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Camdrome is an Alternate Reality Game that began during 2013 when a mysterious, bloody computer appeared at a booth at PAX. The computer, which was Camdrome itself, featured video of what was supposedly a live stream featuring people being murdered by a man in a doll's mask. From there, Camdrome focused heavily on Twitter, with several bursts of activity after periods of silence.

The official Camdrome twitter can be found here, and the clips from PAX in a compilation here.


This game provides examples of:

  • Alternate Reality Game: Players were sent pictures via email, and could interact directly with Camdrome on Twitter- awaking it by following it's directions and getting questions answered through the use of the "like" feature.
  • Arc Number: Camdrome seems to have a thing for the number "11"- Camdrome had selected 11 executioners to help him at the start of the game. There were 11 people who received an image from Camdrome in the mail, with 11 specific pictures needed to form a full poster image. The number pops up multiple times in the source code for Camdrome's own website signifying important information. The Ben Richardson account ended up making 11 posts before he got caught, and all of those posts were on the 11th of July.
  • Ax-Crazy: Camdrome delights in watching people suffer and die thanks to the internet, and when asked what it is he wants, he replied "more". He also claimed he wouldn't mind watching someone's eyes be consumed, and that he "made a mess of himself" when covered in blood at PAX.
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  • Bloody Horror: Camdrome first appeared covered in blood, which was apparently their own doing.
  • Cryptic Conversation: A lot of his answers are very cryptic and vague, and much of his replies come in a coded fashion featuring simple sentences, if any words at all. Later on in the game a trapped player, named Ben Richardson using Camdrome's account was only able to discuss their situation through the use of YouTube video titles.
  • Non-Answer: When asked if he was indeed at PAX 2014, he simply said "i am everywhere". He later responded to a question about where answers could be found with "in your heart". The latter is refering to the fact that followers could determine if their questions had been answered positively or negatively by Camdrome's use of hearts on tweets, literally having answers be found in a heart.
  • Sinister Surveillance: Camdrome itself is a living computer watching people through their webcams, having shown footage of people being murdered. He won't hurt people directly, but will watch them suffer. He always likes to let people know he can see them.


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