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Left to right: Minnie, Miyeon, Soyeon, Yuqi, Shuhua, Soojin

(G)I-DLE (Korean: (여자)아이들, or yeo-ja ai-deul, meaning 'the girl children') is a five membered Kpop Girl Group formed by CUBE Entertainment. They debuted on 2nd May 2018, with "Latata," taken from their mini-album, 'I Am.' The group debuted with six members, but member Soojin was announced to have left the group in 2021 following a school bullying controversy.

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  • Soyeon (Jeon So Yeon, born August 26, 1998): Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Producer
  • Miyeon (Cho Mi Yeon, born January 31, 1997): Main Vocal
  • Minnie (Minnie Nicha Yontararak, born October 23, 1997): Main Vocal, Producer
  • Yuqi (Song Yuqi, born September 23, 1999): Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of the Group
  • Shuhua (Yeh Shuhua, born January 6, 2000): Vocalist, Visual, Maknae


  • Soojin (Seo Soo Jin, born March 9, 1998): Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalistnote 

  • Extended Plays
    • I Am (2018)
    • I Made (2019)
    • Latata (2019) (Japanese Album)
    • I Trust (2020)
    • Oh My God (2020) (Japanese Album)
    • I Burn (2021)

  • Digital Singles
    • Hann (Alone) (2018)
    • Uh-Oh (2019)
    • Dumdi Dumdi (2020)
    • Last Dance(2021)

  • OST songs
    • Help Me (2019) - Her Private Life OST Part. 1

  • Other
    • Jelly (2017) - Jeon Soyeon
    • Idle Song (2018) - Jeon Soyeon
    • One (2018) - with BTOB, CLC, HyunA, Jo Kwon, PENTAGON, & Yoo Seon Ho
    • K/DA: Pop/Stars (2018) - Soyeon and Miyeon with Madison Beer and Jaira Burns
    • Wow Thing (2018) - Seulgi X SinB X Chung Ha X Soyeon (Station X 0)
    • I Wanna Be (2019) - Key feat. Soyeon
    • Cart (2018) - Hangzoo X Miyeon
    • Empire (2019) - WENGIE feat. Minnie
    • Lion (2019) - single released for the finale of Queendom.

(G)I-DLE provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Animal Motifs: Soojin wears a fox mask in pre-debut cameos, and Miyeon provides vocals for kitsune Ahri.
  • Badass Adorable:
    • Soyeon. She's amazingly adorable and has some childish habits, but do not be mistaken; she will end you with her rap.
    • Yuqi. A naturally adorable person who can drop her cuteness at the drop of a hat if someone miffs her by any means.
    • Shuhua. Gorgeous with a very adorable way of talking who is unwilling to let things slide. She even called a hater out on a live stream without any hesitation! note 
  • Boastful Rap: Soyeon is capable of many of these, especially back in her Unpretty Rapstar days. As for the group proper, "Uh-Oh", "$$$", "Lion" are the biggest examples.
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  • Break Up Song: "Hann" and "Put It Straight".
  • Catchphrase: Shuhua's "Yeobbun~" ("Everyone~").
  • Clip Show: A MV for "Blow Your Mind" was released ahead of 'I Made', featuring footage the members took of each other while visiting San Francisco.
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: Soojin. She's usually the most no-nonesense one when the other members tend to get... weird. Which is why she's considered the Team Mom.
  • Cuckoosnarker: Shuhua's about as eccentric as the rest of them but she can definitely lay out the snark.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Concept images for I Am had each member framed by a distinct colour. Soyeon had pink; Miyeon had black; Minnie had blue; Soojin had red; Yuqi had green; and Shuhua had yellow.
  • Darker and Edgier:
    • Their digital singles ("Hann" and "Uh-Oh") have a more cynical mood than their preceding Album Single.
    • "Oh My God" is much darker than what the group has ever released, with a dark, eerie aesthetic, foreboding lyrics, and an overall creepy vibe.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Soojin appeared in Jeon Soyeon's "Jelly" and "Idle Song" videos wearing a fox mask. The mask reappears in the Latata MV, when Soyeon tosses it aside.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Soojin. Just, make sure Shuhua is not around or she will end you.
  • Fan Community Nickname: Neverland, their official fanclub
  • Fangirl: Yuqi's love of Super Junior inspired her to become an idol.
  • Genki Girl: All of the girls, besides Soojin, have had their moments, but Yuqi and Miyeon take the cake.
  • Genre Roulette: from the trop-house "Latata", to the Latin-influenced "Senorita", and then to the 90's hip-hop "Uh-Oh".
  • Good Bad Girl: Soojin is known as the "sexy" member and oozes confidence like no other when performing. Off-stage, she's much quieter than the others.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Soyeon can sing, dance, rap, produce, and write lyrics with relative proficiency.
  • The Leader: Soyeon
  • Lyrical Shoehorn: Shuhua's "whoa-oh-uh-oh" and Yuqi's "You-fu-fu" in "Senorita."
  • Motor Mouth: Soyeon. Even before she became the group's leader and main rapper, she rapped bars for days. Prime examples include "$$$", "What's in Your House?", "Don't Text Me", and many of her Unpretty Rapstar raps - she's actually the fastest female idol rapper in South Koreanote .
  • Only Sane Man: Soojin. Fans say she holds the only braincell in the group.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Soyeon is around 5'2" note  and the overall shortest of the group. She's considered to be one of the best fourth generation rappers, a skilled dancer, and produces most of the group's discography.
  • Pun-Based Title: "$$$" (Dollar) which sounds like Korean 달라 '(Dalla),' meaning "different." The track even samples a Google Translate reading of "dollar".
  • Put on a Bus: Soojin was removed from "I Dance" and put on temporary hiatus after news of her allegedly being a bully during her school years, and her departure from the group was announced six months later.
  • The Quiet One: Soojin doesn't tend to raise her voice and often keeps to herself. That's not to say that she's unwilling to join in on the others' antics here and there.
  • Retraux: "Uh-Oh" evokes 90's hip hop in the song and the girl's styling.
  • Singer-Songwriter: Soyeon has writing credits on nearly all the group's discography.
    • Minnie co-produced "Blow Your Mind" and "For You".
  • Spoken Word in Music: TWICE in "Uh-Oh," starting with Minnie; "Hey. There's someone trying to get close to me. Ya, I'm talking about you." Then, Soyeon adds; "Yo, you got it? Don't mess with me. Ummm, I'm not finished. Ok, let's go."
  • Step Up to the Microphone: Shuhua in "Uh-Oh" and "Lion". It was well worth the wait.
  • Surprisingly Good Foreign Language: Thai and Chinese members (Minnie and Yuqi) both speak English and Korean competently.
    • Averted with Shuhua, who is from Taiwan. She really struggled to learn Korean, and even chose to have less lines on "I Made" because Knetizens made fun of her pronunciation. "Uh-Oh" hints that she has renewed confidence.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Yuqi. Seriously, go watch reactions to "Latata" and take a shot everytime someone gets surprised by how deep her voice is. Actually, don't, you'll probably die.
  • Vocal Tag Team: Minnie and Miyeon, and Soyeon and Soojin.
    • Newer singles have changed this up. Miyeon and Yuqi have become the tag-team for Uh-Oh, Lion, and Oh My God.