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Peak of Hope is a Danganronpa-based roleplay held on Tumblr. The Hope's Peak mountain resort is an up and coming resort that has recently opened up for the students of the prestigious academy! The resort includes many top of the line and state of the art luxuries, as well as many activities and locations for students to spend their time and keep entertained on class trips!

Upon it’s opening, the newest entering class has been selected to try out the newly opened mountain retreat as a welcoming gift from the school!


Or at least they would have if the resort had not been hijacked by a certain mysterious and despairingly mischievous black and white bear. Now, the 16 students are being pitted against each other in a game of life and death! In order to leave, they must kill another student and successfully get away with it. If they do, they will be set free, at the expense of their other classmate’s lives! If they lose however, they will be executed however Monobear sees fit!


Peak of Hope includes these Tropes:

  • All for Nothing: The motive for Chapter 2 is that they have to murder within a week, or everyone's weakness will be revealed. Despite Shuu's death, Monobear still announces everyone's weakness during the trial.
  • Death by Irony: Each execution is made to mock the executed.
  • Dark Secret: The motive for Chapter 2 was that Monobear would leak each student's greatest weakness if someone wasn't dead within a week.
The weaknesses are as follows:
  • Yuuya's weakness is his fear that the reputation of his family will fall because of his mother who is revealed to be insane and abusive.
  • Ryuusuke's weakness is that she feels emotions-so much so that she can't do her job properly.
  • Mariko's weakness is that she thinks she's so bland and forgettable, that she'd be completely forgotten sooner or later.
  • Mari(ko)'s weakness is that she hates her family and is afraid of people finding out that she's just as bad as the people she hates so much.
  • Yasu's weakness is that HE is actually a SHE, and she hates her femininity,seeing it as a sign of weakness.
  • Kikyo's weakness is that she has no self-worth and is worth nothing without the title and reputation of her family.
  • Rai's weakness is that he's afraid of the dark,which makes him even more childish than he already appears to be.
  • Ai's weakness is the fact that they weren't good enough to save their brother from dying, and was the one who caused it in the first place.
  • Yukio's weakness is people finding out that he's killed somebody before.
  • Shuu's weakness is that he hates being considered useless to the point where he would rather be dead than become a burdan who only holds people back.
  • Akimitsu's weakness is that he's not only terrified of suicide, but also the thought that he may do it himself.
  • Mayu's weakness is that she's so afraid of becoming a failure, that she's now dependent on prescription medications.
  • Karin's weakness is that she's not only ashamed of her worthless drunkard of a father, but her first moon landing-the one that got her into stardom-wasn't her at all, but her sister and she's despised her for it ever since.
  • Easy Amnesia: Everyone wakes up with no memory, other than they were suppose to attend Hope's Peak that day.
  • Find the Cure!: The motive for the first chapter that everyone had been poisoned and the only way for a cure was to kill someone. Hikari Genkou killed Sato Masanobu in hopes of "saving" everyone, but when it was discovered that she would die if she was found out, she opted to stay quiet and hopefully get out. Even if that meant killing everyone else in the process.
  • Friendless Background: A surprising amount of the cast never have had friends! For instance, Akimitsu Yuzuki, Karin Watanabe, Yuuya Kawamoto and Ryuusuke Nakano.
  • Gilded Cage: The mountain resort is pretty nice, just ignore the mutual killing and tacky decorations and someone could live there their whole life.
  • Public Bathhouse Scene: There is a co-ed bathhouse on one of the floors, Mari and Karin somehow find their way in while some of the boys are bathing. They get caught by Ai Asahi, dripping wet and naked. Both are flustered as they get the hell out of there.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Mariko(blue), Yasu, (pink), Yuuya(dark green), Sato(white), Ryuusuke(light blue) and Akimitsu(red).

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