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Music / Capital Cities

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Sebu Simonian (left) and Ryan Merchant (right)

"We make thoughtful electro/pop music that you should listen to!"
From their official Twitter

Capital Cities is an American Indie Pop duo from Los Angeles consisting of Ryan Merchant (vocals, keyboard, guitar) and Sebu Simonian (vocals, keyboard).

The two met on Craigslist and spent three years composing music for commercials and advertisement campaigns.

Their self-titled debut EP (featuring their Signature Song "Safe and Sound") was released in 2011 via their label, Lazy Hooks. Their second single "Kangaroo Court" was released 2012. Their debut album "In a Tidal Wave of Mystery" was released in 2013 after signing a deal with Capitol Records. Their sophomore album "Solarize" was released in 2018.