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Kurtis Conner is a YouTube commentator and comedian. Most commonly, he'll discuss and poke fun at other online content, movies, or television shows, and his videos include skits, humorous and surreal editing tricks, and puns. Lots and lots of puns.

In addition to his online career, he also does stand-up comedy.

Watch his videos here.

Kurtis's videos contain examples of:

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Lampshaded in his playthrough of the mobile game Episode. After picking out a colorful Theatre costume for his character, one of her friends remarks "I couldn't imagine leaving the underworld and not looking back at you." Kurtis gets up, leaves the room, goes outside, and desperately tries to figure out what the hell she was talking about. He gives up once a future version of himself comes back to warn him that he's never going to figure it out.
  • Blatant Lies: In one episode, he pranks his friend Jacob and then leaves the apartment. As he goes, he cheerfully states that "Jacob wasn't even mad"...while we see Jacob swearing at him and forcing him out.
  • Cue Card Pause: He opens his video on Watertok by saying he's terrified of "large bodies"... then giggles before clarifying he's terrified of large bodies of water.
  • Cutaway Gag: A common occurrence in Kurtis's videos is that he will describe a scenario inspired by whatever weird thing he's reviewing, then cut to a sketch in a different location where he acts that scenario out (usually playing multiple roles), then cut back to the main video. For example, in "Are Men Really Trash?" he reads a Tinder bio by a guy into farts who claims his uncle owns shares in Sephora and Forever 21 and can get girls anything they want, then cuts to a sketch where the guy begs his exasperated uncle to order more gifts to fulfill this promise.
  • Gloomy Gray: In a collab with Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden, they're poking fun at an account called "Tiktokids", which they note kind of sounds like "took the kids". This transitions into sad piano music and the video's colors turning gray as they joke about how "she took the kids".
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: In "These Are the Worst Guys Ever," Kurtis plays off a guy attributing a creepy question to the "major pervert" in him via an "angel and devil on shoulder" scenario, with the devil being a major pervert who encourages Kurtis to flirt with a married girl with headphones on. Both the angel and devil are just scaled-down versions of Kurtis with pitched-up voices. Kurtis brushes the pervert off his shoulder and notices his shoulder smells like cum afterwards.
  • Help Yourself in the Future: In his playthrough of the game Episode, Kurtis is completely baffled by an obscure theatre reference made by one of the characters, so he puts down the game and wanders outside to think about it. Fortunately his future self comes back to warn him that he's never going to figure it out.
  • "I Want" Song: His "Inside Boyfriend" character sings a song about wanting to go outside, which he hasn't been able to do for over a year, as his girlfriend leaves to go see her "Outdoor Boyfriend". She proceeds to completely gloss over his unhappiness, tells him to work on his singing, and leaves.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: He once gets put in "Joke jail" for making a pun about a grocery store.
  • Kissing Cousins: Parodied in the song "Blood Related". He, in his country-boy persona finds the country-girl of his dreams, but can't marry her because they're not blood related. It's such a deal breaker that he decides there's only one way he can get around it... by marrying her brother. He and the brother fall in love immediately.
  • Literal Metaphor: A man tells his friends he can't go golfing due to the old "ball and chain". As soon as he hangs up, we see he's talking about a literal, sentient, ball and chain. Who he loves.
  • Literal Money Metaphor: Discussed. When Kurtis visits a Bass Pro Shop for some country-style clothes and comments on how stereotypically redneck everything and everyone is there.
    Kurtis: If they tell me my items are fifty bucks, do they mean fifty dollars or fifty deer carcasses? I guess we'll find out. It's a good thing I killed fifty deer last night, just to be safe.
  • Malaproper: The holy trinity: Surface leather, physible, and squeet.
  • Misaimed Fandominvoked: In his video on Canadian PSAs, Kurtis explains how he completely missed the point of the "house hippo" PSA as a child. The PSA was about how television can make something ridiculous (like a tiny hippo living in your house) seem believable, so you have to think critically about what you're watching. Young Kurtis completely missed the point and searched for tiny hippos in his house, even when his parents told him they didn't exist. Nowadays, Kurtis thinks the PSA was smart, but maybe too smart for its target audience of young, gullible kids.
