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  • Forest Investigation, which has Cristina and a troop of ZECTroopers and Kurokage Trooper Seto going through the forest in search of Makamou corpses. It starts out simply enough, but soon the group is ambushed by the Queen of Hearts Undead and Cristina can't transform. With Seto as the last fighter standing, Cristina gives him her Suika Lock Seed. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Also counts for Cristina, whose Suika Lock Seed was actually dead and worthless. How she got it working is a mystery.
  • PROJECT ARROW counts as one for the bad guys. They get inside of URSA after spending years undercover as a research and development firm, and then proceed to slaughter most of the audience, No-Sell everything URSA can throw at them, and also assassinate key players in URSA.
  • James vs Seto, BOTH as Kurokage. James easily mops the floor with him.

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