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Convenience hop: inbound links for today and "related to" for any page.

April 24, 2023: ljcool2006Backup: The personal sandbox page CMs Approved by SkyCat32 is somehow getting 40 inbounds from "about://newtab/". Maybe it came from the creator of the page? There's also Hot Mom that for some reason is getting 12 inbounds from the mobile version of Baidu despite the fact that it has been a disambig page for almost 10 years.
February 17, 2018 lakingsif: The Miracle of Sound pages got >1102 inbounds.
January 5, 2018: lakingsif: Dawson Casting got 1436 inbounds from this Reddit thread, in a comment referring to the unbelievable age of a Black Mirror character. Also, Commander Contrarian has 500 inbounds from 4 different websites.
March 16, 2017: justanid: Nosferatu got 917 inbounds from Football 365, perhaps a player's nickname? It seems unlikely that a vampire would play an outdoor sport unnoticed, someone would have made an "inspirational" movie about them overcoming their severe sun-allergy by now.
December 12, 2014: Reterusu: Honor Before Reason is getting 360 referrals today from mobile Facebook. Why?
  • Probably because of This

June 21, 2014: G-Mon: Vaporware is getting hits from a Know Your Meme page about a musical genre called "vaporwave" note . Perhaps a page on that genre is warranted.
20th linked to WMG.Dexters Laboratory on one of its fan theory articles (more specifically a "X character has Asperger's" entry).
July.14: Kotaku made an article on Fanfic.The Subspace Emissarys Worlds Conquest, which is noted as one of the longest Fan Fics. Note that the number is exaggerated, since the author goes on rants in the afterwords to deliberately lengthen the count, so the core story is somewhere over a million and a half or two, give or take.
Mar.12:Il Vit: Apparently, Research and Development (of Magic fame) likes TV Tropes, as this article on combo decks with a link to Noodle Incident at the bottom has brought in the most people today (so far).
Jan. 12: G-Mon: It's only about 7:25 AM CST, and already Mathematician's Answer has ~9,400 inbounds. Wonder why it's so popular....
1/9: Earnest: A Cracked article about badass movie scenes is bringing in upwards of 6,200 inbounds to Ramming Always Works.
1/9: Frank 75: Chunky Salsa Rule gained a lot of inbounds from various programmer sites, probably caused by this "Coding Horror" entry.
10/9: Telcontar: The Wikipedia article for space activity suits uses our Latex Space Suit page as a cite note.
8/24: TropeEater: Know Your Meme article on "Everyone's gay for Bridget" linked to the page "Dropped A Bridget On Him", which not only had little to do with the meme, but was renamed a long time ago to Unsettling Gender-Reveal.
6/3: Elbruno: We've gotten 193 inbounds for FanFic.Sweet Apple Massacre. Doesn't sound that astonishing until you consider that this is a work article axed by the P5 many weeks ago.
5 May: Telcontar: When someone on reddit mentions us, we get 7,435 inbounds in 4 hours. Total inbounds so far today? 13,328. That one commenter has sent more than half of our hits. Total inbounds for The Glasses Come Off, ever? 8,150. That page only about 715 inbounds before now.

By the end of the day, clearly that page wasn't at the top any more; we only got a thousand from that link in eight hours. Final number: 11,833.

3/27: Looney Toons: Reiterating the note that the inbound links are no longer detailed, but now it's Too Awesome to Use which has an amazing number of hits — 4,169 as of 9AM EDT this date. (And 4,178 just a minute or two later... could this be some kind of spambot?)

1:10 PM EDT — 5,142 links, and the hits seem to have slowed down to one every couple minutes now.

