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Western Animation / An Angel for Christmas

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An Angel for Christmas is an animated Christmas film produced by GoodTimes Entertainment, as part of their "Family Classics" line, in 1996. The movie itself was made by Blye Migicovsky Productions and Phoenix Animation Studios.

The film takes place in the town of Ironsville, where evil factory overlord D.D. Kovet has prevented Christmas from being celebrated for several years. This one particular year, siblings Bobby and Marian meet another young girl, Angela, trying to sell Christmas holly.

Angela's mission is to bring Christmas back to Ironville, and they must convince the town to defy the law to do it.

Provides examples of:

  • Artistic License – Economics: The plot revolves around the idea that Christmas is somehow bad for business, explaining Kovet's obsession with stomping it out, despite that Christmas as a holiday revolves around people buying things for each-other.
  • Artistic License – Law: How is a CEO able to ban Christmas from a town (which would obviously violate the first amendment), have his own police, and exile people?
  • Big Bad: D.D. Kovet, owner of Ironsville's massive flange factory, is the reason why the town doesn't celebrate Christmas. He goes out of his way to try and make sure all signs of the holiday are stomped out.
  • The Bully: The unnamed boy with a duo of friends who are introduced when they try to attack Wilfred and Angela with snowballs. He is even referred to as "the town bully".
  • Civilized Animal: Angela's wolf friend, Wilfred, talks like a human, eats at the table like a human, can partake in snowball fights, and even celebrates Christmas. He's only shown acting like a wolf when Bobby and Marian wander into the forest, and immediately calms down when Angela gets there.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Kovet, who uses his power as the boss of the flange factory- where practically everyone in town works- to even do such things as boss around his own enforcement group and cancel Christmas.
  • Danger — Thin Ice: The kids walk on ice when cutting down a Christmas tree, and the ice inevitably cracks and they lose the tree in the river.
  • Darkest Hour: Angela is on the verge of giving up entirely when she's forcibly removed from Ironsville. It's Wilfred reminding her about meaning of Christmas that snaps her out of it.
  • Deus ex Machina: After Kovet kills the power and forces everyone else to walk away, it’s Angela unveiling herself as an angel and lighting up the tree that somehow changes Kovet’s heart and allows the celebrations to continue.
  • Forbidden Holiday: Christmas, which has been banned in Ironsville twenty-five years, due to Kovet's personal greed.
  • Greed: Kovet's reason for hating Christmas is his own greed and desire for money and power.
  • Heel–Face Turn:
    • Bear, and the other members of the Christmas Squad, have a change of heart after seeing Angela save Bobby's life, and help the kids bring back Christmas.
    • Two of the three unnamed bullies end up helping Angela, Bobby and Marian bring Christmas back.
    • Kovet himself, due to Angela's angel powers, becomes a nice guy at the end of the story. See Deus ex Machina above.
  • Raised by Wolves: Angela lived in the forest with a pack of wolves before coming to Ironsville.
  • Really 700 Years Old: It's strongly implied that Angela and Wilfred have been alive at least since the birth of Jesus Christ. Justified, being that Angela is an angel, and all.
  • Title Drop: After turning good, Kovet wonders what he "can give an angel for Christmas?"
  • Tyrannical Town Tycoon: D.D. Kovet, boss of the town's massive flange-factory where nearly everyone works. He's wealthy enough and powerful enough to even have his own Secret Police used to stamp out any mention of "Christmas".