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So, it looks like you need to split a page. Well, there's two ways to do it, and you'll need to pick one. Soft splitting is done by making a line break between the things that would be on the page, most commonly work subpages like YMMV and WMG, as long as the pages are relatively small. Hard splitting is when a page has all the content moved to a different set of pages and then the original is turned into a disambiguation or index. This is preferred for works and large pages.


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If you're splitting because it's too long. You want the folders or split sections to be about the same length.

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     How to Soft Split a Page 

As an example, we're going to look at the soft split that was done for the example on How to Move a Page. We're going to be looking at a Characters page that's being moved over, so our data is already existent. If you were starting a blank page, you would simply add the header for the appropriate version of the work or whatever you need done. This is done so people don't get confused if they come looking for a movie and you were talking about a book or some such circumstance.

Starting with a blank page, we're going to edit it.

You should now have a source page for the original characters and a new, blank, characters page.

Edit the blank source page by adding some highlighted labels for which work the section is for:

Copy over the information from the source page:

Click save and view the page to make sure everything fits properly:

    How to Hard Split a Page 

In most cases of hard splitting, somebody tried to lump two works/tropes together, and it's become something of a mess. Remakes are also common, as in most cases they're two different works with the same name and Name Space. Or, you'll be splitting a subpage like YMMV that several works get used on. In this example, we'll be splitting the YMMV page YMMV.Night Watch because there's a 1)literature series 2)film adaption of the literature series 3)a Discworld novel. Normally, a subpage this small would not be hard split, however screenshots were desired for this how to page.

If you need to hard split a trope page, you'll need the assistance of a moderator. Post a request on Ask The Tropers with your explanation.

Our original YMMV page looks like this:

First, you'll need to decide on names of choice. In this case, Nightwatch Literature, Nightwatch Film Adaptation, and Night Watch (Discworld) were chosen based on medium/series, with "adaption" added to the end of the film version for aesthetic value. If there were multiple works in the same medium with the same name (such as Sherlock Holmes or Dracula or anything of that nature), the names for the articles would have any subtitles, or if those aren't usable, the year of creation. See Film.Captain America for an example of such a split. If you're not sure how to title the pages, make a thread in Trope Repair Shop and ask for help splitting the page.

Now, we'll need to move all the information to the new pages. See How to Move a Page for the full list of steps on how to move information from one page to the other. The result should look like this:

Click save once satisfied, do this for all the pages you're creating. You'll need to custom title the new pages to add parenthesis to the after title component, as well as add any punctuation. See How to Make a Custom Title.

Next up, replacing the original page with an index of the new pages. Due to size issues, this is purely a crop, rather than a resize. Click for full image.

After that, we've got some basic house keeping, namely fiddling with the page types of the different pages.

Click the button on the top of the left side labeled 1. This will drop down a list of options, click on the option labeled "set page type" marked by a 2.

You should see a screen resembling the following (actual type will vary depending on what it's set as to begin with. See What Page Types Mean for the various options):

Now, we'll be changing it, from "subpage" to "disambiguation" and checking the "does indexing" box, since this is going to be an index of the other pages.

The new pages should all be set as whatever the previous page type was, in this case "subpage".

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