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Just For Fun / Hitler's Revenge

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Hitler's Revenge was an NES game scheduled to be released in 1986. For better or for worse, this game never saw release and allegedly was lost. Only 5 minutes of gameplay footage was recovered and uploaded on YouTube in 2008. However, after several years, the original footage was taken down, though a few copies still exist (the link in this article is one of said copies).

On November 11, 2014, footage of what seems to be another version of the game was uploaded, along with a link to an article detailing how the game was made. The video is almost identical to the first, but with several differences. The most noticeable difference is the title of the game - it is now Hoagie's Revenge. The copyright has also been changed from "Nintendo" to "Pretendo". It seems that the older video, ironically, shows the newer version of the game, as it has several subtle graphical features missing from the version in the newer video.


The game takes place in a bright colorful world, where an unnamed cook (referred to as "Cook" in this article) is trying to get to a leper colony, presumably to get treatment before it's too late. To do so, he has to avoid multiple enemies and devious traps.

Yeah, it's not a real game. As stated in the making-of article linked earlier, the game is actually a flash animation made for a movie.

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