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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
"No matter what happens from here on, our left arms will bear... the sign of our fellowship."

With its messages of having True Companions and the Power of Friendship permeating it, One Piece has proved to be one of the most idealistic and warm series around.

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Super Rookies Era

    East Blue Saga 
Romance Dawn Arc
  • While Shanks lets the bandits push him and his crew around because it's not worth getting angry over, he then reveals what will cause them to get serious — hurting one of his friends. Even better, the fact that he called Luffy that comes as a surprise to Luffy, who'd never realized Shanks thought of him that way.
  • Shanks hugging Luffy, who was weeping that he lost his dominant arm to a massive sea beast to save his life. To this the red-headed warrior replied with a kind, gentle smile.
    "It's a small price to pay. Just an arm... I'm just glad you're okay." (Chapter 1).
    • Little wonder Luffy turned out the way he did, with a role model as noble and good-hearted as Shanks.

Orange Town Arc

  • Episode 6. Luffy fights Buggy's animal trainer, Mohji, and his lion, Richie, on behalf of an abandoned dog, Chouchou. The moment where he gives some treats to Chouchou afterward is also the first use of what will eventually become One Piece's Tear Jerker music, "Mother Sea".
    • Nami's reaction tells the whole story. As she sees the dog mournfully howling in front of the wrecked pet food store, she's reaffirming to herself that pirates are all the same and just destroy things that people hold dear. Then Luffy walks into the scene and she's ready to beat him up for being a pirate too...until he sits down with the dog and compliments him on fighting well, along with handing over a small bag of dog food, the one thing connected to the store he was able to save. This actually brings a brief smile to Nami's face as she sees that maybe pirates aren't ALL like that.
    Luffy: It's too late for apologies... They won't bring that dog's treasure back! That's why I came to clobber you! (Chapter 13)
  • At the end of the arc, when the villagers chase after Luffy for punching the mayor, Chouchou pulls a You Shall Not Pass! in repayment for Luffy's earlier act of kindness. Shortly thereafter, the mayor insists on chasing down Luffy… to thank Luffy for saving his life.

Syrup Village Arc

  • Usopp's determination to defend his village from Kuro's invasion is both touching and awesome, especially considering he's considered to be little more than a lying troublemaker by the townspeople.
    Usopp: Even if I get shot in the arm, even if they chase me with brooms, THIS IS STILL MY TOWN!!
  • After previously dismissing Usopp for warning her about Klahadore, Kaya realizes that Usopp wouldn't make up such a lie like that. She comes to the beach and witnesses the fight in progress. Rather than going Oh, Crap! on seeing that Usopp is badly injured, she tells Klahadore that he can have her fortune, but leave the village alone. When he refuses, she pulls a gun on him and tells him to get away from Usopp. It's implied these few seconds of delay saved his life.
  • Usopp's crew also realizes that he was telling the truth about a pirate invasion. They try attacking Klahadore, and ask Usopp why he claimed it was a lie.
  • Usopp orders his crew to protect Miss Kaya and escort her from the battlefield. Zoro grins when he realizes it gives the boys a reason to stay away from the fighting, and a means to stall Kuro's plans.
  • After Usopp leaves his village with the Straw Hats, his old friends the Usopp Pirates wonder what they're going to do now. Pepper has an idea, and the last we see of them is the three boys yelling "PIRATES ARE COMING!" as a fitting tribute to Usopp's daily commotion, where he raised a ruckus with a similar cry.
    • On top of this, it's notable that the townsfolk set their schedules by Usopp's lying proclamations. They actually notice and find it odd when he doesn't come making a ruckus. One of them even wonders if he was too hard on him. They may have found Usopp's lies and regular noise-making annoying... but it's become a part of their lives... and they likely care about him more than they'd admit.
  • Usopp's Freudian Excuse for his lying — to give his mother hope that his father would return — as well as telling tall tales to help raise Kaya's spirits establish that for all his dishonesty and cowardice, he's a good person at heart.
    • Usopp's mother holding no grudges towards Yasopp for leaving them, saying that she's glad that she married him and that she is proud of him for having the courage to follow his dream.
  • On Yasopp's part, in spite of ultimately choosing the pirate life over raising his son, Luffy's flashback shows that he mentioned Usopp every chance he got while bemoaning leaving him behind, to the point that Luffy remembers even years later.

Baratie Arc

  • After Zoro is defeated and badly wounded by Mihawk, Luffy makes his way over to get revenge for his friend. However despite his injuries Zoro tells him not to bother, promising his captain he will never lose again, and asks the "pirate king" if that's alright. Luffy just grins and nods. Not only is this heartwarming, it also marks the only time in the manga that Zoro is seen crying (apart from flashbacks).
    Zoro: From now to the day I beat him [Mihawk] to become the greatest swordsman, I will never lose again!!! Got a problem with that, King of the Pirates?!
    Luffy: (laughs) Not at all!!! (Chapter 52)
    • Mihawk calls Luffy and Zoro a good team, and acknowledging Zoro as a Worthy Opponent.
  • The end of Chapter 50 reveals that despite Nami betraying the crew, she tearfully hopes to meet them in the future once she buys back her village, and be counted as their friend for real.
  • Zeff ate his own foot to save Sanji because he had the same dream as him. This also draws a parallel between Sanji and Luffy, as each has an idol who practically gave up his ability to fight—Shanks his sword arm, "Red Foot" Zeff his favored kicking foot—to save them.
    • In the anime, this happens a little differently, but the effect is not diminished: Zeff's leg got pinned under the ship wreckage when he dived to save Sanji. He could get his leg out but Sanji would have drowned by then. So to save time he used the chain of the nearby anchor to sever his leg to get him free. The blood soaked chain in the lightning really put the point across.
  • In the Baratie arc, we get one between Sanji and Gin, one of Don Krieg's men. The man hasn't eaten in days and after Patty kicks him out, Sanji gives him some food. While Gin refuses at first, Sanji tells Gin that he knows how it feels to starve out in the ocean and Gin, finally giving in, eats the food while tears flow down from his face. Gin thanks Sanji for the food and it even becomes important later on as this makes Gin have a Heel–Face Turn near the end of the arc, where he saves Luffy and Sanji from Krieg's toxic gas.
  • Sanji's departure from Baratie.
    Zeff: Hey, Sanji. Keep your feet dry.
    (Sanji starts to tear up and then turns around, bowing towards the Baratie.)
    Sanji: Chef Zeff!!! All these years I lived under your craproof!!! I owe you my life!!! I'll never forget you!!!! (Chapter 68)
    • This is significant because up to this point the only ever referred to each other as "Old-bastard" and "Stinking-brat"; even a hardened old-salt like Zeff was unable to repress a Tearful Smile as the son he never had finally acknowledged his love and gratitude towards him.
    • As a Rewatch Bonus, the scene becomes even more heartwarming after you take into account Sanji's horrible past, and understand how much Sanji means those words.

Arlong Park Arc

  • All of Nami's efforts, hopes and dreams are crashing down around her ears, and she's violently defacing the tattoo on her arm with a knife — when Luffy grabs her wrist and stops her. For the first time completely open with any of the other heroes, Nami begs him to save her village. He wordlessly places his precious hatsomething he'd previously told her NEVER to touch — on her head, screams to the sky either "Of course I'll help you!" or "[Arlong]'s gonna pay!" depending on the version, and marches off to battle. The rest of the crew joins him with little more than an acknowledgment of his order. It was perhaps this incident that took such a radical and disparate group and made them all True Companions.
    • Unlike Usopp and Sanji, who listened to Nojiko explain Nami's motivations and tragic backstory, Luffy has no idea why Nami betrayed the crew and no explanation for why she'd been so hostile - nor does he care. Luffy stuck around because Nami is his crewmate - his friend - and he simply refused to even consider that she had truly betrayed him. When Nami finally asks for help, Luffy doesn't hesitate for even a second.
  • Bellemere doesn't hold a grudge against Nami for being bratty and saying she wanted a rich family. She rescued her girls from a storm and knows that Nami doesn't mean it. Bellemere reassures Nami before Arlong kills her that Nami is a brave girl, and is proud to have her as a daughter.
  • Arlong, for what it's worth, keeps his word to not kill Nami or Nojiko. With Nami, it's pragmatic on learning she's a navigator. Nojiko, however, is an ordinary civilian.
  • It's not just his Chivalrous Pervert side talking; Sanji immediately says that Arlong dishonored Nami, and for that reason, the Straw Hat Pirates need to stop him.
  • After hearing Nami's story, Johnny and Yozaku challenge the fishmen and lose. They then proceed to stand guard outside Arlong Park, knowing that the villagers would be slaughtered if they went in to fight. They stay there, calmly waiting for the Straw Hats to show up and take over.
    • To note, those two had no hesitation in believing that the Straw Hats would come to beat Arlong, they had that much faith in them.
    • And when the Straw Hats arrive, Luffy proceeds to storm into Arlong's base and punch him in the face. The reason? "You made our navigator cry!"
    • When the bewildered and frightened villagers ask why they're all doing this when they're outsiders who have no stakes in the village, Johnny and Yozaku respond that Arlong making Nami cry is reason enough for any of them to risk their lives against him. All the more touching because Johnny and Yozaku practically just met Nami.
  • Nami's reaction when she sees Luffy tear her room at Arlong's base literally to shreds. She's actually touched that Luffy would destroy the source of her oppression.
  • When they hear that Arlong stole the ransom money from Nami, the villagers gather with Torches and Pitchforks. Genzo tells Nami they always knew she didn't betray him; Nojiko explained to them in secret about the ransom. He says it was unfair to let Nami carry on the burden of saving their lives alone, and they're going to make up for it. Genzo also reassures her, knowing the villagers are walking to their deaths, that this fight will be Worth It because they'll have died with honor.
  • When Luffy rises from the ruins of Arlong Park, after shouting Nami's name, he declares that "You'll always be my friend!" with Nami tearfully nodding her head. Even better when the village realizes there finally free from Arlong, and celebrates by throwing Luffy in the air. The anime later shows Nami putting back Luffy's Straw Hat on his head as a thank you, although the manga does this later just prior to Nami walloping the Marine asshole who sided with Arlong and accepted his bribes with her staff.
  • Just how much joy and relief the village (and likely the island as a whole) experienced from Arlong's defeat. After so many years of being under his heel, it's over and they're free. And the Straw Hats are rightfully treated and celebrated as heroes.
  • Nami's mother's spirit seemingly seeing her off.
  • After Nami steals the villagers' money as a parting stunt, the village naturally curses Nami for it, but the curses are interspersed with honest farewells:
    Genzo: You cheeky brat! We'll miss you!
  • Early at the start of the arc, Zoro was captured by the Arlong Pirates and Nami revealed she was part of their crew the whole time. However, based on nothing more than a hunch, Zoro threw himself into the ocean to see if Nami would rescue him. Despite her previous words of only using the Straw Hats, she did not hesitate to save him in front of the rest of the Arlong Pirates. Then she lets him go in private and tells him to run.
  • When Luffy tries to use a sword, he fails miserably and Arlong mocks his lack of skill... only for Luffy to retort that indeed he doesn't know anything about using swords (Zoro) or navigation (Nami) or cooking (Sanji) or lying (Usopp), and that's why he needs his friends. Because they can do what he's unable to achieve.
  • It turns out there's a reason Genzo wears a pinwheel in his hat. As a baby, Nami would cry from seeing Genzo's stern face, so he got the idea to put the pinwheel in his hat to make her smile. He's been wearing that pinwheel ever sense until the Straw Hats freed Nami from her burden. Genzo then leaves the pinwheel at Bellemere's grave.

Loguetown Arc

  • The entirety of Episode 45, a majority of which is due to the amount of call backs contained within that episode alone. Shanks's celebration over Luffy's slow rise to fame is especially touching. There's also the bit of Mihawk, albeit reluctantly, joining Shanks for a drinking party (which is already after Shanks was hung over the night before) that shows that even the greatest swordsman in the world — who just the arc before, showed little mercy against the rookie Zoro in his fight — has a soft side.
  • Captain Smoker's introduction. When Smoker goes on patrol, a young girl bumps into him and spills her ice cream cone on his pants. Her father is immediately apologizing profusely, fearing retribution. Smoker just pats her on the head, apologies for his pants 'eating' her ice cream, and gives her a coin so she can buy a bigger cone. Not only is it heartwarming, but a perfect demonstration that, although the Designated Villain of the series, not all Marines are downright evil like Morgan or Nezumi (or a Jerkass like Fullbody).
    • Even sweeter when you realize that he could have just turned to smoke to avoid getting hit, but the girl would have gotten hurt from falling down if he did.
  • Knowing that Dragon is Luffy's father makes his appearance in this arc very heartwarming. From saving Luffy to encouraging him to follow his dream of becoming King of the Pirates.

Buggy's Crew: After the Battle!

  • We also get a couple from Buggy during his time after he lost to Luffy. He befriended Gaimon on the island of Rare Animals, even sharing a drink and the short man even helped Buggy make a new raft. And when Buggy reunited with his crew, they were overjoyed to the point of tears to see their captain had returned. They even gave him a tearful funeral before they found out he was alive. That shows that it's not only Luffy's crew who are close.

    Alabasta Saga 
Whiskey Peak Arc
  • Despite knowing that Ms. Wednesday (Vivi) and Mr. 8 (Igaram) are spies, Mr. 9 and Miss Monday decide to help Vivi escape because they've been partners for so long. Even though they don't really understand the situation, they consider her too much of a friend to let her get assassinated.
  • After Igaram supposedly dies, Vivi is too shaken up to move, much less escape as she and the Straw Hats need to. As soon as Nami notices it, she hugs Vivi and reassures her that they'll get her back to Alabasta safely, and that the Straw Hats will definitely kick Crocodile's ass.

Drum Island Arc

  • Even before the crew even get to Drum Island, everyone is worried about Nami's sickness. Luffy, unable to really understand the serious need for medical attention, keeps suggesting silly things that work for him to make her feel better, and he keeps trying to stay at her side and make funny face to make her smile, thinking that will cure her.
  • There's an underappreciated Usopp/Zoro interaction, when Usopp attempts to carry a wounded Dalton - the keyword here being "attempts". When Usopp is predictably unable to lift the large man, Zoro steps in and just hoists Dalton over his shoulder, knowing they don't have time for this nonsense. Usopp gets offended at Zoro stealing his thunder and says "he was about to use his full power". The stoic Zoro responds with "Yeah, I know." Although some translations make it more of a slightly-mocking "Sure you were" kind of moment, it comes across as Zoro having a bit of a big brother moment, moving things along without wanting to hurt Usopp's pride and at least showing some admiration for his intent in his own understated way.
  • When in Drum Island, Luffy and Sanji were attacked by a bunch of Lapahn while they were bringing sick Nami to the only doctor on the island. They kicked a baby Lapahn's ass easily but then its parent and other Lapahn showed up and caused an avalanche which buried not only Sanji but the baby Lapahn's parent as well. While carrying both Sanji and Nami, Luffy saw the baby Lapahn trying to desperately dig up its parent even though its paws already ached. When Luffy approached it, the baby Lapahn thought he was trying to harm them and growled while trying to protect its parent. Luffy grabbed the Lapahn which was buried under the snow and pulled it up. He helped those in need and carried on with his mission. Now that is a heartwarming scene that brings a smile on your face and tears to your eyes.
    • What was also pretty sweet about that was when Luffy was about to get attacked on 3 sides by the baddies of the arc—unable to fight with Nami and Sanji in his arms — the Lapahn suddenly showed up to help him! Seeing the Lapahn paying Luffy back for his kindness is very sweet.
  • Luffy climbed a thousand-foot-tall sheer cliff carrying his injured and sick friends, with barely any protection from the cold. He sacrificed his jacket to help keep Nami covered, then lost it to the wind. Because he's an idiot, he's still wearing his signature shorts, and his feet are bare so he can grip the rock wall. His fingers are frostbitten and bleeding. Utterly frozen and with the last bits of his strength, likely hearing Dr. Kureha say Nami is dying, he grabs her arm and tells her, "They're my friends!" Even after all that, he puts Nami and Sanji's well-being over his.
  • This is a bit of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it: When Sanji and Luffy realize that Chopper transformed and changed his size, they exclaim "HE'S A MONSTER!". At first, Chopper walks away from them, obviously saddened from the label. Later, when Luffy punches Wapol in the face, we get the following exchange:
    Chopper: Can I ask you something?
    Sanji: Huh?
    Chopper: That boy can stretch, right!?
    Sanji: That's right. He's a rubberman.
    Chopper: Wh-what's that!!?
    Sanji: (smiles widely) Basically, he's a monster.
    (Chapter 146)
  • In the flashback, King Wapol sets a trap to catch and execute Hiriluk. He spreads the story that the Twenty Doctors - the only ones on the island other than Hiriluk or Kureha — are all dangerously sick. Hiriluk, believing the story, fights his way to the castle, only to be surrounded by all of Wapol's men. When he sees that it was all a trap, and has dozens of guns pointed at him, what is his reaction?
    "Thank goodness. No one's sick. I really thought... this was a national emergency. But it was only a trap for me."
    • And immediately afterwards, Wapol gives the order to kill him, only for Hiriluk to tell them they can't kill him.
      "When does a man die? Is it when he's shot in the heart with a pistol? No. When he's stricken with a deadly sickness? No. When he eats soup made from a deadly mushroom? NO! It's when he is forgotten! I may disappear, but my dream will live on. And the ailing hearts of the people will be healed. [...] Someone will continue my work. Soon, a monster will appear. He's my son. Don't hurt him. HA! WHAT A LIFE IT WAS!"
    • And his last thought, just before he toasts his life with the potion that kills him?
      "Don't worry, Chopper. Your mushroom didn't kill me."
      • Speaking of that mushroom, Hiriluk knew that it was poisonous, but seeing to what lengths Chopper went to retrieve it, he decided that praising his son's courage and spare him the delusion was worth having his already short life cut even shorter.
  • In Chapter 147, Dalton has been mortally wounded, hovering on the brink between life and death. Cue the Twenty Doctors, previously thought to be nothing more than blindly faithful servants to King Wapol, stepping in to offer their help. Taking off the surgical masks and goggles that made them Faceless Mooks, they admit that they only served Wapol out of fear, and continued their medical research for the good of the whole country. Their inspiration? Dr. Hiriluk's Heroic Sacrifice. "One quack doctor taught us never to give up hope. We should listen to fools like that more."
  • In Chapter 152, when Chopper joins the Straw Hats:
    Chopper: But... I'm a reindeer! I have antlers! And hooves! And a blue nose! Of course I want to be a pirate!! But I'm not human like you are!! I'm a monster!!! I can never be part of your group!!! But I wanted to thank you!!! Thank you... for asking me. I'm going to stay here. But please, come back someday... when you feel like it.
    Chopper: ... (bursts into tears)
    • Keep in mind Luffy wanted Chopper in his gang not realizing Chopper was a doctor. In fact, only Nami knew this before they departed. (Of course, Sanji thought he was emergency rations.)
    • And at the end, Chopper thinks he forgot his bag of medical equipment, when it turns out Nami found it in the sled. It would appear Doctorine tossed it in the sled before he left, knowing he would leave.
  • The last scene of the Drum Island arc, formerly pictured above, was a perfect combination of this, a crowning moments of awesome and a serious tearjerker. Tony Tony Chopper, on leaving his homeland, turned around to see that Doctorine had fired off the cannons in a salute to his exit. The cannons fired off a powder that mixed with the constantly falling snow to form a giant cloud of pink snow surrounding the tallest drum-shaped mountain in the center of the island. The result was a spitting image of a cherry blossom tree. Years before this took place, Chopper's father Hiruluk told Chopper the tale of a pirate who saw a field of cherry blossom trees that healed his incurable disease and that Hiruluk wanted to make a tree bloom in the inhospitable snowy environment. Of course, the pirate in his tale was Hiruluk himself (thus he made his jolly roger have cherry blossoms on it) and he did create the method for his dream to come true, but his life was cut short by the corrupt government that controlled Drum Island before he could make it happen. His death sparked a chain of events within the government that led the King's second Dalton to pull a coup on the king Wapol, believing in Hiruluk's final speech of how the country could return to its former glory. Cherry blossoms symbolize renewal, as it did to Hiriluk's health and Dalton's country. Chopper, upon seeing the "tree", burst into tears over how his father's dream had come true and that the country had been healed of its torment. The Drum Island Arc is often overshadowed by the later Alabasta, Enies Lobby and Whitebeard War Arcs, but it manages to give one of the most satisfactory conclusion to a story in any form of media in recent years. Best of all, after Enies Lobby, we find out the island has taken this powerful symbol to heart by renaming itself Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Kingdom. The final scene can be seen here.

Alabasta Arc

  • The way that Luffy confirms that Ace is his brother. In Japanese, he uses the term "ni-chan" which denotes a close relationship instead "ni-san", which shows that Ace is extremely close to Luffy. Even more heartwarming in the dub when Luffy calls Ace his brother, he sounds like he is smothering his excitement over seeing Ace again.
  • The earliest scenes with Ace and Luffy together when they first reunite in Arabasta. We get to see some good brotherly bonding, including an arm wrestling match which ends with them crushing the water barrel they're holding it on.
  • The scene where Luffy defeats Crocodile counts as a Moment of Awesome, Awesome Music due to Dvorak's New World Symphony 4th Movement playing, and this due to how well it fit in. In particular, the part where Vivi sees Crocodile sent flying and remembers despite all her worries about Crocodile's manipulation of the country, Luffy with his usual enthusiasm simply says "So all I have to do to Crocodile, is kick his ass, right?". Then the True Companions pondering how the hell Crocodile was sent flying with Usopp replying with great joy that finally, Luffy won.
  • Tashigi's battalion of Marines had the Straw Hat Pirates, exhausted and mortally wounded after defeating Baroque Works, cornered and dead to rights. Yet the young Marine is filled with so much respect for them having saved Alabasta from Crocodile's genocidal war that she ordered her men to stand down; sternly warning that anyone who dares to arrest them will personally answer to her. Tashigi may hold a vendetta against pirates, yes, but the bravery and valor of the Straw Hats moved her so much that even she was able to see them for the heroes that they are. And this is no small leap of faith, either. Not only did Tashigi put aside her own grudge with Zoro, but this was probably the first time we see a Marine of rank faced with a To Be Lawful or Good dilemma and answer it, "Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!!" And we later see that Smoker pondered the same question himself prior to splitting up so as to get a little help nailing Crocodile legally. What does he tell Tashigi after the whole mess is over? Basically, "You called it as you saw it. Stand by it. You have my support." It's here that confirms that Smoker and Tashigi are not your average pirate-hunting Marines. These two have principles.
  • The King of Alabasta kneels in gratitude before the Straw Hat Pirates, in spite of his Senechal's protests.
    "A man's title comes off with his clothes. Here in the bath, we're all the same. A king is not a king when disrobed. I'd like to say... not as a king, but as a father and a citizen of this land... From the bottom of my heart... Thank you." (Chapter 213)
  • Mr. 2 Bon Clay being moved by the Straw Hats' commitment to rendezvous with Vivi as they try to escape from Captain Hina's fleet, and then acting as decoy along with his crew so that the Merry can escape from the Marines safely. Taking the fall proves his friendship (which was previously suspect) to the crew, and Luffy proclaims he won't ever forget him as he, Chopper and Usopp bawl their eyes out. Even Sanji (who is generally one of the more impassive crewmembers) sheds some tears, keeping in line with him recognizing Bon as a worthy opponent earlier on.
  • Vivi telling the Straw Hats that she must stay behind and hoping that they'll still consider her a friend if they meet again. Due to the presence of Marines nearby, they're unable to answer back for fear of her being labeled a criminal. Instead, in one of the most iconic moments of the series (and current page image), they show her the "marks of friendship" on their arms, and she immediately understands and shows hers. While the moment could be a Tear Jerker, it is touching to see them acknowledge her as a friend.
    • The gang standing in a circle on the Going Merry with their left arm (wing in case of Carue) extended as a way of reinforcing their friendship. Even more so in the anime, when a heavily wounded Carue tries to save Vivi from Mr. 2 and a flashback is shown of the event and the effect it had on him. This in turn gives him the willpower to actually fly towards the edge of the cliff, which was just out of reach.

    Sky Island Saga 
Jaya Arc
  • After their first encounter with Bellamy, the big guy Luffy had a brief spat with (later known to be Blackbeard) assures Nami that, despite not fighting back, Luffy and Zoro won by refusing to rise to the bar's taunts. He then states that whatever Bellamy says, pirates will never stop dreaming.
  • Montblanc Cricket's bond with Masira and Shoujou. The two "monkeys" were just fans of the Tale of Noland who forced their way into Cricket's search for the City of Gold. However, Cricket's life has been so bad — Forced to suffer the stigma of his infamous ancestor, his pirate abandoning him once they reached Jaya — that he sees them as family. And the feeling's mutual; Once the brothers see the Straw Hats caring for their boss, they abandon any grudge they might have had with our heroes.
  • Luffy knocking out Bellamy the Hyena after one punch just to take Montblanc's treasure back to him. Before, he refused to fight Bellamy under Nami's promise, but once his new friends were harmed, all hell broke loose for Luffy.
  • Before the Straw Hats and Saruyama Alliance leave for the Knock-Up Stream, Cricket gives Luffy this speech of encouragement; Even though no one's found proof of the City of Gold or Sky Island existing, there's also no proof that they don't exist. "That's what makes it a great adventure!"

