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Roleplay / The Leagueof Extraordinary Ponies

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“What is the situation general?”
“Not good your highness, the Black Cloud is still advancing, we weren’t able to stop or slow them down…”
“But i have sent all of the royal guards!”
“I know your highness… but they have… some kind of dark magic… scary looking metallic snakes, fire bolts that travel faster than a lightening, their pegasus are a match even for the Wonderbolts and..”
“Stop here, have you lost your mind general?”
“Your highness please believe me… they are not just a bunch of rebels… they are organized as a regular army and they have those terrible stuffs… I’ve lost half of my platoon in less than five minutes… every single soldier died in the following hour… cut away like flowers by a giant blade…”
“ok ok I see… should I call more ponies from the population? We can make a mandatory service call and…
“… my highness… it will be a worthless sacrifice… we need special ponies… we need soldiers with better or at least same abilities as them…. Or we will fall….”
“Special abilities?... Uhm… I have an idea… you can go now general”
The armored, medal covered stallion left the room
“…. Call all of the spies… they have to start right now…”
Original Post, Doc. Volt

As the Original Post says, Equestria is at war. Princess Celestia has sent out a call for the most bad ass army that can be thought of. While this RP is in it's beginnings, it has a lot of promise and WILL inevitably end.


The actual RP is here, so you can read it on your own time.

The character page is under construction, but it's none the less here The Leagueof Extraordinary Ponies

This Roleplay has examples of:

  • Armor Is Useless: Subverted in that every serious injury thus far could have been easily prevented with a good set of armor.
  • Bad Ass Crew: Not only is this a crew of ponies that are almost all bad asses, but it's also on an Airship
  • BFG: So far, we've seen muscle bound soldiers with Anti-Air riffles that can blow a hole the size of a garage door in reinforced steel from 2 miles away, and an overly large (the size of a pony) Anti-Tank riffle in the first battle alone
  • BFS: Some of Chain Mail's swords, especially his soon to be signature Death Blade
  • Bio-Augmentation: At LEAST 2 characters on the Zepplepony have these, both with different results.
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  • Guns Are Worthless: Subverted, for the Heroes anyway. Most of them still prefer to use Melee though.
  • I Can Still Fight!: the Doctor's reaction to having a broken leg, several bullet wounds, having busted through a plane of glass with his face, and passing out after running out of pain killers. He still wants to fight even though the battle is pretty much over and done and he has fixed up mortal wounds.
  • Nicknaming the Enemy: We don't know if the Black Cloud has a name other than that, but it was originally come up with by Celestia's generals because of how much pollution their machines put in the air, which resulted in a Black Cloud.
  • One-Handed Zweihänder: Again Chain Mail will invoke this with his more and more elaborate swords. May also be invoked by the Black Cloud later, and even then this would be by mercenaries with Power Armor.
  • One-Man Army: Again, most everyone on the ship is one of these. note 
  • Power Armor: Averted, originally going to be used by Chain Mail, but the hydraulics were broken, so he threw the bionic arm away.
  • Red Shirt Army: So far, the Black Cloud has been this, what with their somewhat defective superior weaponry and all and all Zerg Rush tactics.
  • The Squad: The as of yet unnamed anti-Black Cloud strike force, they double as a Bad Ass Crew.
  • Tanks for Nothing: So far, all the tanks seen in battle have been decimated in about 2 minutes by Chain Mail with a combination of physics and a BFG note 

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