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Vince shares some exercise tips with an engaged audience.

What's up, Hybrids?

Alright now, since this is a documentary of our real investigation of our real situation, um, I wanted to put this in here, I wanted to put this in this video and, uh, explain to whoever might be watching this at the end that... that um, I personally think that it's bullshit how we're just sitting here waiting and just beating around the bush about this shit. Clearly this is not just some dickhole messing with us, clearly, this is not just some man in a suit. This is something SO much worse.

A series of YouTube videos based on The Slender Man Mythos. Three guys — Vince, Evan and Jeff — set up a fitness and exercise video-blog, in which they discuss the best ways to exercise, the best things to eat and the best ways to defend yourself from anyone who attacks you. Vince and Evan do the talking, Jeff's their cameraman. But while they're filming, there seems to be a weird gentleman, a bit on the tall side—and as events escalate, a young Princeton student finds herself swept up into their situation as well...

Anyone new to EverymanHYBRID should use this timeline to guide them through the story, since the full story is spread across two YouTube channels, two Twitter feeds, Twitpic pictures, some archived live webcasts, a blog, a forum, and even a few YouTube posts on unrelated channels. The game's wiki, which has useful things like transcripts of the videos, is also worth taking a look at. In addition, there is a fan-made compilation and a special edition, as well as an extremely in-depth analysis and explanation of the series.

After almost nine years, the series concluded at the stroke of midnightnote  on January 1st, 2019 with its final video, "Introductions".

If you want to do an Archive Binge without any guidance:

Beware! There may be unmarked spoilers for the series below!

This series provides examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: The conclusion of the Seven Trials of HABIT, an ARG-inspired element that was quite prevalent in the beginning parts of the series, never came to fruition before the series ended.
    • Now subverted, as the final box (#7) has been sent to the last remaining Rabbit. A full 6 years after Box 6.
  • Adults Are Useless: Jeff and Alex's parents must be especially oblivious. Mainly because they're dead. Or possibly never existed to begin with.
  • Afterlife Welcome: While it's less an "afterlife" and more of just a place to wait for a new cycle of reincarnation, Vinnie is met after death by Jeff, Corenthal, and Evan, who welcome him warmly, despite everything that happened in the previous iteration. Thus, the story continues; HYBRID regroups and HABIT can still get its butt kicked for good.
  • Alien Geometries:
    • A basement in an abandoned house in the woods in the middle of the day leads to below a pier in the middle of the night.
    • "77of76.avi" reveals that the guys were apparently trapped wandering around the woods, no matter what direction they took they ended up at a large tree in the middle of a dead field of grass, a short walk away from the abandoned house. They couldn't reach the house, of course.
    • The basement somehow is connected to the crawlspace of Alex's and Jeff's house. The connection was one way (to the basement), and vanished two days later.
    • "The property" contains a mix-and-match area of the main characters' houses, including: Jeff's pantry, Vinny's bathroom, Evan's basement, Vinny's basement, Steph's apartment and more, and that is just the start of the weirdness.
      • "Le premier cours" has Vinny mention that during the events of that video he realized there were no Alien Geometries. The main characters have been living in the same house the whole time and somehow NEVER NOTICED.
  • The All-Concealing "I": A minor, if not unusual example; HABIT-centric videos are often filmed by what seems to be his own personal "cameraman" — someone or something that is never seen on-camera or identified. Whoever or whatever is holding the camera never says anything (in one video, Vinny asks it if it can talk, which it attempts to do but can only produce horrible choking sounds), never takes part in what happens beyond simply filming it, and HABIT never explains anything about it beyond saying "he's mine". In an early video, Candleverse!Vinny acts as though it is some kind of creepy-looking monster (a sentiment shared by the current iteration's Vinny) and alludes to there being more than one. In one of the last few videos, Dr. Corenthal has his own cameraman who he addresses as "151", which the fanbase has taken to mean Rabbit #151 from HABIT's seven trials.
  • Alternate Reality Game: Fan interaction and investigation are much bigger in this story than any of the other Slenderblogs.
  • Always a Bigger Fish: From a Corenthal Report found in one of the Boxes. "Apparently the Reverend didn't know the Man doesn't share."
  • Ambiguous Ending: "Introductions". Dr. Corenthal and the Candleverse versions of Evan and Jeff find Candleverse Vinny unconscious underneath the lone tree in the middle of the field at Baldpate Mountain, still clutching his neck from his newest iteration's death in the previous video. They wake him up, and he tearfully admits his guilt to Dr. Corenthal for the things he did in the newest iteration. The doctor hugs him and tells him it’s okay. Apparently, after everything he’s done, everyone else forgives Vinny. The good doctor then takes the camera from the cameraman and gives it to Vinny, but Vinny puts it down on the ground, stating, "We don't need it." The last shot of the series is the boys and the doctor walking away together, to Johnny Cash’s rendition of “We’ll Meet Again". Will the reiteration cycle ever be broken? Is it already broken? Where is HABIT? Is the song a message from HABIT to the boys? From the boys to Corenthal (and each other)? From the creators to the viewers? We will never know.
    • When asked during a Q & A session whether the ending of the series was supposed to represent the end of the story (akin to a book closing) or simply the beginning of a new chapter, the cast refused to provide a definitive answer, stating that while they had their own ideas about what happened next, they wanted to leave it up to the viewers to draw their own conclusions. That being said, OOG Vinny also encouraged viewers to "look at what's happened in the series", pointing out that the Everyman story has been going on longer than any of the players are aware (with Jeff adding that it would be "hubris" to regard the latest iteration as the most important).
  • Ambiguously Gay: Vincent, although he was going out with Lexi, the librarian. Not that we see this, of course. Evan also mentions that Vinny had a crush on his sister, though not only do we never see Evan's sister, it's likely she wasn't even real to begin with.
  • Anachronic Order: The aftermath of "Episode 6: Healthy Eating" is posted before the video showing the event. The rest of the "hidden" videos continue this.
  • And the Adventure Continues: The series ends on this (possible) note, implying that the iteration cycle the cast is trapped in will continue, but we won't get to see what happens next; Vinny decides to leave the camera behind — probably because he doesn't want to put any more hapless internet viewers in danger — forever, giving us a "Ray of Hope" Ending and the possibility that HABIT won't be undefeated forever. (Also, there's obviously an afterlife, so death isn't absolute.) After much trial and error, the forces of Good will win.
  • Anyone Can Die: Started off with side characters and worked its way up. As of All Good Things, the only known survivor is Corenthal, though considering some of the hints dropped in previous "hidden" episodes and documents found by ARGers, the rest may not have been Killed Off for Real.
  • Apocalyptic Log:
    • Doctor Corenthal's reports, which are left in bags for viewers to find. The weirdest part is that the three patients he mentions have the same names as the main characters, despite the reports supposedly being written in the 1970s.
    • "The Princeton Tapes" featured audio and writings from the previous iteration of Vinny from the late 80s/early 90s, in which he detailed his situation; the tapes end after he meets up with a doctor at Corenthal's old hospital, and suddenly collapsed, dying. [[spoiler:Except when the current Vinny travels to the hospital, the tapes start playing on their own and ending changes to have the doctor become possessed by HABIT and start hunting Princeton!Vinny throughout the hospital (hinting at a possible timeline reset).
    • HABIT's updates on "Can You See The Words?" included blogs written by people HABIT was torturing, speaking about their situation and what HABIT was doing to them, shortly before they ended up dying.