3/26: linked to us, and in these past few hours FunnyAneurysmMoment.Western Animation has gotten 1444 hits and counting; it wasn't on the list at all earlier. The page has only brought 2106 people here in total, so three quarters of those hits are from at most the past 8 hours.
2/23: There's this FC2 (Japanese blog) linking to Ghibli Hills. Currently 108 inbound as of 4 PM Pacific Time.
G-Mon: Oddly, we're getting inbounds for the nonexistent Michael Whelan page from a LiveJournal page (convenience link to the entry in question). As of January 2, 2012, 2:09 PM CST, we have 71 inbounds to that page this day (~180 total).
(December 1st, 2011) Cracked's article on 5 reasons why money can buy happiness had a link to When You Coming Home, Dad? and Rich Suitor, Poor Suitor.
November 19th, 2011) Cracked's article on 5 old-timey prejudices that show up in every movie had mentions of and links to Vasquez Always Dies and Waif-Fu, and a link to Death by Sex.
DaPatman: Today's (November 16th, 2011) word on A.Word.A.Day includes a link to Sdrawkcab Name.
Earnest: (November 3rd, 2011) Reading through the list of commonly used tropes on Scooby-Doo is now part of the homework for a college class on Classical literature.

Specialist290: Less of a weird inbound link than a weird target, but it seems like Inspector Spacetime is getting hits from absolutely everywhere. The page is only a couple of days old, too, and seems to be related to Doctor Who somehow. Not sure what's going on...

G-Mon: No kidding. Just checked the stats, and it's brought in nearly 15,000 inbounds in a little over three days. We are working with a monster here.

iamthedoctor: We've basically created a meme. It helps that io9 posted the link for the page on their website.

PZ Myers of Pharyngula gives a link to Xanatos Gambit.
A blog post about an octopus linked to the Naughty Tentacles page with some prime Accidental Innuendo on's safe for work, promise, as long as you don't laugh loud enough for your boss to overhear.
Earnest: Not really weird, but it made me happy. Aaron Williams, the guy behind Nodwick and North 40, is pleased that North 40 illustrated Animal Eye Spy.
A mailbag session at Kirbys Rainbow Resort mentioned how a quote of the Ometon's popped up here.
Spoony's rather understandable reaction to his show's Fetish Fuel page.
Luc: Something of an odd case; we're not directly linked to, but clearly referred to, by a monster in Kingdom of Loathing's X Mas event, The Tome Of Tropes.
G-Mon: We've been listed in Maximum PC's 100 Websites to See Before You Die.
We're linked from the website for a Canberra morning radio show that took the old definition of Dan Browned and made it a call-in feature
Grant Imahara finally checked out his picture on Asian and Nerdy - and tweeted about it.
Check this out. It's a page on notorious Twilight fanficcer Lady Sybillia, and it features a troper-written description that used to be on Small Name, Big Ego.
Lore Sjöberg of Wired features us here. The page on the screen is Ridiculous Procrastinator.
John August appears to have discovered us and has written a blog post praising the page for All of the Other Reindeer.
Of all the things to link to Your Princess Is in Another Castle!, it was a blog about funny signs?
Kor Khan: According to Cracked, TV Tropes is the #1 source regarding shirtlessness. Make of that what you will!
Tropers/Deuxhero: We are apparently the 200th most visited website on the internet... In Jamaica.
Phoenix Fire: The LA Times did an article about us on February 28th. They don't seem to have really gotten the hang of "Tropes Are Not Bad"...

Shay Guy: Better about it than most, though.

Ronka87: We've been featured again at Cracked, this time in an article about national stereotypes. Largest number coming in from Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey, followed by British Teeth.
Earnest: This came up in a forum thread, but apparently if you Google Dying Like Animals, the trope page is the #1 result.
Fast Eddie: Nice little bit about us in a year-ender.
G-Mon: Apparently they're having a "Best of TV Tropes" topic on the forums. The first link was to Throw It In, but currently (Jan 1, 2010, ~4:45 PM CST) Remember When You Blew Up a Sun? is getting the most hits from them. Also, there's yet another example of TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life in the third post.
I found something from Backward Compatible the 09/09/09. Katanas Are Just Better!
Anon: This is from almost a year back, but the Principia Discordia blog linked us. So that's kinda cool.

