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"I am Sister Jill's eyes and ears, Tarantula Claw! Lurking in the darkness, walking in the shadows, I capture words with these threads and deliver them to Sister Jill. That's my motto."

"Don't ever let Scorpion corner you. No mere human can ever defeat her. That bitch is just a bloodthirsty monster who gets off watching her soldiers kill prisoners. That's the real reason this prison was built. Not for any kind of justice."
Akira Fudou, on Miss Scorpion, New Cutie Honey, "Prison is the Nest of Evil"

Honey Kisaragi, as the prototype for future Magical Girl Warrior characters, has fought many foes through various incarnations. These are the worst.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Panther Zora note  is the true leader of Panther Claw, and Honey's Arch-Enemy. A powerful, immortal witch who desires complete global domination, Zora seeks Honey's Airborne Element Fixing Device, her power source, in order to accomplish her goals. She forcibly turns people into her Panther kaijins and sends them out to kill Honey, not caring how many people are killed, or if they're killed by Honey. Despite being the older sister of second-in-command Sister Jill, Zora doesn't care when Honey kills her. Supposedly being defeated by Honey, Zora returns 100 years later as a naked teenage girl in a mech suit, now going under the name Black Maiden. Working with the villainous Dolmeck, Zora promises him power if he were to bring her back to her full potential. Placing him in charge of Cosplay City, she allows crime to run rampant. She helps Dolmeck give criminals a serum that allows them to turn into monsters for Honey to kill. Eventually resurrected by Dolmeck to her full potential, Zora escapes Dolmeck's spaceship as it crashes and leaves him to die in the explosion. Now fully revived, Zora tries to start another Panther Claw by giving special powers to certain female criminals, including the ability to transform into monsters. These criminals end up causing a lot of deaths, and at one point come close to blowing up the entire city. Sadistic and selfish, Zora only cared about herself, seeing others as tools to further her goals.
  • New Cutie Honey:
    • Dolmeck, aka the Lord of Darkness, is the ruler of Cosplay City, and the second-in-command for Panther Zora, now going under the name Black Maiden. As ruler, he allows murder, rape, and robbery to run rampant among the city. Making a deal with Zora to fully revive her in exchange for power, Dolmeck creates a serum that he gives to various criminals that allows them to transform into monsters, wanting Cutie Honey to kill them. Having the power to absorb souls, he uses that power to draw in hundreds of evil souls from the criminals Honey killed, wanting Honey to kill him so that the souls will be released into Zora, giving her power. He has one of his goons, Peeping Spider, kidnap Chokkei in order to lure Honey to him in his spaceship. When he sees that Honey's made it on board, he orders Spider to kill Chokkei, seeing him as having served his purpose. When Honey stabs him and unleashes the souls, Dolmeck brags about how all Humans Are Bastards with evil souls, and laughs when Honey argues against him. An arrogant sociopath who doesn't even shed a tear when his own girlfriend, Death Star, is killed by Honey, Dolmeck is one of the worst this series has to offer.
    • "The Sweet Trap of the Jewel Princess": Jewel Princess runs a jewelry shop as a front for entrapping beautiful girls. When she finds one she wants, she has her brought to the basement, stripped naked and subjected to a gas that results in the girl being turned into a statue, so she can preserve their beauty and keep them around for her to admire. She even loves their screams of despair and pain as they're converted into statues. She forces the captive heroine Honey to watch as she does this to an innocent girl, and once Honey bests her in a fight, Jewel Princess takes one of Dolmeck's serums to change into a monstrous creature to simply rend Honey apart.
    • "Prison Is the Nest of Evil": Miss Scorpion is an invincible Combat Sadomasochist who gets off on fighting. The warden of an illegal island prison, she watches men fight each other to the death—often participating herself—while selected women are made her slaves; the ones who aren't are raped by her guards. Sending out her Thug Hunters posing as vigilante policemen, one of her many captives is Akira Fudou, whom she challenges in a fight for his freedom, knowing she'll win thanks to her powers. After Akira is freed by Honey and rigs the island to explode, Scorpion turns into a monster using Panther Zora's powers and tries to leave Honey to die in the explosion. Incredibly sadistic and violent, Scorpion was the worst of Zora's new Panther Claw members.
  • Flash:
    • Sister Jill is the vicious, sadistic leader of Panther Claw, an organization that steals jewelry to feed to Panther Zora. Tasked with retrieving Honey Kisaragi's airborne elemental fixing device, Jill kidnaps Professor Kisaragi and tortures him until Honey can give the device to her. In the past, Jill raided a ship of its valuables and killed everyone onboard, including a young Seiji's father, and almost killed Seiji herself. Seemingly killed by Honey, she resurrects herself and plots her revenge against Honey. Summoning various Panther Claw leaders from around the world, she feels no sadness for their deaths, and even fears that they'll turn against her. She at one point has them shoot up the St. Chapel Academy as a way to send a message to Honey. Working with Freddie Claw, Jill sends Honey and Seiji into space, where she launches Seiji out the airlock and claws Honey's skin apart. Getting sucked into a crystal after Honey defeats her, she returns three years later to crash Seiji and Honey's wedding, threatening to kill their baby daughter Seira.
    • Freddie/Freddy Claw is one of Sister Jill's three main elite kaijin following her resurrection, and the most evil. Assisting Jill in the massacre at St. Chapel Academy, Freddy almost kills Natsuko and would have gladly killed more students herself had Jill not stopped her. Desiring to usurp Jill and become Panther Claw's new leader, she forms a plan to have her taken to space and launches her out the airlock, ordering her men to kill Honey and retrieve the device for herself. With Jill threatening her should she fail to take the device, Freddie launches an attack on a Russian warship, where she holds 10 million passengers hostage, and threatens Honey with a nuke aimed at Tokyo should she not fork over her device, launching it anyway just to spite her.
  • Re: Cutie Honey:
    • Sister Jill is the sociopathic leader of Panther Claw, and the prototype of Cutie Honey. Originally locked away after Honey Kisaragi's success, Jill was released and slaughtered all of the scientists. Establishing Panther Claw to spread terror and fear, Jill wants to destroy civilization and emotion out of fear of feeling sadness or confusion, while also wanting to use Honey to gain eternal youth. She sends her kaijin Gold Claw to be arrested in order to destroy the police station and start a riot, and later approves of Cobalt and Scarlet Claw's plan to kidnap and murder every woman in town who looks like Honey until the real Honey shows herself. Having Black Claw bring back the captured 10,000 women, Jill uses the women as a fuel source for her Jill Tree to spread her influence around the world. When Honey and Natsuko break into the Jill Tree, Jill uses her butler to psychologically torture Honey due to looking like her deceased father, and attempts to combine with her to obtain absolute power, seeking to turn everyone in the world into emotionless shells like herself. After Honey is freed by her friends and tries to combine with Jill to make her have emotions, Jill, refusing to combine with Honey, has the Japanese government launch a nuclear missile onto the Tree, which would destroy the entire city, all because she'd rather die as herself than change.
    • Scarlet Claw is one of the Four Gods serving Sister Jill, and the worst of the bunch. A selfish brat willing to do anything to gain attention, Scarlet hatches a plan where she and Cobalt Claw have women who look like Honey kidnapped and killed until the real Honey reveals her true identity, preparing to increase the search range the longer Honey doesn’t show herself. While this is going on, Scarlet tries to get the city to hate Honey, blaming her for Panther Claw's actions. Once Honey arrives to stop her, Scarlet has Cobalt killed and uses her nanomachine ashes to corrupt Honey in an attempt to have Jill control her. Preparing to bring the 10,000 women she's captured to Jill to serve as her fuel source, Scarlet later tries to use her own nanomachine ashes to corrupt Honey once again.
  • Universe: Sister Jill is the cruel, sadistic leader of Panther Claw who desires Honey Kisaragi's Airborne Elemental Fixing Device. Capturing women through either manipulation or by having them turned into mannequins, she makes them her Panther kaijins. Disguising herself as Inspector Genet to get closer to Honey, she becomes obsessed with her beauty and power, seeking to capture her to make her an elite kaijin. She places Iron Shadow as mayor to allow Panther Claw diplomatic immunity, while also having her sell weapons to secure Panther Claw's budget, having her and the investors bombed when a deal goes poorly. Having little regards for her kaijin, she lets them get killed by Honey, kills some herself, and forgets them after they're defeated. Working under Panther Zora's orders to spread terror and chaos to acquire Honey's device, Jill sends her kaijins to capture Honey, threatening them with death if they kill her. Jill plans to acquire the device by breaking Honey's spirit to the point where she will willingly give it up to her. To this end, Jill orders the destruction of St. Chapel Academy, killing everyone there and even executing Snake Panther for supposedly killing Honey; kidnaps Natsuko to engage in a fake hostage deal with the PCIS, which results in the death of 8 of her kaijin and Natsuko; and has Honey squashed until she's scared and powerless, later killing Dragon Panther when she helps Honey.

