spit up blood from the force of the attack. Do not fuck with Sengoku.
    • Blackbeard gets on in return for still being confident in his ability to win.
  • Akainu is still going at it. It seems nothing will stop this monster. Oh wait, CROCODILE!
    Crocodile: If you want to protect him, you should damn well do it properly! How long do you mean to keep letting [The Marines] get exactly what they want?!
    • Do you honestly think such a measly thing as a bunch of Whitebeard division Commanders and a Level 6 Prisoner could defeat Akainu? The man who can defeat Akainu doesn't have the strength yet.
  • Finally, Trafalgar Law pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment to rescue Luffy.
    • Along with what he says with it — though they may become enemies in the future, he'll be damned if Luffy is going to die today.
  • With the arrival of Chapter 579, what sort of awesome will they pull off this t— JESUS CHRIST IT'S SHANKS! GET IN THE CAR!
    • Koby's display of both courage and compassion defying Akainu because he wishes to stop the war and end this senseless violence since the Marines already completed their objective is awesome in so many ways. First of all, if only for a few seconds, he stops the war. All of it. Pirates and Marines alike just stop dead in their tracks. Not just the grunts, either. He managed to get Blackbeard's attention. Now that is an EPIC What the Hell, Hero? speech. He calls out the Marines for abandoning the lives of their comrades to death just to fight pirates who are trying to escape, making their deaths meaningless. As if that wasn't already kickass, Koby, according to Shanks, changed the fate of the entire world due to his seconds of courage. Now that is awesome.
    • Even him crying the whole time does not diminishing. He is not crying out of fear; he is crying from the loss of his fellow Marines and being able to hear their deaths (due to beginning to awaken his Haki). His bold move doesn't come from recklessness or foolhardiness, but from compassion and moral integrity. This just makes it even more awesome.
    • What's also awesome is that it goes to show just how far Koby has come ever since we first met him. He started off as a boy who trembled before Alvida and has become someone brave enough to stand up against someone as scary and ruthless as Akainu. when you remember who motivated him to change so drastically. Even more brilliant when you realize whose life Koby just saved... It also shows how much Koby's stayed the same, having the same, "I have no regrets" attitude to almost being killed by Akainu as he was when he was going to be killed by Alvida.
    • Ben Beckman stopping Kizaru in his tracks (with a pistol, no less, something a Logia shouldn't even be concerned by), as well as the sheer Oh, Crap! look Akainu and other Marines had once Shanks showed up.
  • How do you end a war? If you're Shanks, you say it's over, and it is. The man only had to state that whoever still wants to fight will have to take them on. Cue the group shot of the crew. Bad. Ass.
  • The reason the World Government can't cover up their massive defeat of the pirates as planned, in the Marineford Arc? Buggy's holding the last Video Transponder Snail, which he uses to give an interview while a battle is going on.
  • Mihawk nails another one in the Marineford Arc, topping his first Moment of Awesome by ten-fold. You know those huge waves Whitebeard created, that Aoikiji froze? He cut the ENTIRE TOP HALF OF ONE CLEAN OFF, AND IT WAS JUST A MISSED ATTACK AT LUFFY!
  • In Chapter 559, after Luffy is beaten down once again by Smoker, Hancock comes out of nowhere and saves him, easily swatting aside the Logia user who has been an undisputed badass up to this point. Yeah, it's becoming pretty clear that she didn't just get into the Warlords with her looks.
  • In the Marineford arc Ivankov's shown that that eyelash thing isn't just a joke. He uses a More Dakka version of it to beat the shit out of Kuma.
    Ivankov: Galaxy Wink!
    • Then we learn in Chapter 560 that he/she knows Kuma... somehow (later revealed they were both in the Revolutionaries with Dragon. And Kuma apparently was afraid of him/her). When it turns out Kuma doesn't even recognize them anymore, he/she delivers this ball-bustingly awesome line:
      Ivankov: I don't care if your memories have been erased or vat! If you EVER forget your fear of me... I'LL JUST POUND IT BACK INTO YOUR BODY! PREPARE YOURSEEEEEEELF!
    • How about in 547 when Ivankov smashed through a solid wall with his face?
  • Further evidence that Jimbei is a walking Moment of Awesome:
    • His reaction to a Zombie Apocalypse? Wash it away.
    • Moria realizes his zombies are useless against Jimbei's command over the salt water surrounding the area. He pulls out some of his hidden shadows and absorbs them, dramatically increasing his size before he goes after the Fishman with his gigantic pair of scissors. Jimbei one-shots him.
    • He blocks an attack from Akainu. This guy blocks freaking lava.
      • With his body.

Post-Marineford Arc

  • Doflamingo, on the last page, is with a bunch of Pacifistas and appears to be beating Moria for an undisclosed reason, though he mentions that Moria's death would be a cover up, him purported to have been killed in the Marineford battle. When Moria asks if Sengoku ordered it, all Doflamingo replies with is, "Try higher." ... so... something's going on with the Gorousei/Five Elder Starsnote . Something big. YEAH.
  • How does Blackbeard get 4 level 6 Prisoners to be his crew? By having ALL the Level 6 prisoners battle it out to the death, with the promise of the survivors being set free and allowed to join his crew.
  • Sengoku gets one for having some moral fiber. Upon hearing news that more Level 6 prisoners have escaped than just those in Blackbeard's crew, he immediately wants bounties issued so people will be warned. He is not happy when he learns the World Government is going to pretend the criminals don't exist.
  • And now, a cross between Heartwarming Moment and Moment of Awesome when we're shown the crew's (sometimes tearful) realization of their own lack of strength. Usopp puts it best when he says that he's always thought somewhere inside that Luffy was powerful enough that he could just sit back and watch him just become Pirate King. And then watching their conviction and dedication to becoming stronger so that they can help Luffy as well.
    • Usopp, in particular, had become comfortable (and fat) during his stay in the Boin Archipelago. But when he got his hands on a newspaper detailing what happened during the War, his response was to go on a berserker rage and attempt to escape the island by himself. Said island is populated by man-eating plants and giant insects, all of which get stronger the closer you are to the island's edge, and the island itself attracts Sea Kings. Usopp didn't give a shit — his Captain needed his support.
  • Sixteen bells. SIXTEEN BELLS. Luffy sneaks back into Marineford, steals a Marine ship, sails around the area once, fights his way into the Plaza, goes and rings a sacred bell, throws a bouquet of flowers down, gives a solemn moment of silence for Ace and everyone else who died in the war, and escapes. Sure he had Jimbei and Rayleigh with him, but still.
  • Sabo has practically gone and given the world nobles the middle finger, raising his pirate flag and setting sail on the day they were meant to arrive.
  • Rayleigh gets more support for his badass credentials. His ship sinks in stormy weather when he tries to find Luffy on Amazon Lily. What does he do? He swims from the Grand Line, through the Calm Belt, and fights off a Sea King. Damn.
  • The "New World" itself gets this the first time we see it, along with the possible terror it brings. What do pirates in the New World call the first half of the Grand Line? "Paradise".
    • Namely, Basil Hawkins sails to Brownbeard's island, defeats one his men, then calmly sits down on him and does his tarot card thing, then politely asks Brownbeard to repeat what he said as Brownbeard prattles about his relatively low bounty, then muses that he thought his name was so stupid, he misheard him. He then tells him he doesn't like jokes, and he sees Brownbeard's death as he morphs into his Scarecrow form and unsheathes the sword. Not bad.
  • The cover to Chapter 597 shows Gold Roger and Whitebeard posing back to back.

The New World Era

    Fishman Island Saga 

Return to Sabaody Arc

  • It's amazing how infamous the crew really has become. Their exploits have made them pirates talked about on a legendary level, and they've left an impression on the New World before they even entered it. While usually rookies aren't taken seriously in the second half of the Grand Line, several of the pirates and marines there speak of them as experienced New World pirates already.
    • The Straw Hats' reputation in the New World is much more impressive when one considers that there are only 9 of them. Where most of the more famous pirates have crews that number in the hundreds or even thousands, they stand out for being so feared despite amounting to 9 people.
  • We all knew it was going to happen, but still, it was great to see Luffy showing off his new skills by taking out the impostors in one go. Right after dodging a bullet at point blank range. Then again, a bullet wouldn't have hurt Luffy anyway because of his rubber powers; he probably just did it to avoid attention.
    • 600 leaves with a tease that he might be doing even more of this in the next chapter, to the same guys.
  • In 601, Psyche! Luffy doesn't do anything to them. It's the Pacifistas who finish them off. Then Luffy curbstomps a Pacifista, the same thing that took the entire crew to beat the first time. And with one punch.
    • What's doubly awesome about this is how Luffy treats it. The Pacifista tries to shoot him with a laser. Luffy quips "Slow." while barely moving his head (showing he's gotten Observation Haki down), activates Gear Second just by flexing his arm (greater control of Gear Second in that he can pump up just part of his body instead of pumping his whole body using his legs like before), and comes down on the Pacifista without missing a beat. Bad. Ass.
    • Here's another thing; those beams that the Pacifista use? They're based on Kizaru's ability. The same Kizaru who wiped the floor with the crew on their first encounter.
    • Remember the Pacifista that were beaten by Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji? They were the same ones the Straw Hats encountered before Kuma appeared.
    • Even more badass on TV. Luffy punches the Pacifista so hard, he makes a crater under it!
  • Post time skip, Sanji breaks a Pacifista's neck with a single kick. The last time he tried that he only managed to break his own leg. Damn.
    • Judging by their bickering, both Zoro and Sanji vere strong enough to destroy a Pacifista single-handedly and with one hit.
  • Post-timeskip, Usopp got ten times more badass. When the fake Straw Hats are harassing Nami, he shoots them with a "Pop Green", a tiny seed which instantly grows into a man-eating plant. Then, when he finally shows up in the panel, he is absolutely ripped from his training.
  • Post-timeskip, Nami is drinking in a bar where the fake Straw Hats are hanging out, treating the impostors as if they weren't even there. She doesn't even flinch when the fake Name holds a gun to her head. After Usopp shows up and they leave the bar, Nami leaves behind a gaggle of weather balls, which turn into a thunderstorm, filling the entire bar with electricity.
  • Post time-skip: Brook turned what could have been a lifetime in captivity as a sideshow freak into a successful 2 year music career as BROOK, KING OF SOUL MUSIC!
  • And the very next chapter: The Marines have figured out Brook's the same one on his wanted poster and a Straw Hat and want him arrested. His managers sold him out because he was going to make this his last concert, ruining them financially, so they want to take him down with them. Unafraid (for good reason, bullets aren't the best choice of weapon against him), he announces to the world that Luffy is alive and plays one more song. The fans are so elated that they restrain the Marines so he can play. The whole crowd cheers with him: "NEW WORLD!"
  • Give Sentoumaru some credit; post-timeskip, he responds to the fake Luffy's claim to be the real Straw Hat Luffy by slamming his axe on his head with enough force to bury him half-way into the ground. And why? Because the real Luffy isn't a piece of trash like this guy. He then has the Pacifista reveal the impostor's true identity, destroying what little cred he had left. Yet another example of how even the villains are cool in this series.
  • Fake Sogeking attacking Caribou when he tries to kill Drip (Fake Sanji) For a person who was perfectly willing to imitate a crew to intimidate others and use other pirates to reach Raftel, and who had been established as a coward that was pretty awesome.
  • In 602; everyone the Straw hats were with over their two years of training helps the Straw hats escape in their own way. Points awarded to Heracles-n for summoning giant bugs from nowhere to take on marines, and to Silvers Rayleigh for style — he drew a line in the ground with his sword and politely advised the marines not to step over it. Oh, and Hancock once again outright defies the Marines... and promptly gets away with it, again.
    • In addition, there's the nostalgic, amazing, brilliant, awesome of the crew finally reuniting and setting sail once more.

Fishman Island Arc

  • ELEPHANT GUN. An armament Haki-infused Gear 3rd technique that Luffy uses to knock out a Kraken.
    • Pfft. Is that all? The following chapters show that Luffy has tamed it. Davy Jones, eat your heart.
  • Chapter 617. Zoro takes on Hody Jones, a Great White Shark Fishman with enough brute strength to crush down a whole wall with his grip. What's so special you ask? He's fighting underwater, where Hody's strength is ten times stronger.
    • Even better, in Chapter 618, Zoro owns Hody Jones. Underwater. With one slash.
    • And the damage caused by that one slash was so severe that Hody has been OD'ing on Energy Steroids just to keep standing.
  • Chapter 618. Luffy's tied up and there's a crazy man gunning towards him. Luffy one-shots him and then knocks out a giant with one punch. Luffy, who's tied up, manages to lodge the Flying Dutchman captain Vander Decken in the ground in one single go. Then he deals with Decken's Giant Mook (who's probably one of the hugest creatures in this setting) by punching out his front tooth with a Gear Second attack.
  • Chapter 624. Say what you will about Arlong, but for all that he's evil, it takes a special kind of badass to walk out of any level of Impel Down looking just flat out ticked.
  • Princes Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi and Manboshi and their massive Oarfish Epic Mount utterly curbstomping at least seven sea monsters the size of small towns. Proving Asskicking Equals Authority and that while the princes all have their quirks, they kept their promise to their mom and are their father's sons. It's small wonder Hody and his crew had to resort to energy steroids to beat them.
  • We all knew it was coming, but after Hody gloats about his evil schemes, poised to slice off King Neptune's head, Luffy exits from Megalo's mouth and gives Hody a Gear 2nd kick right in the solar plexus.
    • And after that, the citizens of Fishman Island are confused as to where the Straw Hats' allegiances lie. Luffy simply answers:
      Luffy: Whether we're friend or foe... is up to you to decide!
  • Then Hody tries to send his army of 100,000 men at Luffy's mere crew of ten... and Luffy drops 50,000 of them with one burst of Haki.
    • Made all the more awesome by Zoro's reaction: "That's what I expect from a guy who calls himself my Captain."
      • You can watch and see for yourselves just how badass and awesome it was here.
    • The truly best part of this? Luffy didn't need to even do that. This was effectively him punishing Hody for daring to lay claim to his title.
  • Chapter 634: Luffy reclaims Surume, the Kraken, through the Power of Friendship. Then sitting on its back laughing as it destroys Hody's men.
  • Chapter 635: Chopper is commanding a tank. Your argument is irrelevant.
  • When Luffy finally starts fighting Hody, it's an utter Curb-Stomp Battle. Luffy just kicks his ass with almost no real effort. This is after Hody got that huge drug induced power boost.
  • Chapter 644: Gomu Gomu no... RED HAWK! The kanji that make up the attack name are the exact same ones as Ace's]] Fire Fist.
  • Chapter 645: Say it with me, Elephant Gatling!
  • Chapter 647: Luffy is so goddamn badass that he wins the respect of the motherfucking SEA KINGS, the most powerful sea monsters in the world.
  • Chapter 651: Luffy ate several tons of candy at the banquet not knowing that it was the monthly fee Fishman Island paid to Big Mom (who is homicidal enough to burn an island into the ground because they didn't give her candy) for defending it from other pirates. But when she hears the news and threatens to demolish Fishman Island Luffy first tries to bribe her with the treasure they got back from Caribou (knowing that Nami might rip off his balls for it), and when that fails he PERSONALLY takes the blame for the whole incident, and challenges BIG MOM (who's one of the Four Emperors and probably on the same level as Shanks and the late Whitebeard) saying he will go to the New World, kick her ass, AND PROTECT FISHMAN ISLAND HIMSELF AFTERWARDS BY MAKING IT HIS OWN TURF. Flashforward to Totto Land Arc, and Luffy doesn't seem that capable.... but the spirit is what counts.
  • Zoro taking the entire Ryugu Palace hostages, and improvisation upon the situation. And being completely nonchalant about it. To one of the three princes.
    • It wasn't just Zoro, it was Usopp, Nami and Brook as well! Fact of the matter is, the Straw Hats can conquer entire castles by accident!
    • It's noted that the Kid Pirates destroyed two of Big Mam's ships. Just to reiterate, they attacked and destroyed two ships belonging to one of the Four Emperors, and this one is known for razing countries if slighted. This being the second example of such an attack, clearly the Supernovas are either fearless or insane, possibly both.
    • Caribou, after getting beaten up by Luffy, realizes that Pekoms now has the treasure he stole. He foolishly attacks Pekoms, only to learn very quickly that the lion-man is not to be trifled with. Like all his battles thus far, Caribou goes down like a chump.
  • 635: Zoro creates a tornado of blades that one mook likens to a reaper's scythe. When asked how long the tornado will continue to chase them, this is his response:
    To the ends of Hell.
  • In chapter 642, Zoro cuts Hyouzou's swords in half. Lengthwise.
    Zoro: You want to kill me? You can't even kill my boredom!
    • And in chapter 646 he proceeds to one-shot the deadly poisonous merman, with but what looks to be a variation of a simple move, while quoting a line from his battle with Mihawk (that's what the whole frog thing was about).
  • In Chapter 605, Sanji used Diable Jambe (which, to be clear, lights his legs on fire) UNDERWATER to deal massive damage to a ship-eating KRAKEN! Bien Cuit: Grill Shot! He also runs fast enough that he is said to be as fast as a Fishman. Sanji originally had to spin so fast that his leg glows red hot, here he is running UNDERWATER so fast that his leg lights on FIRE. This series throws physics into the sun but now Sanji is just seeing what he can get away with.
  • 635: Running from the Okama's didn't just allow Sanji to run underwater, it also allowed him to run IN THE SKY! Also counts as a Funny moment when you think about it; when Sanji was cornered by the Okamas, he wanted to escape so badly that he spontaneously learned to run UP.
  • 646: Just by remembering his two years in Hell, Sanji can heat up enough to set Wadatsumi aflame just with a kick.
  • 635: Usopp drives Franky's new Dino Tank into battle. Yes, Usopp, the incredibly accurate sharpshooter, is driving a tank.
  • 636: Apparently Usopp's arsenal of Pop Greens includes bamboo plants that grow fast enough to stab/impale enemies, and EXPLODING SKULL GRASS.
  • 643: Usopp's fighting against Daruma, with what seems like no effect, until he suddenly says: "I've just finished laying out my trap. 1... 2... 3... In three moves you will be sniped by me. IT'S OVER!" When he gets called out on this, he replies with this truly magnificent reply:
    Usopp: "It's true... I've deteriorated. I used to lie a lot more... Now I can actually do these things!"
  • And in Chapter 646, he makes good on his claim.
  • Post-timeskip, Nami's Mirage Tempo can now turn her invisible. Making her an even better thief than before.
  • In Chapter 636, she effortlessly and calmly dodges an attack from behind before shooting the guy at point blank with a concentrated wind blast.
    • And in 640 she takes down even more people with what seems to be a thundercloud melee weapon!
  • Chopper protects the Thousand Sunny from a Kraken attack with his Guard Point form!
  • 635: Chopper commanding Franky's huge Dino Tank. And then we get a little 'raaaawwwwrr', which is mostly interpreted as 'Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my hooves'.
  • 636: Chopper reveals that all but one of his seven transformations can be activated without a Rumble Ball. He's also able to go after Tunnel King Daruma on even footing.
    • This Badass Boast in the same chapter:
      I'm not a self-conceited bastard. I'm a self-conceited monster.
  • 645: Chopper can now control Monster Point!
  • Robin finally gets a chance to display a small piece of her training in 629. She can create clones of herself, and move fast enough to intercept Jimbei's and Luffy's attacks and ask them to stop.
    • Albeit, given the nature of the Flower-Flower Fruit, the clones are likely just able to sprout up wherever Robin chooses to make them (within her range). Still a very fast reaction either way.
  • Robin takes Curb-Stomp Battle to a literal extreme in 635. She uses her powers to create gigantic legs to stomp (it's actually the name of the attack) her opponents into the ground.
    • Later, she frees all the New Fishman Pirates' human slaves at once using her powers, then proceeds to one-hit KO the cocky slavedriver who actually thought a net could defeat a Straw Hat Pirate.
    • Before the Time Skip, Robin's level of control topped out at Cien: one hundred. Now? She's up to Mil: one thousand of those "helping hands" at once.
  • Franky has a nose-button that controls his hair, mechanical hands inside his large ones, and a ROCKET LAUNCHER.
    • Three words: FRANKY NIPPLE LIGHTS!
    • Not only does he have smaller hands inside his large ones but he also has a tool box inside one of his arms. It was around this point that Franky's new look became awesome.
  • Franky using the Sunny to Gaon Cannon Hody's crew!
  • In Chapter 635, Franky reveals TWO new creations for the soldier dock system. #4 is a Steel Rhino Bike, while the new number 5 is a FREAKIN DINO TANK!
    • And they combine into a giant robot!
      • This is made even more awesome for Oda because it's revealed that this is a result of the special alloy that Wapol invented and the page on the cover for that chapter was Drum Kingdom.
  • How does Franky start his fight with Ikaros Much? He's just searching for a strong enemy in his giant mech and he randomly punches Ikaros.
  • In chapter 646 Franky reveals his ultimate weapon. A FRICKIN' LASER BEAM!
  • It's revealed in Chapter 629 that Brook can separate his soul from his body and move around like a ghost!
  • You know how Brook previously said that music is his ally during the concert? Well, he can now use it to make people think they're at a festival, allowing him to destroy them without their knowledge. Even better, unlike his humming move, which is just distracting, he actually convinces his victims to fire their cannons into the air harmlessly rather than at their intended target.
  • In Chapter 643, Brook reveals the true power of the Yomi Yomi Fruit, the power to be effectively immortal by manipulating the energy of the soul and also channel Ghostly Chill through his body and sword. An undead 3-meter-tall skeleton with lightning-fast swordplay and the chill of the grave. Talk about Creepy Awesome.
  • This Badass Boast in 645, when the ark Noah is threatening to crush the entire island:
    Our captain, "Straw Hat Luffy", is the man who will one day become Pirate King! If we truly believe that, what is there that could possibly frighten us?
  • After Zeo brags about his "Instant Death" Radius, Brook does his thing.
    • Leading up to that, when Zeo was making light of death, Brook gets pissed, and responds by absolutely owning Zeo. Thus leading up to the above CMOA.
  • Chapter 633. The crew and the ship get a Big Damn Heroes moment. Franky flies the ship and lands it right in the middle of the square, using the Gaon Cannon to break up the assembled New Fishman Pirates. Luffy is regurgitated by Megalo and takes out Hody. Nami appears out of nowhere, having stolen back the letter the queen worked so hard to get, Robin frees all the prisoners and Neptune's whale takes them to safety, which is all topped off by the entire crew (Zoro and co have freed themselves) lined up and ready to kick ass. Beatdowns will ensue.
  • Chapter 636. Luffy, after promising to protect Surume's brothers whom Hody threatened to kill if he does not listen, calmly walks towards Hody as two New Fishman Pirates officers attack him simultaneously. Unfazed by the assault he simply keeps walking. Zoro and Sanji jump in to protect their captain, each respectively taking down an officer in moments. It becomes an even greater Moment of Awesome after Luffy disappears and suddenly appears again, knocking down Hody yet again with a single kick. His gaze is filled with fury as he is fully aware of how painful losing a brother can be. The best part? He's not even using Gear Second.]
  • Chapter 646 can be seen as a single huge moment of awesome composed by the many, above-mentioned moments that merge in a gargantuan one. Is also the chapter with the greatest number of double pages in a row so far.
  • New Villain Vander Decken IX gets one. He's a fishman with a fruit ability... that involves throwing things at a target with perfect accuracy, regardless of distance. His current target is the Mermaid Princess. So what does he go and do with this ability? Apart from throwing weapons at the love of his life, he allies with the other fishman villain of the arc, Hody (who is Arlong without the latter's only redeeming quality: being A Father to His Men), and then throws Hody's strongarmed human pirate captives as human artillery to invade the Palace and open it from the inside.
    • Chapter 632 shows just how powerful his ability is. He "throws" the Noah, a gigantic arc, towards Shirahoshi. It's half the size of Fishmen Island.
  • In Arlong's flashback: After Tiger's infamous death he went in a berserk rage and it took Vice Admiral Borsalino (the future Kizaru) himself to knock him down. He surely has balls.
  • Chapter 637: Shirahoshi is committing a Heroic Sacrifice in order to stop a colossal arc from destroying the island.
  • Chapter 638: Hody Jones' trident meets Decken's innards.
  • Chapter 639. Jimbei does a roundhouse kick that would make Chuck Norris proud. It effortlessly deflects the fist of a giant.
    • Quickly followed by Sanji bashing Wadatsumi's skull with a kick and joining forces with Jimbei to take down the colossus.
  • Chapter 650: Aokiji, the only Admiral in the marines who exercised moral justice, fought against Akainu, arguably the strongest and most ruthless man in the Marines, for ten days. And when he lost, not wanting to be Sakazuki's underling, he LEFT THE MARINES.
    • Later on, we get to see the island where those two fought. Half of it is perpetually on fire, the other half frozen solid. Their battle was so intense it permanently altered the climate.
  • Shanks gets a sort of hypothetical moment of awesome for the Fishman Island Arc. Remember that burst of Haki Luffy used to knock out 50,000 guys? Word of God says that, had Shanks done that instead, he would've knocked out everyone, up to and including Hody Jones himself. When you can stop the Big Bad just by being in his general vicinity, you have indeed Awesomeness Is a Force.
  • Neptune: "Merman Combat... ULTRAMARINE!!!"
  • Queen Otohime. Slapping an adult, large fishman in submission? Seen a thousand times. Doing that when you have brittle bones and a frail body? Now, that, is something.
    • Even better when the people of Ryuugu kingdom stops supporting her cause after Tiger's death, she recovers from her Heroic BSoD by getting motherless drunk and calling them all cowards and tossing a Rousing Speech via broadcast system.
    • Not only did Otohime convince the Sun Pirates to spare the Celestial Dragon that they had once been enslaved to, she went with the Dragon to Mariejois and convinced the Celestial Dragons, the most tyrannical and villainous nobles to ever be depicted, to sign a peace treaty with Fishman Island!! She is definitely one of the most badass Proper Lady ever!
    • It looks like Shirahoshi takes after her mother, seeing as she kept the fact that Hody Jones was her mother's killer secret because she was afraid that if people learned about it, they'd get angry at Hody, and it would break her final promise with her mother, which is "to not bear any ill will to the assassin".
  • The Three Princes when they charge into the Plaza King Neptune is being held in. Most of Neptune's Army has been stomped by the Sea Beasts (who've been given the strength drugs). These guys? These guys take out all of them. While giving a speech.
  • Jimbei has one when the now-monster Hody Jones attempts to kill the gigantic mermaid princess Shirahoshi with one of his water shots, which can go as far as the edge of the island. Jimbei blocks it with one of his own.
    Jimbei: I don't pretend to know where you got your power... but your amateur Fishman Karate pales in front of mine.
  • First the citizens in the square in Chapter 642, and then all the rest in Chapter 644 decide to stay. Live, or die, they will share the same fate as the Straw Hats. That takes guts.
  • 646: Jimbei hit the now colossal Wadatsumi so hard that the blow came out the other side. He's the size of a freaking palace and Jimbei manages to puncture him on the opposite end.
  • 647: Shirahoshi successfully summons the Sea Kings to stop Noah. She even gets in the way of Luffy's Elephant Gatling to stop his assault.
  • 648: Jimbei giving blood to Luffy in full defiance of Fishman Island's laws. When pointed out, he has this to say.
    Jimbei: I'm a pirate.
    • In the same chapter, it is revealed that Gold Roger could also understand Sea Kings.

