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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a historical article. The Badge Shop has been closed since July 2014 due to low sales and is extremely unlikely to return.

The general guide to badges for badgers

What are badges?

The badges are a feature implemented in 2012 for the forum users. They appear under tropers' avatars, and you have to be logged in to see them. You could purchase or earn badges from the Badge Shop.

How can I get a badge?

You used to be able to get a badge by clicking on the badge shop icon in the top bar of a post, which looked like this. The badge shop contained (and still contains) a display of all available badges, sorted into a number of categories.

You can still get a badge, but it can only be done under limited circumstances - see How do I get a badge now that the shop is closed? below for more information.

Ok, so I got to the badge shop. What do I do now?

To get a badge, you had to buy our imaginary currency, tropies (Þ). Since the purchase of tropies have been shut down, getting a badge through payment is now impossible. Badges were (and still are) given out to moderators, Kickstarter backers, through badge gifting, and people who have helped the wiki (since those awards can only be given out by a moderator) but the badges purchasable through payment are now unobtainable.

Each tropy corresponded to $1, and each badge (with the exception of the badges in the awards category) costed 1.25Þ. Once you purchased the tropy, you could then checkout whichever badge you wanted and voila! The badge would appear like magic.

So now that I got a badge, what can I do with it?

For starters, wear it! To put on a badge, all you have to do is go to your collection and press this button. You can also edit the hover text to your liking. If you wear more than one badge, you can select the order they appear in by assigning a number ranging from 1 to 3 in the position box.

Badges can also be used as gifts. Pressing this button allows you to send a badge to another troper. Just type the handle of the troper you want to send it to, and they will receive it along with a PM.

What is the awards category and how can I get one of those badges?

Items in the awards category can only be given by moderators. Those badges are sent as rewards to those who do significant work on the wiki. If you work hard, we'll send you one!

All these badges are nice, but what if I want to suggest a new one?

We used to accept ideas for badges (which could be posted in this thread), and the people who were in the thread may have gotten a reward badge for helping out), but due to the Badge Shop's closure, this is not possible anymore.

Our rules for submitting badges were the following:

  • They had to be 24 x 24 pixels.
  • They could not be political or religious to avoid controversy.
  • They could not be copyrighted materialnote 

How do I get a badge now that the shop is closed?

Don't fret! You still have a number of different options to get a badge.

  • Ask a troper (nicely) to gift you a badge, and they may agree.
  • Work hard on the wiki and a moderator may notice!

I still have other questions

This thread is also there for any matter pertaining to badges. Feel free to ask away!

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