  • Cutey Honey '90: The wicked Sister Jill returns from her past defeat as vicious as ever. With a legacy of murder behind her, Jill turns innocents into monster slaves that Honey must kill, slaughtering the customers of a jewel store to take the spoils inside and later kidnapping Honey and her partner where she reveals her only use for men is killing and eating them. Jill attempts a nuclear attack across the world to cause a worldwide disaster and wipe humanity out, seeking to unleash Panther Zora upon the planet, obsessed with only what she sees as "beautiful" and her own sadistic desires.
  • Tennyo Densetsu's chapter 2: Junji Ogimori, aka Bomber Kid, stands out as an ordinary human with zero powers. An obsessed fan of the Ultra Rangers, Junji started out as a psycho who stalked the show's crew after obtaining their timetables, where he took photos and expressed his desire for the show to become more edgy. Getting a job as a crewmember, Junji developed a crush on Ultrapink's stuntwoman, Saori Fukazawa, harassing her every chance he could get, which got him banned from the set, and was later arrested after deciding to stalk her every night. After being released and finding out that Saori already has a boyfriend, Junji goes crazy, deciding to take revenge on society. Stealing dynamite from a quarry, Junji places some dynamite in a few locations, injuring many. Dressed as a Sentai hero, Junji walks into a large crowd, declaring himself the culprit of the explosions, and chucks some dynamite, killing and injuring numerous people. Holding dozens in a restaurant hostage, Junji demands Saori so that the two can die in an explosion, blowing up a waiter near some cops. When Honey disguises herself as Ultrapink, Junji takes a maid hostage and demands the real Saori.
  • Cutie Honey a Go Go!:
    • Sister Jill, an emotionless battle android made by Professor Kisaragi, became the leader of Panther Claw after her release from captivity. Seeking to destroy Japan with a nuke and turn the world into one of chaos and eternal war, Jill sends her kaijin out to cause as much havoc as possible, from destroying every train system surrounding Japan’s coastal line to prevent anybody from escaping, to assassinating Professor Kisaragi, with her attacks resulting in hundreds of casualties.
    • Tarantula Claw is an elite member of Panther Claw, and Sister Jill's eyes and ears. Assisting Jill in her plan to nuke the world and stop Cutie Honey, Tarantula uses her webs to eavesdrop on the Safety Bureau office in order to gather info on their plans, which causes the death of countless innocents, including Dr. Kisaragi, Honey's father/creator. Once she's discovered, Tarantula decapitates a man before making an escape. When Honey goes into hiding at the Saint Chapel Academy, Tarantula uses Fire Claw as bait to find Honey's location, uncaring when she's killed. At the Academy, Tarantula sends some Panther Claw goons to attack the school and its students, and when her attempt to kill Natsuko fails, Tarantula uses Dragon Panther to kill head teacher Miss Miharu and burn the academy, later slicing the teenage Ayu in half because her screams were getting on her nerves.

    Live-Action Works 
  • Cutie Honey: THE LIVE's "Second Girl!": Chief Shirakawa is the seemingly-kind, recently hired director of the Kanto Girls Rehabilitation Center, but is soon revealed to be a sociopathic bioweapon from Panther Claw. Setting up a series of rules for the girls to follow, he punishes those who break them by kidnapping them and having his Co-Dragons, Tomohiro and Zuimaru electrocute them to death, making the corpses look like dead runaways, something he has done to Hitomi. When warden Kitou tries to escape with Mami, Shirakawa catches them and electrocutes Mami to death while keeping Kitou barely alive. After capturing Miki, he proceeds to electrocute Kitou to death at her request before attempting to do the same to Miki. When Sayo searches for Miki, Shirakawa grabs her and orders Zuimaru to electrocute her. When Miki transforms into Sister Miki and kills Zuimaru, Shirakawa runs away, later attempting to murder Miki when she's busy killing Tomohiro.
  • Cutie Honey: Tears (2016): Lady Jill is the sociopathic ruler of Tatehama with an undying hatred for humanity. Created by Dr. Kisaragi as an unemotional link to help restore a dying world, Jill instead began to see humans as inferior, and attempted to kill Kisaragi and his android daughter Hitomi. After incapacitating Kisaragi, Jill uses his still-living brain as an A.I., which allows her to control the entire city. Using her power to make the lower-class citizens suffer by creating acidic rain and pollution caused by the high-class citizens' partying, Jill also controls her Sodoms to abuse citizens and kill resistance members. Sending out her Sodom to capture Hitomi, which results in the deaths of Hitomi's foster parents, Jill destroys them when they fail to capture her. Finding out that the upper-class citizens are having a party that will result in an enormous toxic rain cloud that will destroy the entire city, Jill tries to prevent Hitomi and the resistance from stopping it just to watch her suffer.

Alternative Title(s): Cutie Honey