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An aged troper from The Midlands. Or at least in The Midlands for a couple of decades. A cis bi guy who's been pottering about on the internet for far, far too long.

Became a moderator in September 2023.

I'm currently the herald for the Comics subforum, so anyone posting there for the first time will get an automated welcome message from me. Fan of comics, spy fiction, science fiction, old films, older plays and many old (and a few new) British TV shows.

Particularly fond of the 1990s Marvel UK comics, the Eternals comics, a lot of other relatively obscure old Marvel Comics stuff and shows such as Blake's 7, Line of Duty, Sapphire and Steel and Doctor Who.

I'm also fond of very old plays and Pobol y Cwm - I speak Welsh very badly, thoughnote .

I tend to split my non-mod time on here between older lesser-known works that need a little love and work-in-progress stuff that might benefit from regular updates.

Current aims:

  • Adding the final few works pages for the Marvel UK titles, and looping back to improve some of the ones that are already there. Character pages may follow.
  • Getting Marvel's Shadowline, New Universe and Marvel 2099 books fully troped.
  • Troping the rest of Mick Herron's Jackson Lamb stories and John le Carré's novels. This may take a while.
  • Trying to list the various titles/volumes for some of Marvel’s long-running characters. Where tropes are specific to a particular run, it’s nice to have them listed that way.
  • Trying to improve the image quality across the Marvel Comics works pages:
    • Removing watermarked pics, replacing scans with digital comic covers and trying to reduce duplication.
    • Based on Image Pickin' guidance, if a page (e.g. a Characters page) doesn't map to a single comics work page, I'm also trying to pothole images to their source.