  • Archetypal Character: By the end of the series, the main trio — Vincent, Jeff, and Evan — are confirmed to be the embodiments of archetypal characters from the Everyman morality play: Vincent who insisted on filming everything that befell the group from a safe distance), is The Voyeur, Jeff (who wants what's best for those he cares about and takes it personally when they're hurt) is The Guardian, and Evan (who is volatile and hot-headed) is The Firebrand. It's also hinted that Dr. Corenthal —whom Patrick Andersen describes as "another [Vinny] from another time" — is another incarnation of The Voyeur]].
  • Ax-Crazy:
    • Evan pulls it here, although we don't know for sure if it's canon. What is canon is Evan trying to clobber Slendy with a bat. Which is probably even crazier, though awesome.
    • HABIT, oh so very much. Murder is just a fun pastime to him.
  • Back to the Early Installment
    • In the Mind Screw episode that is "The Property", many strange things happen to Vinnie. He's in a place that is, against all logic, a seamless combination of random rooms from his and his friend's homes in one, and then gets taken to Dr. Corenthal's ethereal sanctuary. This episode also somehow took him back in time to the events of "Hidden Videos", a video from two years prior, and he watches the events of that video happen from a distance, in shock at everything he's experiencing.
    • Inverted in "Last week / taking it back", where through some unexplainable circumstances, Evan, Jeff and Alex mysteriously end up at Baldpate mountain. Based on evidence such as the clothes they're wearing and the location they ended up in, they were actually going through the events foretold in a mysterious video called "78of76.avi", received months earlier— they'd somehow gotten footage of something that happened to them in the future, and then lived those events in "Last week / taking it back".
  • Badass Boast:
    • Dr. Corenthal in "The property"
    "When [the monsters] come for me, they don't need to make an appointment, 'cause the in."
    • HABIT in ":D"
    HABIT: You think you're untouchable? Not even God can hide from me.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Slendy, as usual.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: At the end of the series, HABIT successfully gets everything he wants from Vinny, successfully tricks him into thinking that they're going to kill Slender Man (when in reality he wants both Evan and Vinny dead), and leaves Evan for good so that he can "evolve and change". The entire main cast is dead, and it appears that not even another iteration can save the boys.
  • Bad People Abuse Animals: HABIT likes to kill rabbits. Now think of the implications this brings when you consider that HABIT calls his followers "rabbits".
  • BFG: Dr. Corenthal uses one against Slender Man in "The property"
  • Batter Up!: BONK! (Spoilers for Ashen Waste)
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Slender Man, The Rake, and HABIT.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Dr. Corenthal pulls this to rescue Vinny from Slender Man in "The property."
  • Big Good: The events of "Property" seem to confirm once and for all that Dr. Corenthal is this for the Hybrids.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Sometimes seen on the background of Alex's YouTube page.
  • Blackmail: Rabbit #052 (AKA FullRoundAction or The Warren Jester) was unable to participate in Trial #6 due to his hometown outlawing protests. However, he also possess the next box to advance the story. He'll only open it if he's let through to Trial #7. It worked. HABIT was thoroughly unamused. Still no word on the box's contents though.
    • The truth? #052 never had the box to begin with. After attacking #052 in his home, HABIT allowed the other Rabbits to vote on whether he'd remain, and he was voted out 6 to 1 for cheating his way through. The backlash to FRA's actions on Unfiction was so immense that Out-of-game Jeff had to post about it, outraged at their behavior. Jeff actually applauded FRA for making things interesting.
  • Black Screen of Death: One of the effects caused by otherworldly occurrences. It happens a lot in "Alex" and also covers up the majority of what happened during "The Hidden Morse Code Videos".
  • Blood from the Mouth:
    • Evan near the end of "Ashen Waste" after trying to kill Slender Man with a bat and failing miserably.
    • Subverted with Vinnie near the end of "The Corenthal Connection": the boys later said it wasn't blood.
    • Happens in "All good things" to both Evan and Vinny shortly before their respective deaths.
  • Blood Lust: Evan is seen licking blood from his hands in May & June. Just after this, it's revealed that Evan killed a deer in a violent way.
  • Body Horror: From what we can see in May & June, The Rake seems to be this.
  • Body Snatcher: HABIT claims to be one, in the hijacked blog Can You See the Words.
  • Book Ends: The first episode of the series is called "Introduction". The final episode of the series is called..."Introductions".
  • Boulder Bludgeon: During his fight with Evan in "All good things", Vinny grabs a rock and whacks Evan with it in a fit of desperation.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Done in an extremely bizarre and meta way in "Le premier cours" when Vince speculates that he, Evan, and possibly Jeff are fictional characters.
  • Breather Episode:
    • A Day in the Life. Nothing happens except for a pleasant hike through the woods, and a brief exploration of an abandoned house... until we see short clips of extra footage spliced into later videos, that start adding a more sinister flavor to the day. Then there's the larger chunk of footage from the thumb-drive found in the episode "Jeff."
    • "In which I assume the role of a 13 year old MySpace girl" should be one, but it's plagued with video and audio distortions.
    • A Day with Green Feathers, excepting the last minute.
  • Brick Joke: In Consensus the footage taken when Vinny wakes up in the woods is with a different camera from the one that was being used in the car. All the way at the end of series, in All good things this is finally explained (Vinnie switched to their "backup camera", which was used for the rest of the series). The footage where this happened was removed because it...did not exactly show Vinnie in a good light.
  • Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu: Evan, during "Ashen Waste"
  • Brown Note: "The Hidden Videos." It becomes clear that the Hybrids are really not meant to see them.
  • Call-Back: In "Self Defense" Evan and Vin are practising what to do if your attacker has a knife, come "All Good Things", they fight like this for real.
    • Also in the same video Evan comments "I forget you were left handed" while acting out the fight. In "All Good Things", this is what gets him killed, with him saying the same thing.
  • The Cameo: The character of Roger in Princeton!Vinny's audio diaries from Box 7 is unmistakably voiced by Tim Sutton.
  • Car Fu: Attempted in "Ashen Waste." It doesn't work.
  • The Call Knows Where You Live: The girlfriend of one of the characters has gone missing, sparking a road trip in search of her.
  • Cerebus Callback: "A Day In The Life" was a Breather Episode of sorts, until hidden clips in future videos paint a more sinister tone on the whole day.
  • Cerebus Rollercoaster: The first half of the series bounces between lighthearted and dark. The first few episodes are funny and lighthearted, but then a sinister shadow makes an appearance in "Upper Body and Arms", and then the first of the "hidden" videos shows up before "Healthy Eating" sees the Slender Man make his first real appearance...and then they blow off his appearance as a break-in and remain lighthearted... until "Joke's Over", where the series plunges facefirst into the dark.
  • Chekhov's Classroom: Fan speculation has it that the lesson on how to fight off an attacker with a knife is one of these. Like, perhaps Evan himself. Possibly pays off in "Slender Man." Whether or not this is in canon however is another question entirely.
    • As of "All Good Things" the payoff is finally revealed when Vinnie is able to stab Even with the knife branded with the North Star.
  • Chekhov's Gift: On Christmas Alex gives Jeff an air-horn, much to everyone's bemusement. However, on a side note, HABIT uses the airhorn sound to link to the present from a possible past iteration clip involving a car honking it's horn. The next episode, he uses it to scare off an attacker.
  • Conspiracy Kitchen Sink: Slender Man, The Rake and Candle Cove? OH MY!
  • Cope by Pretending: Jeff and his little brother Alex have lost their parents a year before. Alex struggled with moving on and continued to act as though they were alive—even using a tape recording of their voices to answer his questions. Later, after the Rake killed his dog Sparky, he wore a sock-puppet and insisted it was Sparky.
