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E-Girls (short for EXILE Girls) are an all girl Japanese Pop Music group formed in 2011. Comprised of three indivdual units (Dream, Flower, and Happiness), E-Girls are characterized by colorful imagery, multitude of talented members, and songs that will never leave your head.

Fellow pop group EXILE held auditions in 2011 to find members of dance only group Flower. Not too long after, EXILE's Hiro announced a "Girl's Entertainment Project" that would consist of established units of Love, Dream, Happiness, and Flower (though Love dissolved before they could do anything with E-Girls). Their first performance was in 2011 and ever since E-Girls have become one of Japan's most popular music groups, along with EXILE and AKB48.

Current members (vocalists are italisized):

  • Dream: Shizuka, Aya, (Dream's leader), Ami, and Erie
  • Happiness: SAYAKA, Kaede, Karen Fuiji, MIYUU (Leader), YURINO, Anna Suda, Ruri Kawamoto
  • Flower: Fuiji Shuuka, Manami Shigetome (Leader), Mio Nakajima, Reina Washio, Nozomi Brando, Harumi Sato
  • E-Girls: Anna Ishii, Nonoka Yamaguchi, Yuzuna Takebe

No, this girl group has nothing to do with the subculture.

E-Girls provides examples of:

  • Christmas Episode: "Merry Merry X-Mas".
  • Crossover: E-Girls are one big crossover between Dream, Happiness, and Flower. But there are more examples:
    • Dream's video for "Move It" features majority of E-Girls dancers.
    • Flower's video for "Dreamin' Together" has members from British girl group Little Beats joining them.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: Ami's other defining trait, the other being her dyed strawberry blonde hair.
  • Demoted to Extra: A downplayed example, Erie doesn't peform too much with E-Girls too much these days, but will sing when needed and provides backing music with her DJing abilities.
  • Distaff Counterpart: E-Girls is literaly the female version of EXILE.
  • Hidden Depths: It doesn't show, but Erie is a horror fan. She even name-dropped 28 Weeks Later, I Am Legend, and even The Human Centipede as some of her favorite movies. Erie's dream is to do a zombie-themed music video.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: Anna Ishii, Nonoka Yamaguchi, and Yuzuna Takebe do not belong to any subgroup.
  • Older Than They Look: The current Dream roster is a bit older than the rest of E-Girls. Dream's members are in their late-20's while the rest of E-Girls are around their late teens-early 20's.
  • Out-of-Genre Experience: Dance Dance Dance takes influence from Jazz and Swing music and Dance All Night takes influence from club music.
  • Spot Light Stealing Squad: Ami and Reina. Chances are, in any music video or live performance, these two will be front and center.