Skypiea Arc

  • Everyone's reaction to hearing Luffy ring the Golden Bell for the first time in 400 years.
    • Montblanc Cricket's reaction to hearing Luffy ring the bell in Skypiea stands out the most. Especially his response to the Saruyama Alliance, who are worried that their association is at an end. "What should our new dream be?"
    • Why did Luffy want to ring the bell so badly? It was to tell Montblanc Cricket that the City of Gold he was searching for, the object of scandal that haunted his family for generations, was in the sky. Luffy knew that if he hadn't, the Saruyama Alliance would have continued to search the sea until they died!
    • Nola the giant snake was alive (and still very small) when she last heard the sound of the bell, which she grew to love. She cries when she finally hears it again after 400 long years of waiting. It's also implied that her intense desire to hear the bell once more was the cause of her aggressiveness, as she can be seen happily spending time with Aisa, Laki and Conis in a Where Are They Now Cover and even working as a bungee jump attraction in Rubber Band Land after the Time Skip.
  • In the flashback from 400 years ago, Calgara's people are furious with Noland for cutting down the trees that are supposed to house the spirits of their ancestors. But then, one of Noland's lieutenants patiently explains they cut the trees down because they contained The Plague that had been infecting Calgara's people; they did it to save their lives. When Noland and Calgara separately realize the truth, they each find a way to make amends: Noland by ordering all the gold they'd gathered to be returned to the island before they left, Calgara by swallowing his pride and delivering his Manly Tears farewell/apology.
    • Made better when we see an image of Noland and Calgara together laughing, something that both had been denied when they died.
  • Episode 180 of the anime, when Zoro goes out of his way to catch Robin from falling after she is blasted by Eneru's lightning. Standard practice, until you remember that Zoro was the only one of the crew that had remained leery of Robin's presence up to that point.
  • Seeing the Straw Hats, Skypieans and Shandians have a party around a blazing fire. Considering that all parties were in some way hostile to another, particularly the Shandians and the Skypeians who were at war for 400 years, this is really heartwarming. Hell, Zoro had time to have a beer with Braham (who he had previously fought), and Conis tended to a heavily injured Wiper.
    • Wiper learns that since both the Shandians' and Skypieans' home islands were destroyed, the two peoples now have to live together. He seems about ready to start fighting again, until Gan Fall points out that everyone on both sides is so tired they've all decided to call off the war and have a big party instead.
  • When Eneru temporarily disposes of Luffy, he confronts Nami aboard his ship and offers her to join him to find gold or he'll kill her. Without hesitation, she tells him to shove it, stating that all the treasure in the world is worthless if her friends can't be there with her. While Nami's loyalty to the Straw Hats was no longer in doubt, especially at this point in the series, it was clear that she now considered them all True Companions.
  • Robin reading the Poneglyphs in the ruins of Shandora. First because it gives her a new goal in life, after the Poneglyphs on Alabasta and, initially, Skypiea didn't hold the information she was looking for and left her close to giving up on her dreams (and her life) entirely. Second because, due to a series of misunderstandings, the Straw Hats are trying to escape the place and they yell at Robin, who was late, to hurry up. The sequence includes a panel of Robin's face while she chases after the Straw Hats, for the first time looking like she's unabashedly having fun.

    Water 7 Saga 
Long Ring Long Land Arc
  • A blink and you'll miss it moment comes up in Episode 213, with Zoro trying to teach Luffy how to skate. By the end of the episode he's able to stand up without falling down and everyone starts cheering for him, including the hundreds of enemies.
  • When Chopper is picked by the Foxy Pirates:
    Chopper: I don't like this! I became a sailor because of you guys! Luffy!! I became a sailor... because you asked me to! I can't be with these guys!! (Chapter 309)
  • Robin comforting a crying Chopper after they are taken in the rematch pretty much showcases how much of a Cool Big Sis Robin is to Chopper.
  • In the anime-only Hit and Dead Ball game (basically just dodgeball) Chopper takes a hit meant for Luffy. But because he was in his Guard Point form at the time, he argues that, since hits to the face don't count, he's safe because in Guard Point everything is his face. His sacrifice is so noble it moves Foxy's crew to tears as they celebrate his pirate's honor for taking a hit for his captain, and even though the crew to this point has been defined as willing to do whatever it takes to win, even cheat, they come out in droves demanding the judge rule Chopper safe out of respect for his spirit. And it works, as even the judge rules that, as a pirate's honor is at stake, Chopper was indeed hit in the face... but he was knocked out of bounds so he's still out. Even the commentator bawls his eyes out at this ruling.
    Foxy Pirates: "HIT IN THE FACE! HIT IN THE FACE!"
  • Villainous example: every time Luffy insults Foxy, the Foxy pirates are quick to comfort their boss, and call Luffy out.
  • After being bombed and hit relentlessly by Foxy in the final event of the Davy Back Fight, Luffy continually stands up again and again, shocking his opponent and the audience, leaving many wondering how he could still fight. And Luffy tells them:
    Luffy: To save my friend... I will fight to the death!!!
    • For those who don't know, the winning team of the Davy Back Fight can select a member from the losing team to be their new teammate. Meaning that if Luffy loses, someone from the Straw Hats will be with the Foxy Pirates for good.
    • Even the guys on Foxy's side think it's touching when they see Luffy's determination to fight on. And they have to be reminded by Foxy they're cheering for the wrong side.
    • The countdown for Foxy to be sent flying after Luffy uses a shard of mirror to reflect his own Noro Noro Beam on him and give him a few powerful wallops as he goes up to the helm of the ship. It starts with Zoro counting own the seconds until Foxy's beam wears out, then Sanji, then Usopp leads the crowd on Foxy's side to join in as Foxy slowly gives motion, and when it reaches zero, Foxy goes sky high as Luffy cheers his victory.
    • Made even better: after Luffy wina and wakes up, he is surrounded by all the Straw Hats, smiling at him gratefully. But Zoro's line is the one that makes the most impact.
      Zoro: Now that I think about it, there'd be no point in me being a pirate if not on this ship. (Chapter 318)
  • After defeating the Foxy pirates and stealing their flag, Luffy decides to make them a new one, so they can continue being pirates. Foxy is really thankful for this, right until the part when the flag looks messed up due to Luffy's abysmal painting skills. Incidentally, this scene creates a Brick Joke going back over 200 episodes when Luffy tries to paint the Straw Hats' original jolly roger. Same situation as before: excellent concept, terrible execution.

Water 7 Arc

  • When Nami finds Usopp beaten in the streets after the money has been stolen, and he tells her how ashamed he is, she instantly tells him to "Forget the Money" and "they'll just beat them all up and get it back anyway", both making it clear that she is far more concerned about Usopp than she would ever be about the largest amount of money she's ever had, and that she has 100% confidence that the rest of her team can just get it all back like nothing happened. She also yells at the onlookers to quit gawking, clearly aware of how much Usopp's pride is hurt. It doesn't hinder any of the terrible things to come, but it shows all the best sides of Nami.
  • Even while arguing with Luffy over the Going Merry, Usopp state he still believes in Luffy's dream of being the Pirate King, and part of his decision to leave the crew is due to believing that he'll only hold Luffy back.
  • Usopp, aware his captain brings excellent points about buying a new ship, injured by the Franky Family and knowing Luffy is far stronger than him, still fights his captain for the Merry, as it reminds him of his hometown. He loves the Merry and his hometown that much.
  • After the duel between Usopp and Luffy, Chopper attempts to leave to treat Usopp before being stopped by Sanji, who says that he isn't a part of their crew anymore. Chopper retorts that as a doctor it's his job to treat him, and even after Sanji says that helping him will only bring him more shame, Chopper still runs off the ship to at least leave Usopp some medical supplies, showing how much he cares about his duties as a doctor.
  • Franky's flashback to his mentor Tom: Tom was on death row for designing the Oro Jackson, the ship sailed by the Pirate King — Gold Roger. He convinced the judge to postpone the sentence by building a Sea Train. And so the judge did by ten years. At the time, Water 7 was very poor because it was too remote for anyone to travel to, along with the Sea Kings in the ocean. It took ten years, but Tom successfully built the Sea Train, dubbed the "Puffing Tom" and the rail system along with it. The response to the Puffing Tom's launch was incredible, and even the stoic Iceburg was brought to tears out of pride and at the sheer joy it gave its citizens. Perhaps Tom's greatest accomplishment wasn't building a ship that could cross the ends of the Grand Line, but saving his dying city, and making it thrive. The worst part is that the world will never acknowledge that over building a ship the Pirate King used. In the end, both of his apprentices inherited key traits from Tom: Franky was taught to always be proud of his work; this motivated him to ultimately build the Thousand Sunny. And Iceburg, like Tom, wanted to see Water 7 thrive. One of the last things we see from him is a plan no less ambitious than Puffing Tom: to turn Water 7 into a floating island. These are probably two of the greatest maritime architects the world has ever seen, and they're also in their own ways two of the most compassionate men ever seen as well.
    • Also the subtext of Tom telling Franky that a creator can never disown their creations, no matter how dangerous or wild is a way of supporting Cutty Flam and calling out the parents who gave up on him because he was too much trouble.
    • While also sad given that he's being manipulated by Spandam, the fact that Tom unhesitatingly uses a pardon that would have saved him from a death sentence to protect Franky instead.
  • After four years of believing that Franky was dead, Iceburg and Franky had a little, bitter reunion. Franky had heard the news of Iceburg accepting a job from the World Government, even though they captured and dragged their father-like figure Tom to Impel Down, and was understandably furious. However, Iceburg calmly argued that it was Franky's fault for making the weapons that allowed the Government to capture Tom in the first place. Then curiously, he gave Franky the blueprints for the ancient weapon Pluton and told him to leave the island, letting the Government believe that Iceburg had the blueprints and would come after him instead. As Iceburg walked away, he told Franky that though he would never forgive him, he was also glad that Franky was alive, to the point of tears.
    • In the same scene, Franky gives it right back to Iceburg, declaring that he wouldn't leave the island and leave Iceburg to face the Government on his own. With this flashback, we now know why Franky had a brief Heroic BSoD when Lucci (falsely) told him that Iceburg was dead.
  • In a sense, Franky's attempts to force Usopp to confront the Going Merry's oncoming death may be seen as a (brutal) attempt to save his life, out of respect for a man who's willing to go so far for his ship, but too stubborn to realize that she's doomed. Additionally, Franky's demeanor changes considerably when he discovers that Usopp saw the Merry's Klabautermann; he sound genuinely impressed of the love between Usopp and the Merry, and goes from trying to convince Usopp that what he is doing is suicidal to trying to make him understand that what he's doing will hurt Merry's heart.
    • The previous becomes even more meaningful after we discover that Tom, Franky's boss, regarded all the ships he ever made as his children, and became very upset after Franky disowned the battleships he made after they were used to attack Water 7 — something that Franky regrets doing. No wonder why he deeply respected Usopp for how much he cares for his ship.
    • Later on, while the crew is directed towards Enies Lobby, Iceburg finds the Merry, and sees for himself the cracked keel. Remember, Iceburg said to Luffy, in no uncertain terms, that he wouldn't have repaired the Merry because it would have been pointless; but when he hears the Merry speak about how she wants to go with the Straw Hats one last time, he fixes her as best as he can. No questions, no hesitation, nothing; he just helps the ship to return to her family.
  • A small moment from Mayor Iceberg, dovetailing with Moment of Awesome: when Robin finally explained her motives for allying with the CP9, he was so touched by her loyalty to the Straw Hats that he couldn't bring himself to shoot her, even though he knew that it might have meant Pluton's resurrection. Then he told the story to Nami, which proved to be the turning point, as they finally understood Robin's motives. From then on, the Straw Hats dedicated themselves to rescuing Robin.
  • A flashback to just before Sanji parted ways with Chopper after their meeting with Robin has him show that he never doubted her, even as she claimed to have betrayed the crew.
    Sanji: Chopper, let me share a secret with you. When a woman tells a lie, a real man forgives her.
  • The Marines coming to rescue T-Bone.

Enies Lobby Arc

  • Specific examples are below, but the whole arc is one, really: when confronted with the idea of Robin being taken away, what do the Straw Hats do? Assemble a makeshift army, declare war on the world without hesitation, and defeat an as of then undefeatable squad of superhuman killers. If that isn't the definition of selfless love, then there isn't one.
  • That scene in the Enies Lobby arc. You know, the one where the Straw Hats face Robin after she ran away from them and willingly gave herself over to the government for their safety. She yells, almost on the verge of tears, that no matter what, no matter how much they care for her, they'll eventually see her as a burden and abandon her. At which point Luffy proves how far they'd go for her when he orders Sogeking to shoot down the World Government flag, effectively declaring war on the entire world. This triggers some of the most heartwarming dialogue of the series.
    Luffy: Robin!! I still haven't heard it from your lips. Say that you want to live!
    Robin: (thinking) Live? I didn't think I could wish for that... No one ever allowed me to wish it... If it's really okay to make a little wish... I...!!!
    • Keep in mind that the Straw Hats saved her out of sheer apathy for her past. It wasn't "We love you despite your burden." It wasn't even a freaking concern for them. They never even bothered to ask her what it was! They simply chose to make her burden their burden. Their actions up to this point so clearly resemble those when Nami officially joined the crew during the Arlong Park Arc.
    • This is also the scene where Robin realized she had found the friends that Saul said she would, and that, after twenty years, she had finally found her place in life.
    • Right after Robin lays out just how vast the danger of associating with her is, and Spandam outlines just how many nations are against them, Luffy's response is wonderful.
    • Considering Sabo's presumed death due to raising his flag against the Government, Luffy does know who Robin's enemy is, and it's possible he gave his orders to avenge his brother as well.
    • Franky's moved reaction to Luffy and Robin's exchange, which doubles as a funny moment, could also qualify. He even sobs "I love you guys!" in the English version.
  • An absurdly touching scene takes place between Usopp and Sanji. Usopp, having left the crew out of fear that they will eventually leave him behind because he's so weak, is saved from Jabra by Sanji, who informs him that he'll take over the fight. He then tells Usopp "There are certain things I can do that you can't. Just like there are certain things YOU can do that I can't!" Later on, after Usopp successfully snipes a group of Marines targeting Robin, and even knocks down and delays Spandam himself, it's Sanji that starts cheering "LOOK! OUR SHARPSHOOTER RULES!" The notion that an over-chivalrous woman-lover who would sooner eat a mouthful of sand than treat a man better than a woman would proudly give his crewmate the moral support he needs is very sweet.
  • The scene after Luffy manages to defeat Lucci. Luffy lies on the ground, so exhausted he can't even move. He breathes in deeply... then shouts at the top of his lungs: "LET'S GO BACK TOGETHER, ROBIIIIIN!" (Chapter 427)
  • The part where Luffy is about to thank Robin for saving him after his fight with Lucci, but she uses her powers to put a hand over his mouth and thanks the crew for saving her.
  • After his fight with Lucci, Luffy lies on the ground unable to move an inch. Usopp cheers him on to keep trying, even taking off his Sogeking mask! He even provokes Lucci to distract him! Fridge Logic also doubles this up as a heartwarming moment for Luffy: while his inability to recognize "Sogeking" was Played for Laughs earlier, going with his Idiot Hero tendency, the fact that he wasn't surprised at all to see Usopp there suggests that he knew who "Sogeking" was all along, but pretended not to only to avoid hurting Usopp's pride.
  • Near the end of the Enies Lobby arc, when the Straw Hats jump into the ocean to find that the Going Merry miraculously appeared to help them escape.
    Merry: Everyone, let's go back... to the high seas of adventure! I came for you!
  • Let's not forget the funeral of the Going Merry. Seriously, the scene made you cry over a freakin' ship.
    Merry: I'm sorry. I wanted to carry you even farther. I'm sorry. I wanted to have adventures with you forever. But I..
    Luffy: We're the ones who should say we're sorry, Merry!! I'm no good at steering, so I ran you into icebergs! And I ripped your sails! And Zoro and Sanji are stupid, so they broke all kinds of stuff! Usopp would fix you every time, but he stinks at it! We're the ones who are sorry!
    Merry: Even so... I was happy. Thank you... for caring about me. I... was truly... happy.
    Chapter 430
  • The scene where Robin is first inducted as an archaeologist. They actually had a celebration for her. This is beautiful because Robin at that point had no friends, and her aunt would always mistreat her. To see that there are those on the island that actually care for her shows that even she wasn't completely unloved.
    • When Robin first meets her mother and holds her hand despite the entire island of Ohara going straight to hell, she hugs her mother tightly and says:
      Robin: I always wanted to do this, for so long! (Chapter 396)
    • Saul, a Marine deserter who purposed himself to make sure Robin survives, carries Robin explaining that they can't turn back due to the Marine warships on that side. Despite her home being targeted for destruction, despite her being torn from her mother again, and despite the fact that those alone are a damn traumatic thing for an 8-year-old child to experience, Saul gives this heartwarming gem, even if she's too young to understand the full implications of what that means:
      Saul: Be proud, Robin! Your mother is noble! Ohara is noble! You must one day take on the duty of telling this island's history, Robin! Ohara 'fought against the world!!' (Chapter 396)
      • Saul is practically a fountain of heartwarming quotes. Him telling Robin that nobody will be alone is especially heartwarming regardless of if you are watching Sub or Dub.
        Saul: No one is ever born into this world completely alone! (Chapter 397)

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

  • Robin's secret talk with Aokiji before she goes off to take part in Luffy's ridiculous antics during the party (showing that she has truly become integrated into the crew).
    Aokiji: Have you finally found a place where you can feel safe?
    Robin: Yes.
    Aokiji: I don't know if it was right or wrong for Saul to let you live. But maybe you... can answer that question for me?
    Robin: I intend to.
    Aokiji: Then live out your life and prove to me... that Ohara is still alive.
    Chapter 433
  • When the Franky Family were arguing with Franky to convince him to leave and join the Straw Hats, the line that stunned and caused Franky to burst into tears was this:
    Zambai: Are we not allowed to consider your happiness?!
    • Franky collapses on the floor after Robin's Clutch and is seemingly sobbing in pain from her continued assaults. Except she stopped after the first Clutch; he's been using her as an excuse to hide that he's really crying about leaving everyone behind.
    • Finally, after Franky leaves, Iceburg decides to take a little pity on them. He realizes they're rather directionless without Franky, so he basically tells them, "Get yourselves in order, then come by my office. I'll see if I can find some work for you." The entire Franky Family, to his chagrin, immediately declare Iceburg their new "Big Bro".
  • The background of how Franky formed the Franky Family. The big guy? A thug who tried to mug him. The girls? Drunks he picked out of the gutter. Most of the rest? Starving in the streets before he gave them food, jobs, and a place to live. No wonder they're all so dedicated to him, and no wonder he sobbed when he had to leave.
  • Usopp's return to the crew. He starts with a bunch of excuses shouted to his fleeing True Companions, who ignore him. Then he swallows his pride, gets on his knees, and shouts his apology at the top of his lungs while Manly Tears stream down his face. Luffy tearfully accepts his friend back onto the ship while the other Straw Hats smile.
    • Even as Nami was joking about how pathetic Luffy and Usopp were being with their Inelegant Blubbering, you could see her smiling through her own tears. She is also the first to forgive Usopp.
    • It is also important to notice that the crew had decided that if Usopp's first words upon returning weren't apologies for abandoning them, they would leave the island without him. When Usopp arrives, he starts making excuses and, and when Chopper points out that he's back, the crew ignores him by saying they can't hear anything. Even when they'd already decided to leave him behind, they were still giving him a chance.
      • Zoro in particular had insisted on this with the threat of leaving the crew if they were too weak-willed when it came to Usopp. Yet when Usopp was yelling his excuses, Zoro also said he didn't hear anything. When Usopp finally does apologize, the reaction panels show Luffy, Sanji, and Franky being surprised while Zoro grins.
  • A very minor one, but heartwarming nonetheless. When Robin first joined the crew she would simply refer to other members by their titles on the ship (or in Usopp's case, she'd just call him long nose like most of the others), and after she was rescued from Enies Lobby she started calling the other members of the crew by their real names.

    Thriller Bark Saga 
Thriller Bark Arc
  • How about Brook's first meeting with Luffy? Sure, this is also a Funny Moment, but considering that all of the other members joined because of pulling through something very difficult, it is extremely refreshing to see Luffy just ask for Brook to join, to which he said yes. It's probably that soothing jazz track that makes fans a tad warm on the inside. View the dubbed meeting here.
    • Luffy takes this dead serious from the start, too; Brook leaves the ship just as soon as he's joined and had a good meal and companionship, citing his current affliction, and Luffy, already considering him a member of the crew, treats this exactly as he did Nami and Robin being forced to leave by their circumstances: immediately charging into what's endangering him.
  • "Binks' Sake" is not only an affirmative anthem of the sailor/pirate lifestyle but also one for the Rumbar pirates in particular.
  • Even when they are recording on the Tone Dial as they are dying one by one (in the hopes that Brook's Revive-Revive Fruit powers work and he revives), they flashback to happier times when Laboon joined in singing "Bink's Sake".
  • The Straw Hat crew's version of the song, sung by the members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Unlike Brook's Tone Dial on the Rumbar Pirates rendition, the song is complete and instead of eerie silence at the end, you have the Straw Hats celebrating and talking. It sinks in that Brook has managed to move past his long period of suffering and found a new place with the Straw Hats. Listen to it here.
  • Zoro willing to give up his life to save Luffy and the crew from Kuma. Heartwarming, Tear Jerker, Awesome! It hits especially hard given Zoro's general nature that he was willing to beg the Shichibukai to kill him instead.
    • Not only that, but Sanji also attempted to give his life for both Luffy's and Zoro's dream and was only stopped when Zoro knocked him out.
    • Later in Chapter 486, the crew huddle around Zoro's bedside questioning as to what happened after Kuma's final attack to leave Zoro on the brink of death. Two of the Thriller Bark residents almost reveal the details of the confrontation before Sanji drags them outside and swears them to secrecy, knowing full well how badly Luffy would react to hearing that Zoro almost got himself killed for his sake AND how Zoro would feel about the crew finding out. All around heartwarming that Sanji (and an eavesdropping Robin) have, to date, kept what happened to Zoro that day to themselves.
    • Before that, Kuma gave the Straw Hats and their allies an ultimatum (really a compromise, since he was ordered to kill everyone, but still): Either hand the unconscious Luffy over or he'll basically nuke the island. Cue a Big "NEVER!" from everyone in unison.
  • When Moria is finally defeated all of the shadows return to their original owners, allowing them to once again go into the sunlight. One of those owners was a little maid who shattered her master's favorite plates when she made the discovery.note  She apologizes, but all her master can think about is how happy he is that she has her shadow back.
  • Brook's entire flashback — especially the final song played on the tone dial.
  • After just about everything that's plagued Brook for the past fifty years has finally been resolved, and he has found new companions, Brook slams his fingers down on the piano, and shouts while openly weeping "I'm so happy to be alive!" Knowing what kind of Hell he's lived and endured, it's just so...
    • Even better? After he does that, halfway across the ocean, Crocus comments that Laboon is in unusually good spirits. Despite the fact that he was far, far away, Laboon could feel that he would see Brook again.
  • There's also the fact that Franky made the Mini Merry II. From the time Usopp told him about the ghost he saw (a spirit that only inhabits ships with a lot of love put into them), Franky came to realize the Going Merry was special. He was there for her heroic rescue, there when she finally gave out; he could personally see the emotions on everyone's faces when she was given her Viking Funeral, so knowing how special it was to his new crewmates, he decided to build the Mini Merry as a memento of it, therefore reviving it, in a sense. Needless to say, the crew was overjoyed when they saw it. It's even more heartwarming when you remember that Franky used to be a villain; the Going Merry was among the reasons he decided to ally with and eventually join them.
  • The crew's reaction to learning about Brook's history with Laboon. The original Straw Hats especially, since they'd met Laboon and knew about Brook's promise. From that moment on everyone's unanimous about getting Brook onto the crew, no matter what. Even Zoro, in his reserved fashion, makes his feelings clear when he tells them they need to get moving now that there's one more shadow to retrieve.
  • The duel between Zoro and Ryuma has elements of this in a very manly sense. Both combatants realized their opponent was a Worthy Opponent. Brook was stunned silent by the sheer intensity of the fight and realized it would be over quickly, as one would eventually overpower the other. That turned out to be Zoro. Ryuma, recognizing his defeat and eventual demise, granted Zoro's wish and relinquished his prized sword. Then Zoro, hearing about Ryuma's shame of losing, replies that while he will take the sword, he won't tell anyone of the duel, allowing Ryuma to simply fade into untarnished legend.
  • When Lola and Nami meet after the whole battle ends, she nonchalantly called Nami "Namizou". Nami puts two and two together and realize that Lola's shadow was in a Pig Zombie that saved Nami before, which Nami remembers and immediately goes to hug Lola, who doesn't remember what had happened. Nami is incredibly grateful to the point where she even gives her treasure to Lola as well, and knowing Nami, that's how much her friendship with Lola grew.
  • When the crew finally leaves Thriller Bark, Brook starts trying to fit in but has trouble at first. Eventually he sits down and confides in Robin how he’s afraid he’ll be a burden to everyone. Robin tells Brook she knows exactly how he feels. For a recap, Robin, up until the finale of the Enies Lobby arc felt she’d be most useful sacrificing herself for the crew rather than living and putting targets on their backs. And now they really are like family to her. Robin assures Brook he’ll fit in just fine.

    Summit War Saga 
Sabaody Archipelago Arc
  • As a testament to just how much Nami has changed from the miserly thief she once was, she unhesitantly pursed their entire 200-million-Berries loot from the Thriller Bark saga as their bid to buy Camie's freedom "legally" at the slave auction, resolutely stating "If it's to save our friends, we will spend as much as we need to." Yes, Nami the female Ebenezer Scrooge loving her friends (even those she has barely known for a week) over money; what a long way she has come.
  • A moment in the anime: Hatchan, in an effort to protect his friend Camie, gets shot down by a Celestial Dragon, who, not satisfied, proceeds to further humiliate him. The heartwarming is in when Luffy, who at the beginning wasn't even considering helping Hatchan as an option, kneels next to his wounded body as he (Hatchan) proceeded to apologize, saying that he just wanted to make up for the bad things he did to Nami (who is led to tears). Luffy then does what all the readers wanted to do at that point: he walks purposely towards the Celestial Dragon and punches him to next week, fully aware that doing that would trigger a calamity. But really, who cares? The bastard deserved it!
    • Nami in the same situation qualifies too. She clearly says, at the end of the flying fish fights, that she won't forgive Hacchan. But the revelations about the racism the fishmen suffered and still suffer make her doubt and hesitate, even more when she actively witnesses Hatchan being a victim of said racism. And when he's shot down by that son of a bitch, her horrified scream, her tears as he apologies, and the fact she rushes to his help after Luffy gives the bastard what he deserved clearly shows that she no longer holds a grudge against him and forgives him.
  • Law's meeting with Jean Bart. Bart was once a highly respected pirate captain but had been reduced to the humiliating position of a slave. You can really see how touched he is that Law knows who he is and actually wants him to join his crew. Shows Luffy isn't the only captain with complete and utter respect for his crewmates.
  • When Rayleigh tells Luffy about his relationship with Shanks, he also reveals that Shanks had happily told him all about Luffy. Luffy's reaction is to pull his hat over his head in a mix embarrassment and happiness.
    • Similarly, Rayleigh talking about his experiences as Roger's first mate and the day of Roger's execution is both heartwarming and a Tear Jerker at the same time. The way he talks about Roger's death speaks so deeply of their friendship.
    "In those last few seconds, he turned his own small flame of life into a bonfire that set the world on fire. There was no other day I laughed as much as that day! There was no other day I cried as much... or drank as much! Our captain lived a wonderful life!" (Chapter 506)

Amazon Lily Arc

  • After Luffy ties the two sister's tails together, they bump into each other and some of Marigold's fire got onto Sandersonia. While Sandersonia is falling into the spike pit, she manages to grab onto the other side. Her cape was on fire and Hancock realizes that the mark on her back is exposed for everyone in the stadium to see. Luffy jumps onto Sandersonia while the audience jeers at him for being despicable for wanting to finish her off. Sandersonia yells at Marigold to kill Luffy but Marigold says that right now he is protecting them. Luffy then says that the mark has nothing to do with their battle.
  • After the fight to the death with Hancock's two sisters, Hancock gives him the choice of either using her snake-pulled ship to get to Sabaody Archipelago, or have Hancock un-petrify the three girls who originally found him on the island and had stood in his defense. Without missing a beat, Luffy bows on the ground and thanks her for agreeing to undo the petrification. He never even thinks about the ship.
  • Boa Hancock being able to cry unashamedly in front of another person, open up to someone other than her sisters and reveal her past, fall in love with Luffy and genuinely smile very heartwarming. After all that she had been through, being a slave for the World Nobles for four years and enduring through horrors that made her want to die at age twelve, it was just so heartwarming to know that she still had emotions. Hearing Luffy actually punching a Noble and surviving would make a great husband.