    Dressrosa Saga 

Punk Hazard Arc

  • There is a nice one for Luffy in chapter 661. Not that he does something, but when Brownbeard finally realizes who he is, he and his centaur lackeys shat their collective pants. It really shows how infamous Luffy has become.
    • Becomes even more obvious when many underworld brokers showed utter shock that Caesar had managed to catch him along with Robin, Law, and Smoker. It seems Luffy left an impression on the New World before he actually entered it.
  • Then, in Chapter 667, Luffy shows off a new move that enables him to absorb an enemy's attack and return it with twice the power.
  • Chapter 670, Luffy continues to show off his Haki skills by effortlessly grabbing Smoker's arm and pinning him to the ground, the same way Smoker stopped him waaaay back in Loguetown. Granted, Law's ability switched Smoker and Tashigi's bodies, and he was really fighting Tashigi. But it shows growth.
  • Then in the next chapter, he begins his fight with Caesar, a Logia type, and utterly stomps him, at least until Caesar pulled a sneak attack by sucking out all the oxygen around Luffy.
  • Chapter 678, Gum Gum UFO. That is all.
  • Chapter 689: After Caesar Clown boasts about he's being protected by too many big names of the New World (Doflamingo, and by extension, one of the Four Emperors among others) for Luffy to do a thing, Luffy punches him square in the face and sends him flying, saying he's already taken on guys like this many times.
  • Chapter 692: Grizzly. Magnum. Luffy hits Caesar, who is powered up with Shinokuni, with an Armament Haki-charged Bazooka that blows him through the lab walls. Take in account that Shinokuni petrifies alive whoever gets in contact with it. Luffy No Sold it.
  • Chapter 696 reveals the rest of the discussion between him and Law where their alliance was formed: Luffy, with a cheerful smile, announced his intend to defeat all of the Four Emperors. He had asked which one Law was going on against, but the only thing that mattered to him was that Shanks wasn't the first to fall.
    • Fridge Brilliance sets in when you realize it's this feat that made Ryuuma, who's sort of like a prototype of him, legendary. Then again, Zoro beat Ryuuma as a zombie back in Thriller Bark; this event just cements the fact that Zoro's surpassing Ryuuma's legend.
  • Chapter 669: Zoro cuts a mountaintop in half with one hand, effortlessly, while half asleep.
  • Chapter 678: Zoro's short but poignant words to Luffy before he heads off to fight Caesar
    Pull it together, from here on out it's the New World!
  • Chapter 687: Tashigi insists that Zoro refuses to fight women at full strength even against a logia devil fruit user and taking over his fight with Monet. When Monet gets the upper hand, Zoro nicks Monet across the cheek to get her attention and warns her he is going to cut her. His killing aura is so great the previously fearless Monet is frozen in place while Zoro proceeds to cutting Monet in half without using Haki. This terrifies Monet to the point that her Logia powers won't work and she can't pull herself back to together again.
  • 680: Sanji saves the chapter's Damsel in Distress, Tashigi, by kicking a Vice-Admiral. In the face.
  • In 661, Usopp manages to keep BOTH Luffy and Robin afloat in freezing water while Zoro goes to work on a group of sharks.
  • In 692, Usopp knocks out some of Caesar's mooks, followed by this line, which reflects on Usopp's growth:
    Usopp: That's what you get for putting up a fight, idiots! If you want another helping of my strongest slingshot, the Matured Black Kabuto, just say the word!
    • But it gets better... one of his victims is Caesar Clown himself, who he brings down by shooting a Seastone chain at his neck as he boasts about his logia powers.
  • Awesome implications for Nami come when Sanji, after being body-swapped with her by Trafalgar Law, tries to perform the Blue Walk in her body, wondering if her muscles will be strong enough to actually perform the technique, and they are.
  • In 695, Nami takes down two of Doflamingo's strongest assassins by using a homing lightning to bring them down.
  • Franky fights Baby 5 and Buffalo in General Franky for two chapters, without getting a single scratch from their attacks.
    • And it gets better. The General Franky can use the Gaon Cannon, as Baby 5 and Buffalo find out the hard way.
  • When Brook saves Luffy's group from the centaur patrol on Punk Hazard by freezing the barrels of their guns, causing them to blow up.
  • YMMV, Chapter 654: In the last two pages, we have this. Straw Hats surfacing into the New World.
    Usopp: The weather is terrible!!
    Brook: Yohoho~~ The sky is pouring!!
    Robin: The wind is blowing strong!
    Franky: The sea is crashing!!
    Nami: The compass' needle is all over the place!!
    Chopper: The sea looks red!!
    Sanji: A surging sea of flames!!
    Zoro: It looks like the entrance to hell.
    Luffy: PERFECT!!!!
    • Really, the best part about this exchange is that most of them are smiling when they say this.
  • Chapter 679: Zoro, Brook, and their latest ally Kin'emon as the Three Musketeers (as Usopp puts it).
  • Chapter 682: Brook, Nami, Usopp, Robin, and Kin'emon take down a smaller dragon.
  • Chapter 686: The Straw Hats' fight with Monet. With Tashigi stepping in as well to team up with Zoro at the end of the chapter.
  • Caesar Clown, in his battle against Luffy: His poisonous gas didn't work, and Luffy managed to dodge his explosions. His answer? Stop playing mister Nice Guy and removing all the oxygen around Luffy, knocking him unconscious.
  • Vergo's establishing moment, specifically almost killing Law by squashing his very heart and bitch-slapping him with a bamboo cane when he doesn't call him "Vergo-San".
  • Doflamingo's first appearance post Time Skip. He's just casually spending time at a resort when Baby 5 attacks him, but he effortlessly dodges all of her attacks all while having a casual conversation. Then he controls her to point a gun at her head without even looking. Before this happens, Doflamingo takes a rocket directly to the face, sending him onto his back but otherwise not harming him in the slightest. Later on, we see Doflamingo No-Sell Luffy's Gear Second; said Gear Second has caused monumental damage to previous foes. Did Doflamingo have a strange power to stop the rocket from Baby 5? Nope. Doflamingo is that much of a beast.
    • Doflamingo's actions after hearing that things aren't going well in Punk Hazard. Doflamingo decides to go there. By flying.
    • Oh, and what does he do when he gets there? Only curb stomp a Vice Admiral. The VA's name? Smoker.
    • Let's not forget before Smoker gets killed, Kuzan/Aokiji pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment by owning Doflamingo before he delivers the final blow on Smoker.
  • Smoker gets a ton in the Punk Hazard arc. He fights a Warlord of the Sea (and it's Trafalgar Law, to boot) and almost beats him. Even when stuck in Tashigi's body, which is explicitly weaker than his, he was still fast enough and strong enough to startle post-Time Skip Luffy. Then, after he got back into his own body, he started beating Vergo, who had curbstomped Law, who had beaten him. Smoker is still as badass as ever, perhaps even more so.
  • As of Chapter 659, Law is now one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. How did he get the position? Sending the hearts of 100 pirates to the World Government. Brutal.
    • And at the end of Chapter 660, he flips over a freakin' Marine ship with his Devil Fruit power! Come next chapter, it is revealed that said ship was split in half and was stuck on top of a glacial sculpture.
    • He cut out Smoker's heart. Smoker is a Logia with Haki, and Law cut his heart out. Damn.
      • This really is impressive, considering the fact that beating Smoker in a one-on-one fight is a feat that not even Luffy has managed, though, admittedly, one he probably could now.
      • A prior warning from Smoker to Tashigi hints that Haki is not utterly impenetrable and can be broken through if the opponent's is stronger. That Law was able to cut Smoker's heart out and slice through Tashigi heavily implies that his Haki is more powerful than theirs, and it's further backed when he later slices clean through Vergo, who was decked in Armament Haki from head to toe. Reminder that Smoker and Vergo are both Vice-Admirals.
  • Kin'emon. He can cut explosions!
    • He treats cutting steel (a feat for which Zoro himself had to work hard to learn) as a very easy task.
  • Remember that dragon the Straw Hats encountered on Punk Hazard? No, not the one that Zoro cut up, the one pulling the sled full of apples after Smiley died. Remember how it was goofy and really non-threatening, well Chapter 680 reveals that it's only like that because it was drugged. Now that it's better than normal, it's even tougher than the one Zoro fought earlier.
  • In Chapter 690, Law gets a Breaking Speech from Doflamingo, who claims that whether in speed or power, he's nothing compared to Vergo. The latter charges at Law, with his entire body hardened by Haki to protect him from Law's ability... and Law cuts him in half effortlessly. He also cut the SAD tanks that were behind him, and the rest of the fucking island behind that.
    • What's more, for the first time in the story, Doflamingo actually stops smiling because of this.
    • It's more than that if those veins on his forehead are anything to go by. This is a serious Break the Haughty moment for the smug git.
  • Chapter 691, continues with Vergo being annoyed at Law hanging his head and limbs against the SAD's bar fence, then attempts a Breaking Speech implying a Dark and Troubled Past that Doflamingo had and that it is naive for him to think he could replace him. Law responds by cutting Vergo's head in vertical halves and says that he should worry about himself because the place is going to be explode, ending with him calling him "pirate" just to mock him. Translates to I'm leaving you to die and you can't get away even if you tried.
  • Law manages to up the ante in chapter 694. Monet's ready to blow up the whole lab with everyone in it, and Caesar is ready to kill Smoker by stabbing his heart. The one thing both of them didn't count on was Law swapping Smoker's heart with Monet's before handing it over to Caesar, who ended up killing Monet instead, therefore stopping her from blowing up the island. Law himself has been a HUGE Spanner in the Works for Caesar and Doflamingo for the whole arc, starting by switching all the Seastone cuffs in the island for regular ones, from wiping out all of Caesar's major forces directly and indirectly.
  • Chapter 697, Law strikes up a very mafioso-esque deal with Doflamingo. He sends him the (still alive) heads of Buffalo and Baby 5 and offers to give Caesar back, on the condition that Doflamingo step down from the Seven Warlords. If he accepts, he'll be back to being a pirate and the admirals will reign down on him. If he doesn't, he'll have to deal with Kaido of the Four Emperors. This deal actually enrages Doflamingo, the first time we've seen.
  • Chapter 698 gives us a few bits of Wham Episodes. First, we have Doflamingo arriving at Punk Hazard and taking out G-5 with ease using Conqueror's Haki. Then we have Smoker refusing to tell where the Straw Hats went... right before being defeated by Doflamingo. Then, after Doflamingo takes out Smoker... Aokiji shows up!

