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This is Adept, formerly known as theAdept_Rogue, a self-proclaimed Professional Procrastinator who spends way too much time on random Internet forums instead of doing anything productive.

Mostly lingers in the Forum Workshops (especially in the Image Pickin' discussions) when on-site, while occasionally helping out with wicks and namespacing clean-ups. Is a wannabe artist and/or writer when not online, but suffers from an Attention Deficit Creator Disorder to have much output.


Studied Food Technology in real life, and is quite fond of Cooking Stories, despite having little to no passion/interest in actual food.

Wiki Profile

As a member of this Wiki, I consider myself a type of the following Troper:

  • Spoiler Hound: This handle was first created for the sole purpose of being able to read spoilered entries more easily.
  • Serial Tweaker: Rarely review my edits/posts before submitting them. Having the habit of occasionally typing with my eyes closed does not really help either.
  • Troper Types:
    • Trope Editor
    • The Namespacer
    • The Cutlister
    • The Advertiser
    • Wiki Feng Shui Master
    • The Art Museum Curator


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