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One Piece has managed to slip stuff past the censors from time to time.

  • A surprising instance from the 4Kids dub is when Captain Morgan has "Zolo" before the firing squad and proclaims that they're going to "riddle him with more holes than a fishing net."
    • Another violence-related example occurs during the Baratie arc, where a visual representation of the explanation of "Red Foot" Zeff's nickname leaves the blood coating Zeff's foot completely intact. While the dialogue doesn't refer to blood at all, the words chosen make it clear that what we're seeing is neither paint nor any sort of fruit juice.
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    • Also, in the finale of the Alabasta arc, despite the various downplaying of Bon Clay's being an okama, Hina manages to get in a line to her men that can't be anything unintentional:
    Hina: Don't ask, don't tell.
  • In episode 38, upon seeing and remembering who Zoro is, Hatchan, one of Arlong's henchmen, says, in a stuttering and humiliated/embarrassed tone, "He... rode me... I mean... I let him ride me...''
  • Another surprising instance in the 4Kids dub is when "Zolo" says, during his fight with Mr. 1, "Is he made of steel or steroids?" To think, they edited so many drug references... However, by then, the show was airing on Toonami, so...
  • One instance that should really be noted is that Kalifa's Awa Awa no Mi means that she's a Soap Girl. In Japan, Soapland is a term for certain kinds of brothels where, officially, the client is only "bathed".
  • The second movie has two members of the Big Bad's Quirky Miniboss Squad kidnap Nami, so she can be forcibly married to said Big Bad. However, the kicker comes when one of the members announces that they'll have lots of fun seeing him do this and that to Nami. As the crew repeats "this and that" with disturbed-looking faces, what follows is an awkward pause...and then the other member blows up their boat.
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  • There are a lot of really dirty jokes and allusions in One Piece. Zoro telling Nami he's wearing bandages because he lost his shirt (in the English dub only) and doesn't want to distract her. Nami telling Dr. Kureha, who was telling Nami not to tempt Chopper to their crew, that she doesn't need the Doctor's permission to hit on guys. Dr. Kureha calling herself a swinging single.
  • There's the 2nd TV special where a young girl named Amanda is kidnapped and mind raped to slowly undress, only to reveal a map on her back. Of course, by the length of the scene and the look on poor Amanda's face, it's obvious she feels violated. Totally not helped by the disgustingly paedophiliac vibe Bayan's creepy grin gives off.
  • How in the hell did 2 whole episodes of butt-naked Franky displaying his manliness all over town, and then being... squeezed by Nico Robin, manage to be aired. That had to hurt... for the kids watching too. Funny as hell though.
    • That's nothing, the Italian dub (which has 4Kids-like levels of censorship) aired the whole scene unedited!!!! You may now kneel in shock and awe. To be honest however, they don't specify what Robin's holding and instead say "It's hurting him!"
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    • One of the random townspeople commenting on it says that Franky's screams sound like a a chicken being choked. Then when Robin says that once a pirate gets their hands on treasure, they won't let it go without a fight, it's made especially radar bypassing by Robin's look of amusement during the whole situation and the regular Ship Tease Franky and Robin get.
  • When the Amazon Lily warriors try to pull out that one "mushroom" from inside Luffy's shorts. For all intents and purposes, Luffy's getting a handjob - granted that, of course, he's unconscious at the time. They also want to take off his jewels.
    • In the anime, we hear it "stretching", just to drive the point home what the mushroom actually is.
  • Fake Robin trying to bait Chopper with a cucumber. She has... quite the way to offer it. Thank God Chopper doesn't bite. In more ways than one.
  • Nami asks Chopper if he wants to try out the Shower Tempo ...while she's in the shower herself.
    • Somewhat justified since Chopper himself mentions that he has no interest in humans since he's a reindeer.
  • Nami's Shower Scene during the "Friends' Wherabouts" episodes in the anime briefly displays her entire butt onscreen. How they got away with this is pretty obvious though - her butt is so low detail and simplistically drawn it can barely be called a butt. (Compare to Nami's far more detailed body proportions in other sequences, such as the Shower Scene in Thriller Bark and the entirety of her screentime in the Glorious Island OVA.)