Impel Down Arc

  • Impel Down: Luffy fights the warden Magellan, is "fatally" poisoned, defeated, and carted off to Level 5 of the prison to presumably die a painful death. Back on Level 4, Mr. 2, who had previously ran away, gathers Buggy and Mr. 3 back together and says that they have to go and save Luffy immediately. When Buggy demands to know why they should stick their necks out for him and go to certain death, Mr. 2 replies: "Because he's a friend!! I don't need any other reason than that!!"
  • After Mr. 2 begins carrying Luffy to Ivankov via a cart, they get attacked by wolves. Mr. 2 tries to fight them off, but is overrun by their numbers. Then Luffy, who shouldn't even be able to move at this point, stands up and scares away the wolves through his stare. But that's not the Heartwarming part. After that, they both fall to the ground, too weak to stand, and Mr. 2 had apparently fell unconscious. Ivankov and Inazuma find them both like this and is originally opposed to treating them. But, he decides to treat both of them when Luffy asks him to treat Mr.2 before himself, even though he's the one who needs to be treated more.
  • After being poisoned by Magellan, Luffy's only hope for surviving is going through an incredibly painful healing process which causes him to scream in agony nonstop and is supposed to last over two days, which would prevent him from rescuing Ace before his brother's execution. As soon as Bon Clay learns of this, he refuses to rest or eat and stands in front of Luffy's locked recovery room and begins to shout encouragements. Spurred by his example, the rest of the okamas begin to join in and shout encouragements for over eight hours to Luffy. This causes him to heal quicker than expected and recover in about 18 hours, just in time for his brother's transfer to the execution site.
  • Vice Chief Hannyabal initially appears to be nothing more than an incompetent coward that even considered letting prisoners escape so that his superior would take the blame. However, when all hell breaks loose as Luffy and his powerful allies begin to break out through the levels, Hannyabal shows what's Beneath the Mask. His desire to become Warden is not merely a desire for power, but a true belief in the need to protect the outside world from the scum locked in the prison, lest the fear of these criminals spread, and he would give his life to protect that ideal. To that end, he takes an absolutely brutal beating from Luffy, who is many times stronger, and yet refuses to move time and time again. In the end, though, he's brought down, making this somewhat of a Tear Jerker.
    • Warden Magellan, who Hannyabal has openly criticized and announced his desire to replace, honors Hannyabal's determination and states that Hannyabal is his only successor. Despite Hannyabal's behavior, Magellan knows that his heart is in the right place. Hannyabal's beaten up and disbelieving face is priceless. Leave it to this series to make even the most sadistic bad guys sympathetic.
  • Mr. 2's 'Heroic Sacrifice' where he stays behind in the prison so that he can impersonate its warden so that the Gates of Justice can be opened allowing Luffy and the rest of the escapees to sail to freedom. He only tells Jimbei so that the others won't find out, and when they do, it's far too late to turn back and Mr. 2's cover has been already blown. Everyone is moved to tears (save for Crocodile and Mr. 1), with Buggy and Mr. 3 even apologizing for being assholes throughout the entire arc, and everyone bellows out a tremendous "THANK YOU!!!" as the Gate closes behind them.
  • Anime only: Garp during his visit to Ace in Impel Down relates Luffy's recent adventures to a beaten and despairing Ace who then smiles. Even in his darkest hour, in the middle of the closest thing to hell that exists in the One Piece universe, Luffy's antics can still bring a smile to his big brother's face! A clear example of why Filler isn't always a bad thing!

Marineford Arc

  • Chapter 552: A flashback regarding how Ace met up with the Whitebeard Pirates and being forced to join their crew. Several times, he attempts to kill Whitebeard but fails. Until finally one day, he ask Marco, one of Whitebeard's captains, why they all call Whitebeard "pops".
    Marco: Because he considers us his sons. We're just a bunch of strays here. So it makes us feel good, whether he really means it or not.
    • Ace, who never knew his father and claims to hate him, looks down at hearing this like he was about to cry.
    • Thatch mentions the remaining Spade Pirates tried to rescue Ace, failed, and were then assimilated into the Whitebeards.
    • When Ace tells Whitebeard who his father was, he's afraid he will get kicked out, seeing how Roger and Whitebeard were great enemies/rivals. However, Whitebeard tells him it's just a minor detail anyways.
    • After Blackbeard killed Thatch, Ace was determined to hunt him down, even though everyone, including Whitebeard himself, didn't want Ace to. He angrily said that Blackbeard brought disgrace and shame to his father and he wasn't going to stand by it. What a great difference from when Ace first joined, to the fiercely loyal second captain of the Whitebeard Pirates now.
    • Ace later blames himself for leaving when the others told him not to. He tells them they should forget about him because it was his "own damn fault". Their response?
    Whitebeard: I ordered him to go. Right, Marco?
    Marco: That's right. I heard you! Sorry you've had such a rough time, Ace!
    • Ace apologizes to Whitebeard and the rest of his crewmates for causing them so much trouble and tells them to leave him behind. Marco answered on behalf of everyone there.
      Marco: But everybody in these waters should know better than to mess with one of our crew
      Other Pirates: Anyone who lays a hand on one of us has to suffer the consequences! We'll make sure those responsible pay for it Ace! Just you wait! We're coming to save you! So get ready, you Navy dogs!
  • Chapter 556: Garp opts to sit near his adopted grandson instead of joining the battle against Whitebeard and finally admits that while he has no sympathy for criminals, family is different, and he finally breaks down and begins to cry. This is the guy that just laughed whenever his family's criminal deeds were reported to him!
  • The flashbacks between Ace and Little Oars Jr. about the time they became friends when Ace made him a hat. Also a major Tear Jerker.
    Oars: Ace is a nice person! I won't let him die!
    • It might not seem like much on the face of it, but Ace not only hand-wove a grass hat big enough for Oars Jr. (who's more than twice as tall as a regular giant), but it took him multiple tries because his powers kept lighting them on fire. Ace really put his all into that gesture of kindness.
  • Soon after, we got this: "I'm your little brother!" Whitebeard's reaction to it is also quite the shaker.
    Whitebeard: (grinning)'' I won't forgive ya if you let him die, Marco.
  • Chapter 563: After getting stabbed through the chest and accused of selling out all of his allies in order to save Ace, Whitebeard hugs the man who betrayed him and says:
  • Two Newkamas appear to save Luffy from Mihawk. They ask if he remembers them, and he quips that he doesn't remember the face of every insect he crushes. Standard Badass Boast... until you remember that he told Zoro, who could be considered an "insect he crushed", to surpass him. It adds a whole new layer to the way Mihawk views Zoro.
    Mihawk: Why aren't you withdrawing?
    Zoro: I'd rather die.
    Mihawk: Kid! State your name.
    Zoro: Roronoa Zoro!
    Mihawk: I'll remember it.
  • Garp, after defending the execution platform and telling Luffy he'll have to kill him to proceed, throws the fight and lets Luffy knock him off the bridge. Made even more heartwarming by the flashback to when Luffy was a kid.
    Garp: You probably hate me for being so strict. But the reason I give you such hard training, and want you to become a Marine, is because I don't want you to go down the wrong path. That is my wish.
  • Chapter 571: Garp cannot bring himself to strike down Luffy, even though he's a vice-admiral in the Marines and knows that Ace must be executed. How could he? Garp raised them both.
  • Chapter 571: Mr. 3, the same Smug Snake who once tried making wax sculptures out of the Straw Hats for his own perverted sense of art, disguises himself as a Marine, all so he could free Ace inconspicuously, and thanks to him, Luffy finally frees Ace! And the reason Galdino did that? To honor Mr. 2's last wish.
    Mr. 3: If I told you I was here to mourn my fallen comrade and avenge him... would you laugh at me?!
    Luffy: Of course not!
    • Further points? We (the audience) first see Ace was freed when he makes a Whitebeard Jolly Roger out of fire. Father to His Men indeed.
  • Garp needs to be physically restrained by Sengoku when he sees Ace get impaled.
    Garp: Keep holding me down, Sengoku!! If you don't, I... I'll kill Sakazuki!!
  • Chapter 574: As Ace lies dying in Luffy's arms, he whispers his last words to his brother.
    Ace: Pops!! Fellow pirates!! And... Luffy. I've always been such a hopeless person. I was demon spawn... the son of the Devil! Thank you... for loving me!!
    • A retroactive one when Dadan's identity is revealed. Just before Ace dies, he tells Luffy that if he should ever come across her again, to tell her goodbye from him because now that he's going to die, he even misses her. Who is Dadan? Their mother figure from when they all met and became brothers. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    • As Ace was dying he told Luffy that if it wasn't for him and Sabo then he didn't have a reason to live at all especially Luffy since having to take care of him gave Ace a purpose. Also, Ace mentions that he didn't want Luffy to turn out like him because Ace was very bitter and angry at life when he was younger after finding out that he was Gold Roger's son and that people everywhere wanted him dead. This is why Ace made sure that Luffy was always safe and happy and knew that he was loved.
    • Ace dies with a smile on his face, knowing he's loved.
  • Chapter 575: Whitebeard and his crew vow to protect Luffy in order to fulfill Ace's promise. It's like they see him as one of their crewmates as well.
  • Chapter 576: A flashback a couple chapters ago that hints that Whitebeard has no interest in actual treasure. As Whitebeard stands dying, the rest is shown, revealing that what he does want, and has wanted ever since he was a kid... was a family. Puts yet another layer of heartwarming on the dynamics between Whitebeard and his crew.
  • Chapter 578/Episode 487: When the Marines are becoming demoralized after Whitebeard's death, because of Blackbeard stealing the late pirate's power, gloating that no-one is willing to take him on and he'll just take to sink the whole of Marineford with his newfound power to show them exactly what he thinks of justice. Sengoku doesn't take this lying down, and quickly transforms into his Buddha form before delivering a shockwave to the Blackbeard Pirates. He then delivers a Rousing Speech to keep the Marines' spirit up and their pursuit of justice:
    Sengoku: The fortress can be rebuilt. But the island of Marineford is the hub of our world!! For all the citizens of the world who fear an invasion of evildoers this is an ominous day!! But justice and righteousness will never be defeated!! Don't you dare speak lightly of sinking this island, you fiend!!
    • This speech, particularly in the anime, mirrors Hannyabal's, proving he's not just an amoral Chessmaster, but his duty is to the world.
  • In a flashback, it's revealed that while Jimbei and Ace were in Impel Down together, Ace asked Jimbei to look after Luffy, only for Jimbei to refuse. When Jimbei does end up risking his life to save Luffy, being badly injured in the process it's not solely because of a promise to Ace, but because Luffy earned his loyalty.
  • Elaborating on Crocodile's Villainous Rescue, the man who was once one of Luffy's most sadistic adversaries delivers a surprisingly poignant line to Jimbei:
    Crocodile: If you want to protect something, do it right!! Don't let them [Navy] have their way!!
  • Law suddenly shows up and demands that Buggy hand over the grievously injured Luffy and Jimbei to him because he is a doctor and he can help them. Buggy, holding them, angrily yells that he doesn't know who they are, and why should he hand them over? It shows that deep down, Buggy cares for Luffy by refusing to just hand him off to a random stranger as he is basically dying.
    • On a similar note, the fact that the Heart Pirates only came to Marineford in the first place solely to rescue Luffy. Law doesn't offer much insight into his reasons for doing so (and even tells Ivankov later that he could make something up if s/he'd prefer), but he does say something like (depending on the translation), "Straw Hat-ya will be an enemy someday, but an enemy relationship is still a relationship! It'd be a damn shame for him to die here like this!" He and his crew were willing to come to Marineford and risk getting shot at (which they do) just to help a future rival that they only met one time is both awesome and heartwarming.
    • They don't even know Jimbei, but don't hesitate to bring him on board and treat him as well.
  • Chapter 579: After Shanks shows up and ends the war, he calmly strolls over and picks up Luffy's hat, which had been lost earlier in the battle. Shanks has Buggy return the hat to Luffy, not wanting to break their promise, then stops the war. After everything is said and done, he takes Whitebeard and Ace to have a proper burial.

Post-Marineford Arc

  • Luffy, Ace, and Sabo's oath to be brothers to Dadan claiming Luffy and Ace as her sons during Luffy's flashback.
    • Upon being informed by Luffy that Sabo was now his and Ace's sworn brother, Garp doesn't even blink. He simply starts treating Sabo just like he does Ace and Luffy... violently. It's a Garp-flavored kind of heartwarming.
    • While Ace wasn't able to keep his promise to Luffy, he was at least able to keep with the last wish of Sabo, his first best friend.
  • Dadan hitting and chewing Garp out on Luffy and Ace's behalf after he returns to Windmill Village. She and her gang spent years in terror of the man, her rage and despair at what happened during the Paramount War makes her cast that aside with no hesitation.
    "No matter what kind of pirate that idiot Luffy becomes, I'll be on his side! He must be suffering terribly! It breaks my heart to think about it! Luffy!! Don't let anybody beat you!!"
  • Chapter 590, Jimbei forcefully reminds Luffy that he still has something to live for: his True Companions.
    Jimbei: You little brat! Are you blind to everything now?! Where's your confidence that you can overcome anything?! What happened to that strength you never doubted?! You've now met countless ruthless enemies who can easily crush you and what you believe in. You even lost your brother who was your guide on these seas! A giant wall stands between your eyes and the world! You can't see the way forward right now! Regret and guilt are consuming you!! It may be painful for your now, Luffy! BUT FIGHT IT! Don't dwell on what you've lost! What's gone is gone forever! Try to remember what you still have!
    • Becomes even more heartwarming after the Fishman Island Arc, when Luffy asks Jimbei to join his crew, because that would mean that even when the other Straw Hats couldn't be there for Luffy, he already had a Straw Hat with him, albeit unknowingly.
    • The anime makes it more sweet by adding moments Luffy has with each member of the crew.
  • Luffy's "I want to see them again" scene.
  • When the rest of the Straw Hats learn what Luffy has been going through since they were separated, they all immediately try to leave whatever island they're on because they know that Luffy is in bad shape and they want to be there for him. Nami's reaction is especially heartwarming and sad:
    Nami: I have to go to him before he completely breaks down! [later] Luffy, I know you're okay! I'm sorry! You've always supported us! Now it's our turn to do the same for you!
    • Special mention goes to Usopp. Despite being in no condition to fight, he tries over and over again to escape the giant venus fly trap filled with dangerous animals he is trapped on.
    • Zoro is trapped on the island that's both the home of Dracule Mihawk and a species of mandrill that's capable of mimicking humans and their combat styles very proficiently. Despite having an army of warrior monkeys in front of him, one of which is mimicking Mihawk, he refuses to give up on trying to leave the island and get back to Luffy.
    Mihawk: It is due to their wisdom and weapons that humans stand over beasts. Yet if those same beasts take up those weapons and fight as humans do then they become frightfully powerful. Perfect opponents, perhaps, for a conceited young fool.
    Zoro: You talking about me?!
    Mihawk: Do you see anyone else? The sun is setting. Come to my castle. They will not follow us there.
    Zoro: I don't take orders from you! I AM GOING TO SEA!!
  • Chapter 593: Robin tells the Revolutionaries that she doesn't need protection, because:
    "I have my own friends."
    • She also thinks to herself, somewhat amused, that before meeting Luffy, she had never considered becoming strong for someone else.
  • When Nami is sent off by Kuma, it's to the land of Weather. She attempts to steal their technology and is captured and arrested by them when she breaks into tears about what Luffy's going through. The old men feel so bad about it that they release her, and she immediately Flash Steps away with the stolen technology and one of the old men as a hostage, revealing that she was crying crocodile tears. From a distance, she organizes a deal: they keep her on Weatheria and train her in the arts of weather, and she returns the technology. Just before she takes back the weather technology, Haredas the hostage notes:
    Haredas: You still haven't stopped your crocodile tears, girl.
  • Chapter 596: The crew flashback to their time with Luffy and decide to grow stronger so that they can support him as well.
  • Chapter 588: Though overall a tearjerker, it does have this gem; Dadan, who had mostly been a rather abrasive guardian who seemed to see Ace no different than many others (as the son of Roger), shows how much she really cares... in her typical fashion.
    Dadan: Your father died and changed the entire era! Become as big a man as him before you even think about getting yourself killed!!
  • Episode 506: Sanji has apparently become accustomed to the Okama life style when he suddenly comes across the news regarding Luffy. That's more than enough to bring him back to his old self instantly. He, deep inside, puts his captain's health above anything else.
  • Episode 514: Nami explains why she wants to learn more about weather; she wants to help Luffy become the pirate king, and to do so, she must be the best navigator there is.
    • Nami silently adds to herself that she wants to help Luffy as he helped her. We then get a flashback of when Luffy told Nami that she was one of them after he had defeated Arlong.
  • Episode 515: Usopp's thoughts on Luffy. He thought that Luffy did not really need him in the crew. However, over time he realized that this was not the case and his role in the crew is very important. So he vows to get stronger and become the true king of the snipers in order to help Luffy become the pirate king.
  • Episode 515: Zoro throws down his pride for Luffy by asking Mihawk to train him.
  • Really any scene between Episodes 513 to 515 that involved the straw hat pirates. Each of them remember when Luffy asked them to join their crew and how Luffy had helped them out in the past. Therefore, they all want to become stronger for him.
  • Episode 516: Before starting his training with Rayleigh, Luffy thinks about his crew and the promise he made to his brothers before putting his prize hat on the rocks for safe keeping. When he puts it down, a remix of We Are plays as he runs off. There are several touching scenes of the Straw Hats getting stronger for each other on their different islands. Once they cut back to Luffy one final time we hear him renew his vow to everyone, including Ace and Sabo, to once again become stronger. When the episode ends instead of the usual 'To Be Continued' the title card reads, 'Go To New World'.

The New World Era

    Fishman Island Saga 
Return to Sabaody Arc
  • Chapter 598: The crew begins to come back together. Especially heartwarming is the reunion of Usopp and Nami. Usopp has just come in Dynamic Entry style, and has just met Nami for the first time in two years. Her reaction upon seeing his face is to immediately hug him.
    • Even more wonderful in how it outright confirms that Nami has become so much more mature and loving in general ever since the beginning of the series.
    • Her first reaction to seeing Chopper is hugging him as well. The woman's become a virtual cuddle machine.
      • Just happened in Episode 517 of the anime. Nami's reaction to Usopp is positively adorable.
  • Chapter 601: Luffy saying his Catchphrase after the Time Skip, bringing smiles to Zoro and Sanji's faces, as well as Manly Tears to Rayleigh's face. It really means a lot for Luffy to be saying it again, signalling that He's Back!, given how the loss at Sabaody and the death of Ace sent him spiraling into a Heroic BSoD.
    "Rayleigh... I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!"
    • Rayleigh's tears could also be interpreted as a sign of remembrance for his own captain. People have compared Luffy to Roger on several occasions. Rayleigh might see Luffy as his captain's dream living on.
    • This is done exceptionally well in the anime; We Go! is playing, and as this scene approaches it quiets down for a moment as Luffy steps forward and stretches his arms out, before crescendoing as Luffy declares he'll be Pirate King.
  • Chapter 602: The entire crew is finally back together.
    • Also, the allies of the Straw Hats intercepting the Marines. Also counts as a CMOA for each of them.
  • Chapter 603: The depth of Kuma's sacrifice: Kuma more or less literally sold his soul to become converted into a human weapon for the World Government, but not only did he save all the Straw Hats before he was fully converted by sending them all to different islands, he made a deal with Dr. Vegapunk to program him to guard the Thousand Sunny until one of the Straw Hats arrive even if means his destruction, after his complete conversion. It was revealed that the Marines one year into the Time Skip found out where the ship was and Kuma sided with Duval and Hatchan in protecting the ship, battling the Marines. Even Duval and Hatchan retreated from sustaining severe injuries, but Kuma kept on fighting. By the time Franky saw him, he had received severe damage. Kuma simply said "Mission complete." upon seeing him and departed. Kuma had essentially sacrificed his life and even in "death"/after his completion as a Pacifista, he purposed himself in making sure the crew of his comrade's son is safe. Franky even said that they owe Kuma a massive debt. It also double as a Tear Jerker as the next time they see him, he'll be a soulless cyborg.
  • The anime rendition of Brook's final concert as Soul King. The song itself is heartwarming, but through it all, Brook's 'manager' (the longarm that kidnapped him in the first place) hesitates shooting, remembering Brook's raise to stardom. And when he tries shooting again, he's held back by his partners, who give a 'let him finish' look.
    • The song itself is basically Brook giving a tribute to the Straw Hat crew, and their dreamer attitudes, accentuated with all the Straw Hats being themselves, and that after two long years of waiting their adventures can begin anew.
    • The concert is especially heartwarming since Franky brought up the possibility that Brook might decide to quit the Straw Hats thanks to his newfound fame as the Soul King. The concert shows that Brook never had any intention of ditching the crew and he dedicates his final performance as the Soul King to his fans and band before leaving to reunite with his friends.
    • The concertgoers holding of the Marines to allow Brook to sing his final farewell.
  • Chapter 603: Right before Luffy leaves, he sees Rayleigh holding off soldiers for him and his crew, and thanks him for everything. With all the pride of a father, Rayleigh just tells him to aim straight for the top.
    • Even better? Right after Luffy leaves, Rayleigh remembers how his journey as a pirate started: A random man walked up to him after his house burned down, saying that they should set sail together. Despite Rayleigh's protests, the man just laughs and forces him onward, tipping his straw hat to him. That was Gol D. Roger himself. That's right, the original Pirate King himself wore that hat, and Rayleigh heartily wipes away his tears as he remembers his captain and the boy he's mentoring to become his successor.
      Rayleigh (Wiping away tears): Maybe there's no such thing as coincidence in this world. Maybe everything that happens is inevitable. Destiny just goes on in its plodding way. And yet, Luffy... has grown into a man even more worthy of that hat! It might not be a bad thing to live just a little longer.

Fishman Island Arc

  • Coribou and his men trying to rescue Caribou. They fail, but Caribou is still grateful, and heartbroken when he thinks his brother perished.
  • At the end of Chapter 622, in the flashback to Fisher Tiger's life, he scars an 11 year old human girl and makes her burst into tears. It Makes Sense in Context. The girl was a slave who had been rescued by Tiger years before, and was still stuck with mental conditioning that made her a Stepford Smiler, constantly afraid that she would be killed if she displeased those around her. Tiger scarred her to destroy the slave brand, and made her cry by throwing away his pistol and promising that no matter what, he would make sure the child got back to her home.
    Koala: Oh, I passed out! I'm sorry! But I didn't cry. So please don't kill me! No matter what you do to me, I'll never--
    Tiger: *clasps Koala on the shoulder and looks her in the eye* ... Cry if you want to cry! We're not like those idiotic Celestial Dragons!!
    • It gets even more heartwarming, remember Fisher Tiger was described as basically a rageaholic by Hancock. He also has an intense hatred of humans because of the racism. He's willing to push all that to the side, more or less; the branding was a bit drastic, but necessary, to try and make an 11 year old human girl feel better and act normal.
    • It continues in Chapter 623 where the little girl Koala sails with the crew and there are plenty of adorable interactions of her and Hachi, Jimbei and the others. Also, when she was leaving to return home, she runs up to Tiger and holds his hand as they walked towards her village. Considering what Tiger and fishmen had gone through and their own dislike for humans and yet they've grown to cherish and accept this human girl.
  • Fisher Tiger's death was a massive Tear Jerker, but the last thing he hears is Aladine telling him that his past as a slave be damned, he's a hero to all Fish-mankind.
  • Chapter 625 has a subtle but very, very sweet scene between Otohime and her husband Neptune. She's about to go off with the World Noble to negotiate, but Neptune wants to come along, presumably to protect her. She declines, and then tells him to trust the wife he chose, and to trust humanity. What makes this special is how it's possibly the first unambiguously romantic scene in the manga, and it works because it doesn't stall the plot, and is tasteful and utterly heartwarming.
  • In the beginning to Chapter 626, Otohime is brought to tears when, after successfully getting a deal from the Tenryuubito, nearly everyone on the island gives her their approval of her ideas.
  • Chapter 627: Nami forgiving Jimbei, Franky crying over the latter's story and declaring his love for fishpeople/merpeople, and also Nami making friends with Shirahoshi.
  • Chapter 633: Nobody (sans Hody) holds it against Shirahoshi for withholding her knowledge that Hody killed her mother due to promising her mother that she wouldn't hate her killer. Jimbei, Neptune, and her brothers even defend Shirahoshi when Hody takes the time to rub in her face, assuring her that Hody's coup isn't her fault.
  • Chapter 634: Luffy starts calling Shirahoshi by a different nickname, after he realizes that she kept the secret of her mother's killer for ten years so as not to risk spreading more hate. He acknowledges that although she's a crybaby, she's far from weak like he initially thought.
  • Chapter 636: Luffy learns that Surume the Kraken was only following Hody's orders to protect his brothers back home. At this, Luffy cheerfully says to Surume that he'll protect them too. The implications behind it are a good Tear Jerker, but anyone who's read up to this chapter knows that Luffy's going to keep his promise, no matter what.
  • Chapter 644: Having realized just how they got here, Fukaboshi asks Luffy to end the island's hatred and, in his words, return everything back to zero (past-wise, of course). Luffy's response?
    "If I'm free to do what I need to... then don't worry! From the moment we landed in the square, we and Jimbei decided that we wouldn't let anyone on Fish-man Island be hurt! Anyone!! Leave it to us, brother-Hoshi!"
  • From the same chapter: the rest of the island hears this speech, too. The Minister of the Right shows obvious guilt over his initial belief that the Straw Hat Pirates were the ones responsible for all the chaos: "Are these the kinds of humans that we've been doubting?"
  • And after that? The crowning moment comes when one of the fishman civilians — who was running scared when Noah was seen hurtling towards Fishman Island — promptly halts in his tracks, and declares that he's not going to run. One by one, others start to take up this belief, standing their ground and putting their faith in Luffy, a human pirate.
  • Chapter 645: A flashback shows us how Whitebeard once shared a drink of friendship with King Neptune, and declared Fishman Island under his protection to keep other pirates from preying on the mermaids. As in he stopped such slavers personally. And the fishman from Chapter 644? The one who stopped running? He trusts Luffy as much as he did Whitebeard, despite his own fear and bigotry towards humans.
  • There's also Luffy showing he developed a fire-based technique that is clearly a tribute to his brother and his signature technique. The anime makes the scene more heartwarming, because the image switches between Ace and Luffy when the latter is launching the attack.
  • After Jimbei saves Luffy's life, in defiance of Fishman Island's laws, with a blood transfusion, Luffy asks him to join the crew. Yes. Yes. YES!!!
    • Not just that, but the way he does it! After a huge war against racism between the two races... after saving Fishman Island from Hody's evil reign, and after nearly dying yet again... the first words out of his mouth were "Hey, Jimbei! Join my crew!" No trauma, no pent up rage or battle spirit from the fight, not even any concern like "Are my crew members okay? Did Noah crash," etc... He just smiles and asks Jimbei to join!|
    • Just how Jimbei had no hesitation to give blood to Luffy. Everyone else (minus Shirahoshi) hesitated, even though they were eternally grateful to Luffy for saving the island. Jimbei without blinking an eye offered as much blood as Luffy needed.
    • Also Fukaboushi's words upon witnessing the above event. And remembering his earlier words to Luffy to "destroy Fishman Island" and free the island from its own hatred, thus making it return to zero, it is doubly heartwarming to see.
      Mother ... this is "zero".
    • Even more so, the speech the narrator gives during this scene.
      Narrator: If you harm someone, or if someone harms you, the same red blood is spilled. And this truth which that blood flows, small and fragile though it is, provides a pathway, through the prejudice that divides us, and the conflicts we create, as though they were never there at all. And more than any dream or fantasy could, this path can guide us to the surface into the warm light of the sun.
  • Chapter 652: Even after being caught by the Marines, most of the pirates the Straw Hats freed refused to sell them out.
  • From the same chapter: when King Neptune and Jimbei discuss the idea of the latter joining Luffy's crew, Jimbei worries that Big Mom's ire over his departure might be directed at Fishman Island. King Neptune just tells him not to worry about it, and that if they lose Big Mom's protection, they've still got the aid of the Straw Hat pirates. Not only is the king telling this former Warlord not to worry about how his actions will affect the island, but he holds the Straw Hat Pirates in as high regard as he would one of the Four Emperors.
  • Chapter 653: The Straw Hats departing for the New World. Luffy and crew make a pinky promise with Shirahoshi to see her again, this time without her being such a crybaby.
    • Also Luffy and Jimbei's farewell. There were hardly any words but they exchange a Meaningful Look and a silent promise that they will see each other again.
  • One of the first things Franky does when arriving at Fishman island is look up Den, the younger brother of his adoptive father Tom, to tell him what happened to Tom and that he lived well. To add to the heartwarming, Den reveals that he had already learned of Franky and Iceburg from Kokoro who sent him letters, Franky just smiles saying that she's such a thoughtful old lady.
  • During the battle against the New Fish-Man Pirates, Chopper goes Heavy Point to block a hammer blow from Dosun. Zoro notes that his new Heavy Point looks more monstrous, which Chopper cheerfully declares that he doesn’t care anymore: he wanted to look like a human so he’d have friends. Now he wants to be a monster that can help Luffy! Heartwarming on its own, but the subtle yet warm smile Zoro gives in response shows how proud he is of Chopper’s growth... and then Hyouzou charges at him.