  • Mistaken Death Confirmation: Zig-zagged and Played for Laughs in "The Weirdest Whisper Confessions". He does a skit based on the whisper that only reads "Smack Cam" with a crying emoji. In it, a character has decided to get revenge on their friend who smack cams them by slowing their heart rate down to pretend to be dead, so he can be legally pronounced dead by the doctors, wait in his coffin until he has a funeral, and then jump out and smack his friend. The plan goes off without a hitch... except the friend always knew he wasn't dead, and pranks him back by convincing everyone to cremate the coffin right then and there.
  • Never Heard That One Before: In the Watertok video, Kurtis worries he'd be eaten by a kraken after asking it, "What's kraken" — not because the creature was hungry, but because it was sick of that pun.
  • Once an Episode: Formerly giving his subscribers an "extra greeting" at the start of every episode, and then telling people to go subscribe if they want that extra greeting. He forgot to do the greeting in one video, and was promptly "cancelled" on Twitter. Since then he started adding "except that one time" after saying you get an extra greeting every video. Nowadays, he doesn't do it because he got tired of it. He also always transitions into the subject of the video by saying "Folks..." and then clapping once loudly.
  • Ominous Knocking: In "Ridiculous Safety TikToks", one of the skits involves Kurtis being in a bathroom stall as someone bangs on the door. It gets more and more unsettling as the knocking continues even as he insists the bathroom is occupied. When he finally goes to check, nobody's there... until he turns around and gets jump-scared by the Home Depot employees.
  • Pungeon Master: A lot of the humor in the videos comes from Kurtis making an incredibly lame Pun and then swiftly acknowledging how bad the joke was, sometimes with a Rimshot, or the joke being emphasized in on-screen text or distorted editing.
  • Running Gag:
    • "(X) her? I hardly know her!" Jokes.
    • During videos with his friend Jacob, there'll be a scene of Jacob freaking out in front of a mirror, trying to calm himself down because he's about to perform for millions of people.note 
    • Jokes about Country Boys and Country Girls, often with a "yee yee".
    • Heavy editing, often with his face being stretched or shrunk.
    • Whenever someone in an image or video wears camouflage, he'll pretend that whichever body-parts the camouflage is touching are invisible.
    • During his "Episode" series, he'd frequently joke about the love interest punching her car and then show a quick clip of her doing that with crashing sound effects.
  • Quaking with Fear: After reading a Justin Bieber "Imagine", that involves a reporter shaking after Justin tells her "At least my fans do smart", he claims that if he ever gets told that, he'd just involuntarily start trembling wildly and die. To demonstrate, in a sketch with him and his girlfriend, his girlfriend quoting the line makes him immediately start to shake.
  • Smoking Barrel Blowout: Parodied. After Kurtis is shot dead for not storing his Fushigi Ball correctly, the shooter promptly blows the smoke... and then flinches because he's burned his lips.
  • Smoking Hot Sex: Parodied in "I Became a Country Boy," when Kurtis points out that, while smoking is bad, it at least looks cooler than chewing tobacco. This transitions into a sketch where Kurtis lies in bed with someone, remarking "Wow babe, that was great," then goes to have some chewing tobacco, looking disgusting in the process. It's further subverted when it turns out that Kurtis didn't actually just have sex — he just burst into someone's room and laidd down on their bed after eight hours of fighting a bull in a ring of fire.
  • Technology Erasure Event: Parodied in a video discussing the Y2k scare, where he jokes about how funny it would be if one year everyone woke up, and all technology was working perfectly... except for electrical hand mixers. He frames this scenario as a horror movie trailer, in which a father can't make pancakes for his son and has to go to the top rings of government to determine why the mixers all stopped working.
  • Top Wife: In "I Found the Best Actor on TikTok," Kurtis does a sketch about someone with an "indoor boyfriend" and an "outdoor boyfriend," where the outdoor boyfriend gets to go out and have fun with his partner while the indoor boyfriend is forced to stay inside and mope.


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