  • During the Skypiea arc Usopp uses a self-propelled grappling hook called the Usopp AaUwaUwa. If the fact that it's launched from the center of his belt isn't enough to put your mind in the gutter, his exhibitionist-like pose when firing it should do the trick.
  • Near the end of the Skypiea arc, Luffy has a giant ball of gold attached to his arm as a "gift" from the Big Bad to keep him out of the way. As Luffy struggles to try and force the gold off his arm, he says "It's hard to get this golden ball off!" The response from Aisa? "Watch your mouth!!"
    • Counts as a Double Entendre in the Japanese version, as the specific word Luffy uses for 'golden ball' can actually mean testicles.
      • Which comes back later during the Amazon Lily arc when Luffy refers to his actual balls as "kintama". Or Balls of Gold.
  • Sanjida (who's supposedly a female Sanji in the Obahan Time special, though she's still voiced by Sanji's voice actor) likes to touch other females.
    • Obahan Time also features Namijima, the middle aged woman of once-a-month justice. She tells off the middle aged pirate gang once a month for some reason. Turns out she rampages to claim rent money.
  • In the anime version of the Dressrosa arc, Luffy constantly has to pick up and put down a chained Law to fight. One time when he grabs him to pick him back up again, he grabs Law by the crotch of his pants. Another time Law is flipped upside down and his crotch is in Luffy's face and vice-versa. Seen here.
  • This little exchange in chapter 814:
    (A pretty reindeer Mink girl calls for Chopper. He gets heart eyes and freezes in place.)
    Usopp: Oi Chopper! Why're you gettin all stiff?
    Chopper: I-I'm not s-stiff, stupid! (Still has heart eyes.)
  • Quite possible with the introduction of Sanji's father in the form of Bilingual Bonus; Sanji's dad's name is "Jajji", which is the Japanese pronunciation for the word "Judge", but is also Korean for... dick. Which, seeing as what type of guy he is, could be entirely intentional on Oda's part.
  • Charlotte Smoothie, one of the Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, has the ability to "juice" people and kill them by twisting their body as if she was wringing out a wet rag. You'd think this would be painful, but instead, her female victim moans in pleasure as she literally juices her. As you can see, there's really no way to describe that without it sounding dirty. Smoothie's outfit, her general appearance, and the fact that she then drinks the strange liquid that the girl's body produces only adds to the overt Fanservice.
  • When Reiju doesn't return to Germa's quarters the night before Sanji's wedding, the next morning Yonji asks where she was. She gives an evasive answer and Ichiji states that an adult woman is allowed some privacy, implying he assumes she spent the evening getting laid.
  • It was already easy to let your mind drift into the gutter looking at Nami's new "expanding and contracting Clima Tact" in the manga, but the guys at Toei took it a step further for the anime; while squeezing the handle and testing out the extending function, Nami puts the staff right in-between her breasts. Yep... Also, they amplify her cleavage for the scene by basically making her polo shirt look like it's painted on.
  • Wano introduces Komurasaki, the "Oiran", or the best prostitute in all of Wano. The fact Oda would be allowed to make a prostitute an important character reeks of the radar getting broken. Justified in that Komurasaki is actually Kozuki Hiyori, Momonosuke's younger (now older) sister, as well as one of the major allies of the Alliance.
  • Oden in chapter 960 is a huge womaniser who started going to the red light district since he was six and would regularly kidnap women to form a harem. They actually use the word harem, and the women liked it too. Clearly Momo gets his perversions from his dad.
  • Silvers Rayleigh and Shakuyaku are married, yet Rayleigh apparently runs off to have affairs with other women without Shakky minding all that much. While open marriages aren't strange, One Piece is technically a kids show. Guess the Roger pirates valued freedom in every way.
  • Everything about Sadi-Chan from Impel Down, she dresses like a devil-themed stripper, enjoys whipping and tying people up, and moans after hurting people.
  • In additional BDSM references, Boa Hancock steps on various people and they talk about how sexy it is to be degraded like that.