Um, also

Kerrah: Badass of the Week linked us in the article for Hiromichi Shinohara, released friday, 4th of December.
Shay Guy: An article about us on the site for Die Zeit, by one Stefan Mesch.

Deuxhero:To save the english onlys the trouble. Like most machine translations a little odd, but this one is understandable. The title is "Luckily not Wikipedia" or such. I like the line "Here, not literary scholars, but college students, role players, movie freaks, and genre authors write" (engrish removed as far as I can). If we could fix the engrish it could be useful for something. It also seems to feel the German version is lacking (content I hope). It also thinks we like Dan Brown on the first page, but notes that false research is "Fucked by Dan" (hehe) near the end (Is this a translation issue?).

Tropers/Tzetze: The writer asked for some stuff on the forum here, although I don't remember the thread.

Katrika: Now we have some wrestling forum linking to us for Fetish Fuel.
Not-So-Badass Longcoat: Nov 6, 2009. Thirty seven references to Shotacon from boyloverlinks? They must be having real Gay Old Time there...

G-Mon: Wow, that site's still bringing us links? Well, at least the people coming in from there won't be going back for a while....

Tropers/Deuxhero:Did I just hear that site in the news? Eww.

Deuxhero We have gotten a few (highest inbound count as of posting)... links to American Kirby Is Hardcore thanks to an article on how in Spirit Tracks American Link Is Hardcore and various sites linking to it and having another link in the comments.
Tzetze: The Daily Telegraph. They even used the word "egregious".

Medinoc: particularly egregious. That's * four* drinks!

Deuxhero:They didn't just reference us, they cited us. This should be used on The Other Wiki's page on us.

Silent Hunter: They have four article links in that article. I was hoping for the oddity section in Metro, but the Daily Telegraph. Woot!

Madrugada Six article links and a "Thank you to". Tres Cool.

Lemurian TEN article links, counting the main page-link.

October 7, 2009: We got a post about us on a prominent World of Warcraft blog. As of this writing, seven out of our top ten inbound links are from this post, with three more a little ways down, and a smattering of other links giving us about a couple dozen hits each on average. All in all, it's given us over ten thousand hits, out of a total of around 27,000 today.
Earnest: We're part of a T-Shirt advertising blurb in Think Geek. I do hope they realize that link will drive more people away from their site than in...

Looney Toons: You know, when advertisers quote us in their text, I think it means we're now an indispensable part of the culture...

September 20, 2009: Apparently, there's this thing called "Stumbleupon" that we've been put on. Oddly, the one that's getting the most inbound links is History of English, with over 2000—the only other one with 1000 is Doctor Who, also through stumbleupon.

Shay Guy: SU's given us loads of links as long as I can remember. There rarely seems to be any sort of rhyme or reason as to which page it links to most.

September 2, 2009:

SAMAS: On a much more lighthearted note, the link to Spikes of Doom from this article. What gets me is that is has nothing to do with tropes or movies, or games or anything. It's a review of an Operating System. So it's like he just put it there to be a dick. ^_^

August 25th: Shotacon is getting hits from... "boyloverlinks". Ewwwwwwww. I feel like I'm going to get arrested for clicking on that.

rsm109: Beat me to it. Ugh.

Shay Guy: ...More than...any other link today? This thing's sending more links than the main xkcd #609 and the top StumbleUpon link? Good God.

SAMAS: August 29, and it's still hitting links!

August 4th: Breast Expansion is getting tons of hits from "Process Productions", which is "is a website dedicated to fetish material centering on gradual changes in a woman's form."
July 29: Those inbound links from forums at are all Whateley Universe readers. Like me. (I didn't post any of the links in the forums, though.)
July 13: It's not a direct link, but methinks we're going to see a significant spike in new users over the next while :P

Adam850: Now the comic image links to Universal Tropes. As of when I posted this, 22,601 inbounds were directly from xkcd. Many others were from referral sites referencing the comic.

Shay Guy: This is more than Irregular Webcomic! has ever sent us, and those links are usually right at the top. How much has traffic spiked?

Code Man 38: Enough that the server was down for a little while this afternoon.

