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"What the media really loves a sole survivor. Just ask you-know-who."

"I always knew I was a sociopath. I mean, why do you think I love horror movies so much? I watched every single one I could get my hands on until I realized it just wasn't quite enough. Why should Michael Myers get to have all the fun when I could be a better monster? Because I'm not just some actor behind a mask. This is who I really am on the inside."
Beth, Resurrection, "Endgame"

Various incarnations of the masked killer known as Ghostface, as well as other Serial Killers, have proven to be monstrously vile.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • Original film: Stuart "Stu" Macher is one of the original Ghostfaces with his partner William "Billy" Loomis. A horror-loving psychopath who leaped at the chance to become a real killer, Stu assisted Billy in abducting, raping, torturing and brutally murdering Maureen Prescott, framing her lover Cotton Weary for the crime. A year on, Stu murders Casey Becker and her boyfriend Steve out of spite for Casey leaving him, leaving her corpse for her parents to find, and then gleefully participates in the Ghostface murder spree with Billy that even sees his own girlfriend Tatum killed. Stu plans to massacre most of the attendees of a party so he and Billy can murder Sidney Prescott, frame her father for it, and pass themselves off as innocent victims, with Stu more than happy to stab Billy for their plan, culminating in him attempting to throttle Sidney as he claims he "always had a thing" for her.
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  • Scream 3: Roman Bridger, Sidney's half-brother, born of Maureen Prescott being raped during her Hollywood career, is revealed as the instigator of the entire series. Roman decries his birth mother as a whore and stalks her extramarital liaisons in Woodboro, using the evidence to mastermind the original killing spree in the first movie, killing Maureen and his own friends, and letting the original Ghostface take the fall. Roman grows jealous of Sidney's fame as a survivor and sets out to frame her for his own kills. Roman disguises himself as a low-budget movie director and kills off the Stab 3 movie's crew while tormenting Sidney with mind games of her traumatic past. Roman claims to be a tragic victim who is lashing out at the world, but Sidney points out that he's self-deluding and simply enjoys killing people, prompting him to fly into a rage. His sole attempt to connect with Sidney during his death is subverted when seconds later he gets up to try to kill them all again.
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  • Scream 4: Jill Roberts, Sidney's cousin, is a deranged Copycat Killer who wipes out her friends in a twisted attempt to become Sidney and hijack her fame. Jill manipulates her friend, Charlie, into helping, and then kills him when he's no longer of use in order to be the sole survivor and the center of attention. Jill even commits Matricide simply to better emulate Sidney's life with a dead mother. Jill kills Trevor to take the blame for the massacre, and then tries to kill Sidney to complete the status as the new "valiant Ghostface survivor". When Jill realizes that Sidney survived after they've both been taken to the hospital, the former tries one final time to kill Sidney, in a last attempt to secure fame.

Live-Action TV

  • TV Series:
    • Season 1: Piper Shaw duplicates the killing spree of Brandon James, starting by killing Nina and her boyfriend Tyler, and later killing depressed student Rachel, making it look like a suicide. Constantly tormenting her half-sister Emma Duvall via texts and phone calls, while being friendly and helpful to her face, Piper targets her friends for no reason other than to hurt her. Piper tries to force Emma to choose between killing two of her friends, and ends up killing Riley. Later, Piper has Will kidnapped and later set up in a Death Trap which Emma is tricked into triggering. Eventually framing Mr. Branson, Piper tortures Sheriff Hudson on a live camera, before leaving him in to be killed in a trap like Will before him. When Ghostface's identity is finally revealed as Piper, she reveals her jealously for Emma's life, and plans to kill the latter in front of their mother Maggie, before slowly killing the latter.
    • Season 2: Kieran Wilcox, while playing the part of loving boyfriend to Emma, is in fact yet another Copycat Killer and accomplice of Piper Shaw. Personally killing Audrey's girlfriend, he also put Will in a Death Trap for Emma to trigger and saw the Sheriff—his own father—tortured and brutally murdered. In season 2, Kieran torments the cast by viciously picking them off one by one, even dropping the corpse of one in front of his girlfriend and murdering one of his girlfriends, while also killing off any cops who get in his way. Leaving Zoe's drowned body in a coffin underwater, Kieran leaves a recording of the latter's screams and struggles to have others, including her boyfriend, think they have a chance of saving her and frames Emma and Audrey for his own murder of the Mayor. Exposed in the finale, Kieran shoots his own cousin before gloating about a plan to murder and frame Emma for his own crimes.
  • Resurrection: Beth is the seemingly savvy de facto leader of the Deadfast club and the true mastermind behind the new Ghostface killing spree. A self-proclaimed "killer wannabe" who fantasized about living a horror movie, Beth got her chance when she met Jamal, and learned about his half-brother's past and secrets. She manipulated Jamal to take the Ghostface mantle to terrorize her supposed friend and his half-brother, outwardly pretending to care about her new friends. As part of their brutal murder spree, Beth personally kills her boyfriend by forcibly overdosing him; has another friend burnt alive in a car; and kills her next boyfriend by sawing through his stomach and groin with a bone saw, watching him bleed out. When Jamal is nearly exposed, Beth has him kidnapped and mortally wounded to not leave loose ends, and when she finally reveals her true motives, she shoots and seemingly kills Marcus before chasing down and trying to kill Liv.


  • Scream 2 (Kevin Williamson's original script): Derek and Hallie are a pair of young psychopaths seeking to imitate—and exceed—the original Woodsboro killings to achieve Fame Through Infamy. Backed by the vengeful Mrs. Loomis and sharing the mantle of Ghostface, Derek and Hallie meticulously infiltrate Sidney Prescott's social circle, becoming her new boyfriend and roommate, respectively. Filming their own copycat murders, they murder a couple at the sneak preview of Stab and push another college student into a glass door to the deck below, mutilating her chest and leaving her body hanging from a tree. Stepping up their game and killing Randy Meeks, they proceed to murder two police officers that were in their way and even Hallie's own innocent boyfriend, Mickey, before sadistically attaching the corpse of one of Sidney's friends, Joel, to a wall for a cheap laugh. Planning on finishing their massacre with the triple murder of Sidney, Gale and Cotton, Derek and Hallie wanted nothing more than to send a message to the happy endings of Hollywood and prove their own nihilistic philosophy of punishing innocents to inherit the Earth as murderers.
  • Scream 3 (Ehren Kruger's unproduced script): Roman Bridger is even more sadistic and sociopathic in this Darker and Edgier version of the final product. When rejected by his mother, Maureen Prescott, Roman manipulated Billy Loomis into perpetrating the original Woodsboro killings that resulted in the murder of his own mother, seeing Billy as an "amateur" who laid the groundwork for him. Using his own submissive girlfriend, Angelina Tyler, to satisfy his incestuous lust for his half-sister, Roman and Angelina start killing the actors of Stab 3, with Roman gutting a woman "from neck to groin" and showing the mutilated corpse to her boyfriend before killing him as well. With the Los Angeles case gaining more attention with each murder, Roman not only murders a police detective, but also slashes the throat of his own father and then disembowels him for shock value. Wanting to mutilate his own half-sister before framing her for his killing spree, Roman relishes in his status as the villain of Sidney's life.