  • The Corruption: Evan's forearm gets clawed by the Rake in "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back." In every video since, the bandages begin to cover more and more of his arm. In "Noah," the bandages cover from wrist to shoulder. Unknown if this is an infection, psychological compulsion, or just Evan making a fashion statement.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Evan keeps an "Emergency Machete" in the trunk of the car.
  • Creepy Child:
    • "Evan's Dream Log," featuring children taking him to Slenderman.
    • The first HABIT entry to Can You See The Words, about a girl named Dawn.
  • Crossover:
    • In "Cops Checked, No Body" and "Consensus" the Rake makes a prominent appearance. It has since been shown to be harassing Jeff's brother Alex.
    • A letter was found indicating a young Vince may have watched Candle Cove, and the group's attempt to watch the videos hidden from them caused them to revert to a child like state, talking to a black video screen about how they wanted to find the hidden treasure. The fans have taken to calling the dimension with the Alien Geometries noted above as "The Candleverse", in reference to Candle Cove (as well as the fact that it was full of candles).
    • Furthermore, the letter indicates new answers may be found in Centralia.
    • Elsewhere in the Slenderverse, Noah received an envelope with purple duct tape. Its contents included a burned letter not unlike the Corenthal reports mentioning Milo, a burned Polaroid of "Milo, Mary, and Dr. C," a postcard with "Not an Observer" written in vaguely HABIT-like handwriting, and what may be another part of the Centralia note.
    • Noah's actor also made an unintentional appearance in Rabbit #84's Trial 4 video. Adam Rosner later confirmed this was in-character Noah, presumably to simplify things.
    • In what can be described as a Red Skies Crossover, it's later revealed that Dr. Corenthal met and treated a young Milo Asher, and also gave him the journal that Noah Maxwell is currently posting excerpts from.
    • Evan made an appearance seemingly as himself in the TJA Projects as well when the two main characters get lost in Jersey and ask Evan for directions.
    • In the video "Noah," not only does Noah make an appearance, but so does the current trio of Dark Harvest.
    • The Tribe Twelve video DEUS EX MACHINA features a minor cameo from HABIT (who appears in silhouette), as Firebrand hints that HABIT was responsible for liberating him from the Collective.
    • We get another full crossover with Tribe Twelve in "Severance"/"Bridge To Nowhere", in which HABIT teleports Noah to the "safe house", a.k.a. Apartment 3103 (in a manner similar to what Vincent experienced in "The Property") for a lesson on how to use the Collective symbol. In part two, HABIT kicks Noah out of the house, leading him to stumble into a bizarre netherworld believed by many viewers to be The Candleverse. While in said realm, Noah has a run-in with a seemingly alive Jeff, who warns him not to listen to either HABIT or Firebrand (insisting that suicide is his best option).
      • "Bridge To Nowhere" also features a brief cameo from Lee, the protagonist of Whispered Faith, who appears as a passing motorist who offers Noah assistance.
    • And now MLAndersen0 has been brought into the mix with the four-part crossover "BROTHERLY LOVE"/"HELLO"/"GOODBYE"/"Three's Company". Shaun Andersen follows an anonymous tip to HABIT's house, where he's drugged (over tea with Vinny) and wakes up in the attic. HABIT explains that he's using Shaun as bait to lure in his brother, hinting that Michael/Patrick is an inhuman entity like himself — and that the two of them have a long history. "GOODBYE" ends with Shaun seemingly being tortured to death, capping of with, according to a phone call between Patrick and Stan Frederick, being chainsawed into pieces.
      • Patrick appears again in several of the audio files on Tape 3, making phone calls to Princeton Tapes Vincent circa 1991. Turns out he's trapped in an iteration cycle that is either part of (or runs parallel to) the one the boys are experiencing — and he's been living it out for a very long time. He also reveals that Corenthal is a future version of Vinny, who managed to break free from the cycle.
    • Sometime before the events of 2018, Vinny makes a cameo appearance in Stan Frederick, where he encounters the titular character and Serena as they attempt to locate HABIT. Vinny uses this opportunity to ask Stan to help him escape Corenthal's mountain home, but is unable to do so due to the way dimensional travelling works for Stan and Serena.
  • Danger Takes A Back Seat: Slender Man appears in the back seat of Evan's car, but the boys don't realize it's not Daniel, their fake Slendy.
    Vince: Is that Daniel in the backseat of Evan's car, dude?
  • Darker and Edgier: After things start going wrong and people start dying, the fact that the series was ever called Lighter and Softer than the average Slender blog becomes Harsher in Hindsight.
  • Darkest Hour: Every time that the series seems to hit this, it finds a way to get worse.
  • Deadly Prank: The parody of Slender Man seems to be what's attracting him.
  • Death of a Child: Evan recalls HABIT eating his and Steph's baby.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?:
    • Evan's planning this towards Slendy. He gets his chance in 'Ashen Waste.' Time will tell if there's a rematch.
    • Alex was planning this on The Rake as well, after it had clawed his arms in his sleep.
    • In Jessie, Evan goes toe to toe with the Rake, (mostly off-screen, unfortunately) THRASHES it, and finally throws it out of a second story window.
  • Don't Go in the Woods: There is much tree symbolism. After the episode "Joke's Over", the crew has hopefully learned their lesson. In a later episode, The Call proved to be too strong and they went back out in the woods anyway. The results were mixed.
    • Invoked during "All good things" by HABIT, as he heavily implies that the woods they are in are quote-on-quote sick because these are the woods where Slendy lives.
  • Downer Ending: Practically the case in "all good things"; Dr. Corenthal's attempts to save the boys have failed miserably, Vinny was revealed to be a manipulative creep that helped engineer the deaths of several of his friends, and Evan snaps out of his inHABITation to give Vinny a physical and verbal beatdown for his betrayal. At the end of the video, the two men kill each other in the most bitter and painful ways possible, leaving HABIT the sole victor.
  • Driven to Madness:
    • The non-canon video "Slender Man" shows Evan reaching this point, but by "Welcome to the Ark" he's normal again. These two are entries to a horror contest and probably non-canon, but still should be considered part of the overall theme.
    • Evan even more so in "Ryan & the SEVENTRIALSOFHABIT" He's talking to nothing just like in Slender Man, however, it's a lot more vicious and it seems to be coming from another personality. He even goes after Jeff at the end with a giant knife. Being the target of HABIT's possession and murdering Jeff while possessed didn't help things, eventually driving him to suicide via taking on the Rake.
  • Driven to Suicide: Vinnie, in "two thousand three hundred ninety-five."
  • Dwindling Party: Occurs to quite a few and it might not even be the first time this has happened to them.
  • Easily Forgiven: Despite having been responsible for all of their deaths, and having screwed them over many times, Vinny gets this treatment by the rest of the boys and Doctor Corenthal in "Introductions".
  • End of the World as We Know It: "Welcome to the ARK" suggests that this may eventually happen. Although the video appears to be non-canon.
  • Eldritch Location: From what little we've seen of it through the hidden videos and the Tribe Twelve video "Bridge to Nowhere", the Candleverse definitely has this vibe. People who have died in the real world show up alive and well here, various paths loop in on each other, drinking water causes severe nosebleeds, and it allows James Corenthal to smoke a cigar without actually lighting it. And that's just during the daytime. The place takes a turn for the worse at night, as ominous, distorted music plays throughout the place, and it's implied by Jeff and Evan that monsters start showing up in the woods after too long.
  • Eternal Recurrence / Vicious Cycle: Implied in the "hidden videos", and in some of the supplementary material.
