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Administrivia / Completed Namespace Migrations

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This is where all the completed pages go. Please be sure to check these pages on occasion to make sure that the new wicks directed to the Main/ namespace are kept in check. If there are too many wicks in this state, it is recommended to return that page on the namespace migration page.

Page names in BOLD indicate a page with at least 500 wicks. Which means that those will accumulate wicks to Main/ especially fast, so check them regularly if you can. Page names with BOLD AND ITALICS are Trope Kilowicked with at least 1500 wicks.


Two very important things to note:

  • Numbers in brackets ("[]") indicate the wick threshold of completed pages. note 
  • Numbers in parenthesis ("()") indicate the amount of ghost wicks of a completed page. note 

And please insert only pages that have at least fifteen wicks (not including this one, Pages Needing Wicks, sandboxes or redirects). Please place the pages with less than fifteen wicks on Namespaced Works with Less Than 15 Wicks.




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    Audio Play 


    Darth Wiki 

    Drinking Game 

    Fan Works 

    Grand Unified Timeline 


    Just for Fun 


    Let's Plays 













    Self Demonstrating 

    So You Want To 

    Sugar Wiki 



    Useful Notes 
  • Usenet (moved from Website/)

    Web Original 



    Wild Mass Guessing