Dressrosa Arc

  • Chapter 701 introduces a new mystery character based on Zatoichi, and has his Japanese actor Shintaro Katsu for the role — and just as his role, he's a blind guy... who immediately uses some sort of gravitational pull on the thugs trying to swindle him to make a giant sinkhole in the floor. Talk about making a first impression!
    • Said character's name? Admiral Fujitora.
    • Chapter 713 shows how far his powers reach. He can summon meteors!
  • Chapter 703: While waiting for the tournament for the Flame-Flame Fruit to begin, one of the gladiators notices Luffy (disguised as "Lucy"), who is admittedly puny compared to all the other competitors (including the gladiator in question, who is ten times larger than Luffy), and immediately claims that he shouldn't be here and tries to punch him. Luffy dodges the punch effortlessly, grabs the guy's arm, which is thicker than his entire body, lifts the guy up by about six or so feet and slams him down to the ground, knocking the guy out cold and bleeding and stunning all those watching.
  • Upon entering the tournament, Luffy momentarily forgot his own disguise and referred to himself as Luffy. Everyone else in the room, all of them powerful and vicious warriors, absolutely lose their shit at the very thought of Luffy being in the area. Luffy isn't just The Dreaded in the New World; he's Nightmare Fuel incarnate!
  • Both Cavendish and Don Chinjao get one in Chapter 708. Chinjao by showing a headbutt attack that earned him a fantastical bounty of 500,000,000 (one of the highest in the series so far) and is capable of crushing continents, and Cavendish by blocking said attack with a sword that is hardly large enough to serve as Chinjao's toothpick.
  • One of those blink-and-you miss it moments that's easy to overlook: The Tontatta dwarves revere Montblanc Noland as a hero. No surprise there, as anyone who's gone through the Skypeia arc knows perfectly well Noland's a badass. What's easily overlooked, however, is that the Tontatta Kingdom and Dressrosa are in the New World. Four hundred years ago, the Grand Line appeared to have been even more feared and treacherous than it is now, and Noland went that one step further and ventured into the New World on top of that.
  • 709: Elizabello the Second shows his Emperor-killing attack. It does not disappoint, sending everyone, including Blue Gilly, Bellamy and everyone else in the ring flying.
    • Followed by a major Trolling Moment of Awesome by Bartolomeo, who reveals that he can create barriers strong enough to block even THAT! And then he one-shots Elizabello, winning the match.
  • 711-712: Doflamingo reveals that he Out-Gambitted Law by giving a false report that he resigned from the Seven Warlords. To make give it an even greater shock, the only ones with the power to pull off such a stunt are the World Nobles, meaning that Doflamingo's connections go farther than anyone ever imagined.
  • 713: Fujitora shows what he's made of... by casually starting the attack on Law by dropping a huge meteor on the island they're on, an action which causes a minor Oh, Crap! from Doflamingo. Bonus points for Doflamingo and Law for slicing the thing before it could hit them.
  • A very short and easy to miss moment in Chapter 714: when Cavendish and Bartolomeo meet up, the latter tries to grab some of the former's food... but backs away when his hand is threatened with a simple fork. Now, when you remember that Bartolomeo spent his entire match so utterly invincible he didn't even need to pretend defending himself, and now he is casually threatened to back off and does, it becomes a very impressive indicator of Cavendish's power.
  • Chapter 711 reveals Doflamingo never actually left the Seven Warlords, managing to outgambit Law's gambit.
  • Guess who is a member of the Seven Warlords now? t's Buggy! That's right, a guy who was formerly considered merely average even by East Blue standards has become a major pirate. Sure, it's mainly thanks to a number of lucky coincidences, but still!
  • The new Dressrosa/Tournament arc in and on itself appears to be one big one, introducing lots of interesting characters. But one character in particular seems to stand out. It's Jesus Burgess, member of Blackbeard's pirate crew, who, in Chapter 704, seems to have wiped the ground with all of his opponents in the battle royale round without getting a scratch on him! Consider that the other contestants are mainly New World pirates (i.e. immensely powerful)
  • One of the first things Bellamy does while in the area? Nails two fighters to the ground, jumps over them and breaks both their backs. Yeah, he definitely Took a Level in Badass.
  • In Chapter 718, Luffy unveiled a new technique, "Gomu Gomu no Hawk Rifle", which was so strong, that it caused Don Chinjao to cough up blood even though he was using Armament Haki.
  • He then topped that in Chapter 719 when he won the C Block with perhaps his strongest move shown so far, "Gomu Gomu no Thor Elephant Gun".
    • Luffy's Grandpa Garp managed to hit Don Chinjao's Haki Charged Super Drill Head so hard that he not only flattened it, he bent it inwards. Luffy hits it so hard, that it turns back to normal.
  • Though Luffy is not yet aware of it, his defeat of Chinjao gained him a powerful ally, Chinjao himself, grateful for Luffy restoring his "drill." He has sworn to put his grandsons' fleet under Luffy's command.
    • As of Chapter 748, Luffy knows now. He, Zoro, and Law now have an army of not just Chinjao and his grandsons, but every single named fighter from the tournament, including Cavendish helping them try to take Doflamingo down.
  • 712: Sanji trapped and surrounded at all sides, wins over his main captor — a woman with vision powers — by allowing her to see into his heart and see that he was honest with her from their first meeting, including recognizing when she was truthful when pleaded with him for help.
  • Luffy does it again in Chapter 714: After the giant Hajrudin takes down a fighting bull that Luffy has tamed and befriended, Luffy enters Tranquil Fury mode and takes out the giant with one single punch. Everybody was absolutely speechless.
  • In chapter 722, Brook performs a Fake Heel Turn to trick the enemy attacking the Thousand Sunny — Giolla, a Mad Artist who uses the power of her Devil Fruit to transform her victims into powerless living paintings — going so far as to offer to play some mood music. Which serves as a distraction for his signature humming sword style...
    (Cue Giolla being struck down by multiple slashes)
    • In conclusion? Not only did he beat a foe who had neutralized the crew protecting the Thousand Sunny (himself, Nami, Chopper, and Momonosuke), but he turned one of his usual comedic tics into a Badass Boast! Hot damn, Soul King; you make us proud!
    • Doflamingo has gotten another one. So far, he's fought on par with a Marine Admiral and Trafalgar Law, and set up a Batman Gambit to fake stepping down from the Warlords. So how could he top that, some might ask? By delivering one hell of a Wham Line when talking about how a certain 19 kings became the Celestial Dragons 800 years ago, and how their countries selected new kings to replace the original "creator families:"
    Doflamingo: The 'creator' family that went to live in the "Holy Land" Marejois... was the Donquixote Family!!
  • Chapter 723: Sanji saving Chopper, Nami and Brook from Doflamingo
  • Chapter 724: Law is an indisputable badass in this chapter. After saving Sanji from Doflamingo, he proceeds to tell the Straw Hats to go without him, leaving himself behind to face of Doflamingo one-on-one with Giolla as a hostage. Just before they are about to fight, Law reveals that he was never after Kaido — his main target has always been Doflamingo. He states that even if he does die in the coming battle, Doflamingo will still die at the hands of Kaido after the Straw Hats destroy the SMILEs factory, and as much he would love to see the chaos that would unfold after his death, his revenge comes first and he is fully prepared to die for it.
  • Chapter 727: The fact that the Riku family managed to avoid any wars for 800 years shows how well they run their country.
    • The reveal of how Doflamingo took over Dressrosa. He forced King Riku to give him 10 billion Berries or else he'd start a war. Having gone 800 years without one, Riku gave in and begged his country to give all their money. But before they could finish, Doflamingo used his powers to control Riku and the soldiers to slaughter the people, using Monet as a mole, then stops the army with his own crew to gain the instant respect of the nation. To give context, Crocodile took years to launch his invasion of Alabasta, Doflamingo did it in one night.
    • Then again Doflamingo had prepared his coup for at least months, not unlike Crocodile: it was a success thanks to Monet infiltrating the royal castle and Vergo infiltrating the Marine.
  • Chapter 730: Sanji prepares to lead a counterattack against Big Mom's ship.
  • Chapter 731 strongly hints at Sabo having survived, and now he's taking Luffy's place as "Lucy"!
  • Chapter 738 has Trebol showing off his crazy hand-eye coordination by shooting a moving fly between the eyes! At the end of the chapter, he tosses a ship at the tower with just a few strings of his Sticky Sticky Fruit powers.
  • Chapter 737: Sabo shows off how strong he is by shattering Burgess' armor with a Haki-infused claw attack.
  • Chapter 739: The Toy Soldier's true identity is the legendary Kyros, who is renowned through Dressrosa for battling in 3000 matches and never getting hit once.
  • Chapter 741 After running away from the battlefield at the end of 740, Usopp hears the cries of the Dwarves getting horribly beaten and manages to not only sum up enough courage to return, but to admit to the Dwarves that he was lying the whole time and even though he's not related to Noland, he will still be their hero. He then cuts Trebol with a giant grass shuriken.
    Usopp: My name is Usopp! Remember it well, Tontatta! And if I die here, you better build me a statue right next to Noland's! From here on out, I will be your legendary hero!
    • And then in the following chapter, it's revealed that Usopp has seemingly been defeated by Trebol and Sugar, the latter of whom intends to feed him the spiked grape that was intended for her. As she does so, Usopp lets out a terrifying face, scaring the brat into unconsciousness and making the mission a success and even making allies out of those gladiators that were recently converted to toys.
      • It gets even better. When Doflamingo issues personal bounties for his Involuntary Battle to the Death game for Dressrosa upon those who wronged him, Usopp receives the biggest bounty of 500,000,000 Beri. For reference, Luffy's current official World Government issued bounty is lower than what Doflamingo put on Usopp's head. And his title? God Usopp.
      • On top of that: Remember Usopp's trademark boast of having 8000 followers? Consider how many people must be following him after that. One lie after another coming true, hm?
      • The irony of the very first time the dwarves disbelieving someone being one of the rare times that Usopp is actually honest about his cowardice makes it even better, as it emphasizes their trust for him. It also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Chapter 742: Sugar has passed out, and all of the toys in Dressrosa are about to be restored to their original forms, and the memories of them are going to return.
  • Chapter 743: After Kyros gets turned back into a human, he rushes at Doflamingo with only one leg and friggin slices his head off! Ho-ly crap!
  • Chapter 745 shows that not only is Doflamingo alive and well from his "beheading", but it turns out that he made a string clone that could take his place. But the real awesome comes from slicing the upper castle off just to cut Kyros' head off with a kick. And even when Luffy narrowly saves Kyros, Doffy proceeds to tank all of Gear Second Luffy's attacks before ordering his henchman Pica to kick everybody out of the building. Looking forward to Round 2, but at least we know that when the Big Bad of this arc is a Warlord, he ain't gonna be a pushover to Luffy.
  • Chapter 748: Don Chinjao and Elizabello II showcase their power some more by taking Pica head on (who is currently the size of Oars at this point) and smashing his hand!
  • Chapter 749: Part awesome and part funny — After Zoro managed to block Pica's giant sword from harming Luffy, he tells Luffy to go to Doflamingo's place. Then he delivers this line for Pica:
    Sorry, but my captain has no business dealing with a pebble like you. Now why don't we have fun, you soprano bastard?
  • Chapter 754: 108 Pound Cannon just got upgraded to 1080 Pound Cannon
    Zoro: "I forgot to tell you something. The Straw Hat Pirates aren't all just Straw Hat Luffy and God Usopp. Get this through your thick skull! I'm the man that will one day be this world's best swordsman! You were never in my league to begin with!
  • Chapter 750: Sabo stands alone against Fujitora, Bastille, and an army of grunts. Armed only with his pipe, his Haki, and his new fire powers.
  • Chapter 751: Sabo effortlessly curbstomps Bastille, a marine vice-admiral! Holy crap!
  • Chapter 752: Abdullah and Jeet arriving just in time to save Luffy, Law, and Ucy from Doflamingo's string clone.
  • Chapter 759: Law mere seconds after switching with Doflamingo, dispatches Trebol with ease. Keep in mind that guy was considered one of the strongest of Doflamingo's executives, and Law brought him down almost as an afterthought while chewing out Luffy for that crazy scheme.
    • When Luffy and Law have finally caught up to Doflamingo, but the villain is not interested in directly fighting them, using his String-String powers instead. So what does Luffy do? He plays up getting really pissed off and goes after Law, the latter catches on and uses his Op-Op power to swap places with Doflamingo! Luffy of all people, used an Indy Ploy! Not only that, for the first time in the entire series, Doflamingo has received a damaging blow!
    • And it wasn't just any punch Luffy used: it was a Red Hawk. And this one punch brought Doflamingo to his knees.
    • See it here in the anime.
  • Chapter 763: LAW IS A D?!
  • Chapter 765 gives one for Corazon showing what he can do when having to steal the Ope Ope No Mi for Law from pirates — He uses his fruit, and then sets a fire that doesn't make any noise, and when the pirates are distracted he shoots out the lights without making a sound, and in the confusion he runs in, kicks their leader in the face and steals the fruit, then JUMPS OUT THE WINDOW HE JUST BROKE SILENTLY. And for god measure, he throws in a grenade... which explodes in complete silence. And he doesn't get undone by his own clumsiness ONCE during all of that.
  • Chapter 758 is basically one big moment of awesome for Usopp, from his speech about Sugar to his awakening of Haki, but his crowning moment in the chapter, if not the whole series up to that point, is the fact that he managed toknock Sugar out again by shooting a special projectile Kanjuro made for him, from an even bigger distance than in Enies Lobby, and with even more parameters to take into account. Pure Awesomeness by Analysis.
    • "I'm the sniper; support is glory! Unnoticed by others, I shoot down the enemy to protect my friends!" Damn, Usopp. You've come a long way.
    • It was in that moment that Usopp truly proved that he is the King of Snipers. Hands down.
  • Some Adaptation Expansion in anime episode 653 shows Nami taking a bigger role in taking down Giolla, blasting her with the Sunny's Gaon Cannon before delivering the final shot with her Thunderbolt Tempo.
  • Chapter 760 has Doflamingo quickly recovering from Luffy's attack and proceeding to wipe the floor with him and Law (and rescuing Trebol while he's at it) in very short order. Of particular note is him using Armament Haki with a kick to defeat Luffy's own usage of the technique.
    • The last point deserves some more elaboration. We've seen Haki overwhelm Haki before, such as Vergo against Smoker and Law against Vergo, but this is the first time we've seen a Haki-user get hit so hard their Haki turned off.
  • Chapter 764 shows that you can burn down his house, beat him to a pulp, shoot him in the chest, and string him up to slowly roast to death over open flames, but you can never ever break Donquixote Doflamingo's pride. Not even when he's just a child.
  • Chapter 766 features the Donquixote Family arriving on Minion Island, garbed in badass winter gear and showing off just how powerful they appeared in their prime. Specific mention goes to Gladius and Senor Pink, who pull off their outfits especially well.
    • Doflamingo using a beta version of the Bird Cage. Though it's not as massive as the one he'll develop in later years, it's still powerful enough to murder everyone under it.
  • Chapter 767 reveals how Doflamingo and his family escaped the mob that had captured them in Chapter 764. He used Haki.
  • Doflamingo grabbing the blade of Law's nodachi with his bare hands in Chapter 768.
    • Followed by him hacking off Law's right arm!]
    • He also completely No-Sell'd "Mes," Law's heart-removal technique that dropped a Vice Admiral.
    • Also, even though he's heavily wounded, Bellamy decides to fight Luffy. Say what you want about his motivations, he's come a long way from the bully who picked on supposed weaklings and mocked their dreams.
    • Corazon tops himself. He uses his Devil Fruit to silence Law, then lies to Doflamingo's face that he escaped, while leaning against the chest he locked Law into. If that wasn't enough, after Doflamingo fatally shoots him, Corazon keeps himself alive through sheer willpower as long as possible, so that Law wouldn't be able to make noise and alert the Donquixote family to his presence as they carried him to safety. Refuge in Audacity and Papa Wolf are a mighty combination indeed.
  • Chapter 770: Hajruden was worf'd by Luffy in the colosseum, and is now getting worf'd by Donquixote officer Machvise. Machvise prepares to finish the giant off with a more powerful version of his belly-flop, but Hajruden, reflecting on his desire to repay the Straw Hats for saving him from being a Living Toy, gets up and counters the belly flop with an uppercut. Even though the force of the collision shatters his forearm, Hajruden manages to punch Machvise into the air, turning the Fat Bastard into a bloody smear against the top of the Birdcage. After seeing several chapters of the Donquixote Pirates being seemingly unstoppable, this is very satisfying. On top of that, it is one of the rare moments in One Piece where a member of the main villains in the arc is decisively taken down by someone other than a Straw Hat (or a future Straw Hat member). It's even more awesome in the anime.
    • Let's be blunt, here. Harjudin overpowered a collision of ten thousand tons. No, no guesstimation, no room for error, literally ten thousand tons. All with one good arm, while shattering said arm and one of his leg's bones in the process, and he still managed enough force to send Machvise hurtling into the ceiling of the birdcage thousands of feet in the air. This man is truly worthy of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.
  • Chapter 771: Sai on the spur of the moment, develops a kick that rivals Don Chinjao's headbutt in terms of sheer power — and uses it to take down Donquixote Officer Lao G when the latter attacks him in Super Mode.
  • Chapter 772: Dellinger turns out to be a descendant of the FIGHTING FISH, Bartolomeo creates a gigantic barrier and steamrolls Gladius's soldiers as well as Cavendish, and because of that, Hakuba awakens once again and takes down Dellinger in one hit.
  • Chapter 773: Bartolomeo defeats Gladius with a homage to Luffy's Signature Move.
    • Remember how unstoppably fast Hakuba is? Robin effortlessly stops him in mid-attack.
      • Which is a subtly awesome call-back to one of the first times Robin's power is fully shown. She's told people before, speed is nothing to her. Not even Hakuba, who's so fast his sword strikes are like the wind attacking. It's got nothing on Robin.
    • In the same chapter, Cavendish manages to take control of Hakuba.
  • Chapter 774: Leo and Kabu's Big Damn Heroes moment. Seconds before Giolla manages to use Manshelly's Swiss Army Tears to revive her unconscious teammates, they burst in. Kabu knocks the unconscious executives away with one punch (especially impressive considering one of the KOed executives is the Fat Bastard Machvise), then Leo uses his power to stitch them to Giolla while they're still airborne, causing them to crash right into her, knocking her out. All that at lightning-fast speed.
  • Chapter 775 features the long-awaited battle between Senor Pink and Franky, and it does not disappoint. Since they've started their fight at the Smile Factory, the two have done nothing but trade punches and suplexes, both refusing to dodge the other's attacks. Franky is stated to have taken 30 suplexes. Pink acknowledges that he isn't as young as he used to be, so he decides to go for broke and unleash his ultimate attack on Franky; if the Cyborg survives, then it's Pink's loss. Pink uses his Swim-Swim powers to carry Franky up to the top of the Factory, and unleashes the mother of all suplexes directly on Franky's back, which is still his weakspot. Once the dust settles...Franky gets back up and hammers Pink with Franky Iron Boxing. Pink just takes it like a man, and once done, Franky wipes away the tears off his Worthy Opponent's eyes.
  • Hero of the Colosseum: Kyros vs Diamante. Kyros is one-legged, has up until this point ran all the way across Dressrosa, climbed up the mountain to the flower fields, and spent most of the fight defending Rebecca, but he takes everything Diamante throws at him. When Diamante makes it rain spiked steel balls, Kyros just deflects them with his sword. Diamante shoots Kyros in the leg, causing his focus to loosen and receives maybe hundreds of spikes falling down on him. But, even when he's cut up, he just gets up and takes Diamante down in one slash — through Diamante's own powerful slash (and breaks Diamante's sword in the process) at that.
    • The highlight of the fight being when he deflected rain
    Kyros: My pain is proof of my humanity!! You would not understand that!!! You would not understand the despair of being forgotten by your loved ones!!! The pain of not being able to feel anything that you touch!!! Compared to the rain of tragedy you have inflicted upon Dressrosa this does not even count as pain!!! If I am "solid" anything then I am this country's solid rage here to vanquish you!!!!
  • Chapter 777: Diamante is knocked into Scarlett's grave so hard it snaps his neck. Scarlett just got her revenge from beyond the grave.
  • Chapter 778: Tactics No. 5
    • Pica has abandoned Zoro on a cliff to go crush King Riku and Usopp. Knowing that he can't fire off a Razor Wind powerful enough that far or jump across the distance, Zoro has Orlumbus Fastball Special him across the huge gap. With G-forces pressing against him, Zoro cuts Pica's giant stone body to pieces, until the Donquixote Executive doesn't have a big enough rock to hide in. Going full-body Haki, Pica attacks Zoro... who easily cuts him down. Sanzen Sekai!!
      Zoro: Nine mountains. Eight seas... nothing I cannot cut... Three Thousand Worlds!!!!
      • This is even more awesome when you consider that Sanzen Sekai was the move he used against Mihawk which failed to do anything to the latter. Here we see the move at its true full potential.
    • As well as this line when he knocks him out "Don't mess with good people!"
    • One to King Riku for standing his ground and giving Pica a Shut Up, Hannibal! as the latter is about to crush him.
      Riku: You are correct... I was helpless to protect my kingdom!! I will never sit atop the throne again. But at least I did what I must to remain human!!! If murder is the only means for me to live then I chose death!! There is no future for a nation of slaughter!!!!
    • And finally, when it seems that everyone will be crushed by the rubble anyway, Elizabello II, back at the cliff Zoro started out on, uses his King Punch to blow the rocks away — across a distance that Zoro thought his own flying slash attacks wouldn't reach.
      • May also count as one for Zoro as well, as he told Elizabello to reserve his strength until it's really needed. It's likely that he saw this coming.
    • The crowd's reaction really sells it. Absolutely everyone had an Oh, Crap! look when they saw him cutting the city-sized Pica into pieces.
  • Chapter 779: Mihawk states it's possible to channel Haki into swords. Given what color his own sword is, that either means the blade itself is black or he's so strong he can permanently charge it with Haki.
  • Chapter 780: Law flips off Doflamingo.
    • To clarify, Doflamingo offers Law a wish in exchange for granting the Warlord immortality via the Ope-Ope no Mi. His response? He has the balls to tell Doflamingo to bring Corazon back to life and lick the asshole of every last poor citizen in Dressrosa whose life he ruined.
    • While the anime censored out the gesture, it more than made up for it by taking Law's Badass Boast about the Straw Hats and playing a montage of their most awesome feats over it.
  • Gum Gum Hawk Gatling. That is all.
    • Doffy gets one for blocking an Elephant gun with his hand. Granted, he had the help of his strings, but still.
  • Chapter 781: Law isn't dead, to put it mildly. First, he wakes up, and he and Luffy combine attacks to make Doflamingo feel some serious pain. When asked how he can use his powers without a Room running, he reveals that he's had a massive (and thus, undetectable) one up the entire battle. He then proceeds to make Doflamingo bleed for what he did to Corazon. Holy damn, Law.
    • Gamma Knife. In the world of One Piece, there is almost no such thing as a form of attack that legitimately can't be survived, no matter how absurd or intense. Well, Law created one. It essentially ignores the skin to flay your internal organs in one shot. Indeed, it would be impossible to survive if Doflamingo's power wasn't inherently a perfect counter for it.
      • Even better in the anime, where the gorgeous animation really hammers the attack home as Law rams it into Doflamingo's chest.
      • Doflamingo gets one in this respect. He's able to cheat death by stitching up his mangled organs with flawless precision by simply concentrating. It's just like when Wyper struck Eneru with a Reject Dial and he used his Devil Fruit power to restart his own heart.
    • Luffy taking Trebol out with one hit. And this was to shut him up.
    • The last page. Luffy and Doflamingo stare down. Shit is about to get real!
      • Not to mention how Luffy stopped Doflamingo's Finishing Stomp on Law with one leg from an angle with no leverage. Without batting an eye. DAMN, he's strong.
  • Chapter 782: Law is stuck to the ground by Trebol's mucus and seemingly at his enemies' mercy. Just as Trebol is about to finish him off, Law conjures up a small Room, uses his powers to move his severed arm still holding his sword towards him, then spins the arm around like a buzzsaw, cutting and heavily wounding Trebol.
    • Luffy gets a few more hits on Doflamingo, the last of which was Gum Gum Hawk Bazooka.
    • The rest of Doflamingo's past has been revealed to us. He apparently obtained Haki since he was a kid, and that his four executives have raised him the entire time. For as much of a Psycho-Jerkass as he is, you cannot deny how cool it was for his executives to bow to him with respect for his days to come.
      • On the other hand, it's because of the power they gave him by supporting him, and because of how they encouraged his entitlement complex, that he was able to become the monster he is today. All the suffering, all the atrocities, all the horror and misery, it's all on those four. Having encouraged and fostered his cruelty and selfishness, they are completely at fault for the suffering of countless innocents.
  • Chapter 783: Two words: Gear Fourth.
    • Leading up to that moment is Luffy giving Doflamingo a huge middle finger when he tries his usual guilt tripping by saying things in Dressrosa would have been peaceful had the Straw Hats not shown up.
    Luffy: You’re wrong! You’re getting in MY way! The "peace" you're talking about is fake! You made my friend cry and my comrades angry! Even after all that you’re still standing! So I’ll take it all! I won't let anyone else die! You and your birdcage... are getting in my way! Gear... FOURTH.
  • Chapter 784. Gear Fourth. Luffy created a transformation that brings out the fullest capabilities of a rubber body: Gear Fourth, a Spiritual Successor to the tremendous, once-off Nightmare Luffy that allows him to achieve flight and it is devastating.
    • The color spread for this issue! It's the usual beautiful work you have come to expect only this time with zombies. What makes this awesome? Well, when's the last time we've seen zombies? More to the point, what had many people the world over been guessing for Gear Fourth's basis? It's almost as if Oda is giving a quiet nod to say "yes, you're pretty much on-base."
    • While everyone (well, not including those who are fighting or near the center, anyway) else is trying to run away from the impending doom called the Bird Cage, there's only one man who's willing to go the exact opposite way. Roronoa Zoro. And this time, it's not because he's lost.
    Zoro: You don't know? We're going to go block that thing.
  • Chapter 785:
    • With a Call-Back to Impel Down, of all arcs, Doflamingo reestablished awakened Devil Fruit powers. He then promptly continued saying that his DF powers, when awakened, would allow you to transform the environment around you into string, and then manipulate said string to fight others.
    • Luffy's answer was to ponder this briefly and then just hit him even harder, ending the chapter by once again sending Doflamingo flying, leaving him embedded in the outer wall of his palace.
    • King Riku, upon seeing his citizens giving up hope, gives a Rousing Speech and encourages everyone to hold on, with the belief that Luffy will win. It works. It even moves an exhausted grandmother to suddenly run fast, much to the awe of her granddaughter.
  • Chapter 786:
    • Doflamingo is down! The people rejoice! Then he gets back up.
    • With Luffy down for the count for the next ten minutes, Jesus Burgess decides to take advantage of the situation and tries to strike a killing blown on him...and promptly gets kicked in the face by Sabo.
  • Chapter 787:
    • In this corner, the First Mate of the Emperor Blackbeard, the man who upseated Whitebeard himself, arguably the strongest of Blackbeard's original crew, Jesus Burgess! In the other corner, the right hand of Monkey D. Dragon. Aaaaand there goes Burgess.
      • To be fair though, Burgess shows once more why he sits where he is. A single lariat from him rips clean through a multitude of stone buildings from what appears to be dozens of meters away.
    • The birdcage is closing in, and it's down to the wire. Luffy needs four more minutes until he can end this once and for all. The birdcage only needs three before the slaughter begins. Only one force stands in its way now: the Straw Hat crew and their allies throughout this arc, spearheaded by none other than Roronoa Zoro.
  • Chapter 788: Everyone's helping out in pushing the Birdcage: Kin'emon, Kanjuro and even Fujitora help Zoro, the Marines help push the factory, and the gladiators, Robin, the dwarves and the citizens help push the cage thanks to Bartolomeo's barriers. They make it clear that there's no way in hell they're going down without a fight.
    Fujitora: I guess you really can't leave the insane to their own devices! I may not have much strength left in these old bones, but... allow me the honor of assisting you!!
    • Viola fighting Doflamingo by herself, just to stall for time and protect the citizens. Considering how well she knows how powerful and how utterly insane he is, she has ovaries of steel.
  • Chapter 789: Luffy's Big Damn Heroes moment: Mansherry's healing powers' effect starts to run out, causing some of the gladiators who were pushing the Birdcage to pass out, and Doflamingo is causing Rebecca to charge at Viola. But just before she can cut her down, Luffy recovers, and with Law's help, manages to step in and break Rebecca's sword with his Haki-imbued head in the nick of time. Even better is the build-up to it, with the citizens of Dressrosa chanting Luffy's name and counting the seconds before his recovery, and Gatz taunting Doflamingo by saying that Dressrosa will be his "execution ground".
  • Chapter 790: Luffy does not disappoint. After Doflamingo pulls out all the stops by turning what's left of Dressrosa into string, Luffy responds by turning into Gear Fourth again. He then makes good on his promise to defeat Doflamingo with one last blow — a punch so powerful that it splits the town in half. More significantly, Luffy shattered Doflamingo's shades.
    • King Kong Gun. It does split the town in half, but not only that — it splits the town in half, blows both halves into the sky as upturned slabs of land, and sends entire chunks carrying multiple buildings splitting off and flying into the air. If one didn't believe Luffy is a potential island-buster after the timeskip, it'd be damn hard to argue it now.
    • A subtle one. After Doflamingo severely beats Luffy, he uses his Parasite technique to control him and forcefully walk him over. Doffy tries to break Luffy by talking again, but he'll have none of that and goes Gear Fourth, snapping the strings. Doflamingo's Signature Move, which he has used since his introduction, that could control the likes of Vice-Admirals, Jozu of the Whitebeard Pirates, and even Sanji, with no one able to resist it, and Luffy No Sells it!
  • Chapter 791: The impossible has happened: Donquixote Doflamingo has finally been defeated!! After years of being an insufferable, unstoppable monster — both in-universe, and out — Luffy has finally crushed the prick's hold over a country he's ruled for over a decade. And unlike Chapter 786, it's not a fake-out this time — Birdcage disappearing confirms that Doflamingo has lost consciousness, and the battle for Dressrosa is finally over. Everyone bawling their eyes out over the fact seals the deal.
  • Chapter 792: Fujitora having the balls to not inform the World Government about what happened to Dressrosa yet but instead broadcast to the countries that are neighboring Dressrosa on what really happened in the country, including telling them that the Straw Hat and Heart Pirate Alliance took down Doflamingo, and that the whole reason Doflamingo was able to torment Dressrosa for so long was because the World Government allowed Doflamingo to become a Warlord. Then he, an Admiral, and the Marines get on their knees and bow to Riku in apology for all the World Government has done to them. For the first time in One Piece, the World Government has been denied the chance to avoid humiliation by attempting yet another one of their cover-ups and then pretend nothing ever happened. There's not a single fucking thing they can do about it, and that fact is very satisfying to hear.
    • After Burgess pushes Sabo's Berserk Button so hard it breaks, Sabo answers with a point-blank Fire Fist, taking out Burgess effortlessly. He then says that he won't mull over Ace's death again, because he knows Ace would never forgive him if he did.
  • Chapter 793: is a series of continuously awesome moments expressed through dialogue. Some highlights included:
    • Akainu's screaming match with the Five Elder Stars. He may be a Knight Templar, but he has his marine pride, and will not take crap from anyone, World Government and World Nobles included.
    • Fujitora's determination to do the right thing was partially inspired by Smoker's own distasteful experience in Alabasta. Smoker's power may not be among the top dogs of the New World, but his own idealism and determination has earned him a very powerful ally.
    • Fujitora bowed down to King Riku despite the running camera snail. He then exclaimed his belief that a man who let pirates run wild on innocent folks has no place to act as though he dispenses justice late. Later on, he proceeds to scream his beliefs defiantly to the aforementioned hot-blooded, prideful and extremely powerful Akainu. Already a powerful fighter despite his blindness, this chapter really showed us Fujitora's strength of character.
      • Fujitora doesn't just tell off Akainu, he basically calls the man a little bitch when he responds to Akainu's claims of "caus[ing] [their] justice to lose all face" by yelling that:
    Fujitora: "If your face is all you care about, keep it tucked away where it won't get hurt!!! If admittin' fault means your trust is gone, you didn't have none in the first place!!!"
    • Akainu gets him back, though; Fujitora is now Persona Non Grata and banned from all Marine bases until he brings both Luffy and Law back with him. Fujitora is perfectly happy with that.
    Fujitora: "...That's just what I wanted to hear!!!!"
    • Even after being banished, when Sengoku tells Fujitora he should apologize, he retorts that he won't because he "still has his pride."
  • Chapter 795: We are treated to something akin to a meteor that wrecked half of Kidd's base. Then it turns out to be a hole the size of a giant with horns. Back up a few minutes to see what really happened. Turns out it was a man who had jumped off a sky island and straight into the ground. Then the narrator slowly recounts the man's life: A man who has been captured by the Navy and other Emperors eighteen times. A man subjected to ten thousand different means of torture and still lived. A man sentenced to death forty times, all of which meant nothing. When hung, the rope snapped. When put to the guillotine, the blade shattered. When stabbed by spears, they were snapped with ease. A man, no... a monster so desensitized towards the concept of his own death, this invulnerable giant finds it amusing to walk off the edge of a Sky Island and plunge headfirst into the earth, 10,000 meters below, just to see if it does anything. And when it doesn't even scratch him, he proceeds to take out his legendary temper and demands Doflamingo to finish the preparation to allow him to wage the greatest war the world has ever seen. This man is Kaido of the Four Emperors, and now you know why the entire world fears him. A reveal equal parts chilling and awesome.
    • The anime manages to enhance the epicness by actually showing some of those attempts...then have Kaido cause a shockwave across the entire island just by yelling.
  • Before we move the focus onto the next arc, can we just give Oda a round of applause for Donquixote Doflamingo? Not any specific moment either; everything about his character was epic in this arc. This may be a little subjective, but he was by far one of the most interesting, entertaining, and dynamic villains ever introduced in One Piece. And to back that up, just look at the amount of tropes on his character entry! Even with the issues most fans had with Dressrosa's less than optimal pacing, I think it can be agreed that Doflamingo elevated the arc in every scene he was in, up to and including how satisfying it was to see him crushed by Luffy.
  • As of Chapter 798, after everyone else has shat themselves at Fujitora's display of might, Luffy, instead of heading to the boat, takes him on solely because an Admiral is an obstacle he has to overcome on his way to becoming Pirate King, starting by actually bruising him and sending him flying with an Elephant Gun.
    • Chapter 799: More than that, he holds his own, giving Fujitora a solid run for his money before being forced to leave the fight by his comrades. For the first time, we see Fujitora truly pushed in a fight, and he acknowledges Luffy's spirit and might.
    • After they escaped from Fujitora, The Corrida Colosseum gladiators, as well as Leo and a whole bunch of dwarves, ally themselves into seven crews, and request Luffy takes them under their wing, as their boss. If Luffy accepts, that means the crew will have seven subdivisions, not unlike the Whitebeard Pirates, and 5640 people will join.
  • As of Chapter 800, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is born. As a result, Luffy has started to become the new Whitebeard in terms of military strength.
  • In Chapter 801, the Straw Hats see their new bounties. The collective bounties for the crew have nearly doubled with the largest increase (percentage wise) goes to God Usopp with a bounty of 200 million, which also makes him the third highest bounty on the crew.
    • It should be noted again (if it hasn't been here already) that Usopp is supposed to physically be the weakest member of the crew... and yet he is out-ranking one of the Big Three (Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji) in terms of bounty. If it were anyone else, it would be fairly impressive, but because this is Usopp we're talking about, this makes it incredibly awesome.
    • Rob Lucci is back, and has joined CP-0, the strongest Cipher Pol unit.
    • What, no mention of the fact that Spandam, the Jerkass Big Bad of CP9 arc, who treated his own employees as trash, is not only working under Lucci, but also probably is the Butt-Monkey, bossed by Lucci (and very much implied other members)??
  • The entire Doflamingo arc has another level of retroactive awesome in that it shows that Luffy and Zoro, the most dangerous of them, up until this arc, have yet to show their true powers.