    Dressrosa Saga 
Punk Hazard Arc
  • Chapter 654: After being sucked in by an underwater whirlpool's horizontal funnel cloud ( usual) the Sunny crashes into a school of whales the size of a mountain. After briefly mistaking them for Laboon, Brook breaks down crying and starts calling them out, asking if they had lost a baby whale some fifty years ago and reassuring them that Laboon is alive and doing fine. Then Brook starts singing "Bink's Sake". The whales hear his song, and return a friendly smile before helping the Straw Hats to the surface.
  • The fact the Luffy decides to land at Punk Hazard because he heard a Distress Call. He may have denied it a few arcs prior, but he really is a hero.
    • Further, until he's told otherwise, he gets worried sick from the Transponder Snail crying, thinking the poor snail is in pain. (The snail is just fine, crying is their way to signal a distress call).
  • Chapter 658: Nami deciding to help the giant children escape.
  • Chapter 661 Cover: Hannyabal finally achieved his dream and became Warden of Impel Down!
  • Franky using his cyborg upgrades to help the aforementioned children ignore their fear of the frozen bodies in the room leading to the exit was quite heartwarming. But it gets out shadowed immediately after when he strikes his Super pose, and is accompanied by the children, Chopper and Sanji! The fact that one of the most serious members of the crew copied the pose really shows how close they've got. Now we just need Robin, Nami and Zoro to follow suit and "Heartwarming" will be redefined...
  • In Chapter 663, Luffy thanks Law for treating him two years ago. Even after Law tells him he did it on a whim, Luffy is still grateful to him.
  • Chapter 668: The chapter's cover.
    • Even after two years someone has visited Ace and Whitebeard's graves to give an offering and show them the article of Luffy's return
    • Luffy insists on Law being a good guy, but even if he isn't he doesn't need to worry since he has his crews with him.
  • Chapter 673: A little moment that's easy to miss: while imprisoned by Caesar Clown along with some of her companions, Law, Smoker, and Tashigi, you can see Robin holding the head of an unconscious Franky on her lap. She may be irritated by his antics at times, but it shows how much more caring towards her crewmates she has become.
  • Chapter 677: Tashigi is willing to throw away her pride and beg Warlord of the Sea Trafalgar Law for her life. Not for her own sake, but for the sake of stopping Vice-Admiral Vergo, so that way her men and the children stuck on the island can go free.
  • From Chapter 679: Some of the Marines' sacrifice to save Tashigi from the deadly cloud of gas Shinokuni. Doubles as a Tear Jerker when Tashigi sees them petrified, yet still giving a thumbs up.
  • Chapter 684 beautifully shows Smoker's concern for his men.
    "I don't care how long you've known them. I don't care if you are the base commander!! Away from the base, the captain is responsible for their lives. And you ain't layin' a finger on my soldiers!!!"
  • Chapter 685: The flashback Momonosuke has about the other kidnapped children's kindness. He acted all tough and samurai-like, but it's obvious he was moved.
  • Chapter 687. The G-5 left Zoro and Tashigi behind to fight Monet while they go save the children, accompanied by Sanji, who says the following line about Zoro to reassure the G-5 Marines that Tashigi will be okay.
    Sanji: Actually, he's softer than you'd think. But the guy will get it done when it counts. Let him handle this. No need to worry about Tashigi!
  • Chapter 689: Luffy reassures Brownbeard by gently tapping him on the head. Awwww.
  • Chapter 694: A certain antagonist shows... surprisingly Luffy-like qualities regarding his subordinates.
    Doflamingo: Sorry, partner. I know you've been with me the longest. Thanks for everything you've done to this day.
  • Chapter 696: Nami decides to let Tashigi take care of the children. After all, it would cause trouble for the kids and their parents if Nami saved them herself, since she's a pirate. Not to mention that Tashigi tearfully asked her to let her take care of the kids. Partially because her mother was a Marine herself, Nami feels relieved to leave the children in the care of a strong and kind Marine woman.
    • From the same chapter, there's also the party held by the Straw Hats, Marines, and Caesar Clown's surviving henchmen. Not only is everyone having fun, but Tashigi is at last seen smiling again! Considering how she hadn't smiled once ever since the Alabasta arc, it feels so good to finally see her smile again! Not to mention Kin'emon reuniting with his son, which is also satisfying to see after all the crap they've been through. And finally, the very fact that the Marines are partying along is heartwarming in itself.
    • This chapter was full of heartwarming moments. We still haven't mentioned Chopper hugging Mocha in relief. You can really tell how much he cared about the kids, and how close he got to Mocha especially. Law is shown to not be that bad of a guy when he heals the children, who aren't afraid of him in the slightest. Kin'emon's speech about the Straw Hats to his son is also heartwarming, as it shows how much the samurai has come to respect them, despite the fact that he normally hates pirates.
  • Chapter 697: The Marines' reason for badmouthing the Straw Hats? If they don't, they'll start admiring them. Actually, they already do, but they have a reputation to uphold, plus they're trying to set an example for the children.
    • Also, Tashigi laughs. Like the previous chapter, it's extremely satisfying to see her laugh like that after all the crap she's been put through, especially in the Alabasta arc.
    • A small one, but when Doflamingo discovers the heads of his defeated subordinates, he's quick to assure them that he's not upset at them. That's surprisingly nice considering that the first thing we saw of him was him throwing away one of his subordinates.
  • Chapter 698: As he takes out his anger on Smoker, Kuzan arrives. What follows is as heartwarming as it is awesome.
    "Opps... Pardon me, buddy. Would you mind getting off him? He's an old friend." cue Curb-Stomp Battle
  • Chapter 700: When the Straw Hats rush off to eat a breakfast of delicious sandwiches, Law declares in a mild — and downright goofy — panic that he doesn't like bread. What is he seen eating in the next scene? A plate of onigiri that's clearly been made just for him. Sanji would never allow anyone to go hungry in his kitchen just because they sincerely hated a specific food, especially when other options are available.
    • Applies in future chapters as well. Whenever bread is a central aspect of a meal, Law is always seen eating a separate, specially prepared meal that doesn't include bread.

Dressrosa Arc

  • Episode 630: Luffy helps point out to Fujitora that he was being cheated, to which he thanks Luffy (note neither had any idea who the other was), and after kicking the cheaters' asses with his Zushi Zushi No Mi powers, hands the bartender an adress to bill the repairs to.
  • Chapter 703: Luffy learns that Doflamingo has Ace's Flame-Flame Fruit and is offering it as a prize in the Colosseum. Franky realizes this is probably a trap... then tells Luffy to go for it anyway, because it'd be boring for him to just regret not trying.
    • Luffy asking Franky if he'd like to eat it so nonchalantly. It doesn't even occur to him to have an issue with one of his crew taking Ace's legacy.
  • Chapter 705: Admiral Fujitora, planning what seems to be an attack on the Colosseum, orders his men to prepare the medical team, and count the number of civilians in the Colosseum, the city, and the country. His confused subordinate then questions why they don't need a head count of the enemy forces. His reasoning?
    "The number we need to keep in mind ain't the enemy forces... It's the number of lives we ought to protect, no...?"
    • Earlier, as he leaves said Colosseum, a little girl loses her balloon and begins crying, and like Smoker and the little ice cream girl before him, Fujitora takes the time to help her.
  • Chapter 706: Bellamy reappears! He tells Luffy that he has learned to remember his dreams.
    Bellamy: I ain't gonna laugh at ya anymore.
  • Chapter 709: Luffy cheers on Bellamy in the tournament, and gets his name correct!
    Luffy: Hey Bellamy!! Hang in there!!!
  • Chapter 710: "You've changed, Bellamy!" as well as "You've crushed my pride, Straw Hat."
  • Chapter 714: Bellamy's crushed expression when Diamante tells him to assassinate Luffy after the tournament. That's some serious guilt building up there.
  • Chapter 712: The beautiful dancer Violet, who asked Sanji to protect her, lures him into a trap and reveals herself to be Doflamingo's subordinate. She ate a Devil Fruit that gives her the power to read minds, and attempts to use it to extract the information about Luffy and Law's alliance from Sanji's brain. How does Sanji win her affection over Doflamingo? By refusing to believe she is a bad person. And he is completely right.
    Sanji: A million people... might curse your name... But I will never doubt a woman's tears!!!!
  • When Fujitora mentions to Law that if he's taken the Straw Hats as subordinates (as opposed to the equal alliance reported in the papers) then the Marines will look the other way since he's still a Warlord, Law insists they're his equals. The man would rather fight an admiral than refer to the Straw Hats as mere subordinates.
  • Rebecca wants to live with the toy soldier who only regrets that he cannot cry for her.
  • Chapter 720:
    • Bartolomeo, the Jerk with a Heart of Gold Barrier Warrior who's done nothing but go out of his way to rile people up, attacks another contestant because he insulted Luffy. Turns out that Bartolomeo has incredible admiration for Luffy for his valor back in Loguetown, and firmly believes that he's going to become the next Pirate King. Who ever expected such a massive Heel to have such Hidden Depths?
    • Don Chinjao, his head restored to its original drill-esque point by Luffy's punch, has completely abandoned his grudge against Garp and his grandson. He's even gone so far as to pledge one of his fleets to the service of Luffy!
    • Despite being attacked by Rebecca in a sneak attack after she paid for his meal, and overpowering her, Luffy refuses to finish her off — partly because he didn't sense any killing intent in her attack, and partly simply because he's still alive. Talk about Turning The Other Cheek!
  • Chapter 721: Rebecca reminisces about her time with the Thunder Soldier during her childhood. It started off dark with the death of Rebecca's mother Scarlett, but the rest of the flashback definitely fits here.
    • Looking back, this is taken up a notch considering that the Thunder Soldier is in fact Rebecca's real father, which was revealed in Chapter 726. He could have went on with his business after becoming a toy (courtesy of Sugar of the Donquixote Pirates), feeling miserable about what happened to him, but no. This man looks after his little girl for 10 years in this state, raising her to the young girl she is now. And even though she doesn't remember him as her father due to the effects of Sugar's Devil Fruit powers, Rebecca still thinks of the Soldier as her father anyway!
  • Chapter 722: Cavendish stands up for Rebecca and gives the crowd an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the crowd jeering at her. While he's still a jerk, this moment cements his Jerk with a Heart of Gold status in the series.
    • It cannot be understated how well this moment was done in the anime, given Cavendish's speech managed to shock a crowd of several thousand people (and all of the other gladiators) into Stunned Silence for the better part of a full minute.
  • Chapter 724: Law tells Nami's group to take Caesar and flee Dressrosa, but they initially refuse to leave behind Luffy and the others.
    Nami: Absolutely not! We're waiting!! We can't set sail without our captain!! We're the Straw Hat crew!!
  • Chapter 730: after finding out how much trouble Trafalgar Law went to to make sure Doflamingo doesn't have all the cards, including fighting a losing battle against him, Luffy decides to abandon the tournament to go help Law. When someone makes an alliance with Luffy, Luffy honors that alliance!
  • Chapter 731:
    • Bellamy's been brutally attacked by one of Doflamingo's agents, who never expected him to succeed in killing Luffy, and is in pretty rough shape. Bartolomeo is the only one around who can help him... and does so without a second thought. When Bellamy expresses his disbelief, since they were adversaries in the arena and nothing else, Bartolomeo replies:
    Bartolomeo: Exackly! Two men in the ring tradin' fists! That makes us comrades in battle!! I may be rotten, but I don't abandon a pal in need!!
    • Luffy abandons the tournament to go help his friends. When Bartolomeo asks him about the Flame-Flame Fruit, Luffy admits that he'd rather not let it fall into Blackbeard's hands... but that it can't be helped; the lives of his friends are far more important.
      • Bartolomeo then reveals that he entered the tournament and seeks the Flame-Flame Fruit just so he could give it to Luffy.
    • Sabo's alive!(but had bad enough amnesia Ace or Luffy never found him in the meantime). Luffy understandably bawls his eyes out and tackle-hugs him.
      • And when he announces his intent to claim the Flame-Flame Fruit, Luffy agrees without a second thought and gives him his tournament costume before rushing to save his friends, confident that the Fruit is now in good hands.
      • Really, Luffy and Sabo's reunion is a mix of this and Tear Jerker given how heartfelt Luffy's tears were when he reunited with his long-lost brother in arms.
  • Remember Koala, the former slave who tagged along with the Sun Pirates? She's all grown up, and she knows Fishman Karate: quite likely as a way of honoring the people who saved her life, despite not being a fishman herself.
  • Back in the arena, Rebecca no longer fights alone, reviled by all — Acilia, another female gladiator, is backing her up!
  • Chapter 742: In Thunder Soldier's flashback, Scarlett used to hate him for his past crimes, but after she is kidnapped and he saves her, she comes to love him to the point of faking her own death so she could be with him. Then Rebecca is born, and Kyros initially refuses to touch his daughter, not wanting to soil such a pure thing with his dirty hands. And later, he is seen touching her and playing with her, though with gloves on. Awwwwww...
    • A minor one, but Bartolomeo expresses disgust at Diamante's gloating over murdering Scarlett to Rebecca while she breaks down in tears is rather nice at once again showing that, for being a Troll and a Heel with a large amount of blood on his hands, even when not dealing with the Straw Hats he has SOME standards, and is willing to stick up for poor Rebecca.
  • Chapter 743: With the defeat of Sugar, all the toy slaves are returned to normal and everyone regains their memories of them, including their loved ones.
    "I thought I would spend the rest of my life as a toy!!"
    • For a smaller one, Senor Pink is visibly annoyed by Sugar's defeat, calling her a brat. However, he hopes she's not wounded, showing he cares about his crewmates.
  • Chapter 744: Sabo eats the Flame-Flame Fruit, gaining Ace's Devil Fruit powers and inheriting his will by becoming his direct successor. To cap it off, he uses Ace's signature technique "Fire Fist" to destroy the ring completely as a homage to his brother.
  • Chapter 745: Koala hugs Robin when the latter meets her, Sabo and Hack again for the first time since the timeskip. It is absolutely adorable, and despite being a small moment, it shows how close the two have gotten over the two years Robin was training.
  • Chapter 746: Rebecca correctly deduces that her father, whom she recently remembered, is in fact the Thunder Soldier. She then thinks back to her time with him (complete with 3 panels from Chapter 721) and breaks down in tears, now knowing that her old man was by her side this whole time.
  • Say what you want about Doflamingo, but give him respect for loving his crew like a family, just like Luffy does. Well, the immediate crew of executives at least.
  • The cover of Chapter 749, featuring Dadan dreaming about her boys.
  • Chapter 758: Usopp says that he feels great guilt about forgetting Robin when she got turned into a toy, and when he finds out that Luffy might get turned into one by Sugar, he is terrified. His desperation to protect Luffy drives him to perform the most difficult sniping shot he has ever done, even unleashing Observation Haki in the process to make the shot work.
  • Chapter 759: Bellamy, having been present for Luffy's confrontation with Doflamingo, and unwillingly influenced by Doflamingo's string powers, attacks Luffy. When Doflamingo points out that the only way to stop Bellamy is to beat him down, Luffy refuses. Bellamy is visibly moved by this.
  • Chapter 760:
    • It turns out that the group attacking Usopp and King Riku's group weren't really trying to capture them — they know that Doflamingo is just using them all, and beg Riku for guidance.
    • King Riku asks their captors to wait for the outcome of Luffy and Doflamingo's battle before they act, privately reflecting that he's come to believe in them.
    • Admiral Fujitora shows up and admits that he, too, is willing to put his faith in Luffy to bring down Doflamingo.
    • Relative to this, the Admiral subtly warning Sabo to up his game if he wishes to protect Luffy. And not fall protecting him like Ace did.
  • Part of Doflamingo's backstory is revealed: his father took the whole family from the privileged life of the Tenryubito, because he felt that they needed to "live like actual people." Sadly, the young Doflamingo didn't seem to realize why his father might think that...
  • Chapter 762: 16 years ago, a panicked Giolla almost gets a young Law kicked out of Doflamingo's pirate crew by expressing the fear that his disease is contagious (it is not). The one that stops her and calms her down? Doflamingo himself.
    • In fact, when panic began to spread about the disease and Law showed anger and discomfort, Doflamingo slammed his hand down and chastises Giolla for believing in the rumors. Despite Law only being there for a week, Doflamingo was already willing to stand up for him. Later, we see him dozing in an armchair with a book about Flevance still lying open on his face.
    • In Flevance, when the children were supposedly being allowed to escape along with a supervising Sister, Law declines, because his little sister is dying and he wants to stay by her side. The Sister concedes to his wish, but his classmates strongly object, begging Law in tears to escape with them. Doubles as a Tear Jerker, but it is sweet to see the kids unwilling to leave him behind.
  • Chapter 763: The flashback continues Doflamingo doing nice, if somewhat twisted things by showing he's the one who suggested Law could cure himself of his deadly lead poisoning by getting his hands on the right Devil Fruit.
    • Corazon covers for Law after the boy stabbed him.
    • The entire sequence shows how close the young Donquixote family were, as befits their name: Law, Baby 5, and Buffalo were akin to childhood friends, Baby 5 babysat Dellinger when Giolla wasn't around for that, Giolla coddled Law like an obnoxious grandma (much to his distaste). Then there's Doflamingo, Corazon and Pica beating the hell out of a pirate who almost killed Law and Baby 5, saving the kids' lives. That's oddly heartwarming for a self-styled family of pirates.
  • During Doflamingo's flashback, there is one panel showing Doffy and his brother sharing food with their mother despite living in a hellhole they were not accustomed to. Tugs at the heartstrings knowing how Doflamingo is right now.
    • Doubles as a Tearjerker, but Doflamingo's flashback really showcases that, despite being horribly naive about how the way the rest of the world views the Celestial Dragons and the utter cruelty of his fellow World Nobles, Homing, Doflamingo's father, really was a good man and DID care about his family. The moment shit started hitting the fan, he tried to find a way to get his wife and sons sent back to safety, and kept trying after his wife died to get his sons taken back, and then begged the mob chasing his family to take out all of their rage on him and leave his sons be once they caught up to them.
    • After hearing Trafalgar Law's true name, Donquixote Corazon/Rosinante immediately hauls Law away and warns him to stay away from Doflamingo. In order to emphasize how important this was to Law, Rosinante actually speaks, something that he hadn't done for years, even going so far as to keep his ability of speech secret from the rest of the Donquixote Family, including his brother. The fact that he does this is heartwarming in and of itself, as it shows just how much he cares for Law.
  • Chapter 764: Corazon truly took after his kindhearted parents, in stark contrast to this brother. He risks everything just to save the life of a boy whom he barely knows. One who stabbed him in the past, no less.
    • Corazon doesn't hate children. He bullies them hoping they will quit the pirate life.
      • Also counts as a nice little Pet the Dog moment for Sengoku, who apparently considers getting kids away from Doflamingo one of the prime objectives of a deep cover operation.
    • Also in a kind of twisted way, it's heartwarming that Corazon just gets so mad over the hospitals' panic over Law's condition and refusal to treat him that he pretty much destroys them. There's a lot of panels of Corazon and Law walking away from a exploding hospital.
      • A definite moment of similarity when compared with Doflamingo as one could easily imagine Doffy doing the same.
      • Law himself, who has even more reason to be angry, is shown trying to hold him back; he's not nearly as bloodthirsty as he pretends to be.
    • After six months of looking for a cure, Corazon wonders why is he reminding Law of his tragic past and wonders if he's doing this for the sake of the D, but doesn't care about that. As he puts a blanket over Law as he sleeps, he admits he felt sympathy for Law over how a child said something like "I'm going to die" and felt sorry for him. He goes on to state that when Law stabbed him, crying uncontrollably, Corazon states it didn't even hurt and that Law was the one hurting and he only felt compassion for him. As he walks away, Law, who heard all of this, begins to weep, finally finding someone who understands him. The next morning, Law calls Corazon "Cora-san" much to the latter's surprise.
  • Chapter 765: When Corazon finds out about the Op-Op Fruit, the sheer joy and excitement he has when he tells Law that there is a way to heal him if he eats it and is willing to betray his brother AND the Marines just to save this kid he barely knows.
  • Chapter 767: Sengoku took in Rosinante after Doflamingo killed their father. And, of course, there's Rosinante protecting Law right up to the very last second of his life.
    • Rosinante's final words to Law:
      Rosinante: Law... I love you.
    • Doflamingo and Vergo have been friends since childhood.
    • In a twisted sense, Doflamingo telling his father that he's going to take his head to buy both him and Rosinante back their place among the World Nobles. Also, how he briefly trembles after shooting Rosinante.
      • Homing calmly accepts it, almost as if he understands Doflamingo's reasons for killing him, and gives one last embrace to Rosinante and apologises to both his sons for failing them as a father.
    • Likewise, despite everything Corazon said to Law about living to keep Doflamingo's madness at bay, once his treachery is exposed to Doflamingo himself, he points a gun at him, but would never fire it, likely out of love for his elder brother. Doflamingo notes this, and says he has his father's kindness.
  • Chapter 771: Sai and Baby 5's A Day in the Limelight. Sai proved that he has the power to succeed Chinjao by breaking his drill while trying to protect a suicidal Baby 5. The latter, having lived a whole life believing herself useless, got a Falling-in-Love Montage, complete with her love saving her life and declining a political marriage to be with her.
    • Rather than be angered by Sai striking out against him, Chinjao is thrilled as Sai parried Chinjao's strongest attack. He immediately names Sai his full successor, and gives Sai's attack the name he used for his own drill move. Sai goes on to use this very move to defeat Lao G.
  • Chapter 773: Bartolomeo uses a homage to Luffy's Gum Gum Pistol to defeat Gladius while promising to one day become strong enough to be a person Luffy can depend on.
  • Chapter 775: Franky invites the battered Senor Pink to a few drinks once the whole matter on Dressrosa is settled.
    • Chapter 1021’s cover page portrays them doing just that.
  • Chapter 778: Much like Princess Shirahoshi before him, King Riku attempting to take Pica's attention directly and ordering his people to evacuate. He then gives a speech at how he's not going to take the throne anymore... and yet his people still says that he's their king.
  • Chapter 779: The second Sabo hears Luffy might be in trouble he's ready to drop everything to get to him.
  • Chapter 780: After Law rejects Doflamingo's offer in an undeniable awesome moment, he tells the Warlord that he won't win because the Straw Hats have left nothing in their wake but sheer miracles. Law may have taken on the role of The Stoic and framed his and Luffy's alliance as a matter of convenience, but that one line revealed he'd admired Luffy and his crew from the beginning.
  • Chapter 782: In a twisted sense, the rest of Doflamingo's backstory: When he was 8, it is revealed that his executives were originally just 4 dudes who picked him up and decided to raise him up. When it was revealed that he picked up haki, they instantly decided to help him with revenge and payback, even bowing to him. And thus, a Psycho-Jerkass was grown and raised. Even considering the hell Doflamingo causes later, it's sweet to know that he had some help along the way.
  • Chapter 783: Law, of all people, begs Cavendish to leave him in the flower fields so he can watch Luffy's final fight with Doflamingo. He waited thirteen years for the day he would take down Doflamingo, and now, having done all he can, he can only leave everything to his ally. If Luffy wins, he wants to be there to see it; if Luffy falls, then being the one to drag Luffy into this fight in the first place, he wants to die with him. The best part is when Cavendish allows it, and stays with him, bluntly telling him that he won't die before he's dead himself.
  • Chapter 784: Marines and Pirates put aside their difference, helping civilians get out of the way of the birdcage, which may be the ultimate refutation against Doflamingo's belief in Humans Are Bastards.
  • Chapter 786: All the gladiators that let the money get to them apologize to Luffy and say they will hold Doflamingo off while Luffy recovers his haki.
  • Chapter 791: Everyone present rejoices when Doflamingo is finally defeated. They can't believe it, but their torment is brought to an end at long last, and scream and cry with joy. Even Kyros, after giving the first heartfelt and genuine smile he gave in a hell of a long time, can't help but burst into tears of joy.
  • Chapter 792: As the dust settles, King Riku maintains his refusal to take the throne, citing his past failure to keep Dressrosa safe from Doflamingo's manipulations as proof that he's not strong enough to lead. His former subjects won't hear of it, insisting that they don't care if their nation falls — they want to live under a monarch who insists on true peace and genuinely cares about his subjects.
    • Even more heartwarming is when his old friend and ally, King Elizabello of Prodence (the fighting king with the fortress-obliterating "King Punch"), steps in and voices his approval of Riku's return, and admits he already used a Transponder Snail to call ahead and let the rulers of the neighboring islands know of Riku's return — and that the other rulers were overjoyed.
      • Bear in mind, this is a warrior king saying that he wants his friend, a Technical Pacifist, to reclaim his throne.
    • Topping it all off, Admiral Fujitora insists on holding off the report to Marine HQ until the truth about Dressrosa is broadcast to neighboring islands. He approaches Riku, insists that he shouldn't feel guilty about what happened under Doflamingo's rule — that rather, it's the World Government who should take responsibility for the whole mess. And with this, he and every single Marine under his command kneel before the citizens of Dressrosa and ask for their forgiveness.
  • Chapter 793: Fujitora did what he did because of Smoker's own experiences during the Alabasta arc, forced to play the hero and take credit for what happened because he didn't have enough influence or power to do otherwise. Smoker is obviously held in high regard by Fujitora, for him to be willing to do this and prevent something like that from happening again.
  • Chapter 794:
    • While most of this chapter is an absolute Tear Jerker, one of the most adorable moments is when Koala hysterically cries after Sabo wakes up from his coma and she tells him how she was afraid that he was going to die. She then worriedly asks him if he is going to leave the Revolutionary Army now that his memories have returned. Aww.
    • The flashback to Luffy and Sabo's conversation at their reunion, we see Bartolomeo watching it all unfold. For all Bartolomeo's hero-worship of Luffy, seeing him break down into Inelegant Blubbering like a little kid does nothing to hurt his image in Bartolomeo's eyes. On the contrary, Bartolomeo quickly accepts Sabo, as he calls him "Great Senpai" throughout the arc.
    • Hell, Luffy in general that whole scene. At first he's convinced that Sabo is lying, but as soon as he mentions the three sake cups and the bottle stolen from Dadan, he pulls in his brother for a hug, crying and apologizing for not protecting Ace while Sabo comforts him who tells Luffy that he's just happy that he survived the war at Marineford two years ago. He's pretty much gone back to his "little brother" persona recognizing him.
  • Chapter 795: When the other gladiators are shown resting in the Riku palace, Baby 5 is sleeping on Sai's lap, looking positively delighted. It's a small moment, but it's really cute.
  • Chapter 796:
    • Tsuru and Sengoku arrive at Dressrosa to (supposedly) aid Fujitora in capturing Luffy and Law. Almost immediately, Mansherry appears and pleads with them to help donate blood to heal the wounded citizens of the country... and they happily agree to help.
    • Considering everything he went through, seeing Bellamy having been brought to the Straw Hat's hideout to recover is nice enough; then Law comments that he only brought Bellamy because Luffy saw him as a friend. Quite the leap from when they first met.
  • Chapter 797: The look of Rebecca's face when Luffy came to the palace is telling enough that she's grateful for everything he did. But then Luffy asked her if she's okay being a princess and about what Thunder Soldier (i.e her dad) told her; she isn't. So Luffy takes her out, people going against him in the process, and then drops her near the hill where Kyros' shack is. When Kyros is ready to leave the place, he sees Rebecca right in front of him, sobbing, and then runs at him and says that she wants to stay with him, her one and only father, and she doesn't care if he was a criminal.
    Rebecca: How dare you lie to me...?
    Kyros: Oh... the letter. I wasn't lying! Look, I have a terrible history! I was a sorry excuse for a man, always getting into fights! And I was a killer, too... I cant... deny what I've done... That's the honest truth.
    Rebecca: Alright, but why did you say I was the daughter of some prince?! That's such a hateful lie! Doesn't matter how many people he may have killed, or how much his hands are tainted with blood. I only have one father! I'm proud to say... I am the daughter of Kyros!
    • The colosseum fighters trying to cover our heroes' escape.
      "We're already in debtors' hell trying to pay you back as it is, dammit!"
  • Law and Sengoku talk about Corazon/Rosinante. Sengoku confirms that he adopted Rosinante after Doflamingo killed their father, and Law confirms that the reason Corazon left his mission to spy on the Donquixote Pirates was to help him get cured of his Amber Lead Syndrome, and that he's a D. After reflecting on the irony the only person he can talk about Rosinante with is a pirate, Sengoku tells Law that the latter's name had nothing to do with his reason for helping him, and if he really wants to make Corazon's sacrifice count, he should just be free.
    • Further more, Sengoku acknowledges that as a Marine, he has every right to arrest Law and interrogate him, especially considering his status as a Warlord has been revoked due to his alliance with the Straw Hats. He doesn't, and proceeds to actually encourage Law to continue living, because it was the only thing Rosinante wanted when he chose Law's life over his own.
    • The stunned expression on Law's face as Sengoku confirms Corazon's actions as a genuine act of love rather than ulterior motives due to his hidden D. name. He spent the last 13 years tormented by that inkling of doubt, and for him to finally be told by someone who actually knew Corazon that he didn't save him because of a tall tale from his childhood, it's a burden off his shoulders. Law quickly turns away from Sengoku, shoves his hat further down his eyes, and seems to be barely holding himself together as he remembers the last thing Corazon ever said to him: "I love you".
  • Chapter 799: The people of Dressrosa provide a two-fold one:
    • They knew all along that the fairies are really dwarves, and that Kyros and Rebecca were father and daughter ever since the latter was born. They just protected their secret and pretended to know otherwise out of respect.
    • They also know that Luffy isn't evil and didn't kidnap Rebecca, but still pretend to get mad at him to prevent Fujitora from killing him and his allies, and allowing them to escape. Upon realizing this via his Haki, Fujitora smiles and realizes that not everything in this world is horrible, and wishes he could see Luffy's kind face, then walks away.
      Fujitora: You're a fool, Straw Hat... but an honest one. I shouldn't be surprised that everyone wants to take your side. What kind of a man are you, I wonder. What's the color of your hair? The shape of your eyes? What does your smile look like? What a pity. Wish I could use these eyes one last time to see the face of a man like you. I'm sure it's filled to the brim with kindness.
    • Luffy reveals that he doesn't really hate Fujitora that much and is willing to pull off some Calling Your Attacks just to have a fair fight makes him see the other person as a Worthy Opponent.
    • A total of 5640 pirates are asking to join under the Straw Hats as Luffy's subordinates.
  • Chapter 800:
    • Luffy doesn't want to drink and become the leader of these 5600+ pirates. Why? Because he feels it would restrict their freedom. He wants all of them (himself included) to be free and to be able to do as they like. This is what he means by being Pirate King — someone who's completely free, not someone who lords over others. Despite this, the pirates still pledge their loyalty to him, saying they chose to follow him of their own free will.
      • And Bartolomeo, as per usual, not only is the first one to understand this but isn't disillusioned at all by Luffy's unorthodox selflessness — if anything, it makes him admire his idol even more.
    • When a group of pirates who had their shady deals with Doflamingo completely derailed thanks to Luffy's victory show up, announcing their intent to take Luffy's head, one of the pirates on the soon-to-be-formed Straw Hat Alliance urges the citizens near the ships to clear off, as it won't be safe for them.
    • Admiral Fujitora finally drops the rubble that he was holding up via gravity — but only on the ships of the anti-Luffy alliance, and not on Luffy or his newfound allies. After the fact, he loudly expresses his gratitude to Luffy for everything he's done to help Dressrosa.
    • Kyros and Rebecca have a small moment: Rebecca holds her dad's hand, and asks him if it's warm; Kyros happily replies that it is, and after remembering all the times he held her hand as a toy and couldn't feel its warmth, cries Tears of Joy at being able to feel his daughter's warmth at last. He's also holding her hands without gloves on, which was a consistent issue in his flashback with baby Rebecca.
  • Chapter 801:
    • The citizens of Dressrosa and the dwarves happily living in coexistence with each other.
    • The citizens of Dressrosa building a statue of Luffy (as Lucy), Kyros, and Usopp for their help on Dressrosa. And in the back, there's a statue of Noland.
    • Bellamy, despite turning down the offer to become one of Luffy's subordinates, decides to take one of Luffy's vivre cards just in-case he ever needs his help.
    • Bartolomeo's entire crew are also fans of the Straw Hat Pirates and even their ship is a homage to them call the "Going Luffy-senpai".
    • The Straw Hat Pirates (minus the ones who remained on the Thousand Sunny) being nice enough to give Bartolomeo their autographs, which he happily framed them on his wall along with their new wanted posters.

