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Hi, I'm Synchronicity — she/her, Filipino currently in grad schoolnote  in the US. I have been on this site a while (since 2013!) and have a lot of waiting time, so I find this site a welcome time sink. I'm a "left-side" type of forum troper; I spend a lot of time doing cleanup and lurking around the Trope Launch Pad. But mostly I like curating work, character, and creator pages for the many, many works of which I am a fan. I'll read or watch mostly anything that isn't horror, but I'm particularly a fan of fantasy, science fiction, comedy, romance, and slice-of-life.


As an editor, I'm a Hedge Trimmer who dislikes masses of spoiler text, so don't be surprised to see me doing some spoiler trimming. As of January 2021, I'm now in charge of Trope Report.

Unrelated to fiction, I'm a pretty stereotypical Leftist Young Millennial, bigots get off of here. I like plants, traveling, and cooking.

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I've started picking up a trend with the tropes I like to launch: a lot of them have to do with portrayals of womanhood and femininity in particular.

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