  • Eternal Villain: HABIT is one of these. In later videos, it's revealed that HABIT hasn't just tormented the boys during their loops, but has been tormenting them and their reincarnations since at least the '70s. Given that HABIT is an immortal body-hopper, he's been around long enough to exist in every cycle the boys go through in some shape or form.
  • Evil-Detecting Dog: Alex's dog paws at his closet every night.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: Vinny summoning HABIT in the episode titled "A Summoning" was not a very smart thing to do; as people in the comments section, and even HABIT himself, pointed out.
  • Fake Memories: Over the course of the series, it's revealed that the three main cast members (and Damsel) are orphans from Centralia who died as children and were written back into reality as young adults (multiple times), complete with artificial memories of families that never existed and lifetimes that never happened. Towards the end of the series, the facade starts to fall apart as the surviving cast members begin losing their memories.
  • Family Extermination: Stephanie's Dark and Troubled Past involves her coming home from school and finding her entire family not only killed by Slender Man, but dismembered and shoved into bloody garbage bags hanging from the trees. This caused her to burn down her house, with her family's corpses inside, and flee to New Jersey, where she met the EverymanHYBRID boys, and was done simply because Slender Man is possessive and wanted to hurt her. Later subverted, as it turns out her family may not have existed at all, apart from her memories.
  • Faux Affably Evil: HABIT. He likes to act whimsical and chummy, but the grinning facade drops when he gets annoyed or impatient (which is often). To quote Noah of Tribe Twelve: "He's not just evil, he's like... he's like silly-evil. And that's disturbing as shit."
  • Finger Poke of Doom: In "All good things", a dying Evan throws a knife at Vinny, who manages to dodge it for the most part, coming away with just a small cut on his neck. Unfortunately for Vinny, this knife was branded with a sigil that gave it the power to kill godlike beings. A small cut is all it takes for the knife to kill an ordinary human in short order.
  • Freudian Trio: The impulsive, brash Evan is the Id; the reserved, protective Jeff is the Superego; Vincent fits somewhere in the middle. Also reflected in the villains, with the feral Rake being the Id, the distant Slederman being the Superego, and HABIT fitting between the two, being driven by base instinct but at least somewhat capable of longterm planning.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Evan's dream lab entry towards the events of "Joke's Over." Specifically, his nightmare of following voices into the woods and finding 'bags.'
    • "Cops Checked, No Body" is the first episode to feature the Rake. Earlier in the episode, "The Rake's Song" by the Decemberists plays in in the background.
    • As of "All good things" it turns out there was a lot of this, including the knife defense lesson mentioned below foreshadowed Vince killing Evan with a knife; Vinny's insistence on continuing to film foreshadowed his role as 'The Voyeur' and the fact that he was the one who put hidden cameras in all of their homes; and Vinnies panic in "The drive west" after the (previously deceased) Jeff showed up and begged him to help the (equally previously dead) Alex foreshadowed the fact that Vince himself had actively contributed to Alex' demise, and as is implied might have also been aware that he was sending Jeff into danger and/or certain death.
    • In "The day the world ended", HABIT warns Vinny to be careful when handling the God Killer knife since it's powerful enough to kill a normal human just by scratching them. In "All good things", Vinny dies from a small scratch from the knife when it is thrown at him by Evan.
  • Freudian Slip: In "Lexi", Vinny talks to HABIT (in Evan's body) about events shown "HALLOWEEN HANGOVER" and nearly refers to Evan as "you", but stops himself short and says "Evan". HABIT laughs and mentions the trope by name, specifically saying "Freudian slip".
  • Gallows Humor:
    • In "December & early January," the Damsel rather soberingly says that she doesn't think the Slender Man has any weaknesses to exploit. However, certain later entries of Marble Hornets do have evidence to prove this claim wrong. This prompts Evan to make a crack about how Ramming Always Works provided you attach knives to the front of the car with bats spinning around and Alex doing a handstand on top.
    • In the last morse code video, "-.-.", or C, Jeff says that protecting the package, "Everyman", involves throwing him into the woods and running".
  • Gilligan Cut: When the Rake is discovered to be lurking in someone's closet, the protagonists briefly consider piling things in front of the door as a barricade. A loud snarling voice starts issuing from the closet, scaring the hell out of all of them. One jump cut later, the door is CHAINED SHUT.
  • A Good Name for a Rock Band:
    • One forum poster questioned why there would be a "Free Drink Refills" sign in a mental ward, leading another to suggest that was the name of the hospital's band. Guess what we learn in the Hospital Fire sound file.
    • How about "Celery and Sulfur" from Centralia?
  • Hate Crimes Are a Special Kind of Evil: HABIT has always been a cruel monster, but the true depths of his evil are revealed when he points out in one episode that he used to work with the Nazis. It was later revealed that not only was he a Nazi, but he was possessing and controlling Josef Mengele.
  • Haunted Technology: Seriously, what is up with the creepy tape Alex has of his mother's voice in 'One step forward, two steps back'? The Slendy-esque distortion and ambience in the background doesn't help make it any less unsettling.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: The main three, but especially Vince and Evan in "A Day in the Life".
  • Hidden in Plain Sight:
    • The fake Slendy used by the EverymanHYBRID crew.
    • Later, the same applies to the real one. Big example in "I'm Okay", where he's quite literally on the other side of the grille, and Jeff looks right past him.
    • Some of the videos and edits in the series were not uploaded by the gang, and are somehow invisible to them. They at first think viewers are trolling them about their existence. When they get a fan to send them the collected "hidden" videos it doesn't end well.
  • Historical In-Joke: Apparently the Egyptian revolution was HABIT's doing. He has also implied that he was, or at least possessed, Jack the Ripper as well as Josef Mengele.
  • I Call It "Vera": HABIT calls a chainsaw he uses for torture "Rex".
  • Icy Blue Eyes: Evan. This is especially noticeable in the entry May & June.
  • Identifying the Body: Happened offscreen in an episode. Their close friend had died in a car accident heavily implied to be created by the monster tormenting them online, and the mutilation was so bad, his mother had to go and identify her son's body; Vinnie went with her, which is how he noticed some of the details not matching up with the official report.
  • Idiot Ball:
    • The guys abducting Damsel from her mental hospital, taping the whole thing, and posting it online. Then she tells them that she was going to be released later that day anyway.
    • Vince in "Not Dead Yet", oh so much. To clarify: he decides to check Evan's house after Jeff's been missing for a week, being last seen there. Evan is obviously evil by then, but he refuses to take any weapons with him, giving the viewers some bullshit "didn't feel right taking weapons with me" excuse. He also goes to the house at night for some inexplicable reason, and once inside refuses to turn on any lights he comes by. He then freaks out at seeing the bloodied chain and Jeff's shoe, and decides to "get out of there" immediately, which was seemingly the first smart decision he'd had that day. And he almost follows through with it, but then, mere feet away from the door to the outside, he hears some noise in one of the rooms... and of course he charges in, yelling "Evan!" as he does so. Well, at least he uncovered a ton of information the fans had no way of knowing before, like Jeff probably being not that well.
    • Vince in "A proposal" and "A summoning": Vinnie finds an old book (in the middle of a new book store) that allows him to summon specific entities. Thinking that his only option is to summon HABIT (despite the fact that doing so would probably result in bodily harm, if not his outright death), he goes against the opinions of the viewers and performs the ritual — and winds up at HABIT's house from ":D". It's no wonder that HABIT has a field day with this and nearly ends up murdering Vinnie for his stupidity.
