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So as to maintain the order in the wiki and elsewhere on the site, TV Tropes has a staff in charge of moderating the behaviour in them. The following is a list of all of the staff members, including site owners, the moderators and some more people with more specific roles.

Most requests for staff assistance concern moderators. For wiki-side issues you can contact them on Ask The Tropers; use the "private" checkbox on the post form if the request has to be private. In the forums, you make a report for the moderators by clicking the Holler button by that post (it looks like this). If you want actions with regards to locked articles and other technical wiki page requests, use this forum thread.

If you have been suspended, do not PM a moderator. See What to Do If You Are Suspended for instructions.

Please note that general issues should not be PM'ed to individual moderators, as there's no guarantee that they will read their inbox at any particular time. If you need to talk to a specific staff member, you can use the Private Messaging system. First click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of any page, select "Message", click on "Create a PM" in the top bar, and then put their handle in the "To Troper:" field. This message will reach them as soon as they next visit the site and open their mailbox.

For general policy queries, we have a Wiki and Forum Policy discussion thread.

Moderator Code of Conduct (site wide)

  • Moderators, whether in "troper mode" or "mod mode", are expected to abide by the wiki's behavior policies and conduct themselves accordingly.
  • When posting in "mod mode", moderators are expected to maintain a professional tone. Wit is not discouraged, but excessively snarky, mean-spirited, or tangential commentary is not permitted.
  • While private messages can and will be used as evidence in disciplinary actions as needed, moderators will not otherwise inspect tropers' PMs.
  • Moderators will recuse themselves from mod action in any situation they are personally involved in, aside from being allowed to defend their actions as needed.

If you have complaints or concerns about specific moderation decisions, please raise them directly with the admins via the "Contact TV Tropes" form. Selecting "The Staff" on the form will send your message to the admins without making it visible to mods.
Admin: Total control over the site, have access to the backend code. See also About Us. They can be contacted on here, on the Query Bugs and Query Wishlist noticeboards and by moderators. The main two admins and site owners:

Other Admin-Level Staff
Moderator: Can cut, move, or lock wiki pages and edit them in the locked state, move discussions, create pages in the Main/ namespace without TLP and set or unset namespace-specific controls, flag or unflag wiki pages as "no Google ads", add and remove wiki banners, apply and lift general and section-specific bans, lock, move or delete forum threads, hook, unhook and close crowners, edit or thump other users' forum posts, edit or delete reviews and liveblogs and their comments, move reviews, and approve and reject video examples. Also have the authority to make Word of Mod statements.

Pretty much all moderators specialise in a specific type of contributing, just like most editors do. If you have to ask one for help, consider talking to the one who's the most knowledgeable at what you need assistance with. Each mod has their usual role listed below.
Engineers: Can edit locked pages, create pages in the Main/ namespace without TLP, maintain forum threads, hook, unhook and close crowners, move pages and discussions, launch and discard any TLP draft, unlaunch TLP drafts, and approve and reject video examples.
Forum Heralds: Greet tropers who are new to specific forums. They're listed on their own page.

Retired/Inactive Staff: People who have been part of the staff at one point (and some of them still show the MOD flag next to their edits), but are pretty inactive nowadays. It's best that you contact one of the staff members above if you have a specific issue. If your name shows up on the following list and you're active, please let us know and keep up the good work, otherwise it'll stay here for others to remember.

Alternative Title(s): Cut Master, Meet The Staff, TV Tropes Staff