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Anime / Episode Of Chopper Plus Bloom In The Winter Miracle Sakura

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Episode Of Chopper Plus Bloom In The Winter Miracle Sakura (or simply Episode of Chopper) is the ninth movie in the One Piece series.

Like Episode of Alabasta before, the movie is an compressed retelling of the Drum Island arc which had the crew have to make a detour in their journey after their navigator, Nami, falls ill and arriving in the kingdom of Drum Island. There they look for a doctor who can help cure her, meet their future doctor Chopper and have to contend against the tyrannical former king who's come to reclaim his throne.

However the movie changes things up by not entirely following the original story. For one, no Vivi, who was with the crew at this point in the original story. But more importantly the crew now have the Sunny Go (a ship they wouldn't gain until the Water 7 Saga) and Franky and Robin are now in the crew. What's more Wapol, the main antagonist of this arc, now has an older brother, Musshuru, who wields the Spore-Spore fruit and helps scheme with him in his plans.


Notably this one hasn't been dubbed by Funimation yet. It's also the last of the Episode of... to be shown as a theatrical movie and would later be relugated to TV Specials.

For more information on the Drum Island arc, check its Recap Arc.

The movie has the following tropes:

  • Adaptation Expansion: Somewhat, since there's more characters, folks like Franky and Zoro are given a bit more screen time. Likewise at the end, Chopper proves instrumental in the final battle against Wapol's defeat whereas in the original story he just fought the henchmen.
  • Adapted Out: No Vivi in this version since it's presented as if the crew had arrived on Drum after the events of Water 7.
  • All Just a Dream: The TV version of the movie added in that it was just a dream Chopper was having while resting on the Sunny. Exactly why he would dream up a bizarre scenario is anyone's guess.
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  • Alternate Continuity: Most obviously, in this case it's presented as if the crew had acquired Franky, Robin and the Thousand Sunny first before they had reached Drum Island. Yeah don't think too much about it, it's just a re-telling and not canon anyway.
  • Canon Foreigner: Musshuru, Wapol's brother, who obviously wasn't present in the original story and made to give Luffy more of a challenge in the finale.
  • Compressed Adaptation: Does a good job of covering the basics of the story arc though does leave out Dalton having a Devil Fruit and the Laphan repaying Luffy for saving one of their own by thwarting Wapol's sneak attack.
  • Conspicuous CG: Show in a few scenes, specifically the opening when describing Devil Fruits and the avalanche scene.
  • Fusion Dance: Wapol eat Masshuru and the cannon in the hope of using his spore power to cloud the whole island as a signal of his return.
  • Trailers Always Lie: The initial trailer for the movie ended on a shot of Luffy looking off in horror and a huge figure looming over the kindgom. At the time the movie came out, the series was working through the Thriller Bark arc, making it seem like Oars was going to be included in the film. Turns out it was just to advertise the upcoming anime version of the arc.
  • What If?: How the movie retelling is presented, which features the crew having the Thousand Sunny, excludes Vivi, adds Franky and Robin, Luffy having his Gear 2 and 3 moves and gives Wapol a brother, Musshuru, who fights in Wapol's place.

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