    • Vince trying to test the edge of the North Star Knife, a weapon inscribed with a symbol of pain and lethality capable of delivering mortality to things that do not have a concept of it on his own thumb.
    • After luring people over for HABIT to kill, Vinny just wants to go and asks HABIT to unlock the front door. HABIT does so. Vinny then proceeds to just stand in the open doorway, back to HABIT, looking at the outside long enough for HABIT to walk up behind him and knock him out.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Evan, while possessed by HABIT, ate his baby.
  • Important Haircut:
    • Inverted regarding Evan. As time goes on, Evan occasionally grows his hair out, rather than keep cut short. This usually happens when Evan's mind is more unstable than it normally is. After HABIT takes control over him, his hair remains unkempt for the rest of the series.
    • Played straight with Vinny however, who decides to shave his entire head shortly before the end of the series.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: The North Star Knife. It is literally capable of bringing mortality to things that do not die.
  • It Won't Turn Off: In "Isolation", Evan's car radio keeps playing "I've Got You Under My Skin" no matter what he does.
  • Introductory Opening Credits: In-Universe, this was how Evan, Vinny and Jeff chose to intro their exercise series. The three of them would be shown in separate scenes with their names and role given to the audience, introducing Evan as the "Nutritional Correspondent", Jeff as "Camera and Editing", and Vinny as "the EverymanHYBRID".
  • Jerkass: HABIT is an asshole in addition to being an Ax-Crazy monster, and he takes pride in doing even the smallest and pettiest things to irritate and upset the other characters.
    • Vinnie, as "All good things" revealed that he was a Manipulative Bastard all along and might have actively contributed to Alex' demise.
  • Laughing Mad:
    • Evan in the "Joke's Over" video. When Vincent cuts open the bag of blood and gibs, Evan starts to laugh.
    • Evan, once again, in "Ryan & the SEVENTRIALSOFHABIT"
  • Leitmotif:
    • The Slender Man is represented with the standard audio/video distortion, although this series seems to define it more rigidly than other Slendervlogs; for example, in Marble Hornets and Tribe Twelve, it seems to signal some sort of malevolent presence in general, but watching Everyman HYBRID would imply that the distortions mean that Slendy is definitely there and close by. For example, in one video, He's right behind Vinny, but the video and audio only distort when His face is in the shot.
    • "Who Could Win a Rabbit" by Animal Collective for HABIT, especially in the morse code videos.
  • Lighter and Softer: At first, due to the amount of allies and characters have in the form of their treasured fanbase, as well as the protagonists' good friendships and funny jokes. Things slowly start going downhill once the user interaction turns into The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You and characters start dying, until it shifts fully the other way into Darker and Edgier. There's also the possibility that we, the viewers are being reset along with the crew, if the Iteration Theory is correct.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: "All good things" reveals that after Alex revealed to Vinny that the Rake had warned him of his treachery, Vinny deliberately drove out to a secluded road in the woods so that Alex would be taken by the Slender Man — selectively editing the footage to remove anything that implicated him in what happened.
  • Method Acting: For a while, the actors/creators didn't make out-of-character appearances, even on the forums. One fan won a chance to interview the trio; they got angry and walked off when the interviewer implied that the web series was fictional. They also chose not to appear in several podcasts which featured the creators of other series (such as Tribe Twelve and Marble Hornets), specifically saying that they weren't going to discuss the series until after it was over. They eventually were forced to break immersion after a fan accidentally discovered the Facebook page of Jeff's brother Alex — followed by the personal Facebook pages of the rest of the cast and their Tumblr blogs. After a failed attempt at damage control, the guys eventually relaxed and began to interact freely with fans, both online and in Real Life. However, while they gladly discussed the process that went into filming and developing earlier episodes of the series, they adamantly refused to discuss the plot or hint at any future developments (except to say that viewers will "know when it ends"). After the official end of the series (January 1, 2019), Jeff promised fans that they will freely answer any and all remaining questions.
  • Mind Screw:
    • In general, even more so than the usual Slender Man work, especially the more you analyze it and notice just how much exposition contradicts itself, as well as the several times that the characters subtly change clothing between scenes (and no, it isn't an error.)
    • The episode "Jeff". At 0:34, they knock on the door to Jeff's house, while some funny coloured bars start to appear on the screen. Then the door opens, showing Jeff shrouded in darkness, with what seems to be purple tape on his mouth and a second figure shrouded in darkness behind him. Then, a distorted sound plays, the screen goes static-y and the video seems to have gone back to 0:33; they knock again, but Jeff's brother answers this time.
    • The ending of the episode "The Corenthal Connection (Jessie's Back)". It's fair to say that EverymanHYBRID is one of the screwier Slender Man vlogs out there.
    • This and this; both are entries to a horror contest, so they're probably not canon, but it doesn't make them less pants-wettingly terrifying.
    • In "The property", Vinnie's travels through the various homes of the characters. In order he goes from Baldpate —>to Jeff's pantry which is joined with his own half bathroom —> Jeff's basement to which he walks to Jeff's upstairs bathroom —> Vinnie's upstairs bathroom —> Evan's upstairs hallway —> wakes up in his basement —>Steph's apartment —> Evan's basement —> Evan's upstairs hallway again —> a sanctuary that Corenthal created —> Evan's upstairs again and finally Baldpate.
    • "The drive west." features multiple versions of Jeff appearing out of nowhere at different points of the video, despite him being dead. "Finding Fairmount." continues this thread with ghost duplicates of Evan and Jeff appearing as Vinny explores what's left of the Fairmount Children's Home.
  • Missing Episode: In June 2019, "In which I assume the role of a 13 year old MySpace girl", "Twenty-four months", "Next", and "Isolation" all got slapped with a copyright claim for the music they contained and can no longer be viewed.
  • My Future Self and Me: In "Tape 3", Patrick Andersen implies that Dr. Corthenthal is not only the adoptive father of the boys (in multiple iterations), but a future version of Vinny who has managed to break free of the interation cycle.
  • Nice Day, Deadly Night: The Candleverse. In the daytime, the Candleverse is a peaceful and almost beautiful, if not strange dimension. At night however, it's implied by Jeff and Evan that monsters terrorize the woods, strange distorted music plays, and HABIT has a stronger hold over Evan.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: In "Damsel" the EverymanHYBRID crew breaks Damsel out of the mental ward... on the day she was going to be released. Also counts as an Unwanted Rescue and possibly a Funny Moment. Subverted in that as far as anyone working there remembers, she was released days before the rescue, the room she was in actually exploded, and the guard they fought died in a freak accident before the event as well.
  • Night Swim Equals Death: In a few clips from the hidden videos, there's a scene that shows Evan/HABIT drowning someone (implied to be Vinny) in the water.
  • No Animosity in the Afterlife: Downplayed. Evan and Vinnie were quite literally at each-other's throats, having a fight to the death as their friendship finally started to crumble. They then both arrived in the "Candleverse", where they were not only met by Jeff and Corenthal, but were back to acting peacefully. All four of them, despite what they'd been through and how bad things had gotten, calmly walked off together, waiting their new cycle.
  • No Fourth Wall:
    • The actors actively interact with the viewers, and often leave clues (in the real world) which are designed for the viewer to access and put online themselves.
    • The ninja tweets from our ALLCAPS pal HABIT. They're getting increasingly more directed at us
    • During the meet up on 11/21 they revealed they're aware of everything, including the forums, IG. Think about that for a minute...
    • Taken up to eleven on 1/5. HABIT tweeted that he is aware of certain IRC rooms run by Hybrids, more specifically the Rabbits from the Seven Trials. (Specifically, he is aware of certain people mocking him in these rooms, the wisdom of this course of action notwithstanding.)
