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Administrivia / Bibble Bobble

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So you may have come across a crowner whose options entirely consist of "test Bibble Bobble phlebotinum Looks like we've got red linking working!" note , and by clicking on one of the blue links, have wound up here. Don't worry, the crowner probably hasn't been vandalized.

There's a known bug where old crowners will occasionally revert to their options saying the above phrase. While annoying, this doesn't mean the crowners are irreparably destroyed. On the crowner's page, the edit history of each option is available. (To reach it from a hooked crowner in the forums, type, where the crowner's title was First Bit: Second Bit.) From there, you can determine what was originally there, and edit the options back to what they once were.

Not to be confused with the game Bubble Bobble.