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Completed Migrations / Namespaced Works with Less Than 15 Wicks

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Actually, these are work pages — along with administrivia, creator, just for fun, and useful notes. If, after being moved to a namespace, the page has less than fifteen wicks (which can be found on the Related page) — it should be placed here. Please check to make sure that all wicks have been replaced. As soon as a page gains at least fifteen wicks (not including this one, Pages Needing Wicks, sandboxes or redirects), and all wicks are replaced — please then move page to Completed Namespace Migrations.


Two very important things to note:

  • Numbers in brackets (Square Brackets) indicate the wick threshold of completed works. note 
  • Numbers in parenthesis (Round Brackets) indicate the amount of ghost wicks of a completed work. note 

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