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Legacy of Power is a Tokusatu/Henshin Hero based RPG that is the next iteration of the Henshin Heroes, Super Hero Taisen and Heroes' Carnival boards. Unlike all other versions, this one is split up based on franchise, each one carrying its own storyline.

In Rider World, a war between Shocker and the Riders has damaged the world greatly, and formed a Rider Alliance. With the return of Shocker, the URSA organization is thrust into a losing war.


In Ranger World, the Zangyack launched their invasion plans, only to be repelled by the Ranger alliance. Now they're planning their next move while the Rangers prepare.

In Makai World, Messiah has been killed by the legendary EDEN, Knight of God, and now Messiah's apostles are trying to take vengeance and revive their master.

In Tomica World, several years after the apparent fall of Jakkaen, the UFDA has spread even further, with a branch in every country, and the name changing from United Fire Defence Agency to Global Emergency Defense Agency, GEDA for short. However, deep below the crust of the earth, a sealed fragment of Don Kaen remained, and was absorbed by the ancient technological lifeform Baatsu, forming a new, more powerful evil, Don Baal. This new evil, with the fury of Don Kaen and the wicked vengeance of Baatsu, began creating a new empire, no longer centered around simple disasters of fires, instead creating myriad disasters across the world. In response, GEDA deployed their new Disaster Response squads, Rescue Terra, Rescue Aqua, Rescue Police, and Rescue Aero, while also redeploying their original squads, Rescue Force and Rescue Fire. Meanwhile, in the shadows, the three Madan Masters are training new wielders for the Madan Arms, the Gekiryuken, Gouryugun, and Zanryujin, aiming to vanquish Don Baal in their own way.


In Sailor World, the Shadow Galactica is on the move, and targeting Earth. The Sailors must stand in their way and protect their planet.



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