    • Green Feathers, who found the first box out of HABIT's seven, and who accepted the offer of the EverymanHYBRID crew to have a Breather Day in the video, "A Day With Green Feathers". It's currently unknown whether Green Feathers is a character in the series, or is an actual person who was interested with the ARG.
  • No Love for the Wicked: HABIT, the series' main antagonist, is completely asexual and uninterested in romance, being an entity who gets pleasure out of causing others pain, rather than out of having sex. This gets even more disturbing later on when he claims to have raped Nick's mother, amongst other people during his long life, which was done to inflict suffering rather than to derive sexual pleasure, and also to breed himself a strong host to possess since normal human hosts tend to fall apart after being shot a few dozen times.
  • Nothing Is Scarier:
    • In "Reunion," there's one shot in which you can see Slendy behind Vince while he reads out the poem. He sticks in the background for a while, causing distortion... then the camera leaves Vince and comes back and Slendy's missing. This is one of the more worrying parts of the video.
    • "Not dead yet" is a pretty intense one. Vince goes to Jeff's house - at night, which is never a good idea - armed only with a camera and a flashlight. The entire entry is spent waiting for either an Ax-Crazy Evan to pop out or The Rake to attack, but nothing happens. At least, until the very end, when we see Slendy poking his head around a corner. Though, oddly enough, that part might have actually been a deliberate act to scare Vincent away from a pool where he would have been killed by HABIT.
  • Not His Blood: During "May & June", the boys get spooked by something they believe to be the Slender Man and Evan attacks it with a machete off screen. When they come back, they're covered in blood, which Alex initially thinks is their own. However, it was actually the blood of a deer Evan had slaughtered.
  • Notice This: In a non-video-game example, purple tape is often used to draw attention to some things.
  • Offscreen Momentof Awesome:
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Episode 6: Healthy Eating
    Vince: Wait, Evan, second story dude.
    Evan: The f-?
    • Moments before, "Where's Daniel?" See Danger Takes A Back Seat above.
    • "Joke's Over", when they hear the roar.
    • "Alex", when the Rake growls after Evan says nothing's there
    • Fans tend to do this whenever a video opens with Vince being teary or shaken.
    • The ending of "Dead End With No Pulse".
  • One-Steve Limit: Possibly averted. There was a paranormal investigator/monster hunter named Roger Paladino who tracked HABIT for over 5 years before being killed by him and another guy named Roger (no last name given) who was the editor of the Princeton Paranormal Society magazine. However, the former was killed in 2004 and Princeton!Vinny met the latter in the late 80s, so it's possible that they're the same Roger, but it's not confirmed.
  • Only Sane Man: Vince is portrayed as this at first, with Jeff running off and Evan being... Evan. Later, Evan points out that he's the only one who realizes that they're dealing with the real Slendy, not some fake.
  • Pet the Dog: An odd example. In the episode Lexi, Vincent concludes that it's his fault for Lexi getting involved because he started dating her. HABIT then reassures him that it's an inherent part of human nature to want to be around other people.
  • Police Are Useless: Apparently, the cops provided zero help in looking for Jess.
  • The Power of Friendship: The HYBRID team credits this as well as their fanbase for keeping them sane throughout all this crap.
    • However, it looks like it's being subverted: the Power of Friendship didn't stop HABIT from killing most of the crew inside one of the friend's body. And now that Vinny's marked as the next victim...
    • In fact, it seems the trope is fully subverted with the fact that, in reaching out to their fans and friends, the Hybrid crew has simply handed HABIT and Slendy a longer list of victims to murder horribly.
    • Ultimately absolutely averted in "All good things", as it is revealed Vinnie had manipulated his friends right from the start, which leads to Evan attacking him and ultimately, to the both of them killing each other.
  • Precision F-Strike: "What the fuck was that?" Said after a particularly Mind Screwey moment in "The Corenthal Connection"
  • Profane Last Words: Deconstructed. When HABIT kidnaps Jeff in order to torture him to death, all Jeff can do before the torture begins is to tell HABIT is to go fuck himself. His response?
    HABIT: Fuck you, fuck you. Do you even know "why" you said that? No, no idea? Was it anger? Was it trying to get footing, trying to get leverage in this situation, trying to make me think? See, I've interrogated a lot of people, I've hurt lots of people, tortured a lot of people, I've done lots of terrible fucking things to people. I've had thousands of people, millions, billions across my tables. And you'd be surprised how many do that. One time, I had a guy's legs off, right? Hanging in front of him, and I was making them dance. And he said "Fuck you." He said "Go to Hell, and fuck you." You know why? 'Cause he felt "Got him! There's one punch I can throw, and that's it, a spit in the eye, a curse to the Heavens! Fuck that little bitch!" You know how little it matters? The last curses, the last desperate calls, an insult to me? When a pig squeals before it's slaughtered, do the butchers care? No. Some of them even relish. So thanks.
  • Psychic Nosebleed: Inflicted on the whole party when subjected to what may have been an episode of Candle Cove.
  • "Ray of Hope" Ending: Despite it appearing that HABIT won in the end, it may not be so for long and the gang has another cycle to learn from past mistakes and defeat HABIT in the future.
  • Real After All: Three guys thought they'd make one of those Slender Man web series that have been all the rage lately, just for a bit of fun. Then the real Slendy shows up, and it very quickly becomes not so fun.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The reason why Damsel/Stephanie was killed off in "Next" and didn't appear for the rest of the series was due to real life complications with her actress.
  • Reality Is Unrealistic: "Damsel" has been the shark-jumper for a handful of viewers based on how the mental institution is obviously a school instead of a hospital and Jeff's ability to tackle a security guard unhindered. In fact, many mental institutions look exactly like what we see in the film, some are actually built into schools, and many security guards aren't well trained, if at all, to defend themselves up close. Regardless of training, self-defense also doesn't tend to work well when the attacker charges full-speed before being spotted.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning:
    • In the "Slender man" video, Evan has rather eerie red eye when he's talking to apparently nobody as well as when he attacks Vince.
    • HABIT's Twitter profile picture, featuring a bunny with glowing red eyes.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Rake and the Slender Man respectively come across as this. Compared to Slendy's more drawn out and subtle M.O., the Rake so far seems to prefer taking out people fairly quickly with physical harm over chipping away at sanity, and its presence apparently doesn't ruin audiovisual fidelity. It does cause Black Screens of Death though. This describes HABIT and Slender Man even better, made even more apparent by the tweets between the two. HABIT is openly Ax-Crazy, where as the Slender Man comes off as quite reserved.
  • Reincarnation: The single most popular theory of what the central plot actually is, titled by fans as "The Iteration Theory", is that Steph, Vince, Jeff, and Evan are incarnations of four individuals of the same name and personalities shown to have existed at least as far back as in the 1970s. These four have some unexplained connection to the supernatural, and are in a continuous conflict with the monsters in the series. The main four were also shown to reside in a "Candleverse" as archetypal characters (evidence suggesting names such as the Firebrand, Voyeur, and Guardian) who retain all the memories, presumably existing between reincarnations and before being "reborn" and starting the whole thing over again.
    • Resurrective Immortality: A subset of this theory (the "Death Iteration Theory") is that throughout the series, the main characters have died multiple times, only to be saved or instantly restored (several times the characters looked to have been doomed only to inexplicably be perfectly fine the next moment, coupled with intense disorientation, teleportation, and time shifts) via Time Travel or the creation of an Alternate Universe. In a sense, the same as the Iteration Theory but on a smaller scale in addition to the generational cycles.
