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Rainbows included!

MS Elegante is a plot-driven panfandom and O.C. Roleplaying Game with dark, mature themes and occasional horror elements. The word "occasional" is used as lightly as possible. MS Elegante is a Journal Roleplay that may or may not take place on a boat, a boat that may or may not contain characters, whose worlds may or may not have been destroyed. Perhaps. Elegante is one of the most horrible, torturous game on LiveJournal, and we are perfectly content to be known as such.

The captain is a great man.


Tropes in this roleplay include:

  • Death Is Cheap: Dying more than three times effects the characters strangely, but so far they all seem to come back thanks to the system.
  • Foreign Queasine If you're Mimmi/Gertie/Asad or a suspicious passenger. Ponk will cause blood to shoot out of their eyes, and then they'll die. Ponk is forbidden to Jews and Muslims.
  • Friendship Moment: Gideon and Mimmi have a lot of these. Chief among them was when she was the only one who came to visit him while everyone else was at a Halloween Party (he couldn't attend because he was recovering from near-fatal injuries). Also they had their heart-to-heart while staying on the Isle Des Saphir.
  • Kill 'Em All: The Captain, the crew, and the Heron all die. Along with every dropped character.
  • Older Than They Look: Pit. He looks (and acts) thirteen or fifteen. He's actually hundreds of years old. At least according to the mun.


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