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Hi, I'm WarJay77. I'm a troper, a writer, and perhaps not the most interesting person in the world. I am a college student, I got a boyfriend, and I'm planning on becoming an author in the future. Writing is my passion, and I like to think I do it well even though I've still got a lot to learn. One of my works is being written with a friend, and it can be found under A Phoenix Reborn.

You can most often find me on the Trope Launch Pad, where I may or may not have become slightly addicted. Other than that, I'll be on the query pages, various workshop forum threads, and the TLP, Big Bad, Nightmare Fuel, Five-Man Band, ZCE, Roleplay and Moral Event Horizon threads. You can spot me elsewhere on occasion, but I tend to stick to my niche; however, I did venture out of the left-side forums and jump into Forum Games. I also like to go on random editing binges when I have the time, typically to fix ZCE and indentation issues.


If I'm editing for a work, it'll probably be one of my pet pages. I Entry Pimp Echo Rose, Dad, The Weather and The Cry of Mann, and I also make pages for works of the same genre, or by the same creators. I am also very into House of Anubis, despite the series no longer being relevant.

As of December 2019, I am now the herald of Projects: Long Term / Perpetual. Yay.

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