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Administrivia / Troping Under the Influence

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The tropers' meta-equivalent of What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?.

Drugs can do strange things to a person. So too can stress overload, lack of sleep, one drink too many — or, listening to friends who themselves qualify for one of the above. Hey, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The results of Troping Under The Influence vary, sometimes leaving the troper wondering "what did I edit last night?". It may be Hilarious in Hindsight to the persons involved (once they sober up, of course), and if April is around the corner other Tropers might agree, or it might be anyone who took Drinking Game pages too seriously. But it also might be bad enough to cause an editing suspension if it looks like vandalism or simply isn't funny. In any case, Wiki Magic should be wielded by sober editors only. If all else fails, if an article created under the influence turns out to be So Bad, It's Horrible, it can be nominated for the Cut List.


Alternative Title(s): Drunk Troping


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