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Administrivia / Needs an Index

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You just launched a trope, gave it a snappy name, wrote a full description, and gave plenty of examples, but you can't think of what index it fits in. It's not just a matter of forgetting to put in an index. It's that you actually don't know which one(s) the page belongs in.

In that case, you have a few options.

  • Ask in the forum thread "Needs an Index".
  • Ask The Tropers for help finding a suitable index.
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  • Browse the Index-Index for ideas, and don't be afraid to hunt for more than one. The Tropes Of Legend often have upwards of six.
  • Some pages may need an index that we don't actually have, in which case, suggest the index on the Trope Launch Pad.

If you know of an appropriate index, just insert the trope into the index page, check that the nav bar is showing on the trope page, delete the message, and delete the trope from this page. We had a feature to identify pages without indexes, but it no longer functions with the new system.

A page that needs an index probably also needs Wiki Magic.


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