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In a nutshell, TV Tropes is best enjoyed by people who are in a sound state of mind and are responsible for their well-being. We do not employ healthcare professionals and cannot act as therapists or counselors. If you are not capable of exercising mature judgment, you should not use this site.


While TV Tropes attempts to be Family Friendly, users of our site may encounter adult language and descriptions of adult content. We do not recommend that minors use our site without adult supervision.

We do not collect information on the ages of our users, but we expect all users to be able to behave maturely. If a user discloses that they are a minor, it does not exempt them from following the rules, including proper spelling and grammar.

Because of potential liability, we may deny the creation of user accounts on TV Tropes from Internet resources associated with schools. See Get Known for more details.


When users who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol post or edit, Wacky Hijinks may ensue. While it can make for funny anecdotes, the people who have to clean up after the mess won't appreciate it so much, and we may have to issue suspensions until it's sorted out.

You can't use "I was wasted last night" as an excuse for bad behavior. Exercise good judgment and close your browser before things get out of hand.

Disabilities, Mental Health, and Neurological Disorders

TV Tropes is enjoyed by a wide variety of people. Merely having a disability, neurological disorder, or mental health issue is not a problem most of the time. We expect all users to be responsible for their well-being and to obtain whatever support, counseling, medication, supervision, or other care they need to be productive members of our site.

If you need mental health care, please consult a professional. There are hotlines available everywhere and at any time. TV Tropes is not a substitute for professional care. TV Tropes does not employ medical professionals and we discourage our users from acting as "Internet counselors". Even when done with the best of intentions, this can cause more harm than good and may create liability for individuals or for TV Tropes.

Acute Crises / Suicide Threats / Self Harm

A user who makes any threat of self-harm, including suicidal ideation, and/or appears to be undergoing an acute mental health crisis may be suspended for their own protection and to prevent other users from being put in the position of feeling pressured to offer non-professional counseling. A user who has been suspended for this reason may apply for reinstatement after seeking and receiving professional treatment.

When possible, we may direct such an individual to hotlines and other emergency services. TV Tropes does not collect sufficient personal information to identify an individual in crisis to emergency services. We will not disclose personal information to other parties except as described in our privacy policy.

Shared Account Activity

Actions on the website are done by user accounts, and we have no foolproof way of knowing that an account is always used by the same person. Thus, in the event of a problem, we have to assume it's caused by the person who registered the account.

Someone else using your computer while you were away is possible, but is not a good excuse. You can always log out, lock the device's screen or ask your family to respect your online identity.

If you believe your password has been compromised or hacked, see "Account Controls and Maintenance" at Get Known. It goes without saying, but if you willingly share your password with a friend, the only one responsible is you.

For a similar reasons, we can use the account's incoming IP address to identify a person. As also mentioned at Get Known, if we see two accounts sharing the same household, corporate, school or proxy address, we'll have to question them, especially if one of them has a suspension from the site's activities.

It is your responsibility to keep your account secure and assure us we understand who is using it.

Other Sites / Social Media

The scope of TV Tropes' moderation policies is limited to this website. We disclaim any association with social media platforms beyond (aside from any official social media accounts) and reserve the right to refuse requests to moderate TV Tropes on the basis of actions taken by a person on a different site. These situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Alternative Title(s): Drunk Troping, Troping Under The Influence