Shay Guy: And three weeks later, it's still the #1 source of inbound links. Damn.

June 21: is linking to It's Popular, Now It Sucks!. This from the Wizards of the Coast boards?

Tropers/calronmoonflower: I posted that link in response to the reaction to a "What if?" question of Dungeons & Dragons being the most popular pastime.

July 17: This link on Warseer. A 40K fansite mentioning our portrayal on the site, no big deal, right? Then I checked the thread in general, and found it was comparing us to this. Words fail me.

Earnest: To be fair, they do say we're more "even handed and funny"... then again, compared to that site a root canal is more even handed and funny.

June 10th: People over at seem to like Transformers. Arrr!
June 4th: has gotten us some 400+ inbound links to Artistic License – Economics. They seem to have a large number of hard science buffs who snigger at "2 + 2 = 4". Hmm, maybe add that in as a hottip?
June 2nd: A link has given us an assload of hits for /Math.
May 19th:We have been getting various links to Dan Browned (like here and here (both in comments), but plenty of single hits as well) thanks a new movie based on a book of Dan Brown's not doing the research.
May 7th: The Colbert Report's official website is linking to Quotes/Stephen Colbert and requesting people add their favorite quotes.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Pardon the netspeaks, but: OMG. We love you, whoever decided to do this. If it's you yourself, Mr. Colbert, all the better. <3

Shay Guy: Noticed it on the inbound links page a couple of days ago. The page itself is only about a week old.

May 8th: Potty Emergency. That's all I have to say.

Looney Toons: Geeze. A little warning about that forum, guy. If I get in trouble at work for clicking that link... <shakes head>

fleb: Schmuck Bait, NSFW and Rule 34 in action. Trifecta.

May 1: Stolen Pixels links to Mary Sue.
April 29: Yet another not-a-link in today's Errant Story filler, referencing The Worf Effect.
April 16th: Little old, and not a link but The Nameless Mod has an abridged version of the Deus Ex page "hidden" as a book in game in an office desk in ABI. picture
April 11th: This isn't really an inbound link, but they're talking about us on /u/. Or well, flaming about us. WARNING PORN BOARD ON 4CHAN NSFW
April '09: To make the semantic web, you needs you some TV Tropes.

Falcon Pain: I find it significant that, on the writer's first visit to a site called "TV Tropes", he jumped to the conclusion that the site was originally designed to discuss tropes in anime. Maybe the complainers have a point.

Silent Hunter: Is that our first academic article link?

Wikipedia's article on "Sex in space" has a link to our article on sex in space. In the middle of the article, not at the end where the references are. I clicked on it multiple times just to drive the count up.
February 2009: Tanz der Vampire is now the FIRST image result when you Google search "vampire". No wonder it keeps getting hits.
The Transformers wiki now has a link to Narm in one of its page tags which indicates a corruption during software update knocked the page back to where it was last June (saying the page was "NARM'd by by the Bookworm Virus which reset back to June 2008"). This one, for example.
9th of March, -09: Linkara mentions "Crowning Moment of Awesome". No link though. :(
Feb. 28, 2009: This Link, which led to Squick. Notable to This Troper at least because the linker refers to this site as "The Hitchhiker's Guide To Anime". Is that a mistaken link, or...
Feb. 24, 2009: It's the anti-xkcd backlash! And Noodle Incident is its Pet-Peeve Trope! I'm amused.
Feb. 11, 2009: Not quite an inbound link, but the wiki got a shout-out in today's Super Stupor:
Feb. 11, 2009: An article in a blog about autism and vaccines gave us a surprising number of links to... Dick Dastardly Stops to Cheat. Pardon me while I scratch my head and try to figure that one out.
Jan. 26, 2009: Lostpedia's article on episode 5x02 has been giving us a surprisingly steady stream of links to Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act.
Jan. 21, 2009: Bruce Sterling links to the main page and Karma Houdini in a post on his Wired blog.

