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Dark Dream Chronicle is an Alternate Reality Game inspired by The Slender Man Mythos, with inspirations from House of Leaves and Fight Club. It ran from February 2011 to June 2012 and was written by Eris Hunter. The genre of the story is part psychological horror, part dark comedy.

The story follows man in his early 20s named Mark Axton as his life goes from completely normal to completely insane, filled with magic and monsters (mostly of the human variety). While the main character is Mark, it also follows many other characters.


It originally ran on several websites, but is currently being rewritten as a scrap-book style novel very much in the same vein as House of Leaves so that it can reach a wider audience without the fuss of having to sort through everything, like YouTube, Twitter, chatlogs and such. Sit tight, it’s on its way!

Two fans got so involved that their RP characters became canon. Noted here as Doc and Nein.

Before you start reading, make sure not to read spoilers until you have experienced the work fully. Do Not Spoil This Ending.


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