    Whole Cake Island Saga 
Zou Arc
  • Chapter 804: While it is Played for Laughs, the Straw Hats reaction for the badly drawn dragon conjured by Kanjuro is rather touching. Special points to Robin, who even goes out of her way to leave a flower for where the dragon goes back to being a drawing.
  • Chapter 806: So to start off this chapter, we have Foosha Village celebrating the new bounties of Luffy and the gang. What's real special here, however, is how Dadan has to be playing with Makino's child.
    • The reunion of Chopper and Nami with the rest of the gang! After so many chapters without knowing what was going on, it's good to see the two alive and well.
    • Nami glomps Luffy upon seeing him again, complete with Foot Popping! Granted, she seems to be in tears over something that happened to Sanji, so this might be leading up to something terrible having happened to the Straw Hats' cook...
  • Chapter 807: While it's short, the reunion of Trafalgar Law and his crew, the Heart Pirates. They're all overjoyed to see him, with Bepo leaping on him for a hug. This is the crew that Law didn't want to involve in his plan against Doflamingo, so Law had them hide on Zou. Now they can be a pirate crew again. It's also heartwarming that the Heart Pirates who care so much for their captain are named after the man who saved Law's life, Corazon.
  • Chapter 810, the Heart Pirates are fully prepared to stand with the Cat Viper and the other Minks to defend Mokomo. Their reason: Because it's Bepo's homeland and he's prepared to stand and defend it.
  • Chapter 811, The acts of the Curly Straw Hats' "Minkatarianism" and the montage of the Minks being treated.
    Franky: *in tears* You guys are true heroes!! I'm so prouda you!!
  • Chapter 812: Despite being a member of Big Mom's crew, Pekoms is both enraged that Jack ransacked his homeland and thankful that the Straw Hats saved his family and friends. In gratitude, he plans to let them go and lie to Big Mom about killing them. Then Capone Bege had to ruin the moment.
  • Chapter 813: Combined with a Tear Jerker, Sanji sacrifices himself to save Nami, Brook, and Chopper from Bege.
  • Chapter 814:
    • When the others tell Luffy that Sanji marrying Big Mom's daughter would make the whole crew her underlings, he is not happy. However, when they add that Sanji knows this and may quit the crew if necessary to prevent it, Luffy states that Sanji quitting would be even worse than being under Big Mom. It's subtle, but a nice touch, as yet another piece of proof that, no matter how important his ambitions are to him, Luffy's friends will always be his number one concern.
    • Luffy first assumed that Sanji would actually go and get married before bringing his bride to join the crew. Luffy has always been the one to recruit his crew, but this shows he is okay with his crewmates doing so and trusting their judgment.
    • As established during his introduction, Chopper's big problem in life is how he's stuck between two worlds, and Oda has confirmed that this applies to his love life too. His devil fruit hasn't changed his base instincts, so he's only attracted to other reindeer, yet he's too intelligent to ever fall in love with a dumb animal. This chapter introduces Milky the reindeer mink, who Chopper is clearly smitten with. The fact that there is someone out there for him is wonderful!
  • Chapter 815:
    • Sanji went with Bege not only to protect the Straw Hats, but also the Baratie and the Kamakkaba Kingdom! While Sanji fought with them (and was grossed out with the latter), he really cares enough that he would watch out for the two places.
    • An implied one for Zoro, which Luffy even lampshades. When Luffy leaves the building after hearing Pekoms's exposition about Sanji, he sees Zoro sitting right outside and realizes that he heard the whole thing, cheerfully noting that Zoro must be worried about him, too. Though Zoro responds about how you'd expect (threatening to kick Luffy), it's pretty clear that, in spite of his somewhat harsh words earlier, Zoro really is concerned about Sanji.
    • When Law is discussing strategy with the Straw Hats, he notes that staying on Zou could be a big problem if Kaido attacks while they're there, asking "What'll happen to this country if it's attacked again?" It's reminiscent of Luffy's words to him in Dressrosa ("Take a good look at this country! What'll happen if I stop now?"), and shows again that Law doesn't want innocent people to get mixed up in their problems. In fact, even the Minks themselves are touched by the alliance members' care and concern for them, wondering aloud if they really are pirates. This promptly turns into a Funny Moment when Cat Viper decides to celebrate by throwing a party.
    • Brook, Robin, and Franky get theirs when they decide to watch out for everyone while the rest are partying to prevent Kin'emon and Kanjuro from entering the country to prevent a catastrophe (they do end up falling asleep, however, but the thought counts for something).
  • Chapter 816: The Straw Hats try to prevent the inhabitants from seeing the two samurai, but Kin'emon steps in front of the two leaders to ask for the whereabouts of their comrade, Raizo. Not only do the Minks know who Raizo is, they kept his location safe due to being lifelong friends with the Kozuki clan. And they were willing to die rather than betray him.
    Cat Viper: Even if it meant our kingdom's demise, we'd never rat out one of our friends to the enemy!
    • Also worth noting is that the minute Kin'emon shows up and starts asking questions, Cat Viper and Dogstorm immediately stop confronting each other so they can both assure Kin'emon that Raizo is safe.
    • Luffy's expression in the last panel shows that he definitely appreciates that level of loyalty to friends and allies. Related is how Usopp reacts with utter disbelief that the whole country is going that far for a friend, just like most people's reactions to the Straw Hats' themselves when they do extreme things to help one of their own or their new friend/ally.
  • Chapter 817: We see more of the bond between Wano and Zou. Apparently, Raizo couldn't stand seeing the Minks suffer Jack's wrath because of him and had to be restrained in the Whale Tree to prevent him from turning himself over to Jack. As crazy as it is, it's heartwarming from both sides.
    • Dogstorm and Cat Viper decide to call a truce between each other, to not upset Momonosuke, their master. Their subjects rejoice accordingly.
  • Chapter 818: Cat Viper worries that if Big Mom and Kaido will surely come after Robin, for her ability to read and translate Poneglyphs. Robin just smiles and answers that it doesn't matter, for she has invincible friends to protect her. This fires the rest of the Straw Hats up (literally, in Nami's case), who declare they'll protect her with their lives.
  • Chapter 819:
    • Momonosuke being treated like an adult by Luffy. To elaborate, Luffy learns of the situation in Wano, but doesn't at first accept being asked by the samurai (and ninja), and calls out that Momonosuke, the supposed "lord" of his late father's men, is just a child who could do nothing. So when Momo tearfully admits he wants to take down Kaido (showing his resolve in doing so) and is about to bow his head to ask, Luffy stops him and extends his hand in friendship.
    • The formation of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink Alliance and how Luffy defines the alliance.
      Luffy: Listen up!! Don't ever bow your heads to me again!! Don't get down on the ground!! An alliance together... means we're friends!!!
    • The Minks under Dogstorm and Cat Viper are ready to party and now being able to sleep when they want because their masters have called a truce.
  • Chapter 820:
    • Dogstorm praises Nami for her skills as a navigator, causing the other Straw Hats to cheer her on, and her to blush. Though it turns into a funny moment when Luffy pats her on the back a bit too hard.
    • Even though it was played for laughs, seeing the Mink leaders happily reminiscing together about the good old days is heartwarming, considering the bad blood between them.
    • When the mink citizens see that Raizo is alright and he in turn sees what they suffered to protect him, he cries while saying "Ninpo: I Love You Jutsuuuu!!!"

