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"I'm going to save you even if it kills me!"

Ah, One Piece, a series in the high seas where physics are ignored unless they add to the awesomeness; what with the Pirates and World Government clashing with one another constantly. It's the number one best selling manga for a reason. It won't be easy listing all of the hardcore moments this series brought us, but we'll sure as hell try.

WARNING: All spoilers for the series are unmarked.

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Super Rookies Era

New World Era


    Cover Story Mini-Arcs and Chapter 0 
  • Buggy rescuing his crew from the Bear Claw Tribe, especially since he had recently gotten his Butt-Monkey status cemented. He ends it by firing a Buggy Ball into the village, completely obliterating it.
  • From the "0th" chapter, Gold Lion Shiki tries to get Gold Roger and his crew to join Shiki's massive fleet of ships, as well as get the information on one of the ancient weapons. Roger's answer is "I'm going to crush you all!" Now one might suspect this suicide, as Shiki has a fleet, whilst Roger has one ship, the Oro Jackson. However despite this — and with a bit of help from the weather — Roger's crew destroys half of Shiki's fleet, with Shiki himself getting a part of a (presumably his ship's) helm stuck in the back of his head. The battle was declared a "draw", we here at Tv Tropes call that a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Apparently, Garp turned down a promotion to admiral! Which means he isn't just merely as strong as a Vice-Admiral; he's probably one of the few men who can fight Whitebeard one-on-one!
      • Shiki deserves many praises as well. It takes the current Fleet Admiral Sengoku and Vice-Admiral Garp to take him down, and their battle destroyed half of Marineford! In order to escape from Impel Down, he proceeds to cut off his own feet, and then escape! Afterwards, he ties the swords he used to use in battle onto the stumps of his feet. He then uses these to walk around on. To top it off, he is creating a plan he is going to put in motion 20 years from then, I.E. the present day, which will create hell on earth! This Omnicidal Maniac is one to never be underestimated!

    Movies and Filler 
  • Movie 2: Luffy uproots an entire multi-story stone elevator and smashes it through several upper floors all the way to the throne room of Bear King's tower with his bare hands.
  • Movie 4: Luffy going totally aggro on Gasparde as soon as he decides to attack and discard the straw hat Shanks gave him. He knocks Gasparde into a cyclone to finish him off.
    • The fact that Nami was able to completely repair Luffy's hat from suffering the most damage it ever has to date, exceeding that in canon. It also may serve as an explanation of how his hat acquired its string, as Nami agreed to repair it after it was recovered from the fight, so as not to lose it again, and this movie preceded the Jaya Arc, where the string first appears.
  • Movie 5, during the fight against Saga: "If that sword is the strongest, then I must be the very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very strongest!"
  • Movie 6:
    • After being pissed off at his attempt to take the lives of his entire crew and nearly succeeding, for the first and perhaps only time, Luffy punches Baron Omatsuri so hard that it kills him. However, he had been possessed by Lily, a monstrous parasitic plant beforehand, so his death may not be Luffy's fault but a side effect of having that plant destroyed, causing all the people it revived to turn into plants, as well as its host.
    • While Luffy was able to take down Baron Omatsuri, he wasn't responsible for the plant Lily's death — that honor goes to the father/captain of the Tearoom pirates. Despite not having any training or fighting experience, he takes up a bow, no matter how much he's shaking, while his children cheer him on, and manages to shoot an arrow straight at the approaching plant dead-center, killing it.
  • Movie 7: It reveals the origins of Luffy's Gear Second Technique, when Luffy's legs get compressed from trying to hold back the pressuring weight coming down from Ratchet's giant turtle mecha. This causes Luffy's legs to pump more blood through his body. As a result, Luffy suddenly powers up and knocks the mecha away with one punch.
  • A good three-fer from One Piece Film: Strong World.
    • First naturally, we have Luffy, filled with righteous fury and with a little help from the weather, managing to defeat Shiki, a legendary pirate who fought Gold Roger himself. Even Shiki can't believe that he'd been bested by someone from the world's weakest sea, East Blue, not once, but twice.
    • Then there's Nami, who works to sabotage Shiki's plans by destroying the beast repellent Daft Green, despite the fact that exposure to the toxic substance poisons her, and Shiki poisons her even further when he discovers what she's been doing. Even after this, she feeds his men false information, so that his floating base gets caught in a giant storm, destabilizing things even further.
    • Finally, there's Usopp, who during the crew's second meeting with Shiki, channels his Water 7 self and scathingly chews Nami out for leaving them and joining Shiki's crew and how Luffy wouldn't forgive her, despite the fact that Shiki has a gigantic boulder over his head. Granted, he didn't know her real motivations yet, but coming from Usopp, who's usually comic relief and had left the crew in the past himself, this is a pretty gutsy thing for him to do. He helps set up Luffy's final attack.
  • And again from the 10th movie, the utterly Badass, Determinator, awesome scene where the Straw Hat crew, dressed in classy suits, storms Shiki's stronghold.
    Luffy: Nami didn't come here as a sacrifice. She came as a vanguard!!
    (Straw Hats get their guns out.)
    Luffy: Brace yourself, Golden Lion Shiki. We are the main force!!!
    (Straw Hats start firing.)
  • Filler though it may be, but Episode 59 has a pretty good one. While the Commodore is prepping the Super Giant Cannon to destroy the Going Merry, Nami and the others are trying to turn the ship around. Usopp, with a single shot of one of their cannons, hits the SGC perfectly and caused it to go off and destroy it.
    • Grandpa Ryu spends most of the arc worn out and barely able to move. Then Eric manhandles his little friend Apis. The dragon gets ticked off and with one swing of his wing sends Eric flying out of sight. Then emits a roar so loud it causes waves. While he doesn't have enough strength to take care of Nelson too, it takes more or less a small Navy fleet bombarding him with cannon fire to bring him down. Note, Ryu is more or less on his deathbed here.
  • The G-8 arc. Despite being filler, it is made of awesome.
    • Sanji's impersonation as a Marine chef is one of his finest moments. After being challenged by the Marine base's staff, which thought that he and Luffy were snobby chefs from Mariejois, Sanji showcases not only his fine culinary skills in preparing 100 delicious meals but also his resourcefulness and understanding of cooking with the unused parts of the ingredients previously used by the kitchen staff. It's telling when the Marines ultimately decide to scarf down Sanji's simply-made yet delicious meals over the lavish ones their own cooks made for them. Definitely one of the highlights of the G8 Arc!
  • Vice-Admiral Jonathan Drake. Despite being the main antagonist of a Filler Arc, he proves himself to be a Badass. How? He nearly captures all the Straw Hat Pirates without fighting once. Just using careful deduction and being an overall Chessmaster, he figures out where each pirate is. Even better, Sanji notes that no one can be that relaxed without having a few tricks up his sleeve. This is before we learn that Haki is required to become a Vice-Admiral. When standing face-to-face to Luffy, he cares more about trying to figure out why they'd come to his base and the endless puzzle that is what they had to gain for the Alabasta incident. And finally, when is said and done, he merely notes that, despite losing, it gave the men something to do. He isn't even that upset when he lost. Awesome. He probably would have captured them if Smug Snake Commander Shepherd didn't get involved. In the end, Shepherd gets to go home in shame. He'd come looking for a reason to shut the fortress down. Instead, the entire incident vindicated the fortress since they basically drove off a rising crew of infamous pirates and came out much better for it.

  • Eiichiro Oda deserves a little special mention here. He created one of the most awesome manga ever, and upon closer inspection, he separated the Straw Hat Pirates for two years IRL, and separated them for two years in-story. This man is a genius.
  • Gecko Moria is voiced by a guy called Chris Guerrero. Seems tame, until you realize what he's also known by: General Ivan of Team Four Star. Funimation has a voice from an abridged series doing an official role! And he's amazing.
    • He's not the only TeamFourStar alumni to get an important role. Corinne Sunberg, AKA Megami33 (the voice of Bulma) has been cast as Kozuki Momonosuke, the future Shogun of Wano.
  • Oda and One Piece have earned the Guinness World Record for "most copies printed for a comic book by a single author", having 320,866,000 printed between December 1997 and December 2014.
  • Oda has a massive love for name-dropping things early on in the series and then bringing them up much later in a big way. Because of this, he has generally managed to avoid the dreaded Ass Pull many writers get accused of for simply throwing in things as they go, which come unannounced and way out of left field. In addition, Oda continuously surprises readers with the satisfying payoffs to these floating plot points — some which were waiting for resolution decades in advance. It was also revealed that he has entire volumes of composition notebooks dedicated to keeping notes about his story arcs, so he knows how to keep everything happening in his story straight.
  • One Piece has sold 430 million copies: that is to say it has completely outnumbered every manga to ever exist in sales by a huge margin, the big three is a ridiculous concept when you realize Naruto and Bleach combined don't even compare to One Piece: which has sold more than a hundred million more than both. One Piece is to Manga and Anime what Gone with the Wind is for movies. Even the legendary Dragon Ball is a distant second, with 240 million copies to One Piece's 430 million and counting.note 
  • Regardless of your anime preferences, FUNimation deserves a round of applause for their English dub of the anime. They not only kept it true to the original source material unlike what 4Kids did, they went so far as to go back to Episode 01 and redubbed everything, effectively making the 4Kids dub obsolete!
  • After Eiichiro Oda donated 800 million yen ($8 million US) to the Kumamoto prefecture (his birthhome) to help with earthquake relief, the prefecture paid tribute with a Luffy statue. Looks like Luffy finally got that bronze statue he always wanted.
    • More than just Luffy - as thanks for Oda funding relief for Kumamoto prefecture, all 9 of the Pre-Timeskip Straw Hats are getting statues. All but Zoro, Nami, and Robin have been unveiled, mainly due to their statues not being completed prior to the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • One of the biggest fans of One Piece is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. It's believed his interest in the series has motivated him to lead economic reforms for the country, opening up a large venue of opportunities for Japanese animation. The Crown Prince has even started up his own animation studio to get Saudi Arabia on the world map of animation.


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