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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Badge Shop is currently closed due to low sales. It can come back, but it's unlikely.

The general guide to badges for badgers

What are badges?

Notice those shiny images under tropers' avatars? The badges are a new feature implemented for the forum users.

How can I get a badge?

Pretty easily, actually.

First, you have to go to the badge shop. You can reach it by clicking on the badge shop icon in the top bar of a post. It looks like this. The badge shop contains a display of all available badges, sorted into a number of categories.


Ok, so I got to the badge shop. What do I do now?

To buy badges you will need to buy tropies (our imaginary currency, symbolized with Þ). Tropies can be bought via PayPal or credit card. Each tropy corresponds to $1, and each badge costs 1.25 tropies. The only exceptions are badges in the TV Tropes category, which are more expensive as they are rather special.

Now that your tropy account is all charged up, you can get to the badge shop and shop to your heart's content. The steps are really easy:

  • Add the badge(s) you want to your cart.
  • When you've picked what you want, go to checkout items. Choose "buy" from the menu for all the badges you want.
  • Press check out.
  • ????
  • Profit! Congratulations, you just got a badge!


So now that I got a badge, what can I do with it?

For starters, wear it! To put on a badge, all you have to do is go to your collection and press this button. You can also edit the hover text to your liking. If you wear more than one badge, you can select the order they appear in by assigning a number ranging from 1 to 3 in the position box.

Badges can also be used as gifts. Pressing this button allows you to send a badge to another troper. Just type the handle of the troper you want to send it to, and they will receive it along with a PM.


What is the awards category and how can I get one of those badges?

Items in the awards category can only be given by moderators. Those badges are sent as rewards to those who do significant work on the wiki. If you work hard, we'll send you one!

All these badges are nice, but what if I want to suggest a new one?

Badges are an ongoing project. New ones are added every day. You can suggest ideas for new badges, or even make your own! Drop by this thread and submit your ideas. Badges need to be 24 x 24 pixels. You might even get a reward badge for helping with the badge shop!

One thing you need to remember is that there are certain kinds of badges the administration has decided to avoid, in fear of them causing controversy. Political and religious symbols are thereby not admissible.

When submitting a badge, also beware of the possibility of copyright. While the site is heavy on pop-culture references, we cannot sell copyrighted material like Poké Balls.

I still have other questions

This thread is also there for any matter pertaining to badges. Feel free to ask away!

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