Whole Cake Island Arc

  • Chapter 823:
    • Vivi is on her way to the Reverie, and she's happy to be out at sea once more.
    • Other familiar faces heading to Reverie are Dalton and Dr. Kureha, Viola and Rebecca, and even Princess Shirahoshi and her brothers.
  • Chapter 824:
    • Luffy finds out that the Revolutionary Army was attacked and is immediately worried about Sabo. Pedro reassures him that since his brother and father are such high ranking members, the news would have said if they were captured or killed, so they're probably safe.
    • Sanji defiantly telling Tamago that "These hands of mine only exist to make food for my friends!" and that he would never cook for people who would kill their own crew. (Of course that's before he sees what the girl he's going to marry looks like...)
  • Chapter 826: Vinsmoke Reiju thanks Luffy and his friends for taking care of Sanji shows that despite everything, she does love her little brother. It works especially in Luffy's favor when Reiju sucks the poison right out for his crew having watched Sanji!
  • Chapter 827: Charlotte Pudding being overjoyed the Straw Hats found her cafe (made of chocolate) delicious.
    • Given the reveal of how Big Mom treated her, this is likely genuine, and not faked.
    • Chopper happily sees Sanji telling him how he was worried about him. Sanji could be happier see Chopper and apologize for making him worried.
  • Chapter 828:
    • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome for Sanji: Pudding relays to Luffy and his friends that she met with Sanji, and they hit things off well in spite of the circumstances. However, Sanji told Pudding that he couldn't marry her, because he had to return to his crew. That's right: Sanji's devotion to the Straw Hats is so deep that he turned down a sweet, attractive woman who is set to marry him. Luffy is so moved by this that he actually cries.
    • Pudding deserves a mention as well, she willingly led the Straw Hats to Sanji despite knowing they will take her Prince Charming away. She is her mother's puppet and never allowed to make her own decisions. Yet despite all this, she never succumbs to despair and remains a sweet, positive person that the Straw Hats can't help but love.
  • Chapter 830:
    • When Jimbei tells the Sun Pirates his intent to join the Straw Hats, they are perfectly fine with him leaving their crew. They even encourage him to go for it, saying that every decision he ever made since the Sun Pirates were formed was for the benefit of others and that it was time he pursued his own desires and not to worry about them. Jimbei is deeply moved.
    • Then Charlotte Praline, the 29th daughter of Big Mom, who at first yells at Aladine when the Sun Pirates talk about leaving Big Mom, but almost immediately smothers him as she states that she would pick him over Big Mom any day of the week.
    • Aladine reveals that over the past two years, Jimbei has been talking about Luffy consistently, that his admiration and respect for the man must be considerable. Jimbei actually blushes, not realizing he was talking about Luffy so much.
  • Chapter 833: As a child, even though it caused his family to look down on him and his brothers to bully him, Sanji was willing to cook and serve food to other people despite his higher status. It shows you that he has always had a good heart.
  • Chapter 834:
    • While he is a cold-hearted jerk who is willing to backstab those who do not follow the orders of Big Mom, it is rather heartwarming to see that Capone Bege does actually love not just his wife, but their son too!
    • Baron Tamago shows that he still cares for Pekoms when he decides that he's going to beg Big Mom to take him back if he sees him again.
    • Big Mom was behind Caesar Clown's research to gigantify the children on Punk Hazard. Why? Because she wants to turn her whole family into giants like her so that she can eat a meal with them and enjoy their company at eye level.
  • Chapter 836:
    • The love Pound (Lola and Chiffon's father) has for his daughters. Yeah, he's pretty scared of Cracker but even though he's scared, his only thoughts are to know if Lola is okay and to congratulate Chiffon in finding a husband.
    • It's subtle, but when Cracker is handling Pound with scarcely any concern for who he is, Luffy's response is "You feel nothing for him?" Luffy only has one actual family member who is actually related to him, and that's his grandpa, who is with the Navy. The fact that Luffy attacks Cracker due to this, indicates that while Luffy does argue and fight with his grandpa all the time, he does still love him deep down.
  • Chapter 837:
    • Luffy pounding Cracker into the dirt for not only badmouthing his friend, Sanji, but for putting words in Sanji's mouth that Luffy knows Sanji would never speak, which is also a Moment of Awesome.
      Luffy: Don't insult Sanji!! Even if he's too happy to want to come back, he would never speak to us like that!!!
  • Chapter 839: Sanji saves Cosette, a cook for the Vinsmoke Family, from his brother. He goes out of his way to even praise her for the food she's made and eats it, all the while Cosette is crying and blushing, grateful that someone cares enough about her work.
  • Chapter 840:
    • Reiju is only laughing along with her brothers' bullying so she doesn't get bullied too, however, she tells Sanji as much, while tending to his wounds. She is also the only one who realizes their father is Faking the Dead with Sanji, and worries what happened to him.
    • The Germa 66 soldiers crying at Sanji`s funeral, it's more than his own family manages.
  • Chapter 841:
    • Reiju is still the only member of the family who treats Sanji with any sense of respect and love, still patching his wounds after being bullied by the other brothers. After listening to Sanji's dream of becoming a chef and desire to escape their monstrous father, she ends up freeing Sanji from his cell. Later, after shedding tears from hearing her father denounce Sanji as his son, she encourages him to escape on a ship going to East Blue and voices aloud that one day, Sanji will find people who will treat him like he deserves. Brings to mind Jaguar D. Saul in Robin's past.
    • In present day, Reiju is still looking out for Sanji, demanding that the doctors leave him alone while she will treat him herself. It seems Sanji isn't the only one who inherited his mother's kindness and empathy.
    • Sanji makes food for the first time, to give to his hospitalized mother, who eats it with a smile, declining the food her assistant had made. This encouragement gives Sanji the necessary push to want to cook delicious meals for all to dine on, even after her death.
      Sora: You no longer need to waste your time and efforts preparing these meals, I will simply dine on whatever it is that Sanji has made for me!
  • Chapter 843: As Luffy and Nami approach the Vinsmoke family to Sanji's obvious horror, the rest of the family reacts with utter disdain... except for Reiju, who smiles. She knew that Luffy and Nami would come to save her brother.
  • Chapter 844:
    • Luffy not wanting to hit Sanji despite Sanji constantly telling him to either flee or fight against him is both this and tearjerking.
    • Luffy immediately understands that something is very wrong with Sanji and declares he won't leave from his place or eat anything until Sanji came back to him, claiming that no one else can be the cook to the Pirate King. And the best part? He never broke his promise.
      • Luffy's retort towards Nami complaining about how Sanji betrayed them is telling:
        Nami: Why are you saying this, Luffy?! Whatever the reason, he turned on you—
        Luffy: SHUT UP!!
    • When she sees her brother crying, Reiju gently asks him if he wants the carriage to stop, giving him the choice to leave.
  • Chapter 845: How much Sanji and Pudding care not only for the other's happiness, but how much they actually trust each other with their personal thoughts. Sanji shows Pudding exactly what his family thinks of him, and when Pudding promises not to let Sanji experience the same thing he experienced with the Vinsmoke Family (before saying she was being too presumptuous), Sanji hugs Pudding and actually prepares to go along with the marriage. You can really believe that, as long as they could avoid getting caught up in their families' intrigues, they could even be relatively happy together.
  • Chapter 846: Despite Lola running away from the family, her siblings expressed concern about her when they found out Nami has her vivre card.
  • Chapter 850: Pretty easy to miss, but as Sanji prepares a bento for Pudding, he realizes that he inadvertently put all the Straw Hats' favorite food into it. note 
  • Chapter 851: As part of the moment of awesome, Nami refusing to sell Lola is heartwarming as it shows how much Nami cares for her friend that she is willing (sort of) to die to keep her safe.
  • Chapter 852:
    • Sanji's mother's actions to make sure that her children would have emotions. She was willing to sacrifice her own well-being in order to make sure that they would not become the weapons that Judge wanted.
    • Reiju confesses that she believes that the Germas are just destroyers and murderers that the world wouldn't miss. Herself included. But Sanji, after an entire arc + flashback of him showing no warm feelings for his jackass family, opens up to his big sister Reiju, one of the few people in his family who gave a shit about him, and pleads with her to not die with the rest of the Vinsmokes.
      Sanji: Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but hatred for them, but why you? Why do you have to die?!
    • Reiju also gets some points here for not only being there for her mother, but caring for Sanji enough that she lets him know the truth about their mother and the cuffs that Sanji is wearing. Most of all, she tells him what he always needed to hear: that he was never a failure. All this before begging him to leave her behind and rejoin his crew.
      Reiju: Snap out of it, Sanji! Get it together! Look at what really matters to you! You have those wonderful friends... and you're never going to meet people like them again!!
  • Chapter 854: Tied with the Crowning Moment of Awesome, Sanji kicking Bobbin and stopping him from eating the food he had originally made for Pudding, that he intends now to give to Luffy. It shows that the Straw Hat cook has finally realized what he has to do and how much he cares about his friends.
  • Chapter 855: Sanji's look in the last page. After searching for Luffy in the place he promised he'd meet him, he finally sees him again, sleeping from hunger and exhaustion. Relieved to finally see his captain again, Sanji shows the warmest genuine smile he gave in a long while.
  • Chapter 856:
    • Despite his decrepit condition, Luffy wakes up after smelling the lunch that Sanji brought him. It's battered, waterlogged, and generally not what most would consider palatable...but Luffy perks up right away after eating it, calling it delicious. It's clear that Sanji is deeply moved.
    • Luffy sees the sandwich and hamburger in the lunchbox, noting how they're Robin and Franky's favorites. Even when Sanji was cooking for a new person, he instinctually wound up making food for his crewmates.
    • When Sanji tells Luffy to leave, citing all the reasons he's got no right to return to the Straw Hats, Luffy just asks (well, "demands") that Sanji give him the full story. This is after Sanji was forced to attack and denounce him in Chapter 844, further reinforcing that Luffy knew all along that Sanji didn't mean a word of it back then.
    • Sanji admitting that while he has nothing but contempt for the Vinsmoke family for their horrible treatment, it doesn't sit right with him to just leave them to die at the hands of Big Mom's impending betrayal. White Sheep, indeed.
    • And at the end of the chapter, Luffy not only admits he understands Sanji's reasons for staying, but insists that he's staying too, so he can help out.
      Luffy: But you've got us!!! Let's crash this wedding!!!
    • And the anime scores the scene to a beautiful, non vocal rendition of We Are.
  • Chapter 857:
    • When Luffy and Sanji discover that the rest of the Straw Hats in Mirror-World, Sanji reflects that he cannot face Nami after what happened when they last saw each other. True to his fears, Nami says that she will never forgive Sanji for putting her through fear like that the other day...but she will forget about it long enough to get him back on the crew, even if she has to drag him back.
    • The anime adds another scene to soften the blow and paint Nami in a more sympathetic light. She changes her mind about not forgiving Sanji in a scene, but gives him an icy Death Glare and makes him sweat a little to earn his forgiveness, then tells him she's going to give him a second chance... but if he does anything like this again, she'll find him and show him no mercy.
    • When Luffy says that they're going to crash the wedding and save the Vinsmokes, Sanji tries to refuse, saying he can't drag the others into this. However, the rest of the Straw Hats agree without a second thought.
  • Chapter 858:
    • Despite despising her mother, Chiffon genuinely cares for her twin sister Lola, and is even relieved to hear she's okay.
    • When Luffy first meets Bege, he wants to give him a good punch for shooting Pekoms, saying that he's his friend. Even though he's part of an enemy crew, Luffy has grown fond of the lion mink.
      • Heck, Bege tries to allow him (but Luffy gets intercepted).
  • Chapter 859:
    • Chiffon really does like the Straw Hats. So much in fact that she's against Luffy being a decoy for Bege's plan.
    • She also shows a lot of love for her husband, as she tells Caesar off for not believing that Bege would keep his word.
  • Chapter 862:
    • Sanji unwittingly touches Pudding's seemingly-empty heart by calling her third eye beautiful, moving her to heartfelt tears. This is specially meaningful because by this point, it's been revealed that Pudding despises Sanji and really wants to kill him. Yet Sanji, pervert though he may be, honestly calls her eye beautiful — something that no one. not even her own mother, had ever done before. This causes Pudding's sadistic glee and killing intent to melt away in an instant, as she falls to her knees and breaks down crying. This ends up throwing Big Mom's plan off course.
    • Even knowing Pudding's true colors, and having his heart broken by her cruel dismissal of him in Chapter 850, Sanji still kneels by her side and asks if she's okay. It brings to mind his declaration in Chapter 712 — "I will never question a lady's tears," indeed!
  • Chapter 863:
    • Despite how she had treated him, Sanji still goes out of his way to save Pudding.
    • Tied with a Crowning Moment of Awesome, Jimbei's faith in Luffy becoming the Pirate King and his willingness to join Luffy's crew is extremely heartwarming.
  • Chapter 865:
    • In a moment of thought, Reiju decides she underestimated Sanji's kindness and praises her brother Sanji for causing it to live on in the Vinsmoke bloodline. She feels vindicated as member of the family after a lifetime of shame toward their name and thanks him for it, flashing him a very loving smile. That's when she accepts that she's going to end up getting candy-sized holes... but then Sanji saves her and their family from Perospero's candy, making it a heartwarming moment for him, too.
    • This chapter proves even monsters have loved ones. Big Mom is genuinely overwrought by the destruction of Mother Caramel's photo, who raised her when she was younger. For one brief moment, Big Mom has actually acted humanely — something she has never done for a single moment since she first appeared.
  • Chapter 866:
    • Mother Caramel is the reason why several giants who were among the legendary giant pirate crew were not executed by the Marines. That one merciful act won them over in tears. Considering that mercy, it's easy to see why some giants were convinced to side with the Marines because that one act of providence and grace proved they weren't all cold-blooded killers. Though the moment is somewhat dampened with the reveal Mother Caramel is a conniving witch.
    • Mother Caramel ran an Orphanage of Love and took care of any children abandoned on Elbaf. Linlin's dream of creating an utopia for every race to peacefully live? That's where she got the idea. The sad thing is Caramel didn't intend on this dream for real, it was a deception, but Linlin made it real on her own anyway.
    • In spite of Linlin's problematic behaviour, Mother Caramel did her best to explain the girl why she couldn't do such and such thing to other kids because it would hurt them and always forgave the girl because she didn't mean to be bad.
  • Chapter 868:
    • The revelation that Streusen, the head chef of Whole Cake Island, was the one who saved and took care of Linlin after Mother Carmel's "disappearance" and essentially became the girl's first real father-figure for the decades to come while also genuinely encouraging her to pursue her dreams, is surprisingly sweet when one put the rest of Linlin's life in perspective. Of course, that's discounting what dreams he was encouraging her to pursue...
    • He is also the only one desperately trying to save Big Mom from her assassination attempt, despite being hit by the Conquerer's Haki like everyone else. Sure, he can only shout a warning, but it is far more than what everyone else had done until that point.
    • Heck, Streusen's and Linlin's bond in general is a big moment of heartwarming to witness due to the knowledge that there is at least one person in the world, (outside the Charlotte-bloodline), who genuinely cares about Big Mom and her well-being without being dishonest about it.
  • Chapter 869 has a small moment with Sanji and Nami: After the Vinsmokes save Carrot, Chopper and Nami, the latter is caught by Sanji before she falls. She gives him the widest and cutest smile she gave in a while, and Sanji is warmly smiling back at her. It's a short moment, but it's really sweet, especially after some of the bad stuff they went through earlier in the arc.
  • Chapter 870:
    • Despite wanting to punch Bege for shooting Pekoms, Luffy shows concern for him when Big Mom causes damage to him by attacking the Big Father. It gets to the point that he's willing to fight her to save him as the Big Father getting destroyed by her will kill him.
    • While Bege admits he doesn't mind too much if he dies and doesn't remotely care what happens to the Straw Hats, he's desperate to save his wife and child along with his crew. For a guy who's been completely selfish so far and delights in causing chaos, it's a rather touching moment that even he has loved ones.
    • When Sanji finally gets his moment to disown Judge for good, he makes a special point of saying that he didn't leave them to die because his father wouldn't have wanted hatred to consume him. That's right, Sanji calls Zeff the f-word.
  • Chapter 872: In one brief moment of charity and gratefulness, Bege decides it's time Caesar finally gets his heart back. Even though this guy is lower than a turd, just seeing him rejoice that he's finally free of being anyone's pawn is oddly touching, if only for the fact it's such a merciful gesture. His days of being their Butt-Monkey are over. Hopefully...
    • On the villains' side, we see Katakuri consoling his younger sister Galette as she struggles to hold onto the collapsing chateau.
  • Chapter 873: Even the most vile villains can have their moments, such as Charlotte Perospero redirecting Big Mom's rampage away from his siblings by lying to her face that the Straw Hats stole a backup wedding cake that doesn't actually exist. As far as Perospero knows, it would be impossible to create a new one in time, but he put his life on the line anyway to save his brothers and sisters from his mother's blind wrath.
  • Chapter 874:
    • King Baum's love for his fiancé, Lady Tree. His love for her is what turns him into a Determinator as he tries to outrun Big Mom.
    • After all this time, Pudding reveals to Chiffon her the reason she wants her help making a cake to calm Big Mom's hunger rampage — not for the sake of her mother's appetite, not for the sake of her own country, but for the sake of Sanji and his friends. All because Sanji's the one person who saw her true self.
      Pudding: We have to stop Mama! Before she kills him, and all of his friends!!
    • The telling part? All three of Pudding's eyes are tearing up, not just the two normal ones; thus proving that these aren't Crocodile Tears.
  • Chapter 878: Following Pedro's Heroic Sacrifice, we get a flashback showing that when he was a child, he met Gold Roger when he visited Zou and wanted to sail with him. The Pirate King lets him down gently with the words, "Everyone eventually gets their time in the sun." A second flashback later in the chapter has Pedro repeat those words as encouragement to a younger Carrot when she struggles at swordsmanship lessons, with it being revealed that he was the one who gave Carrot her trademark gauntlets.
  • Chapter 880: Despite being the enemy, the fact that Katakuri gets protective of his "precious brothers and sisters" is heartwarming, especially seeing as how not all of the family, least of all Big Mom, seem to care. Even villains can care about those close to them.
  • Chapter 883: Katakuri ends the fight with Luffy (or so he thinks) abruptly, irritated that the prolonged duel has caused him to miss his daily snack time by 40 minutes. When the chefs in charge of this meal (tea and donuts) show up, hastily apologizing for the tea going cold, Katakuri nonchalantly admits that he'll just have to drink it iced, not blaming the chefs for circumstances beyond their control.
    • Sadly, this sense of mercy falls flat the minute he realizes that the chefs have discovered his Guilty Pleasure of being just as much of a hedonistic snacker as the rest of his family, provoking him to mercilessly kill all three of them.
  • Chapter 886: Puts any remaining doubts about Capone Bege's love for Chiffon to rest. Charlotte Oven takes his sister hostage and proceeds to threaten her life if Bege doesn't come and deliver himself. Chiffon takes the opportunity to quickly tell Bege to leave without her before Oven silences her. What does Bege do? Why, he does what any loving husband would do: he sails in and shoots Oven straight in the face.
  • Chapter 887: At the end of the line, Pound never had the opportunity to hold his daughters nor to even speak with them... But he got to see Chiffon happy with her husband and son, so it's alright. His last thoughts as Oven mercilessly kills him are congratulations for Chiffon and well-wishes for her life as a wife and mother.
    • Pez actually smiled at Pound. Chiffon may have not known her father was there, but Pez immediately knew who his granddad was.
  • Chapter 892 has a part-funny, part-heartwarming moment: when Sanji finally makes it back to the rest of the crew, Nami tearfully hugs him. Although Sanji's reaction to it is hilarious, seeing Nami hug Sanji after all the crap they went through in the arc is really cute and heartwarming.
  • Chapter 893 shows us that Katakuri, much like many of his siblings, isn't without a moral compass or a code of honour. When he finds out that Flambe has been silently attacking Luffy (thus distracting and weakening him in what should be an even fight), he loses his shit on her, and then both he and Luffy team up to use their Conqueror's Haki to knock Flambe out so they can have an honourable fight. Katakuri and Luffy each declare the other as their equals. Katakuri may be a villain, but he certainly isn't evil or heartless.
    • After Katakuri realizes that the only reason he managed to score a direct hit on Luffy with his trident was because of Flambe's interference, he pierces himself in the same spot to even the odds.
    • When Katakuri apologizes to Luffy for not noticing Flambe's interference and allowing her to give Luffy an unfair disadvantage, Luffy responds that it's his own fault for not dodging Flambe's darts.
    • Something that wasn't mentioned yet — as part of his impassioned speech against Flambe's dirty tactics and mockery of Luffy, Katakuri pulls off his scarf to reveal his deformed jaws, declaring that Flambe's going to have to laugh at him, too. This, coming from the guy who was willing to kill his own chefs just because they saw his fangs.
      • Combined with Tear Jerker, Katakuri doesn't kill Flambe or her underlings for seeing his monstrous jaws, even when they mock him and threaten to expose his deformity. All he does is sigh sadly, then knock them out with Conqueror's Haki.
    • Luffy is the one to give Katakuri the respect he deserves in spite of how he looks. Luffy gave Katakuri the acceptance that the latter's own family didn't. Luffy respects Katakuri as a strong opponent, and in return, Katakuri respects him in kind and acknowledges him as an equal.
  • Chapter 894 shows, among other things, a moment of Pudding swooning over Sanji's dashing mannerisms, Chiffon convincing the Firetank Pirates to go an extra mile to ensure the Straw Hats can escape safely, and Katakuri urging Luffy to stand back up and reveal his new technique.
  • Chapter 896:
    • The respect shown between Luffy and Katakuri is touching. Katakuri, as Brulee points out later, deliberately chose to fall onto his back as an admission of his complete defeat and Luffy in turn leaves his mafia cap on the fallen Katakuri, covering his mouth to preserve his dignity.
    • The bleaker-by-the-minute meet up plan suddenly looks better when a familiar face greets Luffy: a disguised Pekoms, wanting to honor Pedro's sacrifice and help the Straw Hats escape.
    • When Luffy declares he'll become Pirate King, Katakuri doesn't laugh, but instead acknowledges him.
      Katakuri: Tell me... one last thing... Will you return to defeat Big Mom someday...?
      Luffy: I have to, don't I?! Cause I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!
      Katakuri:' You're seeing quite far into the future...!
  • Chapter 898: The Vinsmoke siblings repay their debt by carving out a path for Sanji and Luffy to escape. While ostensibly it's to get back at the Big Mom Pirates for betraying them, that doesn't stop each of Sanji's brothers from protecting him in some way. The finishing touch is Reiju, who stops a bombardment, announcing that anyone that tries to harm her younger brother will have to answer to her. The entire situation is, in itself, a Call-Back to when Sanji escaped the Germa Kingdom as a child; ultimately, the Vinsmokes are respecting their brother's choice and allowing him the chance to reunite with his crew.
    • Furthermore, despite calling him an "eyesore" and a "failure" respectively, Niji and Yonji appear to genuinely smile while saying goodbye to their twin. This, combined with Ichiji actually going back for them in Germa 66's cover story after previously ordering Niji to leave Reiju behind, implies that Sanji saving his family's lives may have impacted his brothers more than he's realized.
    • After hearing that Katakuri lost to Luffy, the entire Charlotte family freaks out and is out for blood on the guy who hurt their brother. Jerks they may be, but they still love their brother.
  • Chapter 899:
    • Judge demands to know why Luffy cares so much about Sanji, citing his weak skin, foolish need to help others, his love for cooking (a commoner's job in his mind) and that he's swayed by his emotions. Luffy wonders out loud why he started randomly listing Sanji's best qualities.
    • When things seem to be hopeless with the Thousand Sunny surrounded by the Big Mom Pirates, Wadatsumi comes crashing through the ocean's surface to break the blockade, threatening anyone who would hurt the ex-boss. Jimbei then jumps underwater and sees the Sun Pirates, his former crew, who have chosen to defy Big Mom to fight for their former captain one last time.
  • Chapter 902: This chapter is a much needed Breather Episode after the massive scuffle everyone was put through:
    • Sanji and Carrot discussing Pedro's sacrifice. Despite the pain, Carrot insisted that Pedro came to repay a debt out of his own will and Sanji should not feel responsible. Sanji thanked them both and acknowledged Pedro's heroic nature.
    • Pudding proved once and for all that her Heel–Face Turn is genuine. After a lifetime of self-loathing because of her third eye, Sanji's compliment genuinely moved her and made her fall in love with him. Her last request was shown to be a kiss, the memory of which she then pulled from Sanji's head, so that she had a beautiful memory of him to keep for herself.
    • Katakuri and Brulee's interaction. Give it to Oda to make us feel for Brulee of all people. In their youth, Katakuri didn't care much about his mouth and beat up anyone who laughed. However, when they came after Brulee for Revenge by Proxy, Katakuri snapped and started developing into the dreaded "perfect son" he is today. The real kicker comes when Brulee, despite getting slashed across the face, insisted to Katakuri that it didn't hurt at all and Katakuri should continue to be himself. In the present, Brulee is shown tenderly caring for Katakuri's wounds all the while acknowledging that she knew about his habit and his "mask" all along and appreciate his care for the younger siblings. This is made all the more powerful given Flampe's treatment of Katakuri earlier.
    • Brulee is shown to understand Katakuri at a much deeper level than the shallow "love" that Flampe professes. She correctly predicted Katakuri's reason for letting Luffy go even before telling him that the Straw Hat has escaped. Then he gave a satisfied smirk at this and Brulee loudly proclaimed that she won't forgive Luffy for messing with her brother.
    • A flashback to Katakuri's childhood with his brothers Oven and Daikufu showed them laughing at Katakuri's atrocious table manners and wide-open mouth, without any hint of mockery. It is very cute and reminiscent of Luffy's own past with his two brothers.
    • The side-by-side panels of Zeff and Sanji busy cooking is the definite proof that Judge may have been Sanji's father, but Zeff is his real dad.
    • Finally, the smile of Brulee. Not a Slasher Smile, but a genuine, heartfelt smile. It has to be seen to be believed.

Reverie Arc

  • Chapter 903: As the Whole Cake Island Saga comes to a close, we're brought up to date on a few interesting developments that warm the heart:
    • When Niji was passing alongside Sanji and Luffy a few chapters ago, he secretly passed off the transformation bracelet for a Raid Suit to the Straw Hats. Not only that, but — as demonstrated by the "3" emblazoned on its side, he specifically meant for Sanji to wear it!
      • While Sanji understandably considers it an insult, one could interpret this as being accepted into the family. At the very least, Sanji might have actually earned some respect from his brothers.
    • As various powers across the world get ready for the Reverie, we're re-acquainted with some familiar faces:
      • At Fishman Island, Shirahoshi is determined to join her family on their trip, and they celebrate the idea of declaring themselves under Luffy's protection.
      • King Dalton and Dr. Kureha are seen reading one of the newspapers declaring the Straw Hats' latest deeds.
      • Vivi and her subjects are likewise seen reading the paper.
      • Bege and his family are taking in the news as well, with Pez especially excited.
      • Riku, Rebecca, Elizabello II, and the dwarves are delighted at Luffy's deeds, even though they know they must keep their admiration a secret during the Reverie.
      • Coby and Helmeppo return, and remain a pair of upstanding Marine heroes! Coby, in particular, is a Humble Hero who doesn't take credit for his more daring heroics, and is moved to tears when he learns of Luffy's progress. When Rebecca catches on, she even offers to have a secret chat with him about their shared friend.
      • Last but not least, we have Red-Haired Shanks himself expressing his satisfaction with Luffy's accomplishments, and looking forward to seeing him again soon.
  • Chapter 905:
    • The fact that Garp was the one to escort the Ryuugu Kingdom to the surface. Considering how the Royal Family refer to him as Luffy's Grandfather, it's possible they told him how Luffy saved their kingdom and he personally requested to escort them. The way Shirahoshi and he interact is quite cute, especially as he sees her and her family off as they ascend up the bubble lift to Mariejois.
    • Shirahoshi's first glimpse of the sun high up in the sky. It brings her to tears, which isn't an unusual sight for her, but these are justified in being touched from the very bottom of her heart at how beautiful it is, and how much brighter it is than the light Fishman Island gets from the sunlight tree. She is so touched that she decides she wants to share this sight with the rest of her kingdom and find a way for their species to peacefully exist on the surface, and her family smiles in approval, amazed at how outgoing and profound she's become.
  • Chapter 906:
    • Dalton, the Tontatta, and princesses Shirahoshi, Vivi, and Rebecca squeeing over Luffy together. Seeing all those characters bond over a shared friend who saved all of them is really heartwarming, as they can share their stories of how Luffy saved their respective kingdoms; it's especially heartwarming for Shirahoshi, who makes some of her first friends from above the sea outside of the Straw Hats themselves.
    • Blink and you miss it: Dr. Kureha's shirt has Chopper's current bounty printed on it.
  • Chapter 907:
    • Otohime's kindness towards a World Noble is rewarded. Shirahoshi was about to be captured and enslaved by the foul Saint Charlos, backed by Rob Lucci and his crew, when that VERY SAME NOBLE whom Otohime spared so long ago, a DONQUIXOTE no less, intervenes, saving Shirahoshi and absolutely clobbering Charlos in the process. (Doubles as Awesome.) The Noble then admits that Otohime's kindness made him re-evaluate his life and 'become human.' Her dream has not died, not even close.
      Donquixote Mjosgard: As a fellow World Noble, I'm ashamed to see such behaviour. Please forgive us! [...] My apologies to everyone. This fool [Charlos] brought savagery to this peaceful event! Since you look surprised, I assume you don't remember me, Neptune... But, I owe the Ryugu Kingdom a great debt and I have been awaiting this day for many years...! The day that you would come here... I'm a foolish World Noble who drifted down to the Ryugu Kingdom a decade ago, lost and injured. [...] It was the eloquent words of the late queen that gave me my humanity! So, I will do everything in my power to aid you!
      • That a World Noble, the embodiment of entitlement with god complexes miles high, could have enough Character Development to not only have a Heel–Face Turn but dedicate themselves to the dream of someone who they once would have seen as little more than a speck of dirt because of the kindness they were shown. It truly does show that one's bloodline doesn't bind them in life no matter how wretched they may seem.
      • It was also stated later by Saint Rosward that Mjosgard is the only “weird” World Noble that has NO slave at all. You read that right. He has set free all of his slaves. For someone who was born and grew with unlimited amount of entitlements, this is a very huge change of heart.
    • Not only that, but Mjosgard isn't the first individual to act. Leo, Sai, and Rebecca all immediately attempt to save Shirahoshi, only held back by CP0. Vivi also attempts to stare down Rob Lucci to intervene for her friend, (whom she's only known for a few minutes at most).
    • King Neptune goes full-on Papa Wolf to protect his daughter. In spite of this treatment at the hands of the World Government, he directly acknowledges Vivi's kindness and willingness to help him, swearing that he won't forget it, and holding to his beloved Otohime's views that not all humans are evil.