    Zou Arc 
  • Chapter 802:
    • We are introduced to the "alleged" son of Whitebeard, Edward Weevil. Now, while it is still up in the air if he is in fact his son, Weevil is not only the Warlord of the Sea with the highest bounty of all current/former Warlords, he also uses a bisento like Whitebeard does. What's more, the guy has been hunting down anyone associated with Whitebeard, and so far, has taken down 16 of the allied pirates by himself with no damage visible!
    • Though it was mostly Played for Laughs, Bartolomeo's crew making it to the New World despite being laughably incompetent and not even having a navigator is awesome in itself.
  • Chapter 803: Though it might not be as awesome as one might think, we get to see Buggy the Clown after two years! The guy has done some crazy work and now uses pirate mercenaries to get all the gold he wants! The real gem of awesome, however, is the fact that when he hears that Doflamingo has finally been removed from the "market," the world turns to him to get the men necessary for the wars going on. Doesn't hurt that he gives a death glare when he hears that Harjudin has left with the rest of the giants that were part of his Pirate Dispatch Society.
    • That Death Glare was just the beginning though. His crew-mate knew Buggy wasn't gonna be any happier to hear that Harjudin left to join Luffy.
  • Chapter 804: We are introduced to Carrot, a member of the Mink Tribe, who might look like your stereotypical Cute Monster Girl (a rabbit, no less) but pulls off one heck of an entrance. To elaborate: she dashes right at Zoro, jumps out of the way of his sword, and somehow manages to fire an electric attack when Zoro goes to block her sharp claws!
    • On top of that, we find out in the following arc, when Carrot gets into a full fight, that it wasn't just Zoro getting caught off guard in a surprise attack: Carrot really IS that strong.
  • Chapter 805: We get to see more of the Mink Tribe, and they are proving to be quite the species in One Piece. Not only are they tough enough to go toe-to-toe with Luffy and Jean Bart of the Heart Pirates, apparently, they're so good at avoiding detection that Luffy didn't even know he was surrounded until an order was shouted by one of them to pull back!
  • Chapter 807: We get to see (in a Flashback) exactly what Sanji's group had to do in order to get away from Big Mom's flagship (properly named the "Singing Ship" ). Not only did they get away from Baron Tamago and Pekoms, but we also learned they were able to avoid capture by Capone Bege! How did they do this you ask? First, Brook freezes the cannonballs, then Chopper, in Monster Point, uses Caesar Clown to catch all of the cannonballs to shoot them towards Sanji, who kicks them with Diable Jambe to make literal fireballs for their counter attack, damaging the side of Big Mom's ship! To finish this whole flashback of awesome, Nami uses her Sorcery Clima-Tact to make a dense fog to finally get away.
  • Chapter 808:
    • We finally get to see Jack in person, or rather in Zoan Form, and as previously thought by many, it turns out that Jack has eaten a Devil Fruit that lets him turn into a mammoth! The kicker? Jack is also one of Kaido's top men, and according to Sheepshead, Jack is known as "Jack the Drought" for being so strong that whatever village he's in ends up looking as though a drought hit the place.
    • And special mention once more goes to the Mink Tribe for having an entire population of warriors. As quoted by Monji, the Mink don't have any weaklings (even their infants, as in their toddlers, can fend for themselves).
  • Chapter 809:
    • Duke Dogstorm manages to stop an attack from Jack's trunk without flinching.
    • Our introduction of the Cat Viper has him grab Jack's trunk and body slam him.
    • Special mention to Jack for managing to achieve the highest known bounty in the series at that point — one BILLION berries. For reference, this bounty is twice as big as Luffy's bounty, which is five hundred million. This is also the first time a bounty has crossed into ten-digit territory.
  • Chapter 810: Both a Villainous and a Heroic example of Awesome is the battle between Jack and the Mink Tribe. It takes 5 days AND nights for both sides to grow tired. On the Heroic side, the Minks were actually able to hold out for those days and nights and would've won had Jack not resorted to the gas bomb. On the Villain side, Jack himself for fighting for those days without giving an inch, even when he had been body slammed prior by the Cat Viper.
  • Chapter 811:
    • On this chapter, we have a moment of Awesome coupled with a Moment of Heartwarming as we watch the rest of the flashback play out on how the rest of the Straw Hats helped the Minks after Jack's attack. Special points for calling back Brook and Sanji's attack on Sheepshead and Nami for cooling down Wanda.
    • Chopper steps up, takes charge, and reminds us all that he's more than just a cute Team Pet Mascot by organizing the treatment of all the injured and gassed Minks.
  • Chapter 812: Bege gets a magnificent one when he seamlessly betrays Pekoms, unleashes his men to surround Sanji and Brook, apprehends Nami and Chopper, and tricks Caesar into revealing himself and surrendering. All without a single hitch.
  • Chapter 813: Though it ends on a more depressing note, Sanji still shows his Guile Hero chops to great effect. He waits until his Observation Haki finds backup nearby (backup no less than Cat viper, who found Pekoms wounded from earlier) before forcing Nami, Chopper, and Brook out of Bege's castle. He further ensures their safety by immediately stealing a gun and putting it to Caesar's head. And all the while, Sanji taunts Bege with the fact that, invitation from Big Mom aside, he's basically untouchable due to the circumstances behind his "Only Alive" wanted poster (and, by proxy, his wedding). Never forget that Sanji's got a hell of a brain to go along with his monster strength.
  • Chapter 816: Combined with Moment of Heartwarming, the revelation that the entire Mink tribe actually had been hiding Raizo on Zou the whole time, and repeatedly and successfully lied to Jack's face about it despite being gassed, beaten, tortured, and/or dismembered. Not one single person — not even the children — gave him away, on accident or on purpose.
  • Chapter 817: Raizo the ninja is finally shown. While he doesn't look as cool as Usopp, Luffy and Chopper imagined, and he claims that ninjutsu ain't for show... he suddenly surprises the three by disappearing with a Smoke Bomb, doing Self-Duplication, summoning a lot of shurikens that he throws at the wall to create the "Shinobi" kanji, and finally, saying "Nin-nin". The three are completely awestruck because of this.
  • Chapter 818: After over a decade and adventure after adventure, a clear end-goal is laid out for Luffy to become Pirate King. We know the nature of the island of Raftel where One Piece itself rests. The catch? Reaching it requires four poneglyphs, one of which the Minks have, one of which is lost. The other two? In the possession of Big Mom and Kaido. The means to reach Roger's treasure and accomplish his dream are finally clear... and the road to it is as hard as it could possibly be. Luffy's managed to defeat three of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, but now he's going to have to go through two of the Four Emperors! Also consider: Shanks is still out there as well, and one of Luffy's promises was to one day face him as an equal. Finally, we have Blackbeard, who has the same goal as Luffy and is likely after One Piece himself. So to become the Pirate King, Luffy may well have to defeat all four of them. Throw in the wildcards of the World Government and the Revolutionaries, and you start to picture the scope of what's happening. Never mind reaching Raftel and gaining One Piece; just trying to get there will upset the entire world order.
    • Granted, we knew he was going to do so anyway back when he first talked to Law: Fight Kaido because that was the goal of his alliance with Law, Big Mom for Fishman Island, Shanks because of the promise and Blackbeard because he was the one that sent Ace to his death. We just have more reasons for Kaido and Big Mom; freeing Wano and helping the Minks with the former, and saving Sanji with the latter.
    • Not to mention that this is a classic pirate storytelling device taken up to the most spectacular way possible: The Poneglyphs are pieces of a treasure map, and the One Piece, the greatest treasure, will be marked with a big "X." "X" Marks the Spot, indeed.
  • Chapter 820: Villain example. Jack's arrived back at Zou again and he opts to not bother fighting the minks again. Is he afraid that, after getting clobbered by the former fleet admiral, an admiral and three vice-admirals that he and his forces are going to lose against the Minks note ? Nope. He just doesn't want to bother with them, and he's going to attack Zou itself. Let me make this clear: the recently beaten-down Jack has decided to attack the world's biggest, millennia-old elephant just because he can. One of the most gutsy and epic examples of Cutting the Knot ever.
    • Another Crowning Moment of Monster/Awesome from Blackbeard. So, how did Teach manage to usurp Whitebeard's Emperor seat? Did he just chest-thump in his areas and just take them as his own? No. As Marco and the surviving Whitebeard Pirates (and their full allies) ganged on his crew to kill/defeat him for vengeance for Thatch, Ace, and Whitebeard, Blackbeard and his crew show exactly why Teach went to such depths just to recruit them. Marco and the remnants were crushed SO badly, that they were scattered after their defeat, leaving Edward Weevil to pick off all their allies effortlessly, one by one, with Marco disappearing the face of the earth (as of now). Blackbeard has certainly Taken A Level In Badass.
  • Chapter 821: Zunisha proceeds to sink Jack's entire fleet with one single swipe of its trunk. Made even better by Jack's face; you can only see his eye, but it's nonetheless clear that he knows he's screwed.
    • Let's not forget the bit of information about Momonosuke and Luffy: They were the only ones able to hear Zunisha like Oden and Roger. Special props go to Momonosuke as his voice was the one that reached Zunisha, not Luffy!
  • Chapter 823: Vivi jumps from a crow's nest several hundred feet in the air to the ground without getting a scratch or any assistance! Not to mention she was in high heels!
    • While more along the lines of funny, Carrot, a Cute Monster Girl snaps and almost kills Luffy by going for his throat! The reason? For starting to eat her carrot, of all things!
  • Chapter 824: Kaido and Jack definitely have earn their names as Emperor and Calamity, respectively. To elaborate: Even after Jack got hit by a giant elephant's trunk that sunk all of his ships and destroyed his crew, somehow he is not only alive after that, but, despite having Devil Fruit powers, he's alive at the bottom of the ocean! Kaido, on the other hand, shows us a bit of his strength as he sends two poor Mooks flying while he is drunk and it is obvious he took out Eustass Kidd, one of the Worst Generation, leading to other implications about Hawkins, Apoo (who has been hinted to have become Kaido's underling), and Killer.

