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Meta 4: Meta Harder or Die Trying is the latest film in the Meta series. Most fans agree that, while not as good as Meta: Morphosis, it is far superior to Meta 2: The Sharkening and Meta 3: The Revenge of the Curse of the Son of Meta's Revenge Rides Again: This Time, It's Personal.
The Cut Master at work.
I'm a white male human living in the midwest United States. I spend too much of my free time on the internet. My taste is fickle.

I'm a bit on the ideal side of the Sliding Scale. (I was the one who launched Earn Your Happy Ending, and that is for the most part how I see the world.) I'm a moderate Splitter. The Stable Time Loop is my favorite method of Time Travel (provided the Novikov Self-Consistency Principle is in effect and there's a healthy dose of Block Time to prevent the Bootstrap Paradox). I think that Predestination and Free Will are not only compatible, but are actually two sides of the same coin.

Known elsewhere on this great big internet as Metaphizzle, Metaphoragizery, Mezzaphor, M23, and neutrino.

I tend to take my sweet time launching new tropes from YKTTW.

This troper provides examples of:

If you're wondering, I used to go by Meta4. I phased out the numeral because typing those curly brackets was getting really annoying.

Here is a thing. Here is another thing.

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Hooray for me.

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    Doop de doop.
This note  chemnitzer concertina was a present from Madrugada.

And here's some song lyrics I happen to like:

I call you from the comet's cradle.
I found you trembling by yourself.
When the night falls
lightly on your right-wing shoulder,
wonderful know-it-all
slightly when the night gets colder.

Oh, conscience, where will you carry me?
I found you, star of terrifying effigies.
When the night falls,
I carry myself to the fortress
of your glorious cost.
Oh how I may seek your fortress.
When the night falls,
we see the star of wonder.
Wonderful night falls,
we see you, we see you there.

I see the stars coming down there,
coming down there to the yard.
I see the stars coming down there,
coming down there to my heart.
Sufjan Stevens, "Star of Wonder"

Hey man write it
So they see
It's not tired
My melody
I've been writing
Since 23
My memorial

Can I rely
(One more time)
Can I?
In the twinkling of an eye
Of an eye
We'll rise

Hey man, you tired?
Yeah that's me
You look worried?
Well yeah that's me
Is it over?
Well we'll see
My memorial

Hey man did ya
Write that for me?
It seems like it
That really spoke to me
But you made it up
You made it up
You made it up
You make it up
Starflyer 59, "M23"

For things beyond,
I know they are,
I do not need to see.
For things beyond,
the treasures hid,
the secrets that I keep.
For things behind
the bridges burned,
and those I wish I'd saved.
For things above,
a thousand tongues,
the angels and the saints.

The chaos of love,
the fury of life.

The sameness of death,
the beauty of truth,
the glory of God,
the glory of God,
the chaos of love,
the fury of life.
Gileah, "For Things Beyond"

Hollywood's been trying to make new friends
with the aliens
by sending them our culture and our ways of life
and all of our trends,
transmitting music and TV shows
and all the cool clothes,
hoping for approval from the aliens
but nobody knows
Whoa! They're sick of our movies!
Whoa! They're sick of our lies!
Whoa! They're coming to see us.
Baby get ready for a big surprise.
Whoa! They're bringing their weapons!
Whoa! They're gonna shove us around!
Whoa! The robots are coming
to bomb the city, destroy the town.
Hollywood is burning down.
Calibretto 13, "Hollywood"

Alternative Title(s): Meta 4