    Wano Country Saga 
Wano Country Arc
  • Chapter 909:
    • Despite what Weevil and his mother believe, Whitebeard doesn't have any vast treasure for them to inherit. Throughout his career, he sent every Beli he made back to his homeland, to keep them happy and thriving despite them being unable to pay the tribute demanded by the World Government to ally with them.
    • After the Payback War, Marco went to his former captain's homeland to take care of the people there, and protect them in case Weevil comes a-knockin'.
    • The fact BB and Roddy agree their scary-faced master Cat Viper is cute when he smiles.
  • Chapter 912:
    • Despite getting captured and having his crew's food stock stolen by the Wano villagers, Ace let them get away with it. He made it clear that he could have freed himself at any time, but due to how impoverished the people were, not only is he forgiving them, but he also offered to get them more food.
    • A short flashback reveals that Tama really looked up to and respected Ace. Hard to blame her since even after getting captured, Ace is nothing but nice to her and her village.
    • When Luffy and Zoro meet up again, they're both very happy to see each other. Zoro gives Luffy a warm smile and Luffy hugs Zoro. Surprisingly, Zoro doesn't resist or protest in the slightest.
    • It may only be a flashback, but its nice to see Ace happy and smiling again.
  • Chapter 914: Tama gets to eat a delicious meal after being healed. Especially sweet is the fact that Luffy encouraged her to dig in, because it's her birthday and everyone deserves to eat something nice on their birthday.
  • Chapter 917: Luffy saves Tama from Holdem and noticed her injured cheek. Tama explains that Holdem had been pinching it with pliers to get the white stuff from her powers. Luffy is pissed and immediately attacks Holdem with a Gum-Gum Red Hawk.
  • Chapter 918: Luffy and Zoro bring an entire ship full of food and a massive tank of water back to Okobore Town as thanks for giving Luffy food earlier. The villagers all celebrate having food and clean water for the first time in years.
    • After witnessing Gum-Gum Red Hawk, Tama comments to Luffy that he reminded her of Ace at that moment. Luffy didn't clearly hear her, but she's clearly happy. Then when Luffy makes it clear he intends to make sure Tama will always be able to eat as much as she wants, she's even further reminded of Ace who declared the same thing, causing her to burst into Tears of Joy. It's difficult to not smile at the fact that Luffy's emulating his late, beloved brother so very much.
  • Chapter 920: The more you learn about Kozuki Oden, the more you will hate Kaido for his death — not only did he kick the Wretched Hive that was Kuri into the shape of a peaceful and wealthy land, but he also protected the young Catviper and Dogstorm from the mob, and both Minks swore Undying Loyalty to him as a result.
  • Chapter 925: Perona gushing that her father figure, Moria, is alive and well. Equal parts comedic and heartwarming is her farewell to Mihawk, full of trading barbs about who was really taking care of whom the past two years. It comes off in an endearing daughter-having-a-tantrum fashion.
    Perona: I'm leaving!
    Mihawk: As you wish.
    [Perona puffs her cheeks in anger and storms off]
    Perona: If you’re not mad, I’m not mad!
    Mihawk: Take care of yourself.
    [Perona then stops in her tracks and cries]
    Perona: Don’t be nice! Dammit, I’m trying to storm off here, okay?! Thanks, Mihawk… You did so much for me…!
    Mihawk: Noisy to the end, huh?
    • Even though he's too late, Moria's return is to assault Blackbeard's headquarters in order to save his subordinate Absalom.
    • Blackbeard offering Moria to be his crewmate. Sure, the man and his crew killed his friend, but Blackbeard merely sees it as Nothing Personal and hopes Moria join his core crew.
  • Chapter 927: When members of the Kyoshiro Gang try to run Sanji out of business, they spill the soba bowl of a little girl named Toko. After beating the gang members up and scaring them off, Sanji gladly gives the last of the soba he still has left to Toko, and is very sweet and affectionate to her. In fact, all four of the present Straw Hats — Sanji, Usopp, Franky, and Robin — are charmed by Toko and her cheerful sense of humor, and form a bond with her that continues into the arc.
  • Chapter 928: Old Man Hyo, the old prisoner that Luffy rescued in the previous chapter, thanks Luffy for saving him and even more when Luffy gave some of his food tickets to him. Remember, Luffy doesn't like sharing food with others.
  • Chapter 930:
    • In the previous chapter, Zoro seemed rather irritated by Tonoyasu's company, and when he first enters Ebisu Town, he keeps his usual stern Perpetual Frowner expression and has to be given a Finger-Forced Smile by one of the townspeople. By the end of his scenes in this chapter, though, he's given two genuine smiles, and seems to be warming up to Yasu and the rest of the townspeople.
      • Leading up to the first of these smiles mentioned above: a little girl in the village offers Zoro a cup of the clean water that the town purchased using the money they got from Ushimitsu. Zoro notices that the well in the village has run dry, and politely declines the offer, clearly not wanting to accept a rare resource from a town this poor; however, the girl insists, stating that everyone in the village is going to get a cup and that Zoro must be a good person if Yasu brought him there, which gets Zoro to accept the glass of water with a smile.
      • This chapter highlighting Zoro's Perpetual Frowner tendencies also makes his reunion with Luffy in Chapter 912, where Zoro was sporting a huge smile, even more Heartwarming in Hindsight.
    • Though the scene is Played for Laughs, it's nonetheless rather sweet to see Sanji make a Declaration of Protection for Usopp, considering the "big brother" relationship Sanji has with him and the fact that he usually only does this for his female crewmates.
  • Chapter 932: Komurasaki proves that she's not quite as heartless as she lets people think by showing a massive Mama Bear side towards Toko: when Orochi attempts to murder Toko because he thinks she's laughing at him (though she's actually just laughing out of habit and doesn't mean any harm by it), Komurasaki pleads with him to stop because Toko's just a child. When he ignores her, she steps up and bitch-slaps him to save her, then refuses to back down and apologize for it.
  • Chapter 934: As it turns out, Old Man Hyo was actually Hyogoro of the Flower, the most famous Yakuza boss of Wano before Lord Orochi took over. When the prison warden finds out that he more tickets that he should have, Grandpa Hyo is tortured into revealing who has been giving him those tickets. Owing Luffy for saving him and giving him food, Hyogoro refuses to surrender Luffy and will rather die. Hearing this of course made Luffy coming to the aid of Hyogoro once again despite the threat of execution.
  • Chapter 938:
    • Momonosuke's little sister, Hiyori, is revealed to be Komurasaki, and she's waiting for him after twenty years.
    • Law sticking up for his captured crewmates to Shinobu when she accuses them of having spilled the beans on the alliance's plan. At this point, we've gotten to see Law interact with the Straw Hats more than with his own crew, but he makes it clear here that he cares about and believes in them a lot, angrily telling Shinobu not to underestimate them and giving her a Death Glare when she states that captured alliance members should be killed to keep them from talking. It feels like exactly how Luffy would react to the same situation and is a nice way of highlighting again how Luffy and Law are ultimately not so different despite seemingly having opposite personalities.
  • Chapter 939:
    • Hiyori looks absolutely giddy and excited as she realizes Zoro is one of her brother's allies, and asks how her other friends are doing. Her gestures and smiles as she asks and recounts some of her past are nothing short of adorable, and a giant far cry from her Jerkass facade as Komurasaki.
    • Hiyori's and Toko's adorable relationship is expanded further: it's revealed that Toko knew her boss's true identity all along and was a Secret-Keeper for her. After this revelation, Hiyori hugs Toko while stating that the latter's cheerful personality was a big help in keeping her spirits up.
    • Hiyori recounts how Kawamatsu saved her from the burning Oden Castle, took care of her for the next seven years, sometimes even went hungry to make sure she was fed, and tried his best to make her laugh after she went mute from the trauma of losing her whole family. She fondly recalls that gradually, thanks to his efforts, she started laughing and talking again and regained her will to live.
    • On a smaller note, from the previous chapter, even though they've been jailed and are facing possible death, Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin believe in their captain so much, that they know that even though none of the others will likely believe in them not giving away their plan, that Law won't even question them.
  • Chapter 940:
    • The men who bankrupted themselves trying to buy Komurasaki are revealed to be a trio of con artists and arsonists who burnt down people's homes then charged exorbitant prices to repair their homes and bury family who died in the fire. Komurasaki knew what they were up to and deliberately targeted them to help their victims.
    • Toko is revealed to be Tonoyasu's daughter, who sends most of the money she makes from her job as a kamuro to him. Rather than keeping it for himself, Yasu shares it with others in the village to make sure that they're fed and taken care of, often even going hungry himself as a result. This has made Yasu so loved in Ebisu Town that he's considered to be their "saint".
  • Chapter 941: After learning that her father was in danger, Toko immediately left to go and save him. Hiyori chases after her knowing that Toko will be in danger herself despite her good intentions. Zoro then chases the two knowing that Hiyori can't really protect Toko all by herself.
  • Chapter 943: Tied with how awesome it is, seeing Zoro and Sanji defend a little girl the way they did was simply beautiful.
  • Chapters 944 and 945:
    • Even though Kid is Luffy's rival and they have a pretty vitriolic relationship, Luffy still shows concern for his well-being. When Queen decides on a new game where Kid and Killer will stay submerged in water until Luffy and Hyo die, Luffy gets angry and subtly panics, and when Big Mom shows up and it's clear she and Queen are about to fight, Luffy asks them to pull Kid and Killer out of the water first (despite the fact that neither one has any reason to do so) so they won't drown.
    • The fact that despite escaping from the prison, Kid risked it all after he saw Killer who was captured. He also shows concern that Killer was uncharacteristically laughing and was unmasked and demands to know who did this to his friend.
  • Chapter 946: Turns out, Big Mom wanted the Oshiruko to share with the villagers of Ebisu town as thanks for their kindness.
  • Chapter 949: Luffy's speech. He was able to give back the prisoners of Udon hope and courage after they had suffered for over 20 years under Kadio's and Orochi's cruelty. The best part of it all is that Luffy willingly touched them while they were infected and caught the disease on purpose to make a point on how adamant he is in keeping his promise to Tama.
  • Chapter 950: Zoro swearing to kill Orochi and avenge Tonoyasu.
  • Chapter 951:
    • Despite being taken as a prisoner, Law was able to free his crewmates and then forbade them to tell Luffy he was caught. Law is showing how much trust he has in his crewmates and knows Luffy well enough that he knows that Luffy will go out of his way to save him if he ever learns the truth.
    • Bepo and the others are willing to go any lengths for their captain, just like the Straw Hats will do for each other.
    • Kanjuro promises the people of Ebisu Town that he will properly bury Yasuie for them, and despite being unable to show any other expression on their face, the people are grateful for what he is doing.
    • Lastly, Robin hugging Toko as they get away from the Flower Capital. She might not know her like Hiyori, but it is obvious that Robin cares for Toko.
  • Chapter 952:
    • The reunion between Hiyori and Kawamatsu. You can tell how much the kappa really means to Hiyori, who is clinging to him and crying as she apologizes for having been scared. Kawamatsu only smiles and is glad to see Hiyori is safe.
    • The loyalty of the other Yakuza bosses towards Hyougoro. The second they thought Luffy was insulting him, they pin Luffy down and are ready to torture him, yes, but it shows how highly they think of Hyougoro and how deep their loyalty is to the man.
  • Chapter 953:
    • Kawamatsu, having lost Hiyori, was ready to commit honorable suicide in the past. However, discovering the graves of Ringo, with their collection of swords, was enough to convince him to stay alive to gather weapons for the future rebellion.
    • His passion and resolve were enough to impress the guardian fox of the region, who agreed to help him in this task. Years later, we find out that the warrior monk who stole Zoro's legendary blade Shusui, who was really the fox all along, decided to carry on Kawamatsu's goals while the later was imprisoned.
  • Chapter 954:
    • After learning of how Shusui was a national treasure to the people of Wano, and being offered an equally-legendary sword in exchange, Zoro relents and agrees to accept the exchange despite being adamant about getting it back before.
    • Yes, it's bad news for the Straw Hats and the alliance of Wano, but there's something oddly adorable about Big Mom and Kaidou, two of the most monstrous beings in the world, burying the hatchet (and not in each other's throats).
  • Chapter 955:
    • How much the Scabbards and Momonosuke are relieved and overjoyed to hear that Hiyori is safe, sound, and alive. you can tell how much they care for Momonosuke's sister.
    • The alliance made two quick graves. The first one is of course for Yasuie, but the second one? It's for Pedro.
  • Chapter 958:
    • We see a flashback to Oden's time with the Roger Pirates. They all offered to help him in his dream of opening Wano's borders, even Buggy.
  • Chapter 961:
    • Despite the previous chapter showing them fighting, and Tsuru taking all of Kin'emon's clothes, the moment she's out of the Mountain God's stomach, she runs to him and hugs him while crying. Even before that, Kin'emon was willing to die fighting against the giant boar just to save Tsuru. It goes to show that, even though they can be hostile to one another, deep down, the two do really love and care for one another.
  • Chapter 963:
    • Kozuki Oden genuinely doesn't understand why anyone would hurt a Mink merely because they look like a talking animal. Even his retainers had problems with it, but not him.
    • How Yasu'ie convinced the Nine Scabbards to become true, polished and poised samurais? He told them their behaviour and appearance would reflect on their lord, and no one among the nines wanted to shame Oden by being a lout.
  • Chapter 964: Oden letting go of the chain connected to Whitebeard's ship even though he's minutes away from being allowed onto the ship, because he saw Toki needed saving.
  • Chapter 965: Seeing just how much the Whitebeards as a crew were chuffed to see Oden and Toki fall for each other, and to see Momonosuke being born on their ship. They really feel like a family.
    • The clash between Whitebeard and Roger, while undeniably badass, is also nice because it comes across two old friends having a friendly spar together. Each tells the other not to hold back with a chuckle.
  • Chapter 966: Whitebeard initially refuses to let Oden go with Roger's crew, saying Oden is like a brother to him. Rather touching, considering how antagonistic he was when Oden first wanted to join his crew. He's still fuming when the Rogers Pirates are leaving, even though they're leaving behind a fortune of treasure to make up for taking Oden. But when Whitebeard hears they also are leaving a ton of food, he barks at his crew to give it back so Oden and his family won't go hungry.
  • Chapter 967: Shanks decided to stay behind with Buggy when he fell ill because of a fever, deciding to go see Laugh Tale with him on their own ship. It brings new context to the scene after Rogers's execution when Shanks had invited Buggy to start a crew with him.
    • There's also something about the way Roger, Oden and the rest of the crew (even Rayleigh) laugh heartily upon discovering the treasure Joy Boy left behind. Roger then laments that it's a shame they never got to meet and decides to call the island, "Laugh Tale" in honor of him.
    • And in episode 968 (which adapts this chapter), "Memories" plays through the scene where Roger and his crew find the One Piece in "Laugh Tale".
  • Chapter 975: Denjiro looks truly happy to see his old comrades when he reveals himself to them. Kin'emon immediately believes him when he reveals a key detail of the incident that led to them being Oden's first followers, and some of the others cry in relief upon seeing him. Even after twenty years of playing The Mole, Denjiro's loyalty is strong as ever.
    • Kid and his crew joining the Alliance. In the mines, when Luffy proposed an alliance Kid declined because after Apoo's and Hawkins' betrayal he had decided to never trust anyone other than his own crew. Something obviously changed his mind.
  • Jinbei's return. Badass, and showing his full loyalty by loudly proclaiming himself a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Needless to say, his crewmates are overjoyed.
    • The anime version has a short montage of Luffy's interactions with him up to this point, showcasing how much is to Luffy.
  • Chapter 977: The Kid Pirates adjust to Killer's new condition by laughing along with him, showing incredible solidarity for their crewmate.
    • It turns out the reason Jinbei took so long to arrive at Wano was because he was busy tending to the injuries of his former crew, the Sun Pirates, after their scuffle with Big Mom.
  • Chapter 980: Zoro's understandably peeved when Luffy blows his cover and attacks the Animal Kingdom Pirates, but as soon as his captain says they deliberately spilled oshiruko, he instantly understands the reason and angrily joins in.
  • In Chapter 981 and Episode 987, It's revealed that Killer ate a SMILE willingly, becoming Kamazo, so that Orochi would spare his captain's life.
    • Kid clobbers a couple of Animal Kingdom Pirates for laughing at his crewmate's decision and current state, reasserting that he'll pulverize anyone that messes with his crew.
  • Despite the two being rather vexing to each other, Ulti and Page One both are furious when they find what happened to their sibling. Page One in particular forgets he's hurt, he's that worried about his sis.
  • Chapter 984: Izo's and Kiku's reunion. Law arrives at the back of Onigashima with the samurai; no sooner do they disembark when Cat Viper, Marco, and Izo show up, with the former stating that Marco knew where to find the latter, so they picked him up. Kiku starts crying Tears of Joy at seeing her older brother again, and when he tells her that she's become a splendid samurai, she glomps him while the rest of the Scabbards present delight in seeing him again as well.
  • Chapter 986: When Hotei and Fukurokuju accept Kaido's offer, one of Kaido's grunts admits they didn't want to fight Orochi's men and is happy they are joining the fold.
  • Chapter 987: After the Nine Scabbards' attack on him, Kaido expresses his surprise that they would ally themselves with pirates, and that the Straw Hats and their allies will abandon them once they see the tide turn against them. After witnessing what pirates have done to his beloved Wano, after being introduced as being prejudiced against pirates, how does Kin'emon respond? With a Shut Up, Hannibal! — declaring that the Straw Hats are nothing like Kaido and Big Mom, that Luffy will be the one to "stand at the top of the oceans", and even if they die, he will be there to carry on the fight.
  • Chapter 990: After being outed as The Mole by Queen, Hawkins and Who's-Who, Drake immediately sides with Luffy with absolute trust, why? Because Koby is Drake's subordinate and Koby — even as a marine captain, hasn't stopped openly singing praises about Luffy as a person.
  • Chapter 991: When Jack gets overpowered by sulonged Dogstorm and Cat Viper, Kaido actually saves him. Then when Jack laments how he has failed his captain, Kaido reassures him that he has nothing to be ashamed of and that the pair were just too strong, instead urging Jack to go get his wounds treated since he's done enough.
  • Chapter 995: Even scared out of her mind and on the verge of being killed, when Ulti orders Nami to say that Luffy won't become the Pirate King, she can't bring herself to say it. She instead affirms her belief that Luffy WILL become the Pirate King, enraging Ulti further.
  • Chapter 998: When Jimbei is confronted by Who's Who, the latter addresses him as a former Warlord. Jimbei response emphasizes just how grateful and respectful he is to his newfound crew.
    Jimbei: I'm the helmsman of the Strawhat Pirates! I'd rather you used the title with more worth to it!
  • Chapter 999: Despite insisting Kaido owes her a "life long debt", Big Mom still saved him back when they were both Rocks Pirates and insists she considers him a little brother.
    • In a flashback Ace talking about Luffy to Yamato and how he's going to turn the world upside down. This shows how much faith Ace had in Luffy.
  • Chapter 1000: Immediately reaching the rooftop, Luffy, alongside Zoro, Law, Kid and Killer, are in the presence of two of the strongest pirates around, Big Mom and Kaido. What does Luffy do? He walks towards his badly wounded friend Kin'emon, ignoring the Two Emperors.
    • In a flashback Ace accidentally telling Yamato about Luffy's dream about being King of the Pirates and how despite he and Sabo laughed at it first he won't let anyone else mock his little brother's dream. This shows how much Ace supported and loved his younger brother. Also, Ace still remembers and misses Sabo as well.
    • Yamato was touched by Luffy's dream to the point that it brought him to tears.
    • Kin'emon begging Luffy to save his home, and with Luffy, ever one to help out a friend, agrees. If you know Luffy, he was going to help no matter what, but it's more special when he flat out says "Of course, it's my friend's country."
  • Chapter 1001: A subtle one happens when Law tells Luffy that he was going to transport the Scabbards to safety before Luffy said anything. This shows that he has come to genuinely care for them.
  • Chapter 1005: When Sanji is ask to beg for Robin to save him, he immediately does so. To a lot of people, this sounds extremely cowardly, even Jimbe is caught off-guard, but when we cut to Nami and Usopp, they immediately understand his situation. Nami deduces that Sanji is fighting a female, and is more annoyed than disgusted because by now, everyone in the crew understands this moral code Sanji has and are immediately understanding.
    • Not only that, but Robin and Brook came running to save him, and Robin is ready to fight for her friends.
    • There's also the implication that Sanji only gave in so easily because he knew that Robin would be able to handle Black Maria, hence why Robin thanked him for calling her for help.
  • Chapter 1006: Infected with Queen's virus that would cause him to turn into a violent ice-oni that attacked friend and foe alike, Hyogoro of the Flower Capital sits upright and orders his men to kill him. He does so because the virus had caused his old strength to resurface, and he knew that if he turned into one of the ice oni they wouldn't be able to stop him. But as he waits to die, he thinks of how he has no regrets, as he believed the Akazaya's rebellion would succeed, and his student Luffy had mastered Ryou.
  • Chapter 1007: The Beast Pirates who were cured by Chopper defend him from Queen, as they would rather protect their savior than continue working for the one who treated them like disposable troops.
  • Chapter 1009: It's a small moment, but the fact that a Jerkass like Kid genuinely praised and thanked Zoro for blocking Kaido and Big Mom's Combination Attack that was headed the Worst Generation's way:
    Kid: It's a real feat you blocked that... if only for a second! Thanks, man!!
  • Chapter 1011: As it turns out Big Mom has a very soft spot for children under 10 and also regards the Sacred Hospitality as Serious Business. Upon hearing from Tama that the Okobure town who warmly received her despite of their poverty was burned down and razed by Kaido's men, she gets into a Tranquil Fury and smacks Page One with a Conqueror's Haki enhanced punch, claiming that the pirate world may be cruel but they still adhere to a standard.
  • Chapter 1012: Nami foregoing escaping in order to fight Ulti after the latter struck Tama.
    • Ulti was in the area because she wanted to beat up Big Mom for hurting Page One.
  • Chapter 1013:
    • Big Mom furiously attacking Ulti, having seen what she did to Tama.
    • Zeus trying to save Nami, who gave Zeus enough black ball so he could leave.
    • Kid saving Nami, Usopp, and Tama from Big Mom's attack.
  • Chapter 1014:
    • When Kaido offered to spare the Straw Hats and the others if they surrendered, they instantly refused and continued to fight.
    • Nami comforting Tama when she heard Luffy fell into the ocean.
    • Kin'emon doesn’t get mad at Kiku for failing to Kanjuro’s tricks, and defends Momo and Shinobu from Kaido despite being injured and outmatched.
  • Chapter 1015:
    • Sanji reminding Chopper about the miracles revolving around Luffy.
    • Momonosuke restoring everybody's morale by telling them Luffy is still alive.
    • Kin'emon, despite having been severely hurt still tried to delay Kaido.
    • Law showing his faith in Luffy to Big Mom.
  • Chapter 1016:
    • Yamato showing full support for Luffy by keeping Kaido busy until he can make it, further declaring he wants to join the Straw Hats.
  • Chapter 1017:
    • For the second time, Luffy has been saved from certain death by the Heart Pirates, who rescue him from drowning beneath Onigashima and then immediately get to work on restoring him to fighting-shape.
  • Chapter 1018:
    • Nami telling Zeus that she refuses to call him her servant anymore. Why? Because she wants him to be her partner. Zeus is absolutely ecstatic.
  • Chapter 1020:
    • Black Maria's illusions simply have no affect on Robin and Brook. With the illusions being about bringing their past loved ones back to life and reuniting them. Both Robin and Brook bond over how they are both hurt by their past but lived on, presumably because of their current family in the Straw Hats.
    • As Robin and Brook are fighting Black Maria and her group, Black Maria keeps bringing up the fact that Sanji is weak for having Robin come save him, dismissing the Straw Hat's true power as nothing. Robin and Brook can't help but scoff at how little she truly knows, showing the level of confidence they have to win the fight.
    • Also, Robin shows much more appreciation of Sanji for having faith that she can win, basically calling him one of the pillars that keep the Straw Hats alive.
      • Brook also shares this belief, as he lets Robin deal with Black Maria alone while he make sure to keep outside parties away, Robin thanks him for it.
  • Chapter 1022:
    • King and Queen join forces and begin hunting the injured Zoro down, intent on eliminating him while he's compromised. Sanji, Marco, and the rest of the converted Beast Pirates on the live floor all converge to protect him, desperate to keep him out of the All-Stars' hands while he recovers.
  • Chapter 1024:
    • In a childhood flashback, as punishment for claiming to be Kozuki Oden, Kaido locked Yamato up in a cave with samurai loyal to Oden. Then he had weapons and just enough food for one person dropped down inside. Both Kaido and Yamato assume that the samurai will start fighting each other for the meal after killing Yamato for being Kaido's child. Instead, the samurai recognized Yamato's virtuous spirit and admiration of Oden, and gave him the food. Knowing that they would probably not be of much use in the future battle against Kaido, they used the weapons to break open their prison so that, through Yamato, they could keep fighting in spirit.
  • Chapter 1025:
    • Kaido's been deriding Yamato the entire time during their battle, cruelly reminding him that anyone who ever showed him kindness is dead and stating that friendships are a load of crap. But Yamato still won't back down, and his faith is rewarded with Luffy and Momonosuke joining the battle.
    • Luffy takes a moment to sincerely thank Yamato for keeping Kaido busy this long until he got back.
  • Chapter 1026:
  • Chapter 1027:
    • Luffy keeps Kaido from attacking Yamato and Momonosuke.
  • Chapter 1031:
  • Chapter 1035:
    • After defeating Queen, Sanji approaches O-Some, the girl he had supposedly attacked, and gave her back her lost pet mouse, thinking back to the mouse he had made food for as a child, proving that despite his newly awakened physical enhancements, he still retains his good heart.
    • He promptly collapses from exhaustion, and O-Some immediately calls out for someone to bring the medical kit for him. At least the confusion's been cleared up for her.
    • We get to see a tiny glimpse of King's past: as a Lunarian, he was imprisoned by the World Government on Punk Hazard and experimented on. Kaido was there at the same time, and once he got loose, he approached the young Arbel and offered him the chance to escape with him. Arbel then gained his current name from Kaido who said that "King" was a name worthy of his strength. Monstrous though these two pirates are, they have a long history and respect for one another.
  • Chapter 1040: Law uses a simple yet effective technique to cancel out Big Mom's Soul Pocus. Said technique is called "Silent", a clear homage to Law's father figure, Rosinante. Much like how Rosinante's Devil Fruit, the Nagi Nagi no Mi, saved Law's life, this technique prevents Big Mom from robbing the soul of everyone in the vicinity.
  • Minor villainous example from chapter 1041: When Kaido realizes that Big Mom lost, he begins reminiscing about the time when they first met. Then he starts crying, yelling that they both swore together to take the One Piece.
  • Chapter 1044: When Luffy comes back to life, Kaido genuinely thanks him for doing so and apologizes for the CP0's interference, stating that it wasn't how he wanted to win. Luffy for his part doesn't hold it against Kaido, telling him not to sweat it.
  • Chapter 1049:
    • As Kaido starts pushing back against Luffy's Bajrang Gun, the Emperor asks him what kind of world does he wish to make. Luffy yells that he wants to create a world where his friends can eat as much as they want, which ties back to his promise to Tama about creating a country where she can eat to her heart's desire. He then proceeds to overpower Kaido and smash him deep into Wano's ground, finally defeating him.
    • During Kaido's flashback, we see the close friendship he has with King with the latter openly showing his face as they discuss Joyboy's identity. When Kaido muses that Joyboy is likely the only man who can defeat him King responds that he won't ever appear, affirming his trust in his captain rather than the folk hero of his people.
  • Chapter 1050: Not long after Luffy is declared the winner by the info boxes, we go to Tenguyama and Toko where the latter is sending up her latern for the Fire Festival. We get a brief flashback in which she ask Tenguyama why her father sacrificed himself. When he explains it was to keep hope alive for the rebellion, Toko understands and we see she changed her message on her lantern from "I want to see you, daddy" to "Thank you, daddy". This is enough to bring Tenguyama to tears after he sees it.
    • As Luffy is falling from the sky, utterly exhausted after beating Kaido, he lands gently because Yamato had run to catch him. He smiles at Luffy in relief, knowing Luffy's now safe and the nightmare is all over.
  • Chapter 1051:
    • Tama explains that her power to control the Gifters will wear off within a month, after which they will either go back to how they were before or choose to stick with her if they really want to. Speed states that she prefers to stay with Tama, addressing her as "Master". While Tama is happy with this, she retorts that she'd rather think of Speed as a mother than as a servant. Cue Cuteness Overload from Speed.
    • During Momonosuke's speech, Tama remembers Luffy's promise and starts to cry, realizing he kept his word.
  • Chapter 1052: Kiku and Yamato being accepted in the woman's and men's bath respectively without issue, and it's to everyone else's credit that they accept them joining.
    • Hell, even Speed joins them, and no one bats an eye at this.
  • Chapter 1053: As thanks for their hard work, the castle head chef prepares a gourmet meal for the Straw Hats, but none of them show up to eat it (save for Jimbei, who thanked the chef for his hard work and wanted to show appreciation by eating it.) The rest of the Straw Hats attend the party outside and distribute all kinds of food and treats to the once starving citizens of Wano, thus fulfilling Luffy's wish that anyone can eat as much as they want under his protection.
  • Chapter 1054: The Red-Haired Pirates are currently near Wano, and they couldn't be prouder of Luffy for achieving the Emperor Pirate ranking, just like their captain, Shanks. Shanks himself is incredibly proud of Luffy's accomplishment as he looks at G5 Luffy's new wanted poster.
  • Chapter 1057: As Momonosuke begs Luffy to stay in Wano, Luffy notes he does see Momo as a little brother and gives him a flag with the Straw Hats sigil on it to let anyone know who might threaten Wano again, they will be attacking "his crew".