Dec. 23, 2008: Apparently, Older Than Dirt and Humongous Mecha are the first two Google results for "hindu mythology mecha". I find it hard to believe that we're the only ones talking about ancient Hindu robots.

Dec. 21, 2008: An (old) mention by a vlogger. Doesn't quite grasp that Tropes Are Not Bad, though.

12th of December 2008: LiveJournalists discuss TV Tropes's addictiveness.

8th of December 2008: Ask and ye shall receive, though perhaps a tad late. The Guardian has a link to TV tropes just after wikipedia deleted our article for not being notable. Whatever. Cool article anyway.

Shay Guy: Uh...I don't think comments count.

1st of November 2008: This is from a Dec 2007 article in the Washington Post, discussing then Democratic presidential candidate Kucinich being an Ugly Guy with a Hot Wife.
Overall, isn't it odd when you find that an inbound link was from a google porn search (often Rule 34 related)? I just find it too funny the idea of someone searching for porn, seeing the link, wondering "what's this?", and then getting completely derailed from their initial task.

Haven: Rule 34 means that not everyone would be derailed...

12 October 2008: Strawman Political was used as the basis of an editorial piece in a college paper, with some flattering praise: is, in fact, one of the best things the Internet has given us humans so far - a mirror.

9 September 2008: Not a link, but Nintendo Hard was mentioned in the 9/4/2008 edition of's Retronauts podcast (at approximately 2:29:05).
6 August 2008: There's been a little game on 4chan's /co/ involving tvtropes. Given that threads in 4chan die quickly, here's an image of what happened. No worries, it's perfectly worksafe.
10 July 2008: A conservative columnist awaits the Obama campaign Jumping the Shark, with a high reliance in the article on other Troper-ese. link

Silent Hunter: Anything legal that gets us more traffic, I guess... provided it doesn't cause flame wars.

  • Also, This link, about a third of the way down the page, where a post is made entirely of trope links.
    • ...I don't know enough German to understand that. Given what it's linking to, do I want to?
      • A quick run through Babelfish seems to indicate they're discussing the Amazons of either Greek myth or a roleplaying game.
      • If my German is any good, it's something about the risks of getting involved with Amazons.

24 June 2008: We're getting a bunch of scattered hits from various livejournals, as the result of this fanfic challenge.
13 June 2008: Toon Zone decided to link to Earth-Shattering Kaboom for the last example in their top 5 Takedowns. They even apologized for it really being a Planet X Shattering Kaboom. How thoughtful!
3 June 2008: Why, I wondered, was Tanz Der Vampire, an Austrian musical (a bit outside our usual range of popularity), tenth on the Big Hitters list? Almost certainly because it's fourth for "vampire" on Google Images search. More impressively, the picture has only been up for around half the lifetime of the list.
2 JUN 08: Or, possibly, coolest link of the day: This forum.

(insert obligatory comments then link to Tv Tropes page here)
(insert obligatory praise for Tv Tropes here)
(all hail Tv tropes)

21 May 2008: Some dude on a Spanish Pokémon forum posted something like half the damn index up in a thread. I don't speak spanish so I can't read what they're saying, but the sheer amount of time that must have taken is praiseworthy ina dn of itself.

fleb: Uh, probably too late to ask, but... link?

18 May 2008: Evidently, some people live like this.
14 May 2008: Looney Toons: In re the 29 March entry below, our entry over at That Other Wiki is up for deletion. Apparently, they don't like our supporting citations.
14 May 2008: Some of the Google search strings are slightly worrying. Especially for Brother–Sister Incest and two directly related to the latest entry to Sexy Schoolwoman.

Tanto: I refer you to the August 20th discussion...

Looney Toons: And now there are no Google entries at all in the Inbound Links...?

Fast Eddie: Recently changed so that the default is "hide searches". Press the button to show them.

12 May 2008: Well, of course the New York Times uses us for definitions.

Looney Toons: Hurrah for the Old Grey Lady!

11 May 2008: People searching for Warhammer 40,000 porn on Google are getting linked here.
8 May 2008: The homepage has finally re-overtaken Video Game Tropes on the Big Hitters list. Huzzahs are in order!

