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"Black dragons are evil-tempered, cunning, and malevolent, characteristics that are reflected in their crafty, sinister faces. Black dragons are sometimes known as 'skull dragons' because of their skeletal faces - the dragon's head looks decidedly like a skull thanks to its deep-socketed eyes and wide, flat nasal opening. It has forwards-curving horns and a spinal crest that peaks just behind the head and tapes off about three quarters of the way down the neck. An acidic smell surrounds the dragon, whose scales are mostly dull ebony and dark gray."

Excerpt from the Draconomicon

...oh, you mean the TV Tropes Wiki contributor? Main areas of expertise are Web Comics and Video Games, with a minor in literature. Is also a borderline Spelling- and Grammar Nazi, and doesn't even try to hide it. Correcting his spelling and/or grammar is likely to get you a "Thanks, I must have missed that one" rather than an annoyed retort. He's strange that way.

Also has a terrible memory. Don't take it personally.

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