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Hi, I'm WarJay77. I'm a troper, a writer, and perhaps not the most interesting person in the world. I am a college student, I got a boyfriend, and I'm planning on becoming an author in the future. Writing is my passion, and I like to think I do it well even though I've still got a lot to learn. One of my works is being written with a friend, and it can be found under A Phoenix Reborn. Scroll down to see what I'm working on.


You can expect to find me either on the TLP, ATT, or the workshop threads. I typically don't venture to the other side of the forums, but on rare occasion I will.

If I'm editing for a work, it'll probably be one of my pet pages. I Entry Pimp Echo Rose, Dad, The Weather, Rags, and The Cry of Mann, and I also make pages for works of the same genre, or by the same creators. I am also very into House of Anubis, despite the series no longer being relevant. I'm working on a fanfic for it, but don't have a page ready yet.

As of December 2019, I am now the herald of Projects: Long Term / Perpetual. Yay.

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     Tropes I've launched, in alphabetical order... 


    Work pages I've launched, also alphabetized 

    Videos I've uploaded 

    Pages I've expanded 

    Works I'd like to make pages for in the future: 

    Works I like: 


    My favorite characters 
  • Patricia Williamson, House of Anubis. Back when I first watched the show she was the main thing that drew me in; her strong, fearless, Determinator attitude made her stand out a lot compared to the other characters and her depth and development kept me hooked. As an adult I now appreciate her on a different level- her relationship with Eddie is adorable when written correctly, and her struggles being romantic are something I can relate to. I just love her.
  • Lloyd, from Rags. He's the best part of the movie and you can't convince me otherwise. He just has so much personality compared to everyone else and his character development throughout makes him really interesting and sympathetic to me- and how can I hate a character played by Burkley Duffield?
  • Mom/Cheryl, from Dad. It's weird to gush about a character like Cheryl because she's the show's primary antagonist and most of the fandom doesn't really like her, but I think her character is fascinating and entertaining. Her moments of genuine kindness towards Dad, mixed with her sympathetic motivation and the actress's excellent portrayal make me really enjoy her scenes.
  • Jayfeather, from Warrior Cats. I've always appreciated his snarky, Anti-Hero traits compared to other characters. I've always found him to be really compelling and well-written, being a genuinely heroic character who also just happens to be super prickly and pragmatic. I named my Warriors Forums account "Jaywarriors" and that's where "Warjay" came from, so I have to thank Jayfeather for my username's existence.

    Favorite Tropes (That I Didn't Launch) 

    Pet Peeve Tropes 

    And finally, my work ideas, in brief 
  • House of Anubis:Wrath Of Set fanfic: A Continuation Fic taking place where the series proper left off. After the death of the Osirian, more oddities are happening and Sibuna has to reunite one last time to save the day, despite all being separated after their graduation. Currently being drafted in a sandbox, to get a real work page once I begin to publish the story online.
  • A Phoenix Reborn: A dystopian story co-authored by me and a friend. In the year 2155, America is under the control of a hyper-captialistic religious group. The plot focuses on several different characters and their lives, many of whom are working in some way to topple the government. More on the page proper.
  • Unnamed Superhero Story: A story I've been cooking for years now, based on my short-lived series Super Secret Society Of Superheroes. It concerns teenaged heroes and villains and the antics they get up to, and is primarily meant to be comedic.

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