    Final Saga 
Egghead Arc
  • Chapter 1059:
    • Despite his desire to leave Wano, Yamato decides to stay in order to protect the country from further threats such as Ryokugyu. Luffy respects his decision and declares that if he, along with Momo and Kin'emon ever want, they are free to join the Straw Hats if they still want.
    • Luffy also takes the time to thank Marco for having helped him during the Marineford arc.
    • Hancock truly shows her love for Luffy really helped her become a better person that she willingly puts herself on the front line to protect her people from the Marines, even if she has to fight Blackbeard to do so. Even though she almost died from the ordeal and Rayleigh had to show up to help resolve the issue, Hancock makes the tough but mature decision to leave her home to protect her family and fellow Kujas. A far cry from the Spoiled Brat she used to be.
    • Honestly the amount of gratitude and love Hancock truly has for her adopted father-figure Rayleigh is heartwarming that she is not only grateful for everything he's done but trusts him enough to rest her head on his lap from how scared she is.
  • Chapter 1060:
    • Luffy is entirely willing to immediately postpone achieving his dream and finding the One Piece in order to check up on Vivi to make sure she’s ok.
    • Part of the reason why Zoro doesn't worry too much about Vivi is that he knows she's a strong woman. He trusts her to handle her own just fine, and mentions that should she get into trouble, they'll fight anyone they must.
    • While Luffy doesn't really care for checking the rest of the news, he trusts Robin enough to keep him up to date with anything she deems worth keeping an eye on.
    • Even though the Straw Hats are taken aback by how childish and impossible Luffy's true dream is, and think he's nuts, they still warmly laugh about it and support him, especially Nami.
      • In a way, the fact that Luffy somehow assumed he had already shared his dream with his crew, considering the only other people he shared it with were Ace, Sabo and Shanks. He's visibly surprised when he realizes that he never told the people he's closest to.
  • Chapter 1061:
    • Even though it's also a tearjerker, seeing Helmeppo tearfully begging Grus to help him rescue Koby is a heartwarming display of the friendship that formed between them, which also cements how much he's grown since his introduction as a Spoiled Brat.
  • Chapter 1062:
  • Chapter 1066:
    • The Will of Ohara lives on. Shaka reveals that shortly after the Buster Call, Giants from Elbaf came and rescued all of the books that would have otherwise been destroyed, and they were led by Jaguar D. Saul, who survived the Buster Call (albeit heavily scarred and bandaged). When Robin learns that Saul not only survived, but also personally saved the life's work of Clover, her mother, and all of Ohara's scholars and made sure their deaths weren't senseless, she's driven to Tears of Joy.
      • The best part? All of the Straw Hats, including Franky, who has idolized Vegapunk for years, are ready to beat the hell out of him for making Robin cry. After Water 7, they really do see her as one of their own.
    • And the three giants pictured in the scene are Hajrudin, Gerd and Goldberg, now members of Luffy's Grand Fleet.
    • The Buster Call on Ohara is also revealed to have led to the birth of the Revolutionary Army. Dragon visited the site of the destruction and finally reached his limit with the World Government's abuses of power, and decided then and there he was going to make an army to bring them down once and for all. According to Vegapunk's narration, Dragon was a peaceful man who detested violence, but chose to build his organization to declare war on the World Government itself - with avenging Clover as his biggest motivation.
    • In hindsight, Ohara serving as the catalyst for the formation of the Revolutionary Army gives deeper meaning to Robin being "the Light of the Revolution".
  • Chapter 1070:
    • As Lucci moves in to finish off Sentomaru, Luffy defends him. Twice. He even apologizes for distracting Sentomaru earlier.
    • Franky showing concern for Señor Pink's safety, referring to him as his sworn brother.
    • Jinbe goes out of his way to thank S-Snake for helping him and the other Straw Hats find the rocket to the upper levels of Egghead, saying that "it's nice to see such a nice version of you, Hancock!"
    • Sentomaru uses the last of his strength to verbally entrust Luffy with Vegapunk's safety. Luffy responds by promising to get him off the island alive no matter what.
    • Kaku takes a moment to acknowledge Sentomaru's efforts.
  • Chapter 1071:
    • Garp goes out of his way to pick a fight with Blackbeard while ignoring protocol, in order to rescue the currently captured Captain Koby. Helmeppo and Hibari can only cry in sheer happiness at the scene.
  • Chapter 1073:
    • While Marco was away at Wano, the Marines attempt to ransack Whitebeard's hometown, going so far as to threaten to gun down innocent civilians just to steal Whitebeard's inheritance which goes to support the town because they were too poor to pay for the exorbitant heavenly tribute they charged. Then comes Weevil of all people, who is very furious to see the Marines messing with Whitebeard's beloved hometown and sends them packing without a fight. Even Marco, who initially didn't want to leave for Wano because he was worried that Weevil would've supposedly done the same thing outright calls him a hero for this.
    • As for Miss Buckin, while she's still bent on acquiring Whitebeard's non-existent inheritance, she becomes upset to the point of tears when Admiral Ryokugyu is sent to arrest her son in retaliation and asks Marco to rescue him. Freeloader or not, her love for Weevil, at least, seems genuine.
  • Chapter 1074:
    • Forced to sit on a couch while the rest of the crew forms a search party, Luffy and Zoro reminisce over the unconscious bodies of Lucci and Kaku, musing over how far they've come since Water 7 and how they've managed to stick together despite increasingly ludicrous odds. Luffy even takes a moment to ponder how Iceburg is doing.
  • Chapter 1076:
    • Dorry and Broggy, last seen still continuing their 100-year duel on the cover of Chapter 633 are revealed as having returned home together at long last, with Oimo and Kashi having reunited with their beloved captains as well.
  • Chapter 1079:
    • The Red-Haired Pirates' fleet is revealed to have a reputation for being notoriously weak. Why? Because Shanks and the core Red-Haired crew have taken it upon themselves to protect many weaker crews from the ravages of the Grand Line and the World Government by allowing them to sail under his flag. These lesser crews' banter and behavior shows that their gratefulness and loyalty to him for this is incredible.
    • Shanks makes it clear it's not all talk either. Soon as he sees a vision of the destruction Kid would have wrought on the fleet, he immediately intercepts Kid and stops him before his rampage could start. He showed that his promise to keep them safe was no mere bluff.
  • Chapter 1080:
    • As soon as he was freed, Koby immediately took it upon himself to liberate all of the unsold slaves that were captured, going so far as to act as a decoy for them to escape.
    • The person that freed Koby from his cell? Perona, who asked him to free Moria as well.
    • At the end of the chapter, as Garp is preparing to hit all the pirates clustered in the middle of town, he tells them that they should have thought twice about kidnapping Koby - not only does he call Koby the future of the Marines, but also his "irreplaceable protege".
  • Chapter 1085:
    • Vivi, while captured by Jabra and Kalifa, asks about Shirahoshi's well-being. Even though she's in the hands of the government, she's still concerned for others (which Jabra lampshades). And to his credit, Jabra does reassure her that she's okay.
    • Fujitora lets some of the slaves escape from Mariejois, even though he gets yelled at by Ryokugyu in the process.
  • Chapter 1090:
    • Whatever Bonney saw of her dad's past, it convinced her to drop her grudge against Vegapunk. She may have cried the entire night before, but she's much more cheerful now that this load is off her chest.
    • Robin's reaction when Vegapunk tells the Straw Hats they're near Elbaf. It's pretty clear she's happy on the prospect of seeing Saul again.
    • S-Snake inheriting Hancock's crush on Luffy proves one thing: despite being usually played for laughs, Hancock's feelings for Luffy are completely genuine.
  • Chapter 1095:
    • Kuma's mother reassuring him that everything is going to be okay when the family is discovered and enslaved by the World Government.
    • Clapp telling young Kuma stories of Nika and singing the Drums of Liberation to cheer him up despite the suffering the World Nobles had put them through.
  • Chapter 1096: We get to see young Kuma as a child living together with Ginny, another child he freed. Ginny calls him "Kumachi", a world for "little bear" (despite his already impressive height), beats up whoever mocks him, calls him her "silly willy-nilly Kumachi" (echoing the Winnie the Pooh theme song) and, when Kuma cooks for her a full meal and gives her some of his own food teasingly calling her a glutton, she breaks up in tears of happiness: she used to be a slave, and she was never fed properly until her "silly willy-nilly Old Kuma" saw fit cooking something for her. As soon as Kuma realizes, he's bawling his eyes out.
  • Chapter 1097: The young boys who threw rocks at Kuma in the previous chapter grew up to be his loyal friends in adulthood. They, as well as Ginny, had no problem with being jailed alongside Kuma for protesting his imprisonment.
  • Chapter 1098:
    • In the midst of one of the darkest chapters of the entire series, Kuma's fatherhood of Bonney is beyond adorable. He does all he can to give her a good and carefree life, protecting her, teaching her, feeding her as much as she needs (which is a lot), and encouraging her by referring to the marks of her disease as beautiful jewelry and pretending he knows less of the world than he does in order to fuel her excitement of the faraway lands. And all this juxtaposed with his work as a revolutionary: terrible, bloody warfare. He separates his work and home lives and brings none of the former for Bonney to see.
    • What makes it even sweeter is knowing that Bonney has seen all of this due to Kuma's powers allowing her to watch her father's memories, meaning she got to see how much he loved her in spite of the fact that she was the product of one of the greatest tragedies of his life. That had to mean a lot to her.
  • Chapter 1100:
    • Doubling with Tear Jerker, but Kuma is so selfless that he cries Tears of Joy over the fact that his Deal with the Devil will ensure Bonney lives past her tenth birthday.
    • The last words Kuma told Bonney during their last in-person meeting before he left her behind in the Sorbet Kingdom and submitted himself fully to the World Government were to thank her for being born. Despite the circumstances that led her into his care, Bonney truly was the best part of his life, and it's no wonder he gave up everything just to give her the chance to live.
    • During their time at Egghead, Bonney drew her dad a cute doodle of him. Kuma liked it so much he made it into his Jolly Roger.
    • While on Egghead, Kuma's good cheer is infectious. He and Bonney get cozy with Vegapunk, Sentomaru and Admiral Kizaru and they're all shown to be having a great time together during those six months on the island for the family's respective surgeries.
  • Chapter 1101:
    • The beginning of the chapter reveals that during the Revolutionary Army's constant visits to Goa Kingdom, Dragon was secretly sneaking off to Foosha Village in order to secretly check up on Luffy.
      • When Kuma asks Dragon about this, he insists the former ends the discussion unless he wants to get Dragon killed, stating "children are a vulnerability to their parents." This shows that Dragon's abandonment of Luffy was indeed to keep him out of harm's way, because Dragon would sacrifice everything to save him.
      • Kuma visiting the Goa Kingdom to check on Luffy.
    • After he's given orders to pursue a pirate crew that attacked a merchant ship, Kuma prioritizes making sure the merchants in question get proper medical attention. Only then does he go after the pirates, to whom he gives the choice to turn themselves in rather than just blow them out of the water like he was ordered to.
    • Whilst within the chapter's context, it's an absolute kick in the teeth, Kuma putting his heart and soul into writing letters to Bonney and telling her about the wonders of the world is absolutely adorable, aware these letters will be all she'll have to remember the actual him once his procedure is complete. Even if he isn't able to be with her, he wants her to know that she's loved and will always be at the center of his heart. Alpha, out of pure spite towards Bonney, stopped these letters from ever actually reaching her, but having experienced Kuma's memories of his painful past, Bonney still managed to hear what he had to say in the end, and how much he loved her.
      Kuma: I'll keep sending them for as long as I can. I love Bonney. I have another year to write out an entire life's worth of emotions to her.
    • Even when Bonney isn't able to receive any of Kuma's letters, her friends at Sorbet do their best to give her company and comfort, throwing her a surprise birthday party. Once Bonney's cured of her illness, Connie helps her pull off a getaway from Alpha so that she, with the help of her other friends at Sorbet, can go out to sea to finally reunite with Kuma.
  • Chapter 1102:
    • It's finally revealed why Kuma chose to save Luffy and the Straw Hats in the Sabaody Archipelago arc: it's because Luffy's decision to attack Charloss in defense of Hachi, a fishman, reminded him of the legends of Nika he grew up with as a child. Previous scenes in the flashback show that the Straw Hats' actions throughout the first half of the series had already impressed him well enough, but it was this moment that touched Kuma so much that he decided to put his faith for a better world in Luffy and co., to the point that he actively did everything he could to enable their growth.
      Luffy: (distraught) I couldn't save...any of them!
      Kuma: (thinking) That is not true!! This is just the level of the New World. It is still too soon for the likes of you and your crew!! Don't come here yet. One day in the will be the man...(poof) who saves the world.
      Vegapunk: What pipe dreams do you see in [Luffy]...?
      Kuma: Something in his actions shakes the very core of my being. Nika is only a legend. But I instilled into Bonney the stories of a warrior who rides the rhythm of liberation and brings smiles to all!! If there is a hero will bring a great transformation to this sea...I think it must be him.
    • Mixed with tearjerker, Kuma's last words before his memory is wiped is to ask Vegapunk to tell Bonney that he wishes her a happy tenth birthday.
    • A small one, but it's revealed that the motivation behind Dragon going to Loguetown was seeing Luffy's first bounty poster and realizing he was going to cross paths with Smoker.
  • Chapter 1103:
    • After Bonney witnesses Kuma's memories and finally understands that Vegapunk is not the one responsible for her father's Death of Personality she apologises to the scientist and gives him a hug while being in her real twelve-year-old form.
    • Also counting as a moment of awesome. Saturn has erased Kuma's memories and turned him into a Full-Conversion Cyborg but even that isn't enough to erase his fatherly instincts. He sees Saint Saturn holding Bonney, getting ready to kill her and that's enough for him to go all Papa Wolf on the despicable elder, launching a Haki infused punch that visibly startles Saturn.
  • Chapter 1104:
    • After searching for him for so long Bonney finally reunites with Kuma, cries into his chest and tells him what she's wanted to say for so long.
      Bonney: Thank you Daddy...!! I saw all of your memories!! Mommy was such a wonderful person. And you wrote me all those letters after all... I was so happy to find out!! Everyone calls you a tyrant... But I know my daddy is the kindest and most wonderful man in the entire world... and I'll never ever forget it!!!
    • Kuma's response. He doesn't say a word. Instead, he gives her a delicate protective hug. And then he stops moving, as he keeps holding her in his arms. Vegapunk even goes out of his way to describe it as The Powerof Love.
    • When Saint Saturn recovers and returns, with Luffy temporarily out of the picture, Franky and Sanji proceed to fight him on their own, determined to pay back Kuma for everything he has done for the Straw Hats and protect Bonney from any further pain.
      Sanji: Don't do anything to break Bonney's heart, Spider-Gramps!!!
      Franky: We owe Kuma a great debt too!!
  • Chapter 1105:
    • Kuma goes out of his way to grab onto Bonney as they begin to fall - those dad instincts are still in full force.
  • Chapter 1106:
    • It turns out that Vegapunk feared the possibility of the Pacifistas being used to kill Bonney, so he put a hidden contingency into them: Bonney is the highest authority in their command structure, above even the Five Elders. He knew this would be a death sentence for him if the Elders discovered it, but cared so much about Kuma and Bonney he did it anyway.
      Vegapunk: (thinking) The one worry in the back of my mind was seeing Bonney killed by the father she loved. If you were to harm the daughter you loved so much, Kuma, it would be a tragedy beyond compare! Therefore, I inserted a directive into each unit made to look like Kuma! So that even if the highest authority in the world should command it, even if the entire world should be your enemy... understand this, Bonney—Kuma will always be on your side!
    • Bonney finally realizes that Luffy is Sun God Nika, and sheds tears as she looks up at him, jumping through the air in the Nika pose. After everything Saturn did to break her spirit in the previous chapters, including denying Nika's existence, having her father's beliefs vindicated right in front of her eyes must mean everything to her.
  • Chapter 1107:
    • Luffy, while busy fighting Saturn, specifically uses punches so Bonney can learn how to do a rubber punch properly as she requested.
    • The second Usopp sees the Giant Pirates, he bursts into tears- and it gets worse when he realizes they’re there to save the Straw Hats. Even after all this time, he still holds them in incredibly high regards.
    • As funny of a line as it is, there is something incredibly sweet if sappy about Sanji managing to deflect Kizaru’s attack and claiming it’s because “light doesn’t hold a candle to love!”.
  • Chapter 1109:
    • The fact that both Rebecca and the people of Foosha Village immediately discount Morgan’s news as slander. Every one of them, even grumpy old Woop Slapp, knows Luffy far too well to be fooled by any of these takes.
  • Chapter 1110:
    • Dorry and Brogy seeing Luffy again. The first thing they do is save him from being eaten by Ju Peter, the three being ecstatic to see each other afterwards. Dorry even calls Luffy’s face “nostalgic”.
  • Chapter 1111:
    • There’s something oddly sweet about Rob Lucci telling St. Mars to spare the badly injured Kaku, what with it being the first time we’ve ever seen him display this kind of kindness towards another person.
    • The Marines under Kizaru's command rush to him, trying to tend his wounds.

Live-Action Series


  • From Movie 4, Shuraiya Bascùd finding Luffy's hat and giving it back to him. Luffy of course is overjoyed.
  • The ending to Movie 10... After Nami joins Shiki's group, she leaves a farewell message on a Tone Dial, saying how she's going with Shiki and that the Straw Hats would surely die if they went against him. While listening to this, Luffy absolutely snaps, lets out a huge scream, and trashes a nearby hillside in anger. At the end of the movie after Shiki is defeated and the Straw Hats are sailing on once again, the Tone Dial turns up again, which hits Luffy's nerve again. Turns out however, that there was more to Nami's message that he couldn't hear before because he was too busy leveling the countryside. Unfortunately, Nami tries to stop him from replaying the message out of embarrassment or whatever, and during their struggle for control over the Dial, it's knocked into the sea. Despite this, we the audience still get to hear what Luffy couldn't.
    Nami: Definitely... Come to save me.
    • The final line in the dubbed version also counts.
    Nami: And if you don't believe me... then prove me wrong and save me.
  • Stampede: The moment at the end where Sabo requests Ann use her power to project Ace. Luffy looks back at Sabo's ship and looks shocked for a moment before beaming and it cuts to Ace and Sabo standing back-to-back with the flames from the Flame-Flame Fruit surrounding them like they're both actually standing there. (Ace's voice also makes a brief appearance when Sabo uses Fire Fist to make the exit path for Luffy and the others.)

  • The covers to the manga. Usually the covers will tell short stories about minor characters, but in between those stories, there are filler pictures with the Straw Hat Crew interacting with various animals. And ever since the Alabasta Arc, Vivi has always been right there with them. She may not be sailing to the end of the world with them, but she is part of their True Companions.
  • The CP9 even get one. Like several other characters, they get a cover arc after they disappear from the main story line. The heartwarming comes into effect when they all work their butts off in various odd jobs so they can get the money to pay for Lucci's medical bills. So, the power of True Companions works even for the villains of this series, eh?
    • Special mention goes to the cover where Lucci wakes up and Hattori is visibly overjoyed to see him while Lucci smiles back.
    • Same goes for the Baroque Works agents in their own cover arc. Miss Goldenweek deserves a special mention: she went extreme lengths to save coworkers she never met.
  • The cover of Chapter 596 features Luffy and his brothers as adults Including Sabo, who was assumed to be dead. Eyes are covered, but we get to see what he might have looked like as an adult.
    • Another subtly heartwarming bit? On the cover where Sabo is alive as an adult, Ace's tattoo, which most had assumed was misspelled by the tattoo artist, is missing the crossed out S. That was no mistake. It was Sabo's jolly roger from when they where children, deliberately put right in the middle of Ace's name as a tribute to him.
  • Take a look at Chapter 598's cover which shows the crew restarting their adventure after two years,and compare it to the Chapter 1's where Luffy has just started his journey.Pretty cool, don't you think?
    • The same applies to the cover of Volume 1 and Volume 61. Also, the chapter and volume names are the also similar.
    Volume 1/Chapter 1: Romance Dawn.
    Volume 61/Chapter 598: Romance Dawn for the new world.
  • A majority of the "From the Decks of the World" cover art. It's nice to know that Oda has left no major player forgotten, even upgrading their appearances and giving them more story substance, all within just one cover page.
    • One of the most endearing is the Chapter 623 art, which shows Kaya studying diligently while her beleaguered butler tries to hold off a huge posse of completely besotted admirers. She ignores them all...and has a newspaper clipping that's pretty clearly the wanted poster of our favorite Cowardly Lion taped to her stack of medical textbooks. All together now: AWWWW. Mind, MANSOPP is hot enough to melt rocks now, so...
    • Chapter 666’s art, showing that Bon Clay has taken over Impel Down’s Newkama Land after Ivankov’s escape. Knowing how much they idolized them and dreamed of Newkama Land, this is basically the perfect note to end their story on, especially after their sacrifice at the end of the arc.
  • There's the final installation of the "From the Decks of the World" cover story which shows Ace and Whitebeard's graves where someone has brought the news of the Straw Hats' return, as if telling Ace that his brother is fine. To top it off, nearby, there's a bottle and three sake cups, Foreshadowing the even bigger heartwarming of Sabo being alive.
  • "Caribou's Kehihihihi in the New World" has a surprising one: Caribou, after proving to be an Ungrateful Bastard to the old lady who nursed him back to health and believed him to be her dead grandson, comes back and saves her and the village when Kaido's forces attack. Sure, he later ends up getting captured by X Drake, but it's still surprising and heartwarming to see such a bloodthirsty, Ax Crazy man go out of his way to save someone he could've just as easily ditched. Overlaps with Tear Jerker when it's revealed that the old lady knew all along that Caribou wasn't really her grandson.
  • The cover to Chapter 766 has Oda taking a break from the ongoing cover story to pay tribute to Naruto, which had released its final chapter that week, with Luffy and an obscured Naruto eating each other's Trademark Favorite Food. Even the logo of the series changes to reflect this, with the "O" being the Konoha symbol and the "I" becoming Naruto's silhouette instead of Luffy's.
    • In addition, the first syllables in each One Piece character's names (by pronunciation anyway): Nami, Ruffy, Tony.
  • Chapter 826 shows that Mihawk is taking the time to teach the highly adaptable humandrils how to farm so they can lead more self sufficient and less violent lives. Additionally, despite having the option to leave after taking Zoro to Sabaody and after returning to Thriller Bark to get Kumacy, Perona decided to return to Mihawk... And Mihawk let her stay!
  • Chapter 839 features a goodbye tribute to Kochikame. The Straw Hats gather around a massive wanted poster of Ryotsu while Luffy and Zoro draw on his signature eyebrows.
  • Chapter 847 has Rebecca and the Tontatta tribe throwing Kyros a birthday party.
  • Chapter 860 is an illustration of one of the fans' more interesting art requests: Crocodile, out in the rain, stoically holding an umbrella out for a pug. Even more oddly touching when one considers Crocodile's aversion to moisture.
  • Chapter 862 features a young Shanks and Buggy bickering over cards, with Rayleigh and Rogers looking on.
  • Chapter 865's cover reveals that Farul and Cavendish have been together since Farul was but a young foal and Cavendish was only a little boy.
  • Chapter 881 has one of the best covers yet: Sai and Baby 5 finally get married! D'awww! And Baby 5 even ditched the submissive maid getup for Kano finery. She's found herself a real place to call home, a real family, and a truly loving husband.
  • Chapter 910: Orlumbus fails his first ever pirate raid when he gives supplies to the impoverished town he intended as his first target. All his crew members are seen smiling as they pass out food and the locals are overjoyed. An old woman is so grateful she is crying on her knees in front of Orlumbus.
  • Chapter 915: Bellamy has finally left the pirate lifestyle and has become a dyer willing to help people, an extreme departure from the Jerkass he was introduced as.
  • Chapter 977: After years of separation, the twins Lola and Chiffon meet each other.
  • Chapter 983: Pound meet his twin daughters.
  • Chapter 991: After realizing who Pound is, Pound, Chiffon, and Lola embrace each other.
    • Bege is also smiling at the scene, when he was clearly offput by Chiffon and Lola deciding that Pound was their father from a vague description and a photo. Clearly, after becoming a loving father himself, Pound's tears of joy when he finally gets to hug his daughters is what convinces him that this strange man is really his wife's father.
  • Chapter 993: Finally, FINALLY, after all these years and after thousands of failed marriage proposals, Lola finally finds love and gets happily married to Gotti. Both of them look so happy on their wedding day with her family (including her newfound father Pound), the Firetank and Rolling pirates celebrating this joyous occasion.
  • The cover for Chapter 1026: In Nami's flashback in the Arlong Arc, Nami's mother Belle-Mere tried to touch up a hand-me-down dress for Nami by making its sunflower design look like a lion. The cover shows Nami and Leo of the Tontatta Corps make a whole line of clothing based on that lion!

  • Once you realize how much the Straw Hats' lives changed after meeting Luffy and some of them having real friends for once, it makes you want to shed a tear.
  • When we found out that Ace was Roger's son and was not Luffy's biological brother, and yet he constantly referred to Luffy as his brother. He even told the other Straw Hats that having "a dumb little brother makes an older brother worry", just like what a real older brother would say.
    • Same with Luffy. He knew all along that Ace wasn't really his brother and still fought to the death to save Ace from Impel Down, calling him his brother the whole time, showing a steadfast admiration for his older brother, just like what a real younger brother would do.
    • And when Sabo is finally seen again he acts in exactly the same way; first fighting off murderous gladiators so he could claim his fallen brother Ace's Fruit, and then using his new powers to hold off an entire army of marines all by himself to protect his little brother Luffy. And just like Ace before him Sabo asks Luffy's crew to take care of him and see to it that he was always safe.
    • Wherever Ace would go and meet people he would always mention or talk about Luffy to them and what he would do once he becomes a pirate. This shows the love Ace had for Luffy and that he was always thinking about him and this goes for Sabo as well. This shows that Luffy means the world to his older brothers, and vice versa, and that no matter what happens they will always be a family.
  • To follow from the Heartwarming Moment above, Luffy springs headfirst into battle to save Ace while Ace can only watch in horror. Finally Ace shouts at Luffy that he didn't want his brother to come and that Luffy didn't belong in this fight as they were part of separate crews and it was humiliating to be saved by a weakling. Luffy just shouts back that he is Ace's brother and after a touching flashback of them officially marking their brotherhood, Luffy furiously promises that he will save Ace even if it kills him.
  • It was a Filler leading to episodes of the Straw Hats reflecting on their own traumatic experiences and when they joined with Luffy because it shows that they sympathize and truly consider Robin to be a True Companion. Made better with the first opening theme tune "We Are", and the whole crew singing the lyrics.
  • In an SBS, we find out why Oda deserves the Creator Worship he gets. Someone asked Oda was asked what his treasure was. His answer? "My treasure? Of course, it's ALL YOU READERS."
  • Now there's the 15th opening. It's just heartwarming after the whole Whitebeard War deal, you see the crew training, never giving up. Readers who reached the end of the series' first will notice a bit of Fridge Brilliance at the very beginning of the opening.
  • The final opening before the time skip, Fight Together, has a brief segment in its second half that compiles each of the Straw Hats' most intimate moments with Luffy. These moments are delicately cropped from their original episodes and carefully framed, so to allow around fifty heartwarming shots, on average about 2 seconds apiece, in the space of thirty seconds.
    • To elaborate, these shots include many of the heartwarming moments above. Some are when members officially joined the crew, others are alike to the most famous of Enies Lobby and Arlong Park moments, such as that one scene on the Tower of Justice.
    • Finally, just before Luffy's about to take up his hat, we see him hesitate...and then someone steps behind him and gives him a gentle push towards the hat. Luffy turns in surprise, and for a moment, we see Ace standing there, giving him a reassuring nod. Then his ghost disappears. A bit of a Tear Jerker, but that Ace would show up in spirit to give Luffy assurance when he needed it most is truly the most heartwarming thing of all.
  • The One Piece Gigant Battle! 2 game has one in the "Brook's Stage" stage, where, if you don't choose any of the post-timeskip Straw Hats, the entire crew can be seen performing together in the background, which really shines a light at how united they are.
  • After the 2011 tsunami, the voice actors got together and made Messages of Encouragement for those affected by it. It goes from Luffy cheering for you to Brook telling you to live and be happy. It goes into slight tearjerker territory but in a good way.
  • The 16th OP. There's a moment where we see the silhouettes of the crew walking together, and then Luffy stretches his arms out around them all and pulls them in for a hug.
  • The ending for One Piece: Unlimited Adventure. The Straw Hats have defeated the demon sealed within the island, and prepare to set out. Before leaving, that creature Popora comes out, and the crew is worried that he'll be alone...until more creatures like Popora come out — the spirit of Popora's creator made them, to make for Popora's thousand years of loneliness. As Robin said...
    "Indeed. Because no matter who they are, is brought into this world to be alone."
  • In the "3D2Y" special, when Luffy uses his Red Hawk move for the first time, there's the part in which he realizes that the move, by causing his fist to get set on fire, is essentially channeling Ace's flames. This comes off as all the better when you consider how much Ace's death weighed on Luffy's mind for the last year and a half, and how he's using the move on a villain who tried to kill his own brother.
  • In the SBS of volume 77, Oda shows off some fanart that was submitted roughly ten years ago back during the Alabasta arc and was featured in Volume 23. Why? Because the artist of that postcard was Kōhei Horikoshi, the author of My Hero Academia, which runs in Shonen Jump right alongside One Piece itself.
    Oda: This news gives me ecstatic joy. You see, a bit back at the Jump new years event, he himself actually came forward and told me about this. You should've told me earlier, I would've totally rooted for you!!
    • Years later, Horikoshi returned the compliment by sneaking Luffy's straw hat into a flashback in his own work (Eijiro Kirishima's backstory) as an Easter Egg.
  • The 1:45 mark of the 18th opening has a crowd shot of the Straw Hats and their friends/allies which includes several characters from previous arcs.
  • Nami's specialty dish, according to Chapter 79, is roasted duck with orange sauce, which is also Bellemere's specialty.
  • From Chapter 805 onwards, there's a new title page miniseries, this one detailing the reaction to the Straw Hat Pirates' new bounties.
  • Chapter 813: Laboon and Crocus recognize Brook.
  • The 9th ending, "Free Will". At night, while the other Straw Hats are sleeping, Robin is holed up in the crow's nest, stargazing. She remembers her lonely childhood, and when a meteor shower appears, she uses her powers to wake the crew so they can enjoy it with her.
  • The 18th and final ending for the anime, "Adventure World", has the Straw Hats gathering around a portrait showing off fanart sent in by fans.
  • The mere fact the anime got a new ending after 17 years.