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WAW Wrestling is an independent promotion hailing out of Manchester, New Hampshire (that tiny state in New England that never really seems to have much going on). A non-profit organization that donates to charity, WAW Wrestling offers a weekly show called 'Aftermath' that airs on YouTube as well as its own website.

WAW's site can be found here.

... Or it COULD before WAW crumbled to bits in a fiery heap of failure.

You see, after 21 years of operation, part-owner and commentator Nick "Shats O' Bannigan" Parks was asked to take a 2-month leave of absence. Growing tensions in the locker room, including reports of verbal abuse and harassment, had caused a rift between Parks and members of the locker room. A meeting was held to highlight concerns from members of the locker room and to request Parks' temporary leave; in retaliation, Parks and a couple of wrestlers who sided with him formed a petition to remove one of the other owners from power.

Parks lied about the contents of the petition to many who signed it, according to those who spoke up in a meeting afterward. He had also gone behind the backs of the other owners of the company and applied to the NH Boxing and Wrestling Commission to instate WAW as an official non-profit organization. ... And unwittingly exposed the company to state investigation as it had been operating under the table for two decades.


Anyway, after that fateful meeting in early July 2019, half of the roster, including the WAW champion Draven Filth, walked out the door. Many would never return, though Filth agreed to drop the belt to Buck DeRais on a later show out of good faith and respect for DeRais, who was set to retire. The company would not last much longer; after a few more shows, WAW was sent a cease and desist from the commission, and they closed their doors in NH for good.

They resurfaced in some mark's garage in Massachusetts and ran shows out of a literal backyard, because WAW had been working for so long to develop a decent reputation, why not butcher it? It is now the laughing stock of any self-respecting promotion in New England, and it's best not to mention the time you spent there lest you never want to work a show.


There is still a Youtube channel containing the impressive catalog of matches WAW has built over the years; the channel can be found here. Feel free to watch it in order to remember WAW back when it wasn't a walking punchline.

WAW Wrestling contains examples of...

  • The Ace: Whoever the current champion is at the time, especially if they're face.
  • Action Girl: Just about every female in the promotion, actually. It would be easier to list the ones that don't qualify.
  • Captain Ersatz: Jonny Psycho, in particular, should have people thinking of CM Punk.
    • Kevin Gyles, a bulky wrestler with a shirt that reads 'Chop, Gyles, Chop' should seem somewhat familiar.
  • Cool Old Guy: Nachos Bell Grande, who is billed as having been born in 1969. Arguably even cooler is Peter Labrie, ring announcer.
  • Evil Foreigner: A classic wrestling trope, WAW has featured villains billed from other countries:
    • Grimm is from Germany.
    • Ecuador is from... Ecuador.
    • MKK is from Canada.
  • Fun with Acronyms: The Inner City Posse, the resident juggalo stable, has the initials 'ICP'. Of course, the name is also a reference to ICP's (the musicians) original name.
  • The Giant: Most of the wrestlers are rather small, but there are a few big guys peppered here and there. Special mention goes to the 6′5″, 350-pound Kevin Gyles.
    • Draven Filth is even taller than Gyles, though he is not quite as heavy.
  • Gimmick Matches: Hoo boy, there are a lot of these. For the full list, see this page. In general, though, the more gimmicky matches tend to be rare and seldom get in the way of the actual wrestling.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: WAW commentator Chad Epik used to be stuck in one of these, saying nasty things about crowd favorites like Nachos Bell Grande while praising other faces like Johnny Psycho. Nowadays, he's a solid face.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: Grimm. He's a scary, scary gimp covered head-to-toe in black leather.
  • Joke Character: Most masked characters hold this distinction, hardly ever scoring a win over anybody but at least manage to be somewhat entertaining in the process.
  • Parts Unknown: Of the 'from wherever he/she feels like' variety.
  • Power Stable: Any established team of three or more performers tends to be this, especially if they're heel. The 3 Kings and the Flaxion are two notable examples.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Rocko may be an Ax-Crazy king of violence, but everybody knows he's infatuated with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
    • Morgan Kennedy Kilmarnock has a trademark favorite drink in Moxie, a beverage mostly sold in certain parts of New England (even though he purports to be from Canada).


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