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Hi, I'm Synchronicity. I have been on this site a while (since 2011!) and have a lot of waiting time, so I find this site a welcome time sink. I'm a "left-side" type of forum troper; I spend a lot of time doing cleanup and lurking around the Trope Launch Pad. But mostly I like curating work, character, and creator pages for the many, many works of which I am a fan. I'll read or watch mostly anything that isn't horror, but I'm particularly a fan of fantasy, science fiction, superhero media, comedy, romance, musicals, and slice-of-life. If there's a straight-to-streaming romcom that only thirty other people watched I probably will make a page for it.

As an editor, I'm a Hedge Trimmer who dislikes masses of spoiler text, so don't be surprised to see me doing some spoiler trimming. I fully believe adaptations should get separate pages from their source materials. I was in charge of the Trope Report revival from January to December 2021.

Unrelated to fiction, I like plants, traveling, and cooking. I was given a mod hat in December 2021.

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I've started picking up a trend with the tropes I like to launch: a lot of them have to do with portrayals of diversity, as well as womanhood and femininity in particular.

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