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Administrivia / Inbound Watch

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This bit of administrivia is the page where we sign up folks who have volunteered for Inbound Watch, the exercise of monitoring the top ten items on inbound links to catch newby-style edit issues (natter, first person, wonky indentation, etc.).

Forum topic here.

The Inbound Watch Checklist

Actions to take on a "shift."

  1. Check through the top ten to make sure they are good examples for newbies. That is, for each:
    1. Clear out any "this troper" and first person stuff.
    2. Make sure indentation meets Example Indentation in Trope Lists.
    3. Clear out any natter.
    4. Spell check.
  2. Add them to your watchlist, monitor for changes, and put in fixes as the shift goes on, with good edit reasons.
  3. Lounge around in the stunningly attractive Watcher uniform inspiring awe and wonder from the bypassers.