    Whole Cake Island Arc 
  • Chapter 826: We get to meet two of Sanji's siblings, Vinsmoke Yonji and Reiju, and the two are formidable (especially Reiju). Though Yonji was kicked with enough force to be sent flying, he comes back with no real damage and only being soaked for his trouble. Reiju, on the other hand, decides to help Luffy out and sucks the poison (that was actually killing Luffy, no less) saying it was a "delectable treat" for her, and showing none of the symptoms of the poison after sucking it out of Luffy through a kiss!
  • Chapter 828: The other two Vinsmoke kids, Ichiji and Niji, manage to stop a 2-year war in Brock Colie Island in the span of 4 hours. And manage to get hailed as heroes — this despite the fact that Germa 66 is infamous for being a "force of great evil", something that the island's survivors acknowledge as irony. The biggest kicker is that neither Ichiji nor Niji even consider the war a big deal. They're more worried that stopping here is going to make them late for Sanji's wedding.
  • Chapter 829: We have Jimbei not only returning, but having found the snack that Big Mom wanted (which turned out to be alive and having checked out of a hotel earlier that day) and saving the day from Big Mom's hunger-induced rampage.
  • Chapter 830: The mere act of Jimbei telling Big Mom, a freaking Emperor of the Sea, he's leaving takes serious cajones considering he knew she wouldn't be happy.
  • Chapter 832: Carrot gets a moment of awesome as she deals with Randolph, a member of the Big Mom Pirates, by showing Nami and Chopper that Randolph is not a Mink by using Electro to force Randolph into defense before taking out Randoph's crane with the Electro still charged.
    • Then we get to learn more of the Germa 66: they are a seafaring kingdom made mostly of male soldiers who train day in and out, and are so loyal to the Vinsmoke Family that they will lay their very lives down for them!
    • As if that wasn't enough awesomeness, we then learn that Sanji beat the stuffing out of Yonji, and their father, Vinsmoke Judge, is not happy. Plus, Judge's dream is to reconquer ALL of North Blue...
  • Chapter 833: The fight between Sanji and his father, though it ends in Judge's victory, Sanji would've won had Judge not called on his men and stabbed one of them through while Sanji was distracted.
  • Chap 835: Nami managing to get away from Big Mom's daughter Charlotte Brulee by expanding her Clima Tact and whacking her with it and then managing to get to Luffy through the Seducing Woods.
    • On a meta-level, we're getting to see more and more just how far ahead Oda has thought-ahead on this series. Lola turning out to be one of Big Mom's daughters is one thing, but if you remember that Lola gave the Straw Hats a vivre card to Big Mom, it becomes clear ahead of time that their troubles with getting lost in the forest just became quite trivial. It makes one wonder just what else Oda is gonna have jump forward from the past as the series continues.
  • Chapter 836: Luffy jumping in to save Pound from Cracker before getting ready to go all out on a guy who is not only one of Big Mom's right hand men, but has a bounty of 860 million Belli!
  • Chapter 837: Luffy and Nami showing Cracker and Brulee, respectively, that they are not people you should mess with.
    • Also, special shout-out to Urouge, who actually managed to take down one of Big Mom's Commanders by himself, when even the likes of Apoo and Kid were "escorted" out and Capone Bege was forced to marry into the family and become a subordinate!
    • Pound also gets one for saving Nami from Brulee by giving her an epic sucker punch, which Nami follows up by bringing down a giant bolt of lightning! This actually got Brulee to retreat!
    • All this is capped off with Luffy getting really pissed with Cracker for trying to speak for Sanji (the guy really has no idea what Sanji is like). He promptly goes 4th gear (despite being pinned down) and smashes Cracker's armor, which Luffy couldn't get through seconds before due to the guy's Haki.
  • Chapter 838:
    • This chapter highlights why Cracker is one of the 3 commanders under Big Mom. The guy that Luffy was fighting? The one that the World Government has a photo of? That's just the ARMOR that Cracker wears using his Bisc Bisc Fruit powers! The guy is capable of making biscuit crackers out of thin air that are capable of taking on Gear 4th Luffy, and even without the armor he is no slouch!
  • Chapter 839:
    • Sanji demands that Niji finish his meal, saves the female servant that made it from a plate-to-the-face, and delivers a "Reason You Suck" Speech based on his "family's" utter disrespect for both food and subjects. The detail that makes this awesome? His hands are still cuffed with those explosive collars. Even the risk of losing his treasured hands as a chef won't stop him from speaking his mind.
  • Chapter 841:
    • So after the flashback, we return to Luffy in his battle with Cracker. This moment is also a mix of crowning moment of funny as Luffy has been fighting 11 hours by running, fighting, and then EATING the soldiers that Cracker makes to make him run out of stamina!
  • Chapter 842:
    • The chart-toper for this chapter is the newest form for Gear 4th: Tank Man! It proves to be just what Luffy needs in order to finally send Cracker flying just as the Sweet Commander tries to use the same move that had damaged Bounce/Bound Man. He's now completely immune to sharp objects and attacks, something that consistently damaged him before.
    • Of course, Luffy would be nowhere without Nami, who constantly moistened the soldiers that Cracker made for Luffy to eat.
    • Finally, we have Carrot and Chopper being able to outrun Brulee for the last 11 hours, while wearing ball and chains.
  • Chapter 843:
    • Continuing from where the last chapter left off, It turns out Cracker was launched from the Seducing Woods... all the way to Big Mom's castle! The ministers who find him are unable to believe he was defeated at all, let alone launched all the way from there.
    • Even moreso, after learning of his defeat, Whole Cake Island went into immediate lockdown. That's right, Luffy has managed to intimidate the entire kingdom of an Emperor!
    • Pound makes it clear how badass Big Mom is to Nami: When the previous Sweet Commander (Snack) was defeated, Big Mom sent out Cracker and an entire fleet of her people to deal with the guys that defeated Snack. The catcher? Big Mom manipulated the weather along with sending the fleet and Cracker. Pound even says that Big Mom can summon a powerful thundercloud called Zeus and a miniature sun known as Prometheus from her very hands!
  • Chapter 844:
    • As heart-breaking as it was, Luffy just taking Sanji's blows but still getting back up.
    • Luffy has another great moment, if not an even better one, when he sees through Sanji's jerkass act despite the other's Breaking Lecture — then he yells such things at Sanji's very face (and in front of his family, too) and decides that he won't leave from his place or eat anything until Sanji come back to the Straw Hat Pirates, claiming that no one else can be the cook to the Pirate King. Quite the Character Development there, huh.
    • Plus, Nami slaps Sanji for what he's said and done, clearly knowing that she's risking herself a lot.
  • Chapter 845:
    • Luffy's adamant promise to eat nothing unless it's made by Sanji. Even when the candy rain is falling and he's beating up, he turns away so that none of it goes into his mouth.
    • For a more villainous example, Pound's prediction of an enraged army comes true when we see Bobbin, Amande, Mont-d'Or, and many, MANY other members of Big Mom's crew go out to find Luffy so they can kill him for what he did to Cracker. The crew is even marching in the rain that is provided by Prometheus and Zeus to show how infuriated Big Mom is over her son's defeat.
    • As bad as it is that Luffy is being attacked by the bulk of Big Mom's forces, it is also awesome in it's own way as it shows just how much of a threat he is seen by Big Mom.
  • Chapter 846:
    • Though Luffy is beaten to near death, King Baum is split in half, Nami is captured and her vivre card is taken, they were able to hold against half of the army that had come against them. Considering that this is the army sent out by Big Mom to deal with people who have made her mad, it proves to be quite an achievement for half of them to be defeated. Especially if one remembers that Luffy was fighting on fumes.
      • That last line has an added layer of awesomeness to it: Luffy being on fumes means that Nami was the one doing most of the heavy lifting. And this from the girl who's supposedly from the Weak Trio.
    • Then there's a cut to Pedro and Brook, who have remained undetected all the while and are very close to their goal of the Road Phoneglyph. Though they're going to be messing with a Sweet Commander and Baron Tamago, Pedro intends to act as bait for Brook to get the information they need.
    • For a villainous example, the teamwork that the many members of the Big Mom Pirates show when dealing with Luffy and Nami. Major points go to Lady Amande, who is using one of the Meito swords to cut King Baum in half with a slash that slowly splits the Homie in half, Opera who uses a DF that deals with cream and which has such powerful "sweetness" that it burns what it touches, Mont-d'Or who can cast an illusion on others and somehow fly using books, and Galette who stopped Nami from using more thunderbolts on them. Say what you will about them, but the Big Mom Pirates truly do deserve the title of being an Emperor's crew.
  • Chapter 847: Despite being weakened, captured, and trapped in a book prison, Luffy still continues to challenge Big Mom, saying he'll trash everything on Whole Cake Island if he has to, calling Big Mom presumptuous just because she's one of the Four Emperors, vowing that he will take Sanji back and be the one to become Pirate King. Big Mom is noticeably angered by his refusal to quit.
  • Chapter 848: Pedro and Brook are awarded the moment of awesome as they initiate the plan from two chapters ago. Pedro has managed not only to get himself some explosives, but has shown to be a powerful fighter as he cuts down a shield and becomes a terror for those who are pursuing him. Meanwhile, Brook not only managed to get into the treasure room (really ticking off Big Mom with that stunt) and lock out Smoothie from getting inside, but becomes a natural enemy to all of the "Barbarian Chess Soldiers" in the room as he unleashes the power of his soul against them! Soul King Brook truly lives up to his name.
  • Chapter 849: This chapter has quite a few moments of awesome from Brook, Chopper, Carrot, and Pedro.
    • Chopper and Carrot have finally managed to escape! The plan that Chopper created was rather ingenious as well: Using Brulee's own powers against her, Carrot had switched places with a frog that looked like Carrot while she and Chopper acted as if they were captured. Then, when Brulee and her team were about to cook frog!Carrot, the real Rabbit Mink came through the attic and kicked the large and boiling pot against the lot before using Electro to shock the reinforcements. Chopper, meantime, went Monster Point on the giant crocodile Homie and used him to smash the rest of the forces with a powerful over the shoulder toss. Finally, Carrot not only catches up to the one lone member of Brulee's team to escape and prevent him from letting Big Mom know of their escape, leaving them free to use the Mirror World as they so please.
    • Brook, meanwhile, is showing how tough he's gotten over the two years he was training by taking out two members of Big Mom pirates with improved versions of some of his more famed attacks... though his moment is short-lived when he next must face the terror of Big Mom herself!
    • Pedro, in the meantime, has been fighting a large amount of Big Mom's forces when he is cornered by Baron Tamago and more forces. What's the crowning moment of awesome? Pedro, five years ago, had fifty years of his life stolen by Big Mom. She'd originally planned to take seventy years of his life, but he impressed her enough to lower it. He's still putting up one heck of a fight knowing well that he is running on fumes at this point. Plus, five years ago, Baron Tamago received the scar on his face by Pedro himself.
  • Chapter 850:
    • Luffy gets a moment of awesome for willingly ready to tear himself apart to save his friend. He even tells Nami off as he points out (correctly) that they can't rely on anyone and that if they don't get out somehow, Big Mom will come kill them as soon as the wedding is over.
    Luffy: I'm not a man who's gonna end in a place like this!
    • Pedro is awarded the majority of awesome in this chapter. He is fighting toe-to-toe with Baron Tamago, who has a bounty of around 400 Million Belli to his roughly 300 Million Belli, and has promised not to die in Whole Cake Island until Luffy and the others get Sanji back. We also see what led to Pedro losing his eye and how he also lost 50 years to Big Mom, making him quite the badass.
    • Of course, Baron Tamago gets some props for not only being tough enough to fight Pedro, but showing how well prepared he is by wearing insulated pants to stop Electro and being capable of hitting Pedro quite hard before he is somehow sliced in half (and ends up showing to have a DF ability that seems to relate to eggs).
    • Finally, there's Reiju keeping a brave face despite Pudding showing her true nature, and still heavily injured.
    • But the one most deserving of a medal for super special awesomeness is none other than Oda himself. Remember back in chapter 651, when Big Mom first appeared in person, throwing a tantrum over Luffy eating her candy and declaring war on her? In the middle of all that, we actually get 3 panels focus solely on a strange three-eyed girl who didn't speak and just frowns. With everything else that happened, you'll be forgiven for forgetting about her. Well, Oda never forgets! That's right, in the same chapter that he introduced the Big Bad, he also gave us the Walking Spoiler, the Chekhov's Gunman that only pays off exactly 200 chapters later. Ladies and gentlemen, Oda presents to you none other than Charlotte Pudding.
      • The hint was there all along. Three-eyed first appearance in Chapter 651 was accompanied by a strange shiny, slime puddle, Nitro, the shiny slime Homies, was on Pudding's shoulder the first chapter she showed up.
  • Chapter 851:
    • Brook confronts not only Big Mom but also Prometheus and Zeus. And he refuses to back down from them — he simply says that regardless of what happens between Sanji and the crew, he is taking her Poneglyph. Ladies and gentlemen, the first Straw Hat who's going to fight an Emperor isn't Luffy: it's Brook. Not to mention he disses her by calling her a Young Lady as he prepares to fight.
    • Chopper and Carrot demand answers from Brulee on where they need to go. Surprisingly, she gives up the clue on how to get out of the mirror world, and they ready themselves to find the rest of the group.
    • And then as he's about to start hurting her, Opera finds an unknown figure wandering. Before he can react, he gets a Seiken to the stomach: it's Jimbei! And he's come to rescue Luffy and Nami so they can save Sanji... and even more: to begin the Sun Pirates' rebellion against Big Mom!
  • Chapter 852:
    • Sanji's Mama Bear of a mother, Vinsmoke Sora, gets some major points of awesome. She was willing to take a dangerous drug, in the hopes that her children would not become living weapons. It was this gutsy move that led to Sanji having emotions and a moral compass of his own, and why he is so different from his other siblings.
    • Luffy, of course, gets some of his own: after getting out of the prison book that he and Nami were trapped in, he races to go and find Sanji and starts to beat up anyone that gets in his way (even a large member of the Big Mom Pirates who had previously aided in his defeat).
    • Sanji gets quite a big one when, despite having his heart completely broken after finding out that the girl he was the closest to actually fall for, Pudding, was a Honey Trap, he manages to pick the remains of his heart and wits to take his mindwiped and wounded older sister Reiju to safety and tell her what truly happened to her, plus everything he knows about Pudding's deals. Doing so after such a mind-and-heart-breaking moment? Awesome.
  • Chapter 853:
    • Big Mom apparently had no trouble defeating Brook, but lets on some interesting facts in this chapter. First and foremost, Zeus, Prometheus, and her hat (Napoleon) all have parts of Big Mom's soul, and none of them are affected by Brook's soul powers! Second, she had not only met Roger, but she had planned on going to Raftel when Roger stopped there and figured out the way before she could! Thirdly, the fact that Big Mom may have actually clashed with the former Pirate King is in itself a big CMoA!
    • Pedro doesn't know how to stop being awesome! Just as Baron Tamago becomes Viscount Hiyoko via his Devil Fruit ability, he slices in half again and before Viscount Hiyoko can become Count Niwatori (who is supposed to be far more powerful than the other two) Pedro decides to stop messing around and uses a stash of bombs to blow up not only the still transforming Count Niwatori but all the forces that had been after him.
    • Of course, Luffy is still going from last chapter and had even made it to the 3rd floor before Reiju let him know that Sanji knew the truth. He then jumps out the window into the town with the full intention of waiting for Sanji back in the place he promised, STILL hungry AND refusing to eat anything not made by Sanji!
  • Chapter 854:
    • Props have to be given to Brook despite his current situation. According to Big Mom herself, he was able to deal damage to Napoleon, Prometheus, and Zeus for the first time in their entire existence. Meaning that while Brook may have lost the battle, he was able to do something that no one before him could've possibly ever done!
    • Sanji kicking Bobbin. The Straw Hat cook is making his comeback at last!
  • Chapter 855:
    • So, think you can take on an Emperor while asleep? Good luck with that because Big Mom is just as dangerous asleep as she is awake! Not only did she go out of her way to smash a fly (at full force, no less) but she sleeps with her top three Homies (who also attack at full force). Special mention goes to Napoleon the Bicorn as he actually doubles as a sword!
    • Credit to the Straw Hats and allies for managing to swap Brook with a copy they made out of bones while avoiding all three Homies and Big Mom's attacks.
    • You recall Brook's mission? Well, despite having been beaten, strip-searched, and in the vicinity of Big Mom all this time...our favorite afro skeleton managed to get the rubbings that the group was shooting for! He stored them in his head, the one place Big Mom failed to think of.
  • Chapter 856: Overlapping with Heartwarming, there's the confirmation that Luffy never believed Sanji's mask of jerkassery, which was so good that he managed to fool Nami. How does it show? By him punching Sanji after he explains the reasons why he can't return to the group and urging him to admit his true desires. Congratulations.
  • Chapter 857:
    • Want to know how Capone "Gang" Bege got his nickname? Bege, back in his "younger days," went about being a loose cannon by destroying the rest of the five big mafia families in West Blue. His method? Why kill the leader of the group so he would be chased by the rest of the group, all so that he could laugh at them when they tried to get him in his iron-clad fortress! If that wasn't awesome enough, Bege is aiming to take out Big Mom and take her head during the wedding!
    • In a rare display of intelligence, Luffy manages to swallow his grudge against Bege for nearly killing Pekoms and listens to Jimbei's advice — namely, considering an alliance with the gangster-turned-pirate in order to bolster their fighting strength against Big Mom. This is Monkey D. Luffy we're talking about, here!
  • Chapter 859:
    • Bege should be awarded quite a bit of awesome in this chapter for laying out a plan that he took an entire year to create. To elaborate: he allied himself with Big Mom and married Chiffon, rose through the ranks in her crew, searched for any weaknesses Big Mom might have, and acquired everything he needed to implement an assassination of one of the Four Emperors.
  • Chapter 860:
    • Jimbei showing how awesome he is by telling his friend Aladine how he is ready to die for Luffy and the Straw Hats and how protective he was of his old crew, the Sun Pirates.
    • Meet the last of the 3 Sweet Commanders, Charlotte Katakuri. Not only is he the one with the highest bounty of the three, his bounty is even higher than Jack's billion by 57 million berries more! His introduction comes with a shocking revelation of how powerful he is: his Observation Haki is so great, that he is actually able to see into the future for a few moments. His weapon? A jellybean that he can apparently toss like a bullet to kill anyone at a distance!
    • Though he is rather disturbing, watching Perospero create a functioning escalator from candy is rather awesome.
  • Chapter 862:
    • When Pudding moves to kiss Sanji, flashing a wicked smile as she reveals her third eye, Sanji does the simplest thing that starts throwing Big Mom's entire plan right off the rails: he calls Pudding's much-loathed third eye "beautiful." Instead of shocking Sanji into inaction, she gets shocked instead!
    • Sanji dodging Katakuri's jellybean projectile is quite awesome — Sanji had to avoid both that shot, and the one from the gun held by the priest that was doing the vows.
      • Particularly so when you consider that Katakuri's Observation Haki is so accurate that he can practically see the future. That's right...Sanji's reactions were so sharp that they couldn't be predicted.
    • We finally see what the entrance that Luffy cooked up a few chapters ago: Using Brulee's powers, Luffy multiplies himself and burst out of the cake as he shouts for Big Mom, with a brief Reaction Shot of audiences dropping their jaws, concluding with Big Mom exclaiming a Big "WHAT?!".
    • Perhaps the most awesome thing from this chapter? For all of his vaunted Observation Haki, Katakuri's starting to panic because even though he knows what's coming, he can't do anything to stop it. That bears repeating — Straw Hat/Firetank/Caesar alliance's plan is so audacious that even a billion-plus pirate with the ability to see the damn future can't stop it!
    • Oh, and from a meta-angle: Even after Pudding's true colors have been revealed, The Reveal of her Dark and Troubled Past — and how moved she was by Sanji calling her third eye beautiful — have actually evoked some sympathy for her, Hate Sink though she may be.
  • Chapter 863:
    • Sanji rescuing Pudding from the collapsing wedding cake.
    • Katakuri is shown a rather awesome moment as he prevents Luffy from attacking Mother Caramel's photo by unleashing his Logia Devil Fruit powers. Though it does go into a Crowning Moment of Funny when it is revealed that his Logia is the Mochi Mochi Fruit.
    • Perhaps the most awesome moment in this chapter? Jimbei No Sells Big Mom's Soul Pocus by having no fear of death, and then exclaims that he won't cower in fear of a mere Emperor when he intends to join the future Pirate King. He then officially leaves the Big Mom Pirates! And becomes the first person to ever do so and walk away with their life! Now that is a massive achievement.
    • Brook (in disguise as a Luffy) manages to break the photo despite the chaos. A nice small detail is you can see him in the gaggle of Luffy's as the cake is collapsing on the bottom right of the page, so his appearance isn't out of nowhere.
    • The gambit that Straw Hat use as distraction is actually pretty brilliant, whoever designed it. First, the Refuge in Audacity that is coming from inside the cake is great enough that it bypasses Katakuri's clairvoyance, because he doesn't think to check the cake, and he would be confused anyway. But more brilliant is the fact that it's actually a Kansas City Shuffle: Luffy makes all the decoys only to out himself as the real one, getting everyone to ignore his copies, so no one, even Katakuri, will be paying attention when Brook, disguised as Luffy, destroys the photo. Now that's a distraction.
      • There's also another layer of both awesome/funny to this when you realize that even Capone Bege The man who is behind the whole Big Mom assassination plot in first place which of course took three years of planning and waiting for the right pieces to come into play in order for this to work was shocked by Luffy's seemingly idiotic decision of revealing himself amongst all the Luffy clones and "ruining" his tactical advantage (even pulling a rather epic Jaw Drop in the process). Yea, Luffy's gambit was so good and well executed that Bege himself didn't even realize it!
  • Chapter 864:
    • Sanji is still trying to reach Pudding, still believing in her despite her still trying to shoot him. There's also this exchange:
    Pudding: Aren't you shocked?! Aren't you disillusioned?! Don't worry—you'll die very soon!! I've fooled plenty of people before, just like this!!!
    • We get to see 2 of Big Mom's kids in action. Namely Charlotte Daifuku, the 3rd Son and the man who ate the Hoya Hoya no Mi, and Charlotte Oven, the 4th Son and the man who ate the Netsu Netsu no Mi. Daifuku can summon a powerful genie out of himself to fight on his behalf (like a Stand, pretty much), while Oven can make his body hot to touch, so defending against him would be tricky.
    • Bege delivers what is the best line to Katakuri in this chapter as he reveals his allegiance to Luffy.
    Bege: You can see a bit into the future. That's all. But that ain't some special privilege. Everyone has an equal right to change the future!!!
    • Seeing Vinsmoke Judge pathetically break down in tears in the face of imminent death while being mocked by everyone around him — while admittedly disturbing — is extremely satisfying because he most definitely had it coming.
  • Chapter 865: We are at last shown a real, honest-to-God glimpse of a fabled island. None other than Elbaf, land of the giants.
    • Big Mom's Conqueror's Haki-empowered bellow is so mighty it wipes out the entire wedding hall and brings down everybody who can hear it. The scream alone takes up about a third of the chapter's pages.
    • Sanji using Diable Jambe to break his family out of their candied bonds and then standing above the group (on the table) who has done nothing but kick him while he was down. To repeat, Sanji is now assuming a position of utter dominance towering over them, the people who treated him lower than an ant's belly. Better yet, he's doing this to save them, showing his compassionate nature that Reiju is always proud of.
      • It can count as a Moment of Awesome for Sora as well, as she the one who sacrificed herself to ensure her sons still retained their humanity and compassion. If it wasn't for her, the Vinsmokes would all have bullets in their heads, and Pudding would have succeeded in killing Sanji as well had he reacted as she expected him to. Ultimately, it was not Judge's social darwinist teachings, but Sora and her motherly kindness that saved the Vinsmoke bloodline from extinction, and saved the day for everyone.
    • Bege, Vito, and Gotti all surround Big Mom and prepare to shoot her up with a triple helping of lethal poison. Just the sheer idea that these three are in a perfect position to finish her off and nobody can stop her is overwhelming, because they literally hold the power to tip the scales of the world's rule in their fingertips, and we may be about to witness the second big upset since Blackbeard and his followers gunned down Whitebeard.
  • Chapter 866:
    • One of the biggest moments of awesome? Mother Caramel stopping an execution of some of the former Giant Pirates. The heavens actually parted for her as she pointed out how if the giants were killed Elbaf would retaliate. One could really call her a woman of the cloth after that knowing divine intervention helped her save the giants from the gallows.note  It's because of her they aren't at war with the rest of the world.
    • You know the utopia Big Mom wants to make? That was actually Mother Caramel's dream, and while it is also heart-warming, it is rather awesome to see that Big Mom has kept Mother Caramel's dream going despite everything.
    • For a darker turn of events, we get to see how dangerous Big Mom really was back during her time as a child. Keep in mind that Big Mom was about five years old and she was tearing up all of Elbaf for some sweets! It got so bad that one of the heroes of the giant people, Jorul, had to step in.
  • Chapter 867:
    • Child Linlin was so awesome that she can tank a giant's equally giant's sword with just her hand, breaking it in the process, and then slam that giant to the ground. She outright killed Jorul, one of the giant heroes. As a 5-year old.
  • Chapter 868:
    • How did Charlotte Linlin get her Devil Fruit powers, you ask? She ate the person who held them last... by accident. Apparently, if waiting for the user to die doesn't suit you, you can cannibalize your Devil Fruit powers in the One Piece world. Ohhhhh, dear Christ above...
    • Charlotte Linlin gets one for obtaining at least a 50 million berry bounty as a child in a deliberate manner (while others like Robin earned their childhood bounties unwillingly), which then rocketed up to 500 million as a young woman, by which time she had already outclassed the entire Cipher Pol as a threat. This was long before she became an Emperor, too. Who knows how high her current bounty is?
    • The Big Mom pirate's head chef, Streusen, surprisingly was awesome. He found young Linlin, a 6 year old after having unwittingly cannibalizing her mother figure and friends and basically raised her to be what she is today by enabling and encouraging her worst habits. Who would have thought that of a simple head chef?
    • Big Mom proved simply too powerful to kill. All she had to do was scream hard enough and all three of Caesar's gas rockets were totally obliterated. And the same scream shattered the escape mirror. Katakuri then supplies mochi earplugs to everyone incapacitated. Final result? The assassination plan is screwed. Which means brown pants galore for the entire allied force.
    • Not to be outdone, Capone Bege got one spectacular moment of his own: The Big Father. Put simply, he revealed the castle fortification powers of his Shiro Shiro no Mi work on the outside just as well as it does on the inside, granting him a mighty transformation into a colossal castle titan!
  • Chapter 869: This chapter, amidst all of the chaos, is a gigantic chapter of awesome for Sanji and Reiju (and to an extent, their whole family):
    • As the allied force is escaping into The Big Father, Nami, Carrot, and Chopper get ambushed by three different officers of Big Mom's crew (with Nami being taken by Smoothie, notably, thus putting her into even more danger). Sanji glares down his bastard of a father from atop a table and wordlessly orders him to rescue them with a simple finger point. And Judge complies. Don't ever fuck with Sanji again, Vinsmoke Judge.
    • As for said Germa commanders, they don their armour and immediately get to work rescuing the Straw Hats and Carrot, with Reiju actually causing damage to and poisoning Smoothie (at least for a moment). Bear in mind that Charlotte Smoothie has a bounty close to a billion berries.
    • And finally, to top it all off, Sanji helps Reiju with the save by catching Nami as she falls, complete with a Bridal Carry.
    • Just when you think our allies have an edge, Big Mom pirates quickly retaliate: Perospero blocks Big Father's cannon shots from harming Big Mom with his candy(!), Katakuri clogs the cannons with his mochi, Perospero immobilizes the castle with his candy, and to top it all off, Big Mom herself regained her composure and starts assaulting the castle, which slowly hurts Bege himself.
  • Chapter 870: The fact that Sanji grabs Judge by the collar and pulls him down to look him eye-to-eye is pretty awesome all by itself. He's talking to the man who's looked down on him all his life and always seen him as worthless, and he's making sure that Judge is gonna listen this time. The crowning moment in the line-up of Break the Haughty that Judge has been subjected to.
    Sanji: "I ran away from Germa 13 years ago. And Vinsmoke Sanji died at sea. That's what you wanted, remember? So admit it!!! You are father!!! Vinsmoke Judge!!! Don't ever show your face around me again!!!"
    Judge: "I understand... Then you have my word......that I will never approach you or the East Blue again!!"
    • Bege plans to return to his normal form so that Caesar can carry him out of the place, as (as Nami pointed out) they have completed all their objectives (sans assassinating Big Mom, which is a failure). But the Big Mom Pirates outside will bombard them if they do... and then Judge volunteers himself and his children to cover their escape with all their might. And as they proceed to do so, they manage to block all of the enemies' gunfires by their own bodies.
