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La gasp
Registered: Sep 29, 2018. Active editing since: Jul 1, 2020. Engineer since Aug 25, 2023.
Some random guy who loves fiction more than real life, because that's modern society. A daily tropes viewer, and I like summarizing stuff, or... breaking the media into recognizable elements. If you know how bigdata/metadata/semantics works in documents, you'll understand. Or just adding categories to stuff for recognition. He/Him/They/Them.

Troper type: General maintenance (left-sider), looking around for stuff to add, pages to fix, problems to discuss. Mainly can be found in Image Pickin', Ask The Tropers and Trope Repair Shop, see below for more details. Checking pages for works I'm reading to keep them updated. Also, I do coding and need test subjects (admins, hire me to write 2.0 for you). Lawful Neutral when it comes to rules, though I do have personal objections and would rather call quits than push it.

Primary media: 1. Manga, 2. Anime, 3. Video Games, 4. Series, 5. WesternAnimation

Not troping myself because giving personal info like that tbh is kinda weird.

I unfollow forums and discussions if I have nothing to say in them after a while. Consider messaging me directly if my attention is required. Also messaging me on Twitter is another quick way to get me.

Don't really have an attachment to my examples, if somebody improves them then it's a win for me, This Is a Wiki after all. I'm confident in my grammar and example writing, but after a long day, I tend to space out and not proof-read diligently.

I sometimes use VPN and other computers for work (and non-work), so I may be flashing unusual IP.

Contacts / I'm also available at (You can ask me about works that I know):


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