    • "Le premier cours", "All good things", and the Princeton Tapes clarify this...somewhat. The main cast are the embodiments of fictional characters (later confimed to be the archetypal characters from the EVERYMAN morality play) who have been written into reality. The current "players" were apparently chosen as children in the 1970s, and have been written back into existence every so many years as adults; the previous iterations (which include some of the hidden videos and the random scenes spliced into the "regular" videos) were versions of the "story" that didn't play out to satisfaction (and which may still exist as alternate timelines). To make it even stranger, Dr. Corenthal may have been chosen as a previous incarnation of the Voyeur — and some of the notes he scrawled on a bookmark hint that the cycle has been playing out, in some form, since the sixteenth century.
  • Revealing Continuity Lapse: This is a constant happening in the series, thanks to the "iteration" reincarnation cycle the characters are trapped in. From unexplained events found in secret videos only the viewers could see (including moments that could not fit the timeline as we know it), to an explosion somehow killing people in a hospital five minutes before the boys went to save their very-alive friend and fight a very-alive security guard, to one of them coming back to life with no explanation given, and much more. It's just as confusing for the characters as it is for the viewers when they're aware of an inconsistency.
  • Room Full of Crazy:
    • In "Sleep Deprivation," someone managed to cover a back room with scribbled-on pictures and purple duct tape in a ten-minute interval while no one was in there.
    • The entire "Blue Room" video, in a more subtle way.
  • Rule of Scary: Lampshaded when they open the store locker in 'The Corenthal Connection' and find a kid's rocking horse in the corner. Everyone points out that it has no reason to be there other than looking creepy.
  • Rule 34 – Creator Reactions: Evan describes being the subject of Slash Fic as both flattering and disturbing.
  • Running Gag:
    • There's a running joke amongst the fans that Unfiction Forum member Doc Jowles is actually Jeff in disguise. He isn't. Probably.
    • Every video has several comments impatiently asking when they're going to start doing exercise videos again. One would assume they're jokes, but with Youtube comments you can't be too sure.
  • Sanity Slippage:
    • Inevitably, all of the crew are losing their grip at various speeds and in subtly different ways. However, see Angst? What Angst?. Most apparent in "A Day with Green Feathers" (as well as pretty much every tweet after "Alex"), it seems as though the crew has become desensitized to Tall Dark and Faceless; even Evan seems stable as long as Slender Man isn't standing right there.
    • Alex has gone this way ever since his parents died. In 'One Step Forward, Two Steps Back', when Jeff suggests Alex comes to the library with the crew, Alex says he'll 'go ask mom' for permission. He comes back with a tape player which has a very creepy recording of his mother's voice. After the Rake kills his dog, he begins pretending a sock puppet is his dead dog. Even Vinnie tells Jeff this is well beyond the grieving process and something is definitely wrong with Alex.
    • In Ryan & the SEVENTRIALSOFHABIT, Evan appears to still be sliding down the slippery slope of madness as some spliced in clips show what appear to be Evan talking to himself and saying some pretty disturbing shit while brandishing his knife before Jeff interrupts him.
  • Shirtless Scene: Evan is shirtless in pretty much the whole OUTSIDE HELP video, just with bandages.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Like a few other works in the Mythos, this series contains one to House of Leaves in the form of a copy of the book, found in Jeff's room and containing a couple of cryptic clues to his whereabouts. The same book also appears in the background of Vinnie's opening narrations and in a small portion of overlayed footage in "Part 3".
    • While exploring a burned down building in "Reunion" Vince asks if Jeff found evidence in "this suspiciously Silent Hill-looking room." Silent Hill receives a second shout-out in "Centralia." The graffiti on the ground contains lyrics from Silent Hill 3's theme song.
    • In addition, there's a rather Slendy-like mannequin/doll behind Vincent in some of the opening narrations; it looks remarkably like the doll in Marble Hornets.
    • Since that was there since the beginning, one would assume that is somehow tied to their Slender Man series. You know, the one they were trying to make before the real Slender Man showed up.
    • Jeff's brother is clearly playing the song The Poet and the Muse from the game Alan Wake when the characters first explore his room. While not too similar, EverymanHYBRID and Alan Wake both deal with daytime horror, eldritch abominations, and eponymous everymen who fight them, not to mention that in both, a major character is held captive by the eldritch abominations.
    • The twitter feed is shared by all three protagonists, who sign off each tweet with the first letter of their names to show who wrote each one. This means that Jeff's are signed as "J," and he was even on the road at the time, like J at the end of Marble Hornets season 1. As if this wasn't blatant enough, Jeff's brother's name is Alex.
    • Jeff's slideshow set to the Death Cab for Cutie song "I'll Follow You into the Dark" has the song cutting and distorting at seemingly random places. The last line is warped into "I'll follow you into the ark."
    • And then Evan's follow-up of Jeff's slide show looks like a sendup of the usual wacky video-responses usually posted on You Tube.
    • When Evan goes after Vince with his knife in "Slender man," the mute video suddenly erupts with sound in the form of a siren that sounds like the one from Silent Hill.
    • In One step forward, two steps back, the boys are playing Scrabble and Evan plays the word "Wifin". An action that costs $20 dollars for doing it in the club.
    • In Episode 4, Evan holds up a Creepy Doll that looks like the ones from the House in Marble Hornets, which he claims a little girl gave to him. (They later admit that this was part of their "Fake Slendy" hoax at the beginning of the series.)
    • "Amuse-Bouche" is the French term for "appetizer", a fitting title for the video that comes before "Le premier cours" ("the main course"). However, a more literal translation of "amuse-bouche" would be "Funnymouth", resulting in a possible shout-out to the popular Creepypasta.
      • In the video itself, when HABIT!Evan is mocking the man, who found the fifth box and whom he kidnapped asking him questions, one of the joke questions HABIT mentions is "What's your favorite color?"
    • To TV Tropes- during the 11/26 Ustream Jeff mentions that you'll waste hours here when it's mentioned in a question.
  • Smash Cut: In "Alex," after Evan investigates the room. Cut to the three of them after they've finished barricading the thing in there. Also doubles as a Gilligan Cut; there's a little humor in it after the scare is over.
  • The Sociopath: HABIT fits the trope to a T. He's manipulative, impulsive, selfish, and has absolutely no moral standards.
    • To a lesser degree, Vinnie, since it is revealed in "All good things" that he manipulated all of his friends from the start and might have actively contributed to Alex' death, all in order to get some answers.
  • Sorrowful Stutter: One episode features a phone call between Evan and Vinnie. Evan asks if Vinnie remembers their friend Nick, and though Vinnie is light-hearted about it, laughing about how big Nick is, Evan is upset. He hesitates and struggles with explaining that Nick had not only attacked him, but that he ended up killing Nick in self-defense. He sounds on the verge of tears the entire time.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: Twenty-four months has a montage of past events with up-beat swing music playing over it. Since the lyrics of the song say "the best is yet to come", it is slightly ominous though.
  • Split Personality: Evan shows signs of this in "Ryan & the SEVENTRIALSOFHABIT", before he's shown being out and out possessed by HABIT.
  • Spiritual Successor: Sometime called the "heir" of Marble Hornets.
  • Status Quo Is God: Much to the cast's disappointment but ultimately not to their surprise, "December & early january" establishes that Damsel does not have any reveals about Slender Man for them, and she, in fact, didn't know anything more than they do.
  • Stealth Parody: It started as one of The Slender Man Mythos, particularly Marble Hornets, with a very fake Slendy standing in very obvious places. Subverted In-Universe with Episode #6: Healthy Eating. See Wham Episode.