Sikon: Indeed.

Rogue 7: I was slanted to play in that game (It's actually a homebrew using tropes for mechanics), but some real life issues for the DM came up, apparently, and the game's pretty much dead right now. I'll report back if it sparks up again. And incidentally, Giant In the Playground was how I found this site (and I'm pretty sure that's true for a lot of people)

Shay Guy: Uh...linkage plz?

Rogue 7: And There you go. It never really got off the ground much, but please report back any results.

29 March 2008: The Other Wiki has apparently found us notable enough to list us. At least two tropers find this ironic. A request has been for anybody who can to help out.
13 February 2008: Some guy is using us to mock game developer Rareware at one of their online Q&A sessions. While I'll certainly concede that Rare deserves any and all mocking they receive, still...
  • For those having trouble finding the link, it's the "see here" in the first sentence of the first letter; the link is denoted by boldness rather than color.

19 January 2008: John C. Wright, famed eccentric SF/fantasy author and evangelican Christian, goes on at length about why Crystal Dragon Jesus Just Bugs Him.

Medinoc: How come the Medieval European Fantasy thumbail features an ad about "Free lethal injections" ? O_o

19 December 2007: Stm 177: The Corner — the conservative group political blog of the US magazine National Review

Fast Eddie: Hah! I was just coming here to note that! Of all the MSM-attached blogs in the world, you had to come in from that this one.

19 October 2007: Sikon: Irregular Webcomic!

Silent Hunter: Not that weird, considering we reference them here.

20-AUG-07:Seth:Is anyone else worried we get more hits for Brother–Sister Incest and Lolicon off google than almost anything else?

Fast Eddie: Used to be. Analyzed it and saw that the host-addresses that come in on those searches take one look and head off. The subject matter is dealt with here in ways that are not interesting to pervs.

Shale: Still, the sheer number of people who search for that, especially relative to every other topic addressed on the site, is rather depressing. Stupid Internet.

Travis Wells: It's not that surprising. I run a link search site and an image macro site and "loli" or "lolicon" is always in the top referrals and search query lists. For the linksearch it make sense, but for the image macro it's a bit weirder. Why do they want pictures which are mainly making fun of them?

Khym Chanur: Well, you also have to consider what rank the wiki gets for certain search terms: if it gets a low ranking, then not that many of the people searching for that term will go through enough pages of search results to get to our listing, but if it gets a high ranking then a very large percentage of the people who search for that term will click through to the wiki. For example, the term "lolicon" just by itslef ranks the wiki's Lolicon page as #31 at Google, but Magical Girl isn't in the first 270 hits for Google, so anyone interested in lolicon will check out our page, but people interested in magical girls will have had their fill of magical girl pages before they find us. Also, we come in #29 for the phrase "brother sister incest", #5 for the word combination "incest brother" and #1 for "incest tv" (though only #151 for "incest sister", and that's the discussion page).

(Oh, and the latest lolicon search hit from google was me, while I was gathering statistics)

1-DEC-06: Anybody have any idea what Matrim is saying about us here?

Tropers/Tulling: The language appears to be bulgarian. клишета would be cliche and забавен is similar to a russian (I studied the language) word for funny or entertaining. It seems he finds reading about anime tropes entertaining. Using an online dictionary it seems like he says it also contains that which you find everywhere like Dramatic Wind and that (ie those tropes) which you do not often see. At least, that is my educated guess.

Gus: Thanks, Tulling. Okay. He likes us. He gets to live.

Susan Davis: If it's the same Matrim that I'm thinking of (the link seems to hang for me), she's a she, not a he. I did post a couple of links to here on a forum where the Matrim that I know hangs out.

19-May-06: Not really a "weirdest" entry. The following links are way off the norm for sheer numbers of inbound hits:
30 Jan: We are still getting major hits from this guy. Evidentally he is some kind of Finnish Web-hero.

Alternative Title(s): Weirdest Inbound Link Of Late