    • No mention of how Sanji and Luffy both jump out and save Reiju from Big Mom's attack?
  • Chapter 871: Where. Do. We. BEGIN?
    • Well, might as well start with the villains. Big Mom demonstrates how much further Luffy has to go before he can become the Pirate King. Specifically, by No Selling Gear 4. No, she didn't get sent flying without taking any damage. No, she didn't engage Luffy in a Pummel Duel while he was in Gear Fourth. She just uses Haki on her arm (JUST ONE ARM) and easily blocks Luffy's attack!
      • This bears closer examination: Doflamingo was sent flying across Dressrosa after taking a blow from Luffy's Kong Gun. Furthermore, one of Big Mom's top lieutenants, despite their best armor, could only take (at best) two or three punches from Gear 4. But Big Mom just tanked it like it was nothing. Clearly, the Four Emperors have earned every ounce of their reputation.
    • Expanding on this, it's implied that Kaido's just as dangerous — if not more. After Luffy declares his intent to bring down Kaido first, Big Mom refers to Kaido as "that thing," suggesting that she's fought Kaido before and considers his strength inhuman. This, coming from a woman who rampaged through a country of giants and killed one of their most legendary warriors... when she was five years old. And she was born a freak of nature with insanely abnormal strength. Not to mention that she's got a Devil Fruit that's essentially a Game-Breaker. And she still considers Kaido a monster (after all, he's viewed as unkillable — and if the person holding the one Devil Fruit that can rip entire lifespans out of people can't faze him to take his life, he's definitely something else entirely). Clearly, Luffy needs to push his strength even further, and soon.
    • The rest of Big mom's crew annihilate Sanji and The Vinsmokes. It happens off-screen, but it's implied that the whole thing took just under a minute.
    • Vinsmoke Judge. Jerkass, Abusive Parent, and Combat Pragmatist though he may be, he still has admirable pride in his nation and people. He attacks Big Mom head-on, knowing that the best he could do was buy time for his family and the Straw Hats to escape. Why? Because he promised to. For all his flaws, Judge will stand by his word.
      • In further detail, the way Big Mom dispatches Judge is nothing short of Badass. She literally EATS his spear, then hoist him up like a child, summons Zeus around her left hand and slams down a FREAKING THUNDERBOLT on the poor guy. On his HEAD, no less. It completely shatters his warbird helmet and leaves him totally out of commission.
    • Hats off to Big Mom herself, whose freakish strength is enough on its own to kill with one spank, let alone a punch, let alone a Haki-infused one. In one strike, she sufficiently took all the fight out of Luffy. And on the opposing side, Luffy came out totally unscathed, but totally exhausted. If Luffy went into this battle fresh, the outcome could have been totally different — but because things didn't go as planned, he was drained at the starting gate. Had he not come off of an extensive standstill with a Sweet Commander that caused him to burn through Gear Fourth twice, a duel with Sanji, and a blitz from all of the Big Mom Pirates where he lost by letting himself stay in one place instead of going on the run, he would have been able to put up a good fight. He's almost to Emperor level.
    • On the side of the heroes (and anyone teamed up with them): The fact that Luffy even tried to fight Big Mom head on counts. He was warned by Capone that outside of the plan he concocted, there's no way to even harm Big Mom. Sure, it was in response to goading from Big Mom, but Luffy figured that she deserves at least "one good punch" and went Gear Fourth to give her one, exhausting his remaining Haki in the process. And no, Luffy didn't seem to be expecting to hurt Big Mom — this was his way of flipping one of the Four Emperors the bird.
    • At the very end of the chapter, when all seems lost, the Chekhov's Gun first armed during the denouement chapters of the Fishman Island saga finally gets fired — The Tametebako is finally opened. The ensuing explosion is massive enough to destabilize the summit of the Whole Cake Chateau, causing the whole thing to start slowly tipping over...
      • This moment also applies to Luffy, who had set the ball rolling for this moment when he gave Big Mom the Fishman Island treasure. Luffy had inadvertently started a domino effect that resulted in the complete destruction of Big Mom's castle!
  • Chapter 872: Streusen saves not only everyone at the party but the entire town below by turning Whole Cake Chateau into a giant sponge cake.
    • Even though the assassination plot fell apart, it still did had a huge impact. Whole Cake Island is effectively in ruins. And Morgans definitely plans on going public with the event. Provided he doesn't twist the news or Stussy tells him to chalk it up for the World Government, now both Capone Bege and Luffy have a spectacular accomplishment on their resumes as pirates, and will be a wakeup call to the New World that two of the Supernovas are no longer a laughing matter — they just screwed over one of the four most powerful pirates there is, and as an unexpected side-effect, wrecked her headquarters. This is something only another Emperor could dream of doing, which means they DO pose a danger against the Emperors now.
  • Chapter 873:
    • The Charlotte Family scored some major awesome points for how efficently they handled both Big Mom and the Straw Hats. This also make Oda-sama all the more awesome for continuing to pump out such dynamics, multi-dimensional vilains.
    • After some initial panicking among the younger siblings, the eldest son, Perosprero, steps up and tells Big Mom the outragous lie that they have prepared another cake for her and the Straw Hats stole it while scared shitless and not knowing if she'll be able to hear him in her crazed state. That's Nerves of Steel!
    • Katakuri, the second son, is the de-facto Leader in his mother's absence showing that in the Big Mom Pirate, Asskicking Equals Authority. His determinnation to stop Luffy before he become too big a threat is also an awesome moment for Luffy as well, his precognition ability means his prediction will most likely come true.
    • Pudding deserves a mention as well for her confidence in her Supreme Chef skill and in her ability to capture and force Chiffon, who is still with Bege and his gang, to cooperate.
    • Head Chef Straussen was ridiculously tough. Remember, the guy was middle aged when Big Mom was five. He is probably in his hundreds by now and he survived the fall that all the Badasses of Big Mom Pirates thought they could not survive.
    • You remember how Amande confiscated Nami's copy of Big Mom's Vivre Card? Well, Nami reveals that as a precaution, she had cut the card in two just before the encounter with Big Mom's army. Talk about Crazy-Prepared! Even moreso, it allows her to command a revived King Baum again.
  • Chapter 874:
    • Big Mom, having lived in Elbaf for a time, is actually capable of using some of their techniques! Specifically, using Napoleon, she unleashes a variant version of the move that Dorry and Broggy used and it causes massive damage (including cutting off some of King Baum's body, cutting through a mountain/building of Whole Cake Island, and tearing the sea in half).
    • Nami managed to lure Zeus away from Big Mom's side by feeding him with thunder clouds made from her Clima Tact, and it was apparently so rich and silky that Zeus can't get enough of it. Combined with Nami's compliments, Zeus was nearly tamed into Nami's side.
    • King Baum shows that while he may be a Homie, while he may have been cut in half, while he has for all purposes pretty much been a punching bag for just about everyone, he is determined to stay alive for his fiancé, Lady Tree. He takes damage from Big Mom, battles against his subordinates in the Seducing Woods, and still is determined to live even when Prometheus unleashes his fury on him.
    • The Big Mom Pirates are showing how tough and smart they are these last few chapters. With 10,000 strong soldiers waiting in the Mirror World to be deployed, Katakuri is waiting for Luffy's group at the Sunny knowing that while Big Mom is still after them, he is not giving them a chance to get away.
    • It's been established that Pudding's a master of deceit. But her latest deception takes the cake — she convinced her siblings last chapter that she planned to capture Chiffon and force her help in baking a cake for Big Mom...when in reality, Pudding wants to bake said cake so Sanji and the Straw Hats can get away.
  • Chapter 875:
    • In the cover story, Bartolomeo was promoting Straw Hats by selling stickers when they wandered right into Shank's territory back at the cover of Chapter 873. On this cover, Bartolomeo and his pirate crew proceeded to set the Red Hair Pirates flag ablaze to plant their own logo, with the townspeople watching in horror and their jaws dropped.
    • It looks like Brook may have to share the MVP award this arc; Nami, by manipulating Zeus with Black Balls, manages to plant a Weather Egg inside of him (if not countless numbers of them), which she uses to fry Big Mom. Once again, for those in the back: Nami is the first hero in the series to cause significant, lasting physical damage to an Emperor of the Seas, who, up until then, had been virtually invincible. Not Luffy, not Zoro. Nami.
    • Speaking of Brook, he and Chopper get their own moment too, when they engage in battle with the Big Mom Pirates on the Sunny to reclaim their ship. Worth noting that one of the guys they're facing off against is Katakuri — one of the Sweet Commanders. But this is the sort of balls we've come to expect of Brook who took on an Emperor.
  • Chapter 876
    • Big Mom continues to show how ridiculously powerful the Four Emperors are. Remember that enormous thunderbolt from Zeus that Nami hit her with last chapter? Which was powerful enough to make a giant crater in the ground? Big Mom is COMPLETELY UNFAZED by it.
      • How does Big Mom get out of the crater? No, she doesn't jump or climb out. She just moves against the wall and literally walks through the ground!
    • Pudding demonstrates that her memory-altering Devil Fruit has dangerous applications in an actual battle: by screwing with the memories of the Seducing Forest, she makes them part ways to let the Straw Hats through. That's right — Pudding's Devil Fruit power can affect something that was created by Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors.
    • Chiffon gets some props of her own for keeping Pudding on track despite the latter's developing split personality.
    • We've seen Sanji do some pretty awesome cooking in the past, but when he declares they're gonna make a cake so good that it'll make Big Mom faint, you just know their cooking session is gonna be something pure awesome.
  • Chapter 877:
    • Charlotte Perospero spends basically the entire chapter showing that, despite his somewhat frail appearance compared to some of his siblings, he's a force to be reckoned with. He quickly has both Brook and Chopper incapacitated and minutes from death, he uses his ability to create a giant iron maiden, he once again stops the Straw Hats in their tracks, by locking the Thousand Sunny in candy, and when rushed by Pedro, a combat hardened an experienced Mink with a bounty over 300 million, he blocks and neutralizes him in seconds, before revealing his own bounty of 700 million, one of the highest confirmed bounties in the series.
    • The heroes are no slouch either. When Perospero tries to encase Luffy and co in his candy Iron Maiden, Luffy just melts it with his Red Hawk attack, before taking Katakuri on. When Perospero zips back to the shore so he can encase the Thousand Sunny from a safe distance, Pedro is right behind him and reveals that he still has the dynamite strapped to his chest from when he fought Tamago!
  • Chapter 878:
    • Luffy reminds us why he's the captain. After the explosion frees the ship, Luffy realizes that even if they manage to escape, Katakuri is still on board and someone will probably die in the fight. So what does he do? Leave everything up to his crew and drags both himself and Katakuri into the Mirror-World, smashing the mirror behind them! Simultaneously protecting his crew from the two-man war, taking the second largest threat out of the picture, and finally give himself the fight he had been craving the entire arc. And given the state of the situation, he came up with all of that in the span of a few seconds.
  • Chapter 879:
    • Give a big hand to the Big Mom Pirates! Once again, we are reminded of just how extreme the power of an Emperor's crew is, and how long the Straw Hats still have to go to reach their level:
      • As Jimbei was giving a speech about how the enemy fleet can appear at anytime, a single enemy walked through the mist: Big Mom herself, walking on water and screaming for wedding cake with her Nightmare Face on. Even Jimbei was panicked!
      • A closer inspection reveals that it's actually Perospero (who was BLOWN UP two chapter ago, mind you!), acting as a glorified taxi driver for his mother, all the while making a new arm out of candy to replace the one he lost and contemplating revenge.
      • The most extreme demonstration of power belongs to Katakuri, shown when he and Luffy duke it out in the Mirror World. Every move Luffy pulls on him, Katakuri does it better. It gets to the point where Luffy whips out his Elephant Gun, but Katakuri makes his mimicked version of the move MONSTROUSLY larger and effortlessly thumps him across the realm. This kind of Curb-Stomp Battle hasn't happened to Luffy since Sabaody, where he faced an ADMIRAL!
    • Jimbei has shown himself to be quite a fit for the long-vacant position of Vice Captain with the way he both reprimands and encourages the other Straw Hats after Pedro's sacrifice. His words roused Chopper and Brook out of their sorrow and sprung them to action!
  • Chapter 880:
    • Sanji shows off his cooking skills by making an exact copy of the original recipe for the wedding cake just from the smell.
    • Once again, Big Mom continues to impress and show off the tremendous power of one of the Four Emperors by using her Devil Fruit to create a gigantic tidal wave much like what Whitebeard did. Sure she actually used Perospero's Candy Slug (the same one they use to walk on the seas in the first place), but still.
  • Chapter 881:
    • If you wondered what Jimbei's role on the crew was going to be, this chapter makes it unquestionable: helmsman. So the Thousand Sunny is about to be swallowed up by the tidal wave Homie, and used up all the cola in the last Coup de Burst, you say? The crew is now host to someone whose entire species rides giant waves for fun. Jimbei gets behind the wheel of the ship, and effortlessly and gracefully pilots the Sunny through the green room of the wave before it breaks. That is, to say, he surfs the Sunny through the killer wave on reflex, like a fish to water... because he is one!
    • Although unclear, from what the scenes of this chapter suggest, Katakuri accidentally bore witness to a moment of his own. When Katakuri kicked Luffy in the middle of holding a mirror fragment, Katakuri also kicked the mirror fragment into Luffy's mouth. You heard right — Katakuri made Luffy eat MIRROR. An already jagged mirror fragment which shattered worse from the impact of the kick. For a few moments afterward, Luffy is stuck reeling as he's forced to hack the broken bits back up.
  • Chapter 882:
    • So how much of a badass is Katakuri Charlotte? Well, he's Awakened his Devil Fruit powers (like Doflamingo), has a spear named "Mole" (or "Earth Dragon" depending on the reading), and has had Luffy on the ropes for all this time. However, his sister decides to hype him up even further by stating that Katakuri has NEVER (as in not even to rest) allowed his back to touch the ground and is considered amongst all of the children of Big Mom to be the most perfect of them all.
    • As much as the Vinsmokes are scum (sans Reiju), it was pretty awesome to see that they completely curbstomped the squad of Big Mom Pirates that attacked them. Bonus points for trying to fake their defeat to Mont-d'Or.
  • Chapter 883:
    • Luffy finally manage to get a good hit in on Katakuri, and at the same time, hints that he finally figured out Katakuri's weakness.
    Luffy: You're definitely super strong...but you're not invincible!
  • Chapter 884:
    • The first few pages opens with Luffy absolutely pummeling Katakuri, who he couldn't even touch beforehand. Luffy even taunts him in between blows.
    Luffy: I thought you were invincible!
    • Then Katakuri quickly regained his composure and punted Luffy again, this time in Gear Fourth. For the record, this is the first time Gear Fourth was overwhelmed in a head-on fight.
    • We finally find out how both the Straw Hats and the Firetank Pirates managed to escape detection from the Territorial Sea Slugs: Charlotte Praline tapped into her mermaid heritage and roped them all into a song about enjoying a holiday and not working. "All" as in "all the slugs in the entirety of the Totto Land archipelago"!
  • Chapter 885:
    • Sanji almost accidentally killed one of Big Mom's chefs... because his whipped cream is so freaking delicious the man almost entered Nirvana when he tasted it.
  • Chapter 886:
    • When Oven tries to kill Chiffon, Pound immediately dashes towards him to attack him. Granted, the poor guy is hopelessly outmatched and he knows it, but he still deserves credit for having the balls to charge against someone he knew was miles stronger, so as to protect his daughter.
    • Sanji sees the above moment, and dashes at lightning-fast speed to send Oven away with a Diable Jambe-enhanced kick, simultaneously saving Pound from Oven's counterattack, saving Chiffon from Oven,and protecting his identity because he went too fast for most people to see.
    • When Oven catches up to Chiffon anyway, he tries to get Bege to surrender by threatening her. Just when Bege arrives and it seems he will surrender, he instead shoots and nails Oven in the head with an explosive round, as his crew and son cheer. The fact that he shot him with a pistol from a very far distance makes it even more impressive.
    Bege: "Take a good look, Pez. That's the way your Daddy lives."
    • Chiffon also deserves credit: she's been caught by her much more powerful half-brother, she's completely and absolutely screwed and clearly knows that Big Mom will kill her... and yet she urges Bege and his crew to leave her behind, telling them that she freely decided to help with the cake and that, even when she knows how badly her mother wants her dead, she doesn't want him to get caught with her, and only asks him to avenge her upcoming death. That takes guts.
    • The ending. Luffy has come to a realization that the only way he can take down Katakuri is if he learns how to use Katakuri's ability to look into the future with sharpened Observation Haki]]. A prospect battle of the trump cards is about to begin, probably comparable to the match between Goku and Hit in Dragon Ball Super where Goku uses Kaio-Ken in Super Saiyan Blue to outrun Hit's time-skipping ability (before Hit starts improving his ability even further to counter this).
  • Chapter 887:
    • The fact that Bege's ship, Nostra Castello, is an amphibious ship! Meaning that Bege can fight on land and on sea (something that not many ships have been capable of doing). Bege even uses his ship to run over Oven as he rescues Chiffon and the rest, and boasts to Oven about how he never explained this because... well, why would he tell his secrets to people that he's been planning to backstab from the beginning?!
    • For a villainous example, the stuff that Oven pulls off on this chapter. He has the gall to try and stop an amphibious ship (he fails, but he still tried), using his Devil Fruit to boil a large portion of the sea (which is near instant as Bege barely made out of the harbor when Oven caught up), and taking a blow to the head from Pound (granted, Oven is a lot tougher, but he was still conscious while he was paying attention to Bege).
    • Despite knowing full well what will happen to him, Pound sacrifices himself to save everyone on Bege's ship from being boiled by Oven and enable them to escape. He spends his last moments smiling, calmly fixing his clothes, and thinking of how much he loves his daughters and is happy that Chiffon has a good life now.
  • Chapter 888:
    • This chapter has far more awesome than one should be able to handle. Firstly, we have a peek at Luffy and his battle with Katakuri, who gives Luffy the options of being defeated or joining the Big Mom Pirates. Luffy's answer?
      Luffy: I came back to beat you!
      Katakuri: That wasn't an option!
    • This is then followed by Carrot's transformation under the moonlight into what is referred to as a Sulong (or a Moon Lion). This transformation is akin to how Goku from Dragon Ball fame goes into his Super Saiyan form in terms of how awesome it is. Carrot, immediately after telling the Straw Hats that she will handle things and gazing into the moon ends up with much longer hair and extra poofy tail with electricity running through said tail. With pure white hair, sharp claws, and red eyes, Carrot immediately jumps towards the fleet before the Straw Hats and she's able to avoid falling into the water towards her opponents. She then uses what looks to be a Flash Step to avoid getting shot at, causes havoc as she fights her way through Big Mom's crew, and finally rips apart the wheel at breakneck speeds to end it all with a smile.
    • What's even more amazing is this is another instances of "ODA NEVER FORGETS". The full moon was mentioned as early as Chapter 805, when Luffy first landed on Zou, where Wanda first mentioned the full moon when Pedro appeared, then gets a ominous Call-Back in Chapter 811, where it's stated it's lucky the full moon is covered by the clouds, and Chapter 886 and Duke Dogstorm mentioned the Minks "true form". Sure enough, those Story Bread Crumbs paid off big time this chapter.
  • Chapter 889:
    • Between Carrot's transformation, her baiting Daifuku's genie into Friendly Fire, and Brook helping on the side, Daifuku's entire fleet is either de-helmed or decimated, giving the Straw Hats a huge hole in the blockade to escape through. Not bad for an undermanned crew outnumbered 50 ships to 1.
    • Sadly, the above is cut short by Big Mom's own awesome moment: Prometheus and Zeus have caught up to her, and she proceeds to do her best impression of a One-Winged Angel Fusion Dance with them. Napoleon becomes an even bigger cutlass that now has a jagged mouth in the blade, Prometheus has transformed into Big Mom's own flaming hair, and Zeus is now ferrying her again. The chapter ends with the cliffhanger of this monstrous Big Mom landing on the deck of the Sunny.
  • Chapter 890:
    • The Straw Hats have done the impossible: they pushed off Big Mom.
      • How they did it deserves special mention, and much further elaboration for each of the Straw Hats.
      • Jimbei fully shows that he can use Armament Haki, (for those who had their doubts), and tanks Napoleon, blocking it from destroying the Sunny and NOT becoming Half the Man He Used to Be. Despite this, he's still flung off the ship due to Big Mom's obscene strength. But it only takes him seconds to recover and he's able to use his Fishman Karate to douse Prometheus (saving the Sunny from being set on fire). Not stopping there, he then delivers a Megaton Punch right to Big Mom's gut, sending her flying off the ship!
      • Chopper uses Guard Point for the first time in ages, successfully saving Nami from being crushed by Big Mom's fist!
      • Brook enacts Taking the Bullet for Nami to No-Sell Zeus's lightning. Think about this for a second. He out-sped a lightning bolt fired at close range in order to protect his crewmate! Following this he drops his, "Can I see your panties?" line to Big Mom, solely, (we hope), to catch her off guard and make her pause, even for a split-second. It works, and Brook capitalizes on this to utterly Speed Blitz Zeus, cutting the thundercloud in half.
      • Finally, Nami uses this moment to force Zeus to discharge all of his lightning directly into Big Mom again. She also captured Zeus afterward for good measure (while giving him the ultimatum to be her servant or be destroyed), depriving Big Mom of her speed advantage (though unfortunately she can still ride Prometheus to stay on their tail).
      • Points still need to be given to Big Mom, who despite getting hit by Jimbei's strongest attack and Zeus' thunderbolt, still seems to be mostly fine and keeps chasing the Sunny. And this is after all the poundings she took earlier that day and having been starving for 8 hours. Once again, proving the Four Emperors are ridiculously powerful.
    • To echo the similar awesome moment from Chapter 875, because the echo is significant: Nami is the first hero in the series to cause significant, lasting physical damage to an Emperor of the Seas, who, up until then, had been virtually invincible. Not Luffy, not Zoro. Nami. Why is this echo significant? Because this time the damage visibly stuck. Big Mom shrugged off the first discharge without any sort of mark of damage on her at all. She didn't shrug off this one.
  • Chapter 891: Sanji has completed the cake, at last. And right on the nick of time, too, considering that the cake stopped Big Mom from catching up and destroying the Sunny.
    • Luffy, meanwhile, is in the midst of building up his Obvservational Haki even further, and in order to do so, he's not using Gear 4 to fight back. Hit after hit, he's being pounded in by Katakuri... yet he hasn't fallen. The awesome comes when you realize that Luffy is actually beginning to dodge attacks Katakuri is throwing at him. Katakuri, the man whose own Observatoinal Haki allows him to see into the future. Yes.
  • Chapter 892: The entirety of the Big Mom Pirates are considering the Straw Hats to be dangerous enemies with Oven insisting they not underestimate them and Katakuri thinking that he has to defeat Luffy soon before he reaches his level.
  • Chapter 893: Katakuri figuring out that the reason Luffy has been lagging in their fight is because his brat of a sister Flambe has been interfering. He positively flips on her, stabs himself to even the odds between Luffy, and then when Flambe makes fun of Kata's face, he and Luffy combine their Conqueror's Haki to knock her and her toadies out (said Haki also fractures the Mirror World), and then Katakuri openly declares Luffy as someone who he's proud to call a Worthy Opponent.
    • The way in which Katakuri evens the playing field brings to mind Zoro slicing open his side against Cabaji, all the way back in the Buggy arc. Oda never forgets.
  • Chapter 894: The battle between Luffy and Katakuri continues for nearly two hours. At the end of the chapter, after being pummeled to the ground by Katakuri, Luffy vows to end the battle and reveals a new form for Gear Fourth, Snakeman.
    • Meanwhile, a truly massive number of the Big Mom Pirates gather to fight the Straw Hats with some of them noting that for the amount of force they're assembling, they expected an army numbering in the tens of thousands, not less than ten pirates.
      • In two words, Snack amplifies this kind of threat by a great deal: "Worst Generation," suggesting that EVERY member of this notorious group is this dangerous. Snack is the only named member of the Big Mom Pirates with firsthand experience against a Worst Generation member prior to Luffy's attack, so he knows what they're capable of.
  • Chapter 895:
    • Snakeman is revealed, and it can be considered an upgraded version of Gear Second, as Luffy is now immensely faster. Katakuri is also briefly fooled by Luffy's Python attack (the chasing punch he used on Doflamingo back on Dressrosa), and even after adjusting his Combat Clairvoyance, Luffy's attacks are simply so blindingly fast that he can't avoid them all.
    • Granted, Katakuri is no slouch and continues to pummel Luffy, but they are now evenly matched. The entire chapter is a brutal slugfest between the two of them, ending on a Cliffhanger with the two clashing with their strongest moves.
  • Chapter 896:
    • Both Luffy's and Katakuri's attacks connected, and for a tense few minutes it looks like it was a Double Knockout, followed by both of them getting back up, only for one to fall back down after a brief exchange of words. The battle is over.
      Katakuri: Huff... Will you be back... someday... Huff!! to topple Big Mom...? Huff, huff...
      Luffy: Huff... of course I will! I'm the man... who will be King of the Pirates!!!
      Katakuri: ... You're looking quite far into the the future!! Koff *falls onto his back*
    • The fact that Luffy's crewmates are more concerned with whether or not Luffy took into account the time, or forgot the plan, than with whether or not he'll lose.
    • The sheer realization that Luffy actually took down his first billion-berry pirate monstrosity. He actually did it all by himself, no outside assistance from anyone. And he beat a guy who has a bounty even higher than Jack's, and it took a giant thousand-year-old elephant to beat him.
  • Chapter 897:
  • Chapter 898:
    • The battle has begun, and Germa 66 is delivering a proper trashing. Not only do they reveal they confronted the squad sent to kill them (Nusstorte and his fleet) and tossed them into the sea, the Vinsmoke siblings all get to shine while carving a massive path through the Big Mom pirates just to let Sanji and Luffy escape — Ichiji gouges a hole in Charlotte Oven with his light powers; Yonji uses a mechanical arm to turn one of the Charlotte siblings into a human wrecking ball; Niji uses his own Super Speed to carry Sanji and Luffy by himself, electrocuting anyone who got in the way, before delivering them a powerful kick back to the Thousand Sunny; and Reiju blows a cloud of poison on some men who try to shoot down an airborne Sanji and Luffy with tear gas, allowing her brother and his captain to fly back to their crew uninterrupted. The Big Mom pirates' reputation is going to have a hard time recovering after all is over.
  • Chapter 899: The interventions continue, and even as the Big Mom pirates catch up and start having a chance to even avenge themselves things get worse and worse for the Big Mom Pirates.
    • First of all, Judge makes his entrance and opens fire on Smoothie's fleet. Even as he rants and raves about how Luffy came back and caused all this chaos for a weakling and failure, he still intervenes on their behalf.
    • And just as things are looking darkest, with the group close enough that Daifuku can start directly besieging the Thousand Sunny with his genie, an enormous bulge beneath the water... Who would've thought we'd be happy to see Wadatsumi come back, even promising to give endless grief to anyone who troubles his boss? Jimbei jumps into the water to confirm, and yes: The Sun Pirates have come by to say goodbye to their captain before he joins the Straw Hats, and fight as a crew one more time.
    • Also counts as a combined Moment of Funny and Heartwarming: Luffy completely ignores Judge's rant about Sanji and thanks him for the help, leaving Judge completely flabbergasted and causing Jimbei to burst out laughing. When Sanji tries to tell Luffy what his father really meant, Luffy asks him why is Judge talking about his son's good traits.
  • Chapter 900: One goes to Oda himself for making it look like the Straw Hats were home free in the last chapter and the start of this one, only for EVERYTHING to flip upside-down to where it looks like nobody we want to win is going to pull through, and then have the balls to go on break and blue-balls the audience with the manga's greatest cliffhanger ever.
  • Chapter 901:
    • What happened in the last chapter? It was actually the Sun Pirates' ship! At the last minute, they pulled a switcharoo, with Wadatsumi hiding the Sunny in his mouth and trying to take the Straw Hats away. Even after Oven's attack forces Wadatsumi and the Sunny into the open, the Sun Pirates decide to hold off the Big Mom fleet for the Straw Hats. Jimbei can't bring himself to leave his old crew to themselves, so he promises to join Luffy in Wano while he helps them. The result? A giant maelstrom that blocks the fleet.
    • Luffy's orders to Jimbei are one of the few times where Luffy's exercising his authority as captain in full-force. Ninety percent of the time, he's the usual, happy-go-lucky goof-ball we all know and love, but when Luffy makes himself clear to Jimbei, he is Monkey D. Luffy, Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Jimbei bows his head in gratitude and obedience to him.
      Luffy: Remember one thing, Jimbei! I'M YOUR CAPTAIN NOW!
    • Poignant as it is to see Jimbei and the Fishman Pirates staying behind to hold off Big Mom's crew, Morgans' declaration on the final page makes it abundantly clear: The war for the title of King of the Pirates has begun.
  • On a meta level, the visuals and imagination for this island is extraordinarily well-crafted. As this video shows, the arc had a Disney land made of talking everything, a sci-fi kingdom, panels in the form of photographs, and so many more images showing Oda is still Doing It for the Art.