  • Stylistic Suck:
    • The advice in the fitness/exercise segments is either incredibly common knowledge or just not great.
    • The (fake) Slender Man's appearances in the first few episodes are intentionally unsubtle, such as being behind a signpost (where his arm is seen) and in plain sight as the characters push the car, with Vince occasionally taking a look at the fake Slendy.
  • Suddenly Speaking:
    • While in text and not an audible voice, via one half of an unsigned twitter conversation EverymanHYBRID has managed to give The Slender Man dialog without sacrificing any creepiness. He's the non-allcaps one. (the allcaps are by HABIT) Indeed, it's not how strange he types, but how normally he types. You can read the conversation here.
    • There has been quite a bit of speculation saying that the normally-typed tweets aren't from the big man himself (and even then, since he's never been given a voice before, it's unlikely that it was Slendy in the first place), but rather from Doctor Corenthal. He does refer to the HYBRIDs as his "children," after all.
  • Suspiciously Apropos Music:
    • The Rake’s Song by The Decemberists plays in Cops Checked, No Body, shortly before The Rake itself appears.
    • HABIT inserts random clips with The Best is Yet to Come playing over them by Frank Sinatra in Twenty-four-months. HABIT later uses Frank Sinatra again in the form of I’ve Got You Under My Skin, as a way of trolling Evan as he searches for the Rake.
    • I Can’t Decide by Scissor Sisters plays after Jeff enters Evan’s house, which plays up until HABIT captures him.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Some of the footage hidden from the gang is recorded through the eyes of creatures which are said to have this expression by Candleverse!Jeff.
  • Time Travel:
    • Several instances, most visibly in "The Corenthal Connection."
    • In some of the supplementary material, we discover this somehow happened in "Damsel."
    • See also the Wild Mass Guessing and Epileptic Trees of this game for other possible/unverified instances.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Jeff in "Damsel." He even tackles a security guard!
  • Traumatic C-Section: It is heavily implied that HABIT did this to Jess.
  • Troubled Fetal Position: Evan at :22 in "....", the second to last morse code video.
  • Unconventional Formatting: The participants in the unsigned Twitter conversations can be determined by the fact that one TYPES IN ALL CAPS and the other uses perfect grammar. (ALL CAPS is HABIT; proper capitalization is believed to be Slender himself)
  • Unnaturally Looping Location: HABIT refers to Dr. Corenthal's house as being "in flux", as a place constantly shifting in impossible ways that even makes an immortal entity nervous. One of the results of this is that the house can loop, such as Vinnie and HABIT going to try and find HABIT's gun, only to wind up back where they had started.
  • Unreliable Narrator: What HALLOWEEN HANGOVER reveals about the gang
  • Villainous Rescue: A couple of times this might have been what Slenderman was up to.
  • Visual Pun: Evan, and by extention HABIT, is often seen wearing a Death Proof baseball cap. As HABIT's perfect host body with an incredibly strong Healing Factor, he is quite literally death proof (at least until "All good things").
  • Wham Episode:
    • "Healthy Eating".
    • "Joke's Over" provides a second one.
    • "Cops Checked, No Body" tops both, with a quick recap, the revelation of Jesse being Corenthal's niece, and of course the first appearance of The Rake.
    • "The Hidden Videos." The Hybrids attempt to watch a DVD someone sent them with the hidden videos on it. The effect it has on them is... unsettling.
    • Also, HospitalFire.wmv. According to hospital staff, Damsel was discharged a week before she was rescued. Also, the room she was in was destroyed in a fire five minutes before she was rescued, killing the security guard who tried to stop them from rescuing her (five minutes after his own death, apparently).
    • In OUTSIDE HELP, Evan reveals that he was assaulted by Nick for no discernible reason and killed him. Oh, and someone planted spy cameras in his house.
    • The two-part Jim Thorpe and Jessie has Jessie getting killed by The Rake
    • ":D", in which Evan, possessed by HABIT, tortures and kills Jeff.
    • Isolation, in which Vince finds a hard drive holding a video of Evan striding into the forest to die fighting the Rake.
    • In "Le premier cours", Vince reveals that at some point he realized that they might be fictional characters, particularly when he was examining the Alien Geometries that caused all of their houses to fuse together and determined that they never lived in separate houses, it had been one house all along.
    • In "All good things", Vinnie is revealed as the Voyeur who's manipulated everything since the beginning, is revealed to have planted the cameras found in "OUTSIDE HELP" and even deliberately led Alex and Jeff to their deaths. Evan and Vinnie fight, which ends with both of them killing each other.
  • Wham Line:
    • In "Damsel:"
      Damsel: I would be fucking stoked if they weren't releasing me today.
    • And in "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"
      Alex: It's back.
    • At the end of "Intermission"
      Vinnie: Alex isn't okay.
    • The description of ":D"
      YUP. HE'S DEAD.
    • The final line of "Next"
    • In "March 21st," Vince reveals that he plans to summon HABIT.
    • In "Le premier cours",
      Vinnie: "It's because I don't exist."
    • In "Tradition."
      Vinnie: "Oh. And those hidden videos we thought were a hoax all those years ago? Not that it means anything, but... I can see 'em."
    • "Half-acre of ash" has an out-of-nowhere line:
      Dr. Corenthal: Excuse me, #151. Back up, please.
    • Multiple in "All good things."
      HABIT: This is a scatter gun. Alright? I put buckshot in that. You'll be able to hit Evan no problem.
      Vinnie: ...Evan?
      Evan: He told me... what you did. [...] You put those cameras in our house! You started this all, you fu--
      Evan: How does it feel to be filmed by monsters while you bleed? You voyeuristic fuck? You wanna tell all your fuckin' fans what happened to Alex?
    • The audio recordings from Tape 3 aren't immune, either. From "TOWER ON THE LAKE":
      Vince: (answering phone) ...Hello?
      Patrick Andersen: Hi. Is this, uh... Vinny? Hey bud. (pause) No, you don’t have to say anything, I know it’s you...
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Evan makes it clear that he disagrees with Jeff sending the police after Damsel; and seriously lets him have it for, due to his obsession with finding Jessa, not noticing that Alex was injured. The Fandom was rather fond of calling Jeff out. To the point they started a twitter hashtag for that sole purpose.
    • HABIT gives Vince an epic one for willingly summoning him. The only reason that HABIT lets him live is because he is impressed by Vince's chutzpah, plus the fact that he is so offended by Vince's stupidity that he promises to make his death slow, painful, and boring compared to how he killed everyone else.
    • Evan gives a massive one to Vinny, his supposed best friend, in “All Good Things”. Why? Because it was Vinny’s fault for engineering almost every bad thing in the series, especially the deaths of their friends.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer…: While discussing possible ways to kill Slender Man, the best they can come up with is "bigger car." ..."with knives attached to the front and baseball bats swingin' around and Jeff's brother doing a handstand."
  • Where It All Began: "The drive west." and "Finding Fairmount." both feature elements from early in series that were no longer used in more recent videos, such as certain locations, Slenderman being heralded by an air-raid siren, and the search for Fairmount itself.
  • World Tree: Several significant events in the series happen near a lone big tree in the middle of a field at Baldpate Mountain. The final video of the series has Dr. Corenthal, Jeff, and Evan finding Vinny underneath a representation of this same tree in Corenthal's "Eden" dimension.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: The crew start thinking they're in a Scooby-Doo style of story. Then they think they're in a Slasher Movie, and later only a few catch on that they just might be in a Cosmic Horror Story.

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