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When the darkness invades, their powers shall awaken.

Permaneo Spes is an Hetalia: Axis Powers Role Play.

In the beginning, everyone's favorite nations were going about their business ... until the shadows started to move. Some turned into mighty beasts that ravaged the cities; some turned into hands that strangled all they touched; some others still turned out to be real people with real agendas for harming our nations.


To counter the new menace, the nations will receive gifts of incredible powers, from clairvoyance to fire manipulation to phasing through tangible objects.

This page will be divided into four sections; tropes that occur with in the RP itself, things that aren't in the RP but still have to do with the characters/being in-character (ex. the Oregon Trail extravaganzas/any shenanigans that occur when people are in character in the chat), tropes for the players, and predicted tropes. Please try and keep the trope lists as alphabetical as you can.

There are some rules, however: BE NICE in the Player Tropes section. If you don't approve of what someone's troped you as, remove it and then take it up with that person. (Odds are, this shouldn't be necessary.) And in the Predicted Tropes section, PUT IT IN SPOILERS in case you end up being right. Also, LEAVE YOUR NAME in the predictions section. Again, that's in case you end up being right. Feel free to add tropes, but if you want to add a better description to an existing entry, please do so.


One last rule: please use the Nation's country name if you are referring to the player and the Nation's human name if you're talking specifically about that nation. It's just for the sake of organization/avoiding confusion. However, Nations without a canon human name will still have their country name put beside the made-up name.

In-Universe Role Play Tropes:

Not RP, but IC tropes:

  • Big Eater - Gilbert, if the Oregon Trail escapades are anything to go by. (ie. "It's YOUR fault that we go through 25 lbs of food a day!" or "Why did we go through X lbs of food in Y amount of days? ... GILBERRRRRTTTT!")
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family/ Badass Family - Only in the sense that it is a cracked family...look at the CHART~
    • Canada (Mom), Germany (Dad) Romano(Child), and Prussia(Child)
      • "Do I have to pay child warefare?" says America
    • China (Mom), Hong Kong (Dad), Eesti (Son), Liet (son)
  • Butt-Monkey / Chew Toy - Gilbert gets picked on whenever possible by just about everyone.
    • Arthur also ends up being one of these whenever Alfred starts feeling capricious.
    • Denny when Greece/Sweden is bored
  • Denied Food as Punishment - As a general rule, during an Oregon Trail run, we tie Gilbert down so that he doesn't eat everything. There was also an instance of denied BEER as punishment, when Ludwig tried to keep beer completely out of the house for a full week. He failed.
  • Fantastic Arousal - Aside from the canon Italy-curls, other nation-tans seemed to have been assigned special ... spots.
    • Denmark would really like it if you would stop touching his cat ears
    • China would also appreciate it if you would not touch his long hair, no matter how tempting it may be.
    • Hong Kong glares at you to not touch his cursed eyebrows or be blown up with his firecrackers ...
    • Korea dislikes having Seoul molested, too.
    • England prefers you leave HIS eyebrows alone, as well, lest you want a kick to the face.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip - One of the side rps where every nation wakes up in another's body. ... Yeah
  • Hammerspace - Alfred, mainly, if not everyone at some point.
  • Mad Doctor - One of Alfred's wonderful personalities. Posed a slight problem for Iggy, who didn't exactly want to part with his organs. Or skin.
    • Gangster Land - Another personality has Alfred as a gangster (along with China).
  • Nothing Up My Sleeve - China and Hong Kong. 'From woks to chicks to magical dust ... oh my~!'
  • Twin Cest - Alfred and Matthew. Yeah.

Player Tropes:

  • Actual Pacifist - Lithuania/Liet. Well, he did punch Switz once, but that was because Switz was provoking him.
  • Dual Wielding - In that a lot the players play more than one character
    • America/Belarus
    • Austria/Russia/Taiwan
    • Lithuania/Seychelles
    • Denmark/Norway
    • Egypt/Hong Kong/Hungary
    • Estonia/Finland/Liechestien
    • Germany/Latvia
    • Greece/Sweden
    • Romano/Poland
    • Sealand/Iceland
  • Grammar Nazi - Germany. Sealand/Iceland. America.
  • Group Hug - Everybody~! A sign of our amazingly lovable family~!
  • Hahvahd Yahd In My Cah - Denmark. Sort of. Uses wicked a lot mostly.
  • Joisey - "Wudder." "Dun you mean WATER HK?" "....."
    • Alfred also laughs when HK says "Wisconsin."
    • Korea, despite suppressing it as best he can, has a rather strong dialect as well. 'Memb'r k'ds, vow'l's 'r' f'r pans's.
  • Kill It with Fire - France & America's way to pass the stuff on fire
  • Intoxication Ensues / Mushroom Samba / I Can't Believe It's Not Heroin! - Germany's dark chocolate-covered almonds. They tend to cause gigglefits, rocketing through the ceiling, babbling, and generally get you BLASTED. They're awesome, and you know it.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac - Greece/Sweden. Just ... Greece/Sweden.
  • Mama Bear - Liet. :DD
  • Spot of Tea - Everyone BUT -gasp- IGGY! -points finger at him- FOR SHAME!
  • The Voiceless / Shrinking Violet - "Sing for us, Iggy!" "..."
    • France, too, with her refusal to say a word during voicechats.
  • Verbal Tic - Germany's "beh," which started out as a "noise of general displeasure" but seems to show up in every other sentence now.
    • "Hurr" also seems to be becoming a verbal tic, though what it means is unknown.

Predicted Tropes:

  • Magnificent Bastard - Xaldin. Unless he's the Chessmaster (Denny)
  • Face–Heel Turn - Zutrin. I... kinda forgot my stronger evidence, and what I have is kinda grabbing at straws, but something about "Zu... says... destr...y... lights, us..." makes me think that the Nightwalkers forgot/misinterpreted something Zutrin said, and that he may actually be planning to mace us all in the end. Depