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Notable quotes from the One Piece anime and manga series:

Destiny... fate... dreams... These unstoppable ideals are held deep in the heart of man. As long as there are people who seek freedom in this life, these things will not vanish from the earth.
"King of the Pirates" Gold Roger

(Luffy and Zoro have just defeated Helmeppo and Axe-Hand Morgan)
Luffy: Nice, Zoro.
Zoro: It was no trouble, Captain.

Nami: Luffy... help me.
(To Luffy, moments after her Heroic BSoD during the Arlong storyline)

after having demolished Arlong Park's tower in one blow

Mihawk: Lad, what is your goal?
Luffy: To be King of the Pirates!
Mihawk: (smirks) You tread a perilous path. Even more perilous than trying to surpass me.
Luffy: I don't care!!! That's what I'm going to be!!!
The two pirates discussing Luffy's dream during the Baratie arc, Chapter 52

Mihawk: I've found an interesting pirate. He reminded me of a story you told me long ago. About a boy in some little village... (holds up Luffy's first bounty poster)
Shanks: ...
(the Red-Hair Pirates light up on recognizing Luffy)
Shanks: (smirks) So you're here, Luffy.
Chapter 96

(Dragon has just helped the Straw Hats escape from Smoker)
Dragon: (laughs) Heh heh... Go ahead... If that's your way.
Smoker: Why are you helping that guy, Dragon?!
Dragon: What reason would I have to get in the way of another man's voyage?
Chapter 100

(a little girl has just bumped into Smoker and spilled her ice cream on his pants)
Smoker: Sorry... it seems my pants ate your ice cream. (gives her money) Buy yourself five scoops this time.

Smoker: Why did he laugh? Did he know he'd be rescued? That's not it!!! In that moment he accepted his fate. He saw his death, accepted it and laughed!! Soldier, did you ever see a pirate laugh right before his execution?
Random navy soldier: Laugh? When faced with certain death, every man trembles in fear, however tough he is.
Smoker: Well, that monkey laughed!!! Twenty-two years ago, another man laughed on that very spot. He was Gold Roger, King of the Pirates!!!
Smoker discussing Buggy's attempted execution of Luffy, Chapter 99

"When does a man die? Is it when he's shot in the heart with a pistol? No. When he's stricken with a deadly disease? No. When he eats a soup... made from a deadly mushroom? NO!!! It's when... he is forgotten!!! WHAT A LIFE IT WAS!!!! Thank you, Chopper."
Dr. Hiriluk's last words, Chapter 145

"What does 'teamwork' really mean anyway? Is it just about rescuing and protecting each other? There are people who believe that. But to me, that just sounds like kids playing around. Everyone should do what they can with their lives on the line, and then say to the next guy: 'I did what I could. Now it's your turn. If you don't finish it, I'll come kick your ass!' Isn't that how teamwork first comes about? When I look at it that way, I think it's okay to have nakama that are wild and independent."
Zoro explaining the crew's dynamic to the then-newly-joined Chopper during the Alabasta arc, Episode 102

"People's dreams don't ever end!"
Blackbeard to Luffy, on the ideals of pirates.

Sorry, I'm not interested... in joining a gang of third-rate bullies!
Nami refusing the offer to leave Luffy's crew for Bellamy's, Chapter 225

Bellamy: (to Luffy) Can you fight? Can you even throw a punch?
(cue One-Hit KO moments later)

(Skypiea arc, chapter 280, during the fight with Eneru on board the Maxim)
Nami: (to herself, in a panic) Oh no! Oh no! We've got to escape! Luffy, hurry up and defeat Eneru!! No, wait a minute! If we defeat Eneru, the ship will probably fall. But if we don't defeat him, Skypiea will be destroyed. But if we stay, we'll be taken away... (aloud, to Luffy) What do we do, Luffy?! We're...!
Luffy: (tosses Nami his hat) Quit your worrying!!
Nami: But...! But!
Luffy: You're a crewmember of the future king of the pirates... Stop looking so pathetic!!
Eneru: King of the pirates? In control of what kingdom?
Eneru: That's quite impressive... Let's finish our business here... in the sky!!

Zoro: ... Hey... cook? Lend me a hand for ten seconds.
Sanji: That should be enough time.
The Vitriolic Best Buds about to get serious during the Groggy Ring game, Chapter 311

Don't start a fight you can't finish.
Sanji's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner to the Franky Family

(Luffy has just fought Usopp over the Going Merry's fate)
Luffy: (on the verge of crying) This is too much...!
Zoro: That's the burden of being a captain. Don't doubt yourself. If you start becoming unsure, who can we have faith in?!
Zoro's words to Luffy after his fight with Usopp, Chapter 333

Zoro: Whatever you do, Luffy, you better not kiss his butt and tell him how happy you are to see him again. I won't let him come back unless he apologizes for what he did! Whatever Luffy and Usopp were thinking of when they started arguing -who was right and who was wrong- that doesn't matter. When two men decide to have a duel, the only thing that matters is who wins. Usopp lost! And he left the ship on his own. Listen, all of you. This guy may be an idiot, but he's still the captain. We're better off without a crewmate who can't respect the captain when the going gets tough! A crew that doesn't respect their captain and a captain who doesn't deserve that respect is destined to fail! I don't care how much you screw around under normal circumstances, but you're still the captain, and you rank above me. If you don't act like a captain at a time like this, I'll be the next one to leave this group!
part of his What the Hell, Hero? speech on Usopp's rejoining, Chapter 438

Franky: You're not the one who'll be hurting them, right? The government people call your existence a crime, but no matter what weapon you've got, just being isn't a crime!! Existing is not a crime!!!''
Franky trying to reason with Robin against her sacrifice, chapter 475

Spandam: Are you crazy?! You really think that you can survive now that the entire world's your enemy?!
Luffy: BRING IT ON! Robin!! I still haven't heard it from your lips. Say that you want to live!
Robin: Live? I didn't think I could wish for that... No one ever allowed me to wish it... If it's really okay to make a little wish... I... I WANT TO LIVE! TAKE ME TO SEA TO WITH YOU!!!
Chapter 398

Luffy declaring war against the World Government.

Sanji: I won't run away. I won't let you kill me. And I sure as heck won't go easy on you!!
to Jabra before using Diablo Jambe for the first time, Chapter 415

Brook:I don't think he will forgive us for having dying so irresponsibly. But after coercing him into agreeing to such a selfish pact, one that we ended up being unable to fulfill in this faraway place, I can't just die hoping to be forgiven! Because when a man promises to return, he must return!!!''
Brook explaining to Franky why he continues to live, Chapter 459

Zoro: I understand. I'll give you a head. But there's a catch. Take my head instead!! Please settle for that!!! I can't say I'm as famous as Luffy, but if you consider that someday I would've been the world's best swordsman, it can't be too much of a loss to you!!
Kuma: ...You have that much ambition, and yet, you would give up your life to save this one?
Zoro: The way I see it, that's the only way to save the rest of my crew!!! What good is ambition if I can't even save the life of my own captain? Luffy... is the man who will become the king of the pirates!!!
when talking to Kuma on Thriller Bark, begging him to spare Luffy's life, Chapter 485

Sanji: What's with all this blood?!! Hey! Are you alive?! Where'd he go?! What happened here?!
Zoro: Nothing... at all!
during Thriller Bark, moments after Zoro has absorbed all of Luffy's pain and fatigue (page image on Made of Iron), Chapter 485

"One may stray from the path of a man, one may stray from the path of a woman, but there is no straying from the path of a HUMAN!"
Bon Kurei, an okama.

"Because we’re friends. There is no need for another reason"
Bon Kurei on why he is risking himself trying to help Luffy rescue Ace from Impel Down.

"Even in the depths of hell, the flower of friendship shall bloom, flames licking at its stem and on the sands of the river where souls part from the living, it sheds a solitary petal, leaving it behind as a memento. So let us vow that we shall make it bloom again someday..."
Bon Kurei right before his Heroic Sacrifice

"Doesn't matter who you're born to... Everyone's still a child of the sea!!"

Donquixote Doflamingo: Are the pirates the bad guys?! Is the Navy the good guys?! Things like that change with the seasons!! Kids who've never known peace and kids who've never known war have completely different ideas of right and wrong! It's the job of those at the top to decide what's good and what's evil! Right now, it could go either way! Justice will prevail?! Of course it will!! Because the side of justice... will be whichever side wins!
Chapter 556

It's not his powers or techniques. He possesses some quality that makes people want to help him. And in these waters... that is the most formidable power of all!!
Mihawk, on seeing Luffy's fighting force of friends and past foes at Marineford. Chapter 561

They think that... something so trivial... can kill me... I need no assistance... I... I am... I! AM! WHITEBEARD!!!
Whitebeard demonstrating how much of a Made of Iron Determinator badass he is, right before he sweeps aside the marines who had the gall to try and stop him.