    Reverie Arc 
  • Chapter 903:
    • We got two big changes with the Straw Hat's bounties. Sanji surpassed Zoro's at 330 million berries (10 million more than Zoro's current amount). But it absolutely pales in comparison to Luffy who, in true Luffy fashion, didn't read it carefully and thought his bounty went down to 150 million. Only problem is, he forgot an extra zero. Luffy is now worth 1.5 billion berries.
      • It cannot be overstated how incredible this jump is. Assuming that we (generously) allow 7 days of travel time from Zou to Totto Land, we can estimate that all post-time skip events thus far have taken place over the span of *4 weeks in universe*. In that time, Luffy has established Fishman Island as the first island of his protected territory, defeats perhaps the most powerful of the Warlords and liberates the kingdom of Dressrosa, establishes a grand fleet of hundreds of the world’s strongest fighters, invades the territory of a Yonko, defeats two of her strongest generals, and had his bounty nearly quadruple from 400 million to 1.5 billion, effectively establishing himself as the new Fifth Emperor. And all this after vanishing from the world stage for 2 years. No wonder the World Government fears Luffy so much!

    • Even though the assassination failed, and the Germa possibly fell into Big Mom's hands anyway, by beating two of her Sweet Commanders, circumspectly causing her palace to collapse, and getting away with it, Luffy was declared the winner of the fracas, much to Big Mom's fury.
    • The sheer fact that the media is referring to Luffy as the Fifth Emperor. Getting the attention of the entire world.
    • Nami gets a big power boost. She hung on to Zeus, who now lives in her Clima-tact.
    • Koby reappears for the first time post-timeskip (in canon), showing off his own two years of training by saving the Dressrosa and Prodence royals from a torpedo. While underwater.
    • Niji slipped a Raid Suit designed for Sanji in his pocket. Not only is this surprisingly and uncharacteristically kind of him, we know these suits give the user special abilities. Sanji predictably resists having one due to his deeply ingrained hate of the Germa, but at least he doesn't chuck it away at the insistence of Luffy. Chekhov's Gun is in play.
  • Chapter 904:
    • Belo Betty empowering all the civilians so they could take down Pinkbeard and his men themselves.
      • Belo Betty herself is an awesome case of Oda Shown Their Work. As One Piece wiki and this very wiki mentioned, she's based on the picture "Liberty leading the people" during the French Revolution which is not well-known outside of French or historians. While Gaburu's similarity to Che Guevara is only skin-deep, Belo Betty is a proof that Oda really did his homework and research into the history of revolutions.
    • Another understated moment is how consistent Oda has written the Revolutionary. Kuma, Ivankov and the commanders are all shown to uphold the ideal of "Help others help themselves". Keep in mind that Ivankov first appeared 10 years ago and Kuma even before that. Make you wonder how Oda has been planning his Magnum Opus out.
    • We finally learn what Dragon plans to do: declare war on the Celestial Dragons. These are the people even the Fleet Admiral won't touch, the infinitely-inabled pieces of shit who do every abusive and unforgivable act humanly possible without recourse, on pain of being wiped out if you even think about opposing them. And he doesn't even think twice about doing this, nor do his comrades: they all realize this is the only way to know true freedom and happiness. By revealing this one piece of information, this chapter proved Dragon is indeed the most dangerous and wanted man in the One Piece world.
  • Chapter 905:
    • Jerkass extraordinaire Stelly returns and promenades around like his usual spoiled self. He snobs off at Garp. Garp is a grizzled badass who has the notoriety and the stones to just lay out how much of a pussy he thinks Stelly is. Garp wastes no time in absolutely shitting down Stelly's neck. And it is magnificent. After years of getting away with crap, he finally meets someone who tells him upfront he's a dick and does nothing but insult him back, and the shoe is on the other foot.
    • The scene where the bondola ascends the Red Line and the passengers gaze up at an amazing view. It's especially touching for Shirahoshi, who has never seen the outside world in its full glory, and it brings her to Tears of Joy- even though she's prone to crying.
    • Fujitora having the guts to show up to Mariejois despite Sakazuki's ban order from letting him enter any Marine base threshold. Issho plays Rules Lawyer and argues that a place called Marineford is not a "base", getting in.
    • The predictable but intriguing introduction of the much-hyped Ryokugyu, if only a glimpse. We all knew he would probably turn up by Mariejois, but the first thing we learn about him that stands out? He has been fasting, nonstop... for three years. This is something that would kill an ordinary human after about seventy days from malnutrition. Fasting is also something Charlotte Linlin cannot do whatsoever, as it causes her to go absolutely berserk. In other words, Ryokugyu already has a leg up on one of the Four Emperors! That's the worth of an Admiral!!
    • The very last panel shows one of the guards tasked with protecting Stelly: Sabo. The Revolutionaries already infiltrated Mary Geoise.
  • Chapter 906:
    • When Wapol tries talking down to Dalton, the latter transforms into his hybrid form and coldly reminds Wapol that he's a king now too. Wapol tries to continue his tirade of how Dalton will never be a true king, but the latter instead ignores him to talk to Vivi, Rebecca, Shirahoshi, and Leo about Luffy.
    • It should not be understated how amazing it is to see so many people that have been affected by the Straw Hats' actions come together and have the chance to share their stories. Especially for Vivi, who has only been able to discern her friends’ actions through the newspaper. Now, she can learn of how Luffy and his crew saved countless lives, Shirahoshi can find more people she can relate to, and Rebecca and Leo can find out what led their saviors to helping them. In a world filled with awful people, the lives the Straw Hats have touched will always shine brightly and it will be in this arc that they can shine brightest.
  • Chapter 907:
    • Big Mom and Kaido planned a meeting via transponder snail, to discuss who gets to kill Luffy. They do this on an unencrypted line, which the listening Marines note is basically saying "try and stop us".
      • The mere fact that Luffy has enraged Big Mom and Kaido enough that they fight over which one has the right to kill him shows that they consider him more than just a mere nuisance now.
    • Midway through the meet-n-greet, Saint Charloss shows his ugly mug again and has the gall to try and grab Shirahoshi as a slave, right in front of everyone, even her own father and brothers! Unfortunately, CP0 are on hand to prevent anyone interfering. And just when Neptune is about to say "screw it" and wreak havoc, someone beats him to it and clobbers Charloss' face in: Saint Donquixote Mjosgard, the very World Noble that Queen Otohime saved.
      • And on both an Awesome and Heartwarming level, we get to see the proof that Otohime's words really did have an effect!
      • If you pay attention, you will see that Mjosgard's body shape has changed drastically from a fat slob into a pretty fit guy. It was stated by Saint Rosward in the next chapter that he has let go of all of his slaves. This means Mjosgard started to do everything with his own hands and might even have undergone some physical training himself. This was shown as how he was able to wield a big spike club and hit Charloss with enough force to send him flying a fair distance away.
      • Also, usually when someone "offends" a World Noble by doing something small as standing in their way, they would either get shot repeatedly or have an Admiral running after them. Mjosgard being a fellow World Noble means that he would likely get away with decking Charloss in the face with a club, no matter how much Charloss will whine about it.
    • There's also an understated one: Vivi and Rebecca actively attempt to intervene when Charloss goes after Shirahoshi, despite knowing how much trouble this would get themselves into. Even moreso for Vivi, who's great at discerning who not to pick a fight with, but was entirely unafraid to get into Lucci's face over it.
  • Chapter 908:
    • We had the impression that the Gorosei are the all-powerful rulers of the world, aren't they? Well, in this chapter, we find out that there is someone even they bow to, and they coolly prove that the tenet of the Empty Throne is a big lie. Imu's now running to be the true Big Bad of One Piece.

    Wano Country Arc 
  • Chapter 909:
    • Zoro has been back to the story for only a few pages. What's the first real thing he does? Cut down a magistrate and the building behind him, from across the hall, with a tanto (dagger used for seppuku).
    • Before that, Zoro sniffed blood on the magistrate and deduced the true culprit of the street murders, the magistrate himself, who tried to frame Zoro to get his hands on Shuusui.
    • Zoro achieving said feat owes itself to some Fridge Brilliance: it brings to mind what Mihawk said about any blade serving as a black blade as very viable and goes back to the showdown where all he used was a dinner knife to attack Zoro. Zoro has just proven he is able to match Mihawk on that level.
    • Whitebeard turning out to spend his seventy-year life making his homeland prosperous by funneling in all his treasure as dirty money going to a good cause a la Robin Hood, and never once being exposed by outside parties for doing that.
  • Chapter 910: The way to Wano is gorgeous. The scene with the wave is straight out of the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa. It seemed that Wano was designed so that Oda can show off his skill at traditional Japanese art.
    • Wano is apparently a lot like the places Luffy and Zoro trained on during the timeskip mixed into one. Rusukaina (a place full of giant beasts) + Gloom Kingdom (populated by Humandrills who copy what they see, including armed combat) = Wano (giant animals who can wield weapons like people), as the first thing Luffy notices after making landfall are two beasts fighting, one of which is wielding a giant katana.
  • Chapter 911:
    • Luffy's skill with the Color of Observation have really improved after having fought Charlotte Katakuri. No sooner than the two members of the Beast Pirates find him, they try to capture him. Luffy has none of that and knocks the first guy out without even looking behind him from far away. Then the second guy is knocked down by Luffy kicking the lizard steed the two were using right into the rifle which misfires.
    • Tama is building up to be a tough little girl despite the fact that she was captured and is adorable. Right after Luffy knocks the guy down and tames the baboon that was fighting the Komainu (both of which soon come to be tamed by her later using her Devil Fruit power), she gets out of the bag they were holding her in and using a stick, knocks the Beast Pirate member out. If that wasn't enough, right after thanking Luffy and everything, she decides to give her hard-earned rice to Luffy as a way to thank him for saving her life and is fighting the hunger she has to express her gratitude. Then there's a fact that she's dealing with all of this as she waits for a pirate named Ace who promised to see her again, when she could've moved to another place that has no toxic rivers (courtesy of Kaido's factories) and not have to survive in the most meager way possible.
    • To top it all off, the "Headliner" that the Beast Pirates were talking about? The guy that obviously is a higher member of the crew? It is the "Magician" Basil Hawkins, who like Apoo, has joined the Beast Pirates!
  • Chapter 912:
    • The long awaited team up finally happened: Zoro and Luffy vs Basil Hawkins! To add to the awesomeness, Luffy is wielding the Nidai Kitetsu (Kitetsu the Second), the middle member of the infamous cursed swords trio (Zoro already possesses Sandai — the Third). You just know that this will lead to some awesome revelation.
    • Yet another awesome points for "Oda never forgets". The story of the Kitetsus was first mentioned all the way back in Loguetown, more than 800 chapters ago. Now we are meeting their bladesmiths who may have an answer to the curse.
    • Also, the name of the village that Ace was in is Amigasa, which mean a type of Straw hat, this is likely where Ace learn how to knit the straw hat for Oars Jr.
  • Chapters 915 & 916: Urashima, the arrogant Yokozuna-rank sumo wrestler in Wano, summarily got his honor torn into pieces when Kiku cut down his topknot and subsequently got trounced by Luffy in a straight-up sumo wrestling, sending him off flying through the tower where Tama was kidnapped.
  • Chapter 917:
    • Luffy and Zoro moving so fast that Luffy is able to snatch Tama from Kamijiro's jaws without Holdem even seeing it happen (let along Kamijiro being able to crush Tama first), and Zoro slices through the mooks menacing Kiku.
    • Luffy not only isn't hurt at all from Kamijiro's huge fire attack, but then defeats Holdem in one hit with Gum Gum Red Hawk.
  • Chapter 918:
    • Luffy and Zoro successfully deliver the food to Okobore, and Luffy declares he will not leave Wano until the people are able to always have a good meal.
  • Chapter 921:
    • Shutenmaru, the leader of the bandits mentioned in several prior chapters, appears and though he is robbing the citizens of Leftover Town, he is shown to be no slouch. He takes on Jack, who rides on what appears to be a giant land shark creature, and instantly wounds Jack with no trouble. Indeed, the bandits and citizens stay away due to the intense fight.
    • After years and years of theories and speculations after the mention of Kaido and how he is the strongest "creature" in the world, Oda delivers a bomb almost as big as when Kaido 1st physically appeared...Kaido has been revealed to have eaten a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit that can turn him into a Dragon!
  • Chapter 922:
    • Kaido shows exactly why he's feared when he proceeds to wipe out Oden Castle with a single breath attack.
    • Of course, that doesn't scare Luffy as he finishes the chapter by delivering an Elephant Gun straight to Kaido's head in furious retaliation for attacking his crewmembers.
  • Chapter 923:
    • Kaido gives us the very greatest demonstration of the Four Emperors' personal might ever seen, by effortlessly no-selling everything Luffy throws at him, then beating him within the inch of his life with a single effortless hit! Nightmarish, unpleasant, but still awesome.
      • It's understated, but Kaido's reaction to getting hit with three Haki-infused finishers? He just sits up, sighs in disappointment, and decimates Luffy in one hit. Given his disappointment, it's entirely possible that Luffy's initial barrage made him think for once he might be up against someone who could challenge him.
    • Adding to that when Luffy dodges another flame breath and prepares to strike Kaido again, the warlord just stares before getting hit.
    • The battle is also one for Luffy, though to a lesser extent. Kaido is not reacting in pain, but Luffy's attacks are clearly uncomfortable for him to go through. Even though Kaido is known for tanking everything that comes his way, Luffy’s assault is at least more than he expected.
    • It should be noted that Kaido is the first enemy to One-Hit Kill Luffy. Crocodile, Smoker, Admiral Kizaru... none of them managed to take out Luffy in one hit... all of them beat him at least once in the past... but none so soundly and abruptly as Kaido. Talk about a Hero Killer.
    • "I'm gonna be king of the pirates!" is Luffy's catchphrase, and he tells Kaido the same thing. After Kaido's done with him, this is his response.
    Kaido: You, Pirate King? You, boy!?
  • Chapter 924:
    • Kaido when sober quickly proves that he's not Dumb Muscle by stating that Luffy is still conscious and glaring at him, even though he is no longer moving. A couple of mooks fail to listen to this perception and get a blast of Luffy's Conqueror's Haki for their insolence.
    • Beaten within an inch of their lives and captured by Kaido's men, Kid and Luffy both display their unbreakable will and determination. Luffy still has the strength to glare at his captors, and both of them declare that Kaido will pay for this.
    • An unknown prisoner demonstrates just why you don't want to feed him fish with any bone in it, impaling a guard who was menacing Luffy in the neck with the fishbone he spits out. Oh, did we forget to mention that THE FISHES HE ATE DAILY WAS NORMALLY FATALLY POISONOUS?
    • Despite being KOed last chapter, Luffy is already on his feet and walking.
    • Kaido is vocally disturbed by Luffy. A stark contrast to when he was insulted into a rage when he was advised to take Luffy seriosuly.
    • A slight one for Kid. While he was still unconditionally crushed, we at least learn he put up enough of a fight to leave a firm impression, just like Luffy did.
      • Oh, by the way. Kid is confirmed to possess CONQUEROR HAKI!
  • Chapter 925:
    • Teach makes his debut after the Time Skip and is revealed to have a bounty of 2.247 billion.
    • The Blackbeard pirates display another two of the Devil Fruits they've acquired during the Time Skip. Devon has the Mythical Zoan Dog-Dog Fruit, Model: Nine-Tailed Fox and Shiryu has the Clear-Clear Fruit.
  • Chapter 926:
    • Both Luffy and Kidd move over 500 stone blocks several times their size despite being weakened by sea stone, having turned what was supposed to be a hellish imprisonment into a Friendly Rivalry to keep themselves from giving in to their jailers.
    • After eating hundreds of kibidango, they're confronted by the deputy warden Dobon, who uses the giant hippo attached to him to eat Luffy and Kid. They then proceed to punch their way out of him despite the sea stone restraints, and then pull a "you didn't see anything" due to the rules of fighting back.
  • Chapter 927:
    • Sanji reminds us why you never waste food around him. When one of Kyoshiro's goons knocks over his soba cart, he kicks his head in and force feeds him the soba off the ground.
    • Franky gets in on the fun as he suplexes another goon from the top of a building. Seems he learned some tricks from his fight with Senor Pink.
  • Chapter 930:
    • The Big Mom Pirates are heading to Wano and are breaking through with ease. That is until King shows off his Devil Fruit ability (Dragon Dragon Fruit: Model: Pteranodon) and knocks Big Mom's ship and crew into the ocean.
    • When Page One goes on a rampage looking for Sanji, he shows himself with a kick to the face, and then in order to make sure his identity is hidden, he takes out the Germa Raid Suit, forgoing his vow to never use it.
  • Chapter 931:
    • We finally see Sanji in his Raidsuit, and it is glorious. Known as Stealth Black, it grants Sanji one of his greatest dreams: invisibility! Bathhouses and foes better watch out.
    • The fight between Sanji and Pageone looks good for both of them. Pageone is forced to go hybrid form and sends Sanji though multiple buildings with one attack, thinking that has done his foe in only for Sanji to show up far above him still ready to fight. Brings back memories of him being punched through a wall way back at Arlong Park, only for him to get up and complain about how weak the blow was.
  • Chapter 932:
    • Despite being caught by the Oniwabanshu, Robin still shows some quick thinking while trying her best to get away from them:
      • Even after being warned that she'll be tortured to death if she lies, Robin lies anyway when asked who she is and what she's doing there, claiming to be the Witching Hour Boy investigating the flow of money in the capital. When the ninja try to capture her, it's revealed that "she" is actually just her flower clone, and she's able to get away temporarily.
      • Robin also realizes that, since she won't be able to get away from the palace, she might as well blend in by going back to the party and trying to continue her mission anyway. She does successfully conceal herself from the searching ninja for several minutes, and goes right up to Orochi when he invites her to him and starts asking him questions for the mission.
    • Komurasaki shows she won't take crap from anyone, not even the Shogun. When he tries to kill Toko for laughing apparently at him and refuses to listen to the courtesan's pleas for Toko's life, she gives him an epic bitch-slap across the face and tells him that she won't kneel for anyone, and doesn't even blink when he threatens to kill her for it.
  • Chapter 933:
    • As Robin, Nami and Shinobu are escaping the palace, Nami summons Zeus to send a powerful thunderbolt onto the palace.
  • Chapter 934:
    • Off-screen, Kidd has escaped the inescapable Udon Prison with his seastone handcuffs still attached to him.
  • Chapter 935:
    • Luffy, on the other hand, has been practicing with his seastone cuffs to Fight Off the Kryptonite so that he'll come out of the prison even stronger than before. Queen, one of the All-Stars who serves under Kaido, outright labels Luffy a freak of nature.
  • Chapter 936:
    • We learn the identity of the dangerous prisoner: Kawamatsu, one of Oden's samurai. He's been stuck in this prison and eating poisoned fish for 13 years, and he's already fired up and ready to fight upon seeing one of his old friends.
    • Queen finally decides to execute Luffy, but it's more of an Amazon Lily-style execution where he is made to fight and die for their amusement. This requires him to remove Luffy's seastone cuffs, and Luffy's immediate response upon being thrown into the ring is to knock out the first wave of enemies with Conqueror's Haki.
  • Chapter 937:
    • Zoro shows that he doesn't need a sword to use Three-Sword Style. Grabbing one of Kamazo's scythes with his shoulder, taking it out and using it to perform Purgatory Onigiri on the man-slayer.
  • Chapter 939:
    • Luffy's battle against Katakuri has truly improved his Observation Haki as he is able to completely foretell what his enemies are doing, and is even directing Grandpa Hyou during battle so that the old man can put up a fight.
    • Of course, what really sells how amazing Grandpa Hyou, or rather Hyougoro of the Flower, is the fact that he can wield the same type of Haki as Rayleigh did when he stopped the giant elephant way back. That's right, Grandpa Hyou is on par (Haki-wise, at least) as the Pirate King's right-hand man!
    • In another episode of "Oda NEVER Forgets", Hyogoro describes a technique that allows one to cut steel, but can also allow one not to cut paper. Sound familiar? The Breath of All Things has made a comeback!
  • Chapter 942: Sad as the whole moment is, there is solace to be found in the fact that Yasu went down giving a good amount of momentum to the rebellion, and most importantly, making his archnemesis Orochi look like an absolute bitch in the process.
    • To elaborate, Yasu claims the markers Orochi's been using to arrest members of the rebellion, a tattoo and a pamphlet, were a random fad from twenty years ago and a prank by himself to make Orochi look like a coward. The actual rebels realize that Orochi can't say anything about the rebellion now without looking like he's jumping at shadows.
  • Chapter 943: After nearly six real life years, Sanji and Zoro finally reunite to defend O-Toko from Orochi.
  • Chapter 944:
    • Despite knowing well that it will cause them problems, the Straw Hats decide to not only steal the body of Yasu back while they're saving Toko but Zoro even aims an attack at Orochi for good measure.
    • Kyoshiro's strength is now being shown as he easily deflects Zoro's 720 Pound Cannon with one sword swing.
    • Of course, the Beast Pirates aren't slacking off on awesome, either. Queen demonstrates that while he's a fun guy, he's not someone you want in a bad mood as he easily blocks one of Luffy's punches.
  • Chapter 945:
    • Battles all over the flower capital are showing that both the forces of Wano and the Beast Pirates (or rather, Drake and Hawkins) are not going to let the Straw Hats have it easy. Kyoshiro is still holding off Zoro easily (while Zoro is showing fatigue), the Orochi Oniwabanshu arrive and show they're pretty smart (rather than hoping to capture them all, they decide to go after one to make them talk), Drake is knocking Sanji around in his dinosaur form, and (perhaps the most dark awesome we've seen) Hawkins is using his powers to hold Law's friends as hostages and shields.
    • Of course, we can't sell the Straw Hats short as Brook displays his soul power to some of the Orochi Oniwabanshu and scares them off.
    • The chapter ends in a confrontation that will have massive consequences in the future: Big Mom vs Queen.
    • It's probably also worth noting that even suffering from amnesia, Charlotte Linlin still makes it clear that if she wants some food, you do not deny her. Queen tries to do just that and the amnesiac Emperor grabs his head (when he's a Brachiosaurus) and violently slams it into the ground.
  • Chapter 946:
    • Even with amnesia, Big Mom is no joke as she takes out Queen in two hits.
    • Amazingly even after that beating, Queen was still conscious.
    • In another Call-Back, Luffy manages to figure out how to remove the neck restraints in the nick of time.
    • With an angry Big Mom down their neck, Hyogoro stands his ground and orders Luffy to stop her in an impromptu training session. Ending on:
    Luffy: Come then, Emperor!
  • Chapter 947:
    • Though Luffy fails to activate Ryou (the true name for "the Breath of All Things"), Hyogoro assures him that he has the potential and goes on to explain how it works — and it sounds strikingly similar to the Haki techniques that make Big Mom and Kaido so freakishly tough. Luffy figuring out how to activate this power at will would allow him to finally challenge the Emperors directly, and he is mindbogglingly close.
    • Queen deserves props: despite having been thrashed by Big Mom in the previous chapter, he still manages to stand back on his feet and devises a plan to stop her, luring her into a place where he could drop onto her head with the full weight of his brachiosaurus form.
    • At the end of the chapter, with Queen, Big Mom, and majority of the guards gone, Luffy is finally able to go wild against Babanuki and the remaining guards due to no longer being bound by any restraints; the last panel of the chapter showing him declaring he's going to take over Udon.
  • Chapter 948:
    • Raizo manages to successfully free Kawamatsu, and he shows off not only his sword skills, but his sumo skills.
  • Chapter 949:
    Luffy: I saw a pretty bad future just now...
    • When Daifugo tries to intimidate the prisoners, Luffy's speech already got through to them. What happens afterwards is a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown for Daifugo. The takeover of Udon is a success!
      Luffy: You get the rest.
      Daifugo: Hey! Stop, you!! Remember, anyone who defies a jailer in their first offense gets...
      Prisoner 1: We know, and we don't care.
      Prisoner 2: We've decided to rebel!!!
  • Chapter 950:
    • Zoro being epic and protecting Hiyori from several of the ninjas.
    • The end with Law unflinchingly grinning at Hawkins and Drake in defiance, and in the next chapter urging that he doesn't need rescuing.
  • Chapter 951:
    • Even after Big Mom gets her memories back, Queen has the stones to call her an old hag to her face.
    • King proved himself to have balls of steel, upon telling Big Mom, to her face, his response to her asking him to join her crew: “I refuse.”
    • After having her seastone handcuffs removed, Big Mom draws Napoleon and clashes with Kaido, causing the heavens to split a/la Shanks & Whitebeard.
  • Chapter 953:
    • Onimaru the Fox was not only the loyal companion of one of Wano's renowned sword masters, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, but joined Kawamatsu in stopping actual grave robbers as the two worked hard in obtaining as many weapons as they could to stop Kaido when the time came. Even more awesome is the fact that Onimaru decided to continue as "Gyukimaru the Bridge Bandit" and collected even more weapons while Kawamatsu was captured.
    • Yet another awesome moment for Kozuki Oden was revealed: with the aid of his legendary sword Enma, he was the only one to leave a scar on Kaido.
  • Chapter 954:
    • Law proves he didn't need rescuing after all. When we finally see him again in this chapter, he has had an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, having freed himself and defeated Hawkins.
    • Luffy, recovered from the Mummy virus and free to train without enemies breathing down on him, has made considerable progress towards mastering Ryou in just three days, demonstrated by him pummeling a giant cube of solid steel. Compare this to his battle with Katakuri who could make his limbs as strong as steel, where Luffy expressly needed Gear Fourth to break through it; now Luffy is in base form and treating the steel cube like jelly.
    • This chapter also put a high bar on the "Holy Shit!" Quotient. Big Mom and Kaido did what everyone from the Marines feared in the last arc, and have officially teamed up to destroy the Straw Hats and take over the world.
  • Act 2 comes to an end in Chapter 955:
    • Zoro tries out Enma, and its power is so great that his experimental swing at a tree results in him cutting a cliff. The secret to the blade is revealed: it forcibly draws Haki out of the wielder for massive strikes, and in inexperienced hands it's enough to drain their life force dry. Zoro has to will his stolen Haki back into his arm, which shriveled from the Haki extraction after just the one swing. Even with the danger it poses, Zoro gladly accepts Enma as his own. The Cursed Swords subplot has finally reached its payoff!
    • Luffy has mastered Advanced Armament Haki enough that he's now able to punch a big hole into a tree without touching it, just like how Grandpa Hyou punched out some of the executioners.
  • Chapter 956:
    • "Big News" Morgan shows that he's not all talk. He gets offered a "hefty" sum from the World Government to perform a cover-up, only to flatly refuse. The messenger then reveals himself as a Cipher Pol agent, threatening him at gunpoint to reconsider. Unintimidated and thoroughly unamused, Morgans kicked his ass not even a page later and went on to publish the full story.
    • The Seven Warlord system is gone. The representatives of Alabasta and Dressrosa explained at the Reverie how their nations suffered horribly under the Warlords, and the decision to revoke their Government protection was met with the majority agreeing.
    • X Drake is revealed to not only still being a Marine, but he is a member of a Special Unit known only as "SWORD." It's revealed that Koby is also part of that group.
    • Best of all, however, are the reactions of the other Warlords. Buggy, while maintaining his image of being a great pirate, tells his crew they're going to fight (though he admits to himself he'll run first chance he gets). Mihawk, on the other hand, is excited at the idea of being chased, while Weevil intends to kill the Marines chasing him under his mother's orders. As for Boa Hancock? Upon hearing that some Marines (with Koby being a part of this group, mind you) are heading her way makes the best proclamation of the chapter:
      Boa Hancock: Don't panic. You seem to have forgotten something. The reason they chose us to be the Seven Warlords was for our strength!
    • Meta example: the chapter was so massive to the story that #OnePiece956 started trending on Twitter. Worldwide.
  • Chapter 957 drops a lore nuke after lore nuke courtesy of former Fleet Admiral Sengoku, to the point where everything in the chapter is awesome:
    • We're finally given information on the pirate crew that Big Mom, Kaido and Whitebeard were once a part of before their heyday: the Rocks Pirates, lead by Rocks D. Xebec. Essentially the Evil Counterpart to Gol D. Roger, this captain and crew were so mighty and relentless, they were regarded as terrorists rather than pirates, with Rocks' main goal being to usurp the Empty Throne from Imu. Unsurprisingly this crew is also noteworthy for birthing a number of legendary pirates, some of which the Straw Hats contended with in the films.
    • The "God Valley Incident" where the Rocks Pirates were disbanded, courtesy of Vice Admiral Garp and Gold Roger in what could've only been a battle too epic to put to page to take down Rocks, defending the Celestial Dragons and their slaves from what would've been certain doom. This incident was one of the things that the World Government tried to erase from the history books.
      • Additionally, this confirms that Garp was on par with the Pirate King, and has been turning down promotions to a more fitting rank than Vice Admiral so he could uphold his ideals of justice without being the Celestial Dragons' lapdog. Sengoku thinks the only reason they haven't got rid of Garp for this attitude is because he's just that good.
    • After years of ambiguity, we've finally been given the bounties on the Four Emperors and Gold Roger (Rocks was exempt due to the Government Conspiracy), putting their threat level as the One Piece world sees it into stark relief:
      • Blackbeard: 2,247,600,000 Berries, which might've been the highest revealed in the series had he not been new to the Emperor business.
      • Shanks: 4,048,900,000 Berries.
      • Big Mom: 4,388,000,000 Berries.
      • Kaido: 4,611,100,000 Berries.
      • Whitebeard: 5,046,000,000 Berries—that's over five billion.
      • Gold Roger: 5,564,800,000 Berries, the highest bounty for a pirate in the world's history.
    • What prompted Sengoku to start dropping all these lore bombs? He learned about the alliance between Big Mom and Kaido, and grouses that this happened at the exact same time that they decided to go to war against the Seven Warlords. The world-spanning war Doflamingo predicted has indeed begun.
    • And Sengoku still wasn't done after all of this, having one last bomb to drop: Kozuki Oden was a pirate, and a pirate of Whitebeard's crew at that, a mere subordinate to an Emperor able to do lasting harm to another Emperor. It's clear that something big is brewing underneath the coming war at Wano...
    • And just like Chapter 956, this chapter similarly started trending on Twitter. But the difference here is that it trended within 30 minutes after it released. And this was worldwide, meaning that the Western half of the globe stayed up into the night to read it.
    • Outside of the aforementioned lore nuke, there is another CMOA that is a bit more subtle. At the beginning of the chapter, Issho is talking to Sakazuki. If you look at Issho, though, it is clear from how heavily bandaged he is that he sustained massive injuries in his off-screen battle against Sabo and the Revolutionary Commanders, despite being backed up by Green Bull. Bear in mind too that throughout the entire Dressrosa arc where Issho clashed against the likes of Law, Doffy, Sabo (after just eating the Mera Mera), and Luffy, he only suffered a few bruises at worst. While Sabo and the Revolutionary Commanders lost the battle, the fact that they were able to not only face off against two admirals and seriously wound one of them is a testament to how strong they are.
  • Chapter 959:
    • Props to Orochi. Despite being labeled as a fool and everyone in his forces not believing him, he still manages to ruin things for everyone when he orders the destruction of all the bridges to Tokage Port and any ships on any of the other ports. What's more, he even sends some men to go and destroy the Sunny!
  • Chapter 960:
    • Kozuki Oden's childhood was nothing but one crazy feat after another, complete with a List of Transgressions as early as one year old.
    • Tsuru pinning down Kin'emon while he was trying to steal her money to settle his friend's gambling debts. Keep in mind that Kin'emon was a yakuza thug back then.
      • And she tops it off by threatening to rip off and sell his organs to reclaim his debt.
  • Chapter 961:
    • Oden has definitely earned his reputation. Taking out the Mountain God (a gigantic boar that can eat buildings and humans) in one strike and saving every person she ate. This is what made Kin'emon and Denjiro loyal to him.
  • Chapter 963:
    • This chapter highlights how much work, dedication, and loyalty the Nine Scabbards have for Oden when they take Yasuie's words to heart. They all pour themselves into not only training physically, but mentally by learning manners and polishing themselves up from their rough habits. In fact, they become so polished, that the people of the capital are shocked to see them as exemplary samurai.
    • Oden himself is still an amazing man from not only using the Mountain God and its child as steeds, but for having accepted Cat Viper, Dog Storm, and Kawamatsu as part of his retainers. The best part, however, comes at the end, where Oden races to the shore to face off against Whitebeard himself, brazenly asking to join his crew.
  • Chapter 964:
    • To get Oden to prove himself, Whitebeard has him hold on to chain attached to the ship for three days. He almost does it too, only letting go when he hears a woman in distress. That woman being his future wife, Toki.
    • But it turns out that was also a test, as Whitebeard sees Oden as a man willing to abandon his ambitions for someone else, he happily rewards him with an invite. On top of that, he refers to Oden as "brother" rather than "son", seeing him as an equal.
  • Chapter 966:
    • We finally get to see the Roger Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates clash, and the only word for it is epic. Oden starts off by taking down a number of the Roger pirates before clashing with Roger, who expertly and easily sends Oden flying with one strike. Oden runs back in time to see Roger and Whitebeard clash, a clash that not only showcases their respective Conqueror's Haki but shakes the island so much that the Moby Dick nearly capsizes from how powerful the clash is. In the end, it took 3 days for each crew to finally call a draw.
    • That's not even the best of it. When Whitebeard and Roger raise their weapons, they're coated in such an intensely dense layer of haki that they leave thick trails of haki arching through the air just by moving them.
    • Also, about that clash, their weapons didn't even touch each other. Their haki was so unbelievably thick that they were unable to get their weapons to touch each other. This means that that shockwave that almost capsized the Moby Dick came entirely from the pressure of just them swinging their haki-infused weapons.
    • On a minor note, Buggy notes that Teach (who was fighting with the crew) also didn't sleep for the days of the truce after the fight. Heck, Buggy even mentions that there is a rumor that Teach had never slept once in his life. Considering what the future holds...
  • Chapter 967:
    • We bear witness to Roger conquering the Grand Line, and finding Laugh Tale.
  • Chapter 968:
    • When Oden learns what Orochi has done in his absence, he goes full One-Man Army and charges through Orochi's entire legion of bodyguards with no issue.
  • Chapter 969:
    • Oden made an unknown deal with Orochi that involved him spending five years acting like a fool, smearing his own name. When Orochi unsurprisngly reneged on the deal (something involving boats and Kaido), Oden had enough and with the Akazaya Nine they storm the castle. Ending on a badass two-page spread.
  • Chapter 970: We finally see the decisive battle between Oden and Kaido. The Emperor's forces number a thousand, though they are not the army of Devil Fruit users he has been building up in the present day; Oden, the Akazaya Nine and a late-joining Shinbou are crushing them, culminating in Oden leaving his legendary scar on Kaido. The battle seems even, or perhaps even steeped in Oden's favor... until Higurashi interferes by impersonating Momosuke, providing the critical distraction Kaido needed to knock Oden out.
  • Chapter 971: Oden prompts a bet out of Kaido that if those sentenced to boil survive one full hour in the pot, they go free. Kaido agrees to it and gives his word. So Oden proceeds to jump in and have his retainer stand on the lid while he holds it up by himself. Oden spends at least the first five minutes of this execution standing there, holding up all nine of his retainers while his body is steadily boiled. And keep in-mind, this is a man who has no devil fruit powers and besides that, no devil-fruit user would be able to do anything in this sort of situation. If wounding Kaido didn't certify Oden as utterly badass, this solidifies it.
  • Chapter 972: Oden did it. He stood in the boiling pot for one whole hour while keeping his allies alive! But then Orochi reveals he changed his mind at the last minute and orders Oden, his allies and his family to be shot dead.
    • He did not go quietly either. He stood defiant to Kaido, telling him that he was born to boil before Kaido shoots him. Even then, Oden went out with a smile as his body sank into the oil. It should also be noted that Kaido personally ended Oden's misery as a sign of respect for the only man to ever wound him, having gone so far as killing Higurashi offscreen for interrupting the only bout with a Worthy Opponent he's had in decades.
  • Chapter 973: We finally know what happened to Denjiro. While Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kiku, Momonosuke went forward in time, Dogstorm and Catviper went back to Zou each blaming each other for Oden’s death, Kawamatsu taking Hiyori, and Ashura-doji biding his time; he was consumed with such a rage that his hair changed color. He then went to the Flower Capital where he assumed the name Kyoshiro. He quickly rose in the ranks of the underworld there to the point he caught Orochi’s attention who made him his vassal. The reason for his epithet “Napping”? He spends all night awake as Witching-Hour Boy! After Hiyori left Kawamatsu, she ended up finding him and instantly recognizing him as Denjiro and had her sworn to secrecy as to his identity until the final battle and gave her the name Komurasaki.
  • Chapter 974:
    • On the cover side story, Gotti manages to save Chiffon despite looking like he had quite the tussle with the Marines.
    • We finally come back to the present, and things are looking bleak for the Scabbards. Not only are they trying still to get to Onigashima in a bad storm but it is revealed to them that Kanjuro was in fact the mole the entire time! With the arrival of the Beast Pirates and Kanjuro kidnapping Momonosuke, hope finally arrives in the form of Luffy, Law, and even Kid taking on the Beast Pirates!
    Luffy: Don't pick on Samurai in a rowboat! When you're at sea, you fight against Pirates!
  • Chapter 975:
    • The Sunny survived the sabotage attempt made by the Beasts Pirates because it was made of Adam Wood; the only damage done was the sails being torn. When Franky claimed that the Adam Tree could handle cannonballs being fired at it, he wasn't kidding.
    • Luffy, Law, and Kidd immediately obliterate one of the enemy ships. The end result is the three of them arguing on a small piece of driftwood.
    • When Denjiro/Kyoshiro shows up in his own ship, he reveals his true colors by slicing another of the Beast Pirates' ships in half!
    • It turns out that Orochi's precautions were utterly pointless; Blowing up the bridges between the regions? The rebels had already crossed them, so it didn't matter. Destroying the ships? Those were just the leftovers the samurai didn't need. With the inclusion of the 200 man Kyoshiro Yakuza and the 1,000 supporters imprisoned in the Flower Capital, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance now has over five thousand men ready to take on Onigashima!
    • Yasuie gets a posthumous one, as it turns out his adding two lines didn’t mean Tokage port but to remove the middle of the message so it read wharf as in the wharf of Habu.
  • Chapter 976:
    • An Offscreen Moment of Awesome: While Kanjuro is getting away with Momonosuke, the three arguing pirate captains obliterated another of the Beast Pirates' ships.
    • Towards the end of the chapter, the remaining Beast ship gets smart and sails to a safe distance, bringing out long-range artillery to ravage the Samurai's fleet. It looks like they're going to get away with it until something from under the sea gouges a large hole in the ship: Jimbei is back with impeccable timing! He then finishes off the final ship and loudly proclaims he has officially joined the Straw Hat Pirates, assuaging any fears from the audience that he'd be on a Long Bus Trip for this arc.
  • Chapter 977:
    • The fact that the Straw Hats (including their newest member, Jimbei) destroy the fortress that is the front gate in seconds. Hilariously? This was so that they could get some booze to celebrate Jimbei joining the crew.
  • Chapter 980:
    • Luffy knocking the Beast Pirate mook for wasting the oshiruko? Cool. Zoro slashing a tower apart to reprimand Luffy? Cool. When Luffy explains why he knocked the mook out? The two decide they need to knock a few heads for what happened to Tama.
    • We get to see some of Apoo's DF powers at their best against Luffy and Zoro, and it is still as bizarre and awesome as when he began to display them against Kizaru.
      • More props to Apoo for visibly hurting Zoro, which was an extreme rarity to see in the New World.
    • At the end, it's not Luffy or Zoro that go to smash Apoo, but Kid, with a giant metallic hand for Apoo's treachery from before.
  • Chapter 981:
    • The Big Mom Pirates make it back up the waterfall, only to be knocked down again by a different flying pirate. Marco the Phoenix has arrived to Wano! And he brought Nekomamushi and Izou.
      • What's particularly notable about Marco's Dynamic Entry and makes it stand out is how ruthlessly pragmatic it is for one of the Straw Hat's allies. By knocking them all the way back down again, Marco has effectively removed the Big Mom Pirates (with the exception of Big Mom herself) from the playing field, meaning that Luffy and the others will not need to worry about them interfering in the battle against the Beast Pirates.
        Marco: The next time you show up the times may have moved on a bit more than before.
  • Chapter 983:
    • Yamato's big introduction. When Ulti begins to overpower Luffy and he was about to use Fourth Gear, he runs in with a Thunder Bagua and knocks her out. Like Father, Like Son indeed.
    • Rather than try to go up the waterfall again, Perospero heads into Onigashima alone. With no Smoothie, Daifuku, or anyone strong to protect him.
    • Usopp and Chopper survive their encounter with Big Mom with only a couple bumps on their heads.


