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Fanfic / One Hundred Days (Buzz Lightyear)

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Existing for ten years and only finally seeing the light of the Internet in April 2012, One Hundred Days is an epic and a fandom legend. Co-written between sisters SL Watson and KR Walker, this Buzz Lightyear of Star Command fic is one of the longest ever written for the fandom and the biggest Buzz×Mira story ever. It gained infamy for its unpolished and unpublished state, and, for years, SL Watson would email the story out to fans who requested it.


Princess/Ranger Mira Nova has just been promoted to Detective when old nemesis Warp Darkmatter shows up, claiming that he has information she and Buzz Lightyear will want to know. This tidbit? Oh, nothing less than proof that Warp is somehow Buzz and Mira's son. Uh-oh.

To save their reputations and their jobs, Buzz and Mira get married that very night, then spend the next hundred days dealing with the fallout. Along the way, they end up falling in love, but so slowly that they don't "end up" for sure until, well, the end.

One Hundred Days, due to some Alternate Universe components, is considered to be its own universe like few Buzz Lightyear of Star Command fanfics are. SL Watson has written several one-shots set in the same universe, both prequels and sequels: "Snow", "Pool, Camping, and Murder", "Fireworks", "Mild Identity Crisis", "Coffee Wars" and "Where She Was", though "Coffee Wars" is apparently ambiguous canon. "The Thin Blue Line", "Soda Can", and "Signal Fifty-One" probably take place in the same Fan Verse, as well. In the author's note for 100D's prologue, SL Watson stated, "But if you want, feel free to remix, rewrite, draw for, write the sequels to it with my love, blessings and gratitude. Just leave the credit for the original to K Vancelot and I, and I'll be happy." This has already encouraged one fan to go ahead with her own spin-offs, and it may encourage others to do so, as well.


One Hundred Days provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Antagonistic Offspring: Warp generally comes off as less of a villain and more as a pain in the neck, albeit a major pain in the neck.

The One-shots provide examples of:


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