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Occasionally, a wick will appear on a page's "Related" tab, but that page doesn't actually contain the link listed. In fact, sometimes nonexistent pages will appear to have this nonexistent link. This is called a "ghost wick": it is a ghost haunting pages past. There are a couple of ways these wicks could've surfaced, which are related to administrative/mod deletions and reversions. The details aren't important.


To rid a ghost wick, there are a few options:

  • On a nonexistent page: Go to the Locked Pages thread and make a request to recreate and cut (re-delete) the page. A moderator there will take care of it. This bypasses the usual Cut List process—recreating and cut listing the page yourself also works but takes more steps. The thread is also the way to recreate and cut pages in the Main namespace, since pages there (i.e. tropes) cannot freely be created.note 
  • On an existing page:
    • If the page is a redirect, make a null edit. It might force earlier changes to the page to register. Please leave an edit reason so others know what's going on. If that doesn't work...
    • If the page has content but no internal links at all, make a link. Wicks only update if there's at least one wick on the page, so adding one will make the ghost wick disappear. If you feel there's nowhere to place a link, add a link arbitrarily, save the edit, and delete it after. Please leave an edit reason so others know what's going on.

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