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Hello! My name is Macron Notes (she/her). I'm a troper from the US of A. I discovered Tvtropes through Bulbagarden forum. The main reason why I was attracted to this site was that I was always looking for a site that lists cliches that show up in media for some reason, but got tropes instead.

I joined this site in the summer of 2009 after two months of lurking because I wanted to fix a spelling mistake. I didn't really get into editing until a year later when I was finally confident enough to edit without fearing that I was going to screw something up. I joined the forums in 2011 out of curiosity (I never bothered to lurk the forums).

I have a pretty varied taste in media. I'll check out anything that catches my eye even if I know I'll probably hate it. You'll usually find me on the left side of the forums, (I am active on Forum Games and Yack Fest though), Ask The Tropers, and Trope Launch Pad.


I am also a mod as well as the herald of Wiki Talk.

My PM box is always open. So, feel free to message me about anything!

Tropes and work pages I launched


  1. Age Dissonant Index
  2. Battle Harem: (adopted)
  3. Bequeathed Power
  4. Blade Enthusiast
  5. Bookish Tropes
  6. Boots of Toughness
  7. Boyish Short Hair: I started the YKTTW, but didn't launch it. Thanks to Noir Grimoir for description. Launch date: 1/16/2012.
  8. Changing Yourself For Love
  9. Cards of Power: From an abandoned YKTTW
  10. Caretaker Reversal: My second trope. Launch date: 11/29/2011.
  11. Chase-Scene Obstacle Course (adopted)
  12. Chronoscope
  13. Childhood Brain Damage
  14. Childish Pillow Fight
  15. Clip Its Wings: From an abandoned YKTTW
  16. Colour-Coded Emotions
  17. Color-Coded Speech (adopted)
  18. Defacement Insult
  19. Desert Tropes
  20. Devious Daggers
  21. Earthy Barefoot Character
  22. Ectoplasm
  23. Elemental Weapon
  24. Evil Takes a Nap: (Adopted)
  25. Fairy in a Bottle: I started the YKTTW, but didn't launch it. Thanks to ccoa for description.
  26. Fattening the Victim
  27. Forgettable Character
  28. The Flame of Life: (adopted)
  29. Flowers of Femininity
  30. Flowers of Nature
  31. Friendship Trinket
  32. Green Is Gross (adopted)
  33. Heal It with Booze: From an abandoned TLP.
  34. Heroism Motive Speech
  35. Index in the Sky
  36. Literal Bookworm
  37. Literal Soapbox Speech
  38. Machine Blood
  39. Mark of the Supernatural
  40. Meaningful Appearance
  41. Memory Wipe Exploitation (adopted)
  42. Mercury's Wings
  43. Minor Living Alone: (adopted)
  44. Mirthless Laughter
  45. The Navigator
  46. Phoneaholic Teenager
  47. Possession Presumes Guilt
  48. Psychic Children: Original sponsor-Master Hand
  49. Raw Eggs Make You Stronger: Original sponsor-Phader 47
  50. Round Hippie Shades
  51. Sent Off to Work for Relatives
  52. Serpent of Immortality (written and sponsered by me but launched by someone else).
  53. Shared Unusual Trait
  54. Silly Will
  55. Signature Headgear
  56. Situational Hand Switch: Adopted and launched by me.
  57. Spiteful Suicide (adopted)
  58. Stock Food Depictions
  59. Supernatural Phone
  60. Solar-Powered Magnifying Glass: My first trope, inspired by a Lost and Found entry. Launch date: 9/26/2011
  61. Southpaw Advantage
  62. Sports Dad
  63. Stellar Index: My first index. Launch date: somewhere in late October 2011.
  64. Terror At Makeout Point: From an abandoned YKTTW.
  65. Weakness Tropes

Work pages created.

Playing with a Trope pages created.

Character Sheets created:

Pages that were given a complete overhaul by me

Tropes I suggested the name for:

Pages I came up with the image for:

Alternative Title(s): Oreochan