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Hi, um... yeah. I, like, um... I'm, like, the last person who should be writing an article about myself... I'm an 21 year old high school graduate (why, yes, I am very scared. I still can't even drive...) from California with Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! (and Asperger's Syndrome, but whatever), and... yeah... I'm also kind of a loser. Kind of a big one. Like, seriously, you have no idea. I'm a terrible writer and a hopelessly unskilled artist; Multi-untalented, basically. I can't seem to deal with people all that much, either. Equipped with Ocular Gushers. A total Tsundere, despite being, you know, a guy. Also a desperate refugee from the Agony Booth.


Um, Wrote the entries for:

And you can totally tell, they're awful.

Also, uhm, Suggested:

and Named:

It's... yeah, I don't do that good a job with any of this.

I'm an aspiring novelist and comic book writer currently working on several different projects: Dr Detective, Sgt Swagger And Combat Company, Nineteen Eighty X, HARM, and Deadville. That said, lately I've been refocusing my efforts towards art after realizing that my writing is very poor. I'm a huge fan of comics, mostly Marvel Comics stuff.

Woah, This Troper picked me as one of the tropers on the Troper Dating Service page to make fun of! I know, right? Starting at 2:39. I ain't even all that mad; I can hardly blame them for thinking of me as a nasal supernerd since I do everything short of deliberately cultivating that image. I started a YouTube account just to start following that series, in fact. Which isn't to say that I don't have reservations about it (since everyone else who watches those vids seems to think the highlighted examples represent TV Tropes as a whole), but it's... entertaining? I guess?


Oh snap and then I was in another one ahahaha. That entry's three years old as of press time, but seriously, I still deserved to get razzed for that one.

Woohoo, Vandalism!

Don't sell yourself too short, Kid! You've got an impressive track record from what I see here. Keep at it! - FringeBenefits

Hey, man. - Schitzo

Those articles look pretty good to me. Again, don't sell yourself so short... also, you suggested Martial Pacifist? Thats one of my favourite tropes! :D - GameChainsaw

  • Don't feel too bad about not being able to drive. At least this way you have something in common with Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Feel free to visit my Troper page (If you leave a comment like I just did here, that would be radical). After all, life is better with friends, not enemies. (8^) - AlBundyFan365

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  • Would it be too scary for me to tell you that just from this article, I already have a crush on you? Okay, well then, I won't. ~Across The Stars

  • I like the cut of your gib. - SoberIrishman

  • Hmmm... Compliment Fishing ? ;) Maybe not. In any case - nice job! Karasu91


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