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So, it looks like you need to split a page. Well, there's two ways to do it, and you'll need to pick one. Soft splitting is done by making a line break between the things that would be on the page, most commonly work subpages like YMMV and WMG, as long as the pages are relatively small. Hard splitting is when a page has all the content moved to a different set of pages and then the original is turned into a disambiguation or index. This is preferred for works and large pages.

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Soft splitting

    How to Soft Split a Page 
This example will be soft-splitting YMMV.Into The Woods by separating entries for the original stage show and its 2014 film adaptation.

Find the Edit button, which is located at the top left or bottom left of the page.

This will then take you to the source screen.

Rearrange the page into the order/layout/sections that you want. Once you are done, add markup that will title and separate the sections. This example uses level 2 headings (!!), but you can also use other formatting like AC markup, bolded text, or folders. For more on this, see Text-Formatting Rules.

Hit preview to ensure that all the content has been carried over, leave a note in the edit reason, and hit save. You now have a softsplit page. Here is the section for the musical:

...And below it the section for the 2014 film:

Hard splitting

    Creating a New Page and Transferring Data 
The basic procedure for hard-splitting has a lot in common with How to Move a Page, so it will help if you read that page first.

This example will be hard-splitting VideoGame.Postal:

New pages will be made for its sequels, VideoGame.Postal 2, VideoGame.Postal III, VideoGame.Postal 4 No Regerts, and its film adaptation, Film.Postal. As you can see, it has already been soft-split into folders for each work. The hard split will just take it one step further.

First, have your new page ready in another tab. This can be done by clicking through a red-link or modifying an existing URL to have the proper WikiWord. To make VideoGame.Postal III, go to:

Then find the Edit button, located at the top right or bottom left of the page.

Click this for both pages, and it should take you to the source screen. In the original page, find the content you want to split off, then copy it.

Paste it in the new page.

If you are splitting a trope page or a long subpage into subpages, then add a line about what you split it from. If you are creating a new work page, you will have to bring your new work page up to speed with the guidelines on How to Create a Work Page. Here, this was done by copying the description from the old page's description and adding an examples line.

In the old page's edit reason, leave a note saying you are splitting the page to avoid confusion. Hit save on both pages. You now have a shiny new page!

Be sure to add your new page to all the appropriate indexes and ensure the page type is set to the correct one. For example, VideoGame.Postal III is a work that would be indexed in Video Games of 2010–2014. And if the page has discussion or reviews that need to be moved, you'll have to notify the staff as well. See the section on How to Move a Page.

    Breaking Redirects 

When splitting a work, you'll occasionally find that the page you want to move to is already a redirect. You can tell this is the case if going to the page you want to make just redirects you to the source page. See Creating New Redirects for more information on how they work. When writing this guide, VideoGame.Postal 2 redirected to VideoGame.Postal:

You will have to break the redirect in order to make the new page. This can be done first by going into the "Related" tab next to the "Edit Page" button:

The "Related" page tells you how many wicks a page has. Any redirects it has are in a box on the right. Go on over there and click the redirect you want to break:

That will then take you to the Related page for that redirect. Hit Edit.

You'll then find a source box with the redirect markup. Remove this markup. Proceed with the move as discussed previously.

Alternative Title(s): Hard Split, Soft Split