Whitebeard's Famous Last Words, Episode 485

"Hey Luffy! Don't lose!! The next time we meet, I'll do whatever a great cook can to help you become king of the pirates! I'll even endure this hell!'''"
Sanji makes his pledge to support Luffy while on Kamabakka Island prior to the Time Skip, Chapter 595

Luffy: You won't get your way with the seas, or my friends, CAUSE I WON'T LET YOU!!!
to Shiki right before he defeats him

"Hero? No! We're Pirates! I love heroes, but I don't wanna be one! Do you know what heroes are? Say there is a chunk of meat. Pirates will have a banquet and eat it. But heroes will share it with other people. I want all the meat!"
Luffy's response when Jimbei asks him to be the hero of Fishman Island

"Listen up! A hero is someone who shares his booze to everyone. I want all the booze!"
Zoro, expressing his lament of being called a hero by Shirahoshi, in the vein of Luffy's quote above

Usopp: The weather is terrible!!
Brook: Yohoho~~ The sky is pouring!!
Robin: The wind is blowing strong!
Franky: The sea is crashing!!
Nami: The compass' needle is all over the place!!
Chopper: The sea looks red!!
Sanji: A surging sea of flames!!
Zoro: It looks like the entrance to hell.
Luffy: PERFECT!!!!
Chapter 654: The Strawhats entering the New World with smiles on their face.

The weak do not have the right to choose how they die.
Trafalgar Law to Tashigi, Chapter 662

Trafalgar Law: It's been two years since the Paramount War!!! And who exactly has been moving events? You've done nothing more than maintain peace and tranquility. Whitebeard only left a mark on our times. Navy Headquarters has bolstered itself with new strength!!! None of the other big players have though they've only been preparing!! That war was nothing more than a prologue. Like you've said, a new age is coming with unmatched power... An age of the daring and mighty!!! Well, now I've destroyed the gears!! And no one can turn back!!!
In Punk Hazard to Donquixote Doflamingo

Usopp: Don't you dare... insult my captain in front of me. He would never even think of betraying us, no matter how much easier it would make things...! There were times when all I could think about was running away with tail between my legs... But no matter what he has to do... what hardships he has to overcome... He puts his absolute faith in us, and we reciprocate in kind! So we gladly risks our lives, since he does the same without a second thought! Watch carefully! Guys like Caesar... They make Luffy's blood boil! Luffy... will make Caesar pay.
In Punk Hazard, when Caesar is revealed to his workers to be really heartless and will sacrifice his own men on a whim

Sanji: A man forgives a woman's lies.

Doflamingo: Fujitora. He's an idiot, Tsuru-san. It was his last chance. If he had sided with me and helped me get rid of all those brats, it wouldn't have ended up like this. I was holding the reins. The reins to the monsters of the world. You shouldn't have taken me down. I'm sure you people will regret this.
Tsuru: Don't say such pathetic crap. There is no "If." It's crazy to even think about it. This outcome is the only reality. You lost.
Doflamingo: [laughs] Oh, how can I best you?
Tsuru: The wolf knows what the ill beast thinks. What do you think will happen to the world of pirates?
Doflamingo: To answer your question with another question, what do you think the unleashed monsters who lost the "food" I supplied them will do? Is there anyone who is at the top of the ladder in all the seas now? Who's ruling all the seas? Is it one of the Four Emperors of the sea? Or the Seven Warlords who cleverly live out in the seas? Or the brats from the Worst Generation? No... The Navy, the military forces of justice, is conquering the seas! There are some strong members who we must keep an eye on, in the Revolutionary Army, the ally of the people. The family of "D." have been hiding in the shadow of history. When and where are they gonna show themselves?! Who's gonna side with who?! Who's gonna betray who?! Tell the Celestial Dragons in the Holy Land of Mariejois that they will be dragged down! It's been 25 years since Gold Roger fully explored the whole Grand Line. His archenemy, Whitebeard, didn't sit on the throne, but just sit in front of it and took the reins. What about now? The number of pirates is ballooning and there's one seat that's totally empty! You know what I mean, don't you? It will start! The biggest battle for supremacy yet in the history of pirates!
Donquixote Doflamingo warning the Marines about the Throne Wars

Even if it meant the country's demise, we will never rat out our friends to the kingdom's enemy!

Charlotte Linlin, deranged with hunger

But even more than the imminent meeting of world leaders, the people of the world buzzed with news of the young pirate Straw Hat Luffy, who dared to confront Big Mom, the Emperor of the sea whose supremacy had gone unchallenged for decades. That according to reliable sources, Straw Hat Luffy already had seven powerful pirate crews under his sway, combining the authority of a captain with over 5,000 followers, the notoriety of brotherhood with both Ace and the No. 2 of the revolutionaries, Sabo. The extreme extraordinary charisma and leadership to assume impromptu command over the formidable trio of the army of evil Germa 66, the Pirates of the Sun and the Fire Tank Pirates, the calculated strategic brilliance to execute the destruction of the queen's castle, and the strength to defeat her officers worth 800 million and one billion berries, the result of this incident was clear to all. Straw Hat Luffy... was victorious!! It was the arrival of the Fifth Emperor of the sea!!
Narrator of Chapter 903

What king was that, boy?
Kaido after knocking out Luffy in a single blow after he made his King of the Pirates declaration.


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