    Cover Story Mini-Arcs and Chapter 0 
  • Buggy rescuing his crew from the Bear Claw Tribe, especially since he had recently gotten his Butt-Monkey status cemented. He ends it by firing a Buggy Ball into the village, completely obliterating it.
  • From the "0th" chapter, Gold Lion Shiki tries to get Gold Roger and his crew to join Shiki's massive fleet of ships, as well as get the information on one of the ancient weapons. Roger's answer is "I'm going to crush you all!" Now one might suspect this suicide, as Shiki has a fleet, whilst Roger has one ship, the Oro Jackson. However despite this — and with a bit of help from the weather — Roger's crew destroys half of Shiki's fleet, with Shiki himself getting a part of a (presumably his ship's) helm stuck in the back of his head. The battle was declared a "draw", we here at tvtropes call that a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Apparently, Garp turned down a promotion to admiral! Which means he isn't just merely as strong as a Vice-Admiral; he's probably one of the few men who can fight Whitebeard one-on-one!
      • Shiki deserves many praises as well. It takes the current Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Vice-Admiral Garp to take him down, and their battle destroyed half of Marineford! In order to escape from Impel Down, he proceeds to CUT OFF HIS OWN FEET, and then escape! Afterwards, he ties the swords he used to use in battle onto the stumps of his feet. He then uses these to walk around on. To top it off, he is creating a plan he is going to put in motion 20 years from then, I.E. the present day, which will create HELL ON EARTH! This Omnicidal Maniac is one to NEVER be underestimated!

    Movies and Filler 
  • Movie 2: Luffy uproots an entire multi-story stone elevator and smashes it through several upper floors all the way to the throne room of Bear King's tower with his bare hands.
  • Movie 4: Luffy going totally aggro on Gasparde as soon as he decides to attack and discard the straw hat Shanks gave him. He knocks Gasparde into a cyclone to finish him off.
    • The fact that Nami was able to completely repair Luffy's hat from suffering the most damage it ever has to date, exceeding that in canon. It also may serve as an explanation of how his hat acquired its string, as Nami agreed to repair it after it was recovered from the fight, so as not to lose it again, and this movie preceded the Jaya Arc, where the string first appears.
  • Movie 5, during the fight against Saga: "If that sword is the strongest, then I must be the very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very strongest!"
  • Movie 6:
    • After being pissed off at his attempt to take the lives of his entire crew and nearly succeeding, for the first and perhaps only time, Luffy punches Baron Omatsuri so hard that it kills him. However, he had been possessed by Lily, a monstrous parasitic plant beforehand, so his death may not be Luffy's fault but a side effect of having that plant destroyed, causing all the people it revived to turn into plants, as well as its host.
    • While Luffy was able to take down Baron Omatsuri, he wasn't responsible for the plant Lily's death — that honor goes to the father/captain of the Tearoom pirates. Despite not having any training or fighting experience, he takes up a bow, no matter how much he's shaking, while his children cheer him on, and manages to shoot an arrow straight at the approaching plant dead-center, killing it.
  • Movie 7: It reveals the origins of Luffy's Gear Second Technique, when Luffy's legs get compressed from trying to hold back the pressuring weight coming down from Ratchet's giant turtle mecha. This causes Luffy's legs to pump more blood through his body. As a result, Luffy suddenly powers up and knocks the mecha away with one punch.
  • A good three-fer from One Piece Film: Strong World.
    • First naturally, we have Luffy, filled with righteous fury and with a little help from the weather, managing to defeat Shiki, a legendary pirate who fought Gold Roger himself. Even Shiki can't believe that he'd been bested by someone from the world's weakest sea, East Blue, not once, but twice.
    • Then there's Nami, who works to sabotage Shiki's plans by destroying the beast repellent Daft Green, despite the fact that exposure to the toxic substance poisons her, and Shiki poisons her even further when he discovers what she's been doing. Even after this, she feeds his men false information, so that his floating base gets caught in a giant storm, destabilizing things even further.
    • Finally, there's Usopp, who during the crew's second meeting with Shiki, channels his Water 7 self and scathingly chews Nami out for leaving them and joining Shiki's crew and how Luffy wouldn't forgive her, despite the fact that Shiki has a gigantic boulder over his head. Granted, he didn't know her real motivations yet, but coming from Usopp, who's usually comic relief and had left the crew in the past himself, this is a pretty gutsy thing for him to do. He helps set up Luffy's final attack.
  • And again from the 10th movie, the utterly Badass, Determinator, awesome scene where the Straw Hat crew, dressed in classy suits, storms Shiki's stronghold.
    Luffy: Nami didn't come here as a sacrifice. She came as a vanguard!!
    (Straw Hats get their guns out)
    Luffy: Brace yourself, Golden Lion Shiki. We are the main force!!!
    (Straw Hats start firing)
  • Filler though it may be, but episode 59 has a pretty good one. While the Commodore is prepping the Super Giant Cannon to destroy the Going Merry, Nami and the others are trying to turn the ship around. Usopp, with a single shot of one of their cannons, hits the SGC perfectly and caused it to go off and destroy it.
    • Grandpa Ryu spends most of the arc worn out and barely able to move. Then Eric manhandles his little friend Apis. The dragon gets ticked off and with one swing of his wing sends Eric flying out of sight. Then emits a roar so loud it causes waves. While he doesn't have enough strength to take care of Nelson too, it takes more or less a small Navy fleet bombarding him with cannon fire to bring him down. Note, Ryu is more or less on his deathbed here.
  • The G-8 arc. Despite being filler, it is made of awesome.
    • Sanji's impersonation as a Marine chef is one of his finest moments. After being challenged by the Marine base's staff, which thought that he and Luffy were snobby chefs from Mariejois, Sanji showcases not only his fine culinary skills in preparing 100 delicious meals but also his resourcefulness and understanding of cooking with the unused parts of the ingredients previously used by the kitchen staff. It's telling when the Marines ultimately decide to scarf down Sanji's simply-made yet delicious meals over the lavish ones their own cooks made for them. Definitely one of the highlights of the G8 Arc!
  • Vice-Admiral Jonathan Drake. Despite being the main antagonist of a Filler Arc, he proves himself to be a Badass. How? He nearly captures all the Straw Hat Pirates without fighting once. Just using careful deduction and being an overall Chessmaster, he figures out where each pirate is. Even better, Sanji notes that no one can be that relaxed without having a few tricks up his sleeve. This is before we learn that Haki is required to become a Vice-Admiral. When standing face-to-face to Luffy, he cares more about trying to figure out why they'd come to his base and the endless puzzle that is what they had to gain for the Alabasta incident. And finally, when is said and done, he merely notes that, despite losing, it gave the men something to do. He isn't even that upset when he lost. Awesome. He probably would have captured them if Smug Snake Commander Shepherd didn't get involved. In the end, Shepherd gets to go home in shame. He'd come looking for a reason to shut the fortress down. Instead, the entire incident vindicated the fortress since they basically drove off a rising crew of infamous pirates and came out much better for it.

  • Eiichiro Oda deserves a little special mention here. He created one of the most awesome manga ever, and upon closer inspection, he separated the Straw Hat Pirates for two years IRL, and separated them for two years in-story. THIS MAN IS A GENIUS.
  • Gecko Moria is voiced by a guy called Chris Guerrero. Seems tame, until you realize what he's also known by: General Ivan of Team Four Star. FUNIMATION HAS A VOICE FROM AN ABRIDGED SERIES DOING AN OFFICIAL ROLE! And he's amazing.
  • Oda and One Piece earned the Guinness World Record for "most copies printed for a comic book by a single author", having 320,866,000 printed between December 1997 and December 2014.
  • Oda has a massive love for name-dropping things early on in the series and then bringing them up much later in a big way. Because of this, he has generally managed to avoid the dreaded Ass Pull many writers get accused of for simply throwing in things as they go, which come unannounced and way out of left field. In addition, Oda continuously surprises readers with the satisfying payoffs to these floating plot points — some which were waiting for resolution decades in advance. It was also revealed that he has entire volumes of composition notebooks dedicated to keeping notes about his story arcs, so he knows how to keep everything happening in his story straight.
  • One Piece has sold 416 million copies: that is to say its COMPLETELY OUTNUMBERED every manga to ever exist in sales by a huge margin, the big three is a ridiculous concept when you realize Naruto and Bleach COMBINED don't even compare to One Piece: which sells more than a HUNDRED MILLION MORE THAN BOTH. One Piece is to Manga and Anime what Gone with the Wind is for movies. Even the legendary Dragon Ball is a distant second, with 240 million copies to One Piece's 430 million and counting.note 
  • Regardless of your anime preferences, FUNimation deserves a round of applause for their English dub of the anime. They not only kept it true to the original source material unlike what 4Kids did, they went so far as to go back to Episode 01 and redubbed everything, effectively making the 4Kids dub obsolete!
  • After Eiichiro Oda donated 800 million yen ($8 million US) to the Kumamoto prefecture (his birthhome) to help with earthquake relief, the prefecture paid tribute with a Luffy statue. Looks like Luffy finally got that bronze statue he always wanted.
  • One of the biggest fans of One Piece is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. It's believed his interest in the series has motivated him to lead economic reforms for the country, opening up a large venue of opportunities for Japanese animation. The Crown Prince has even started up his own animation studio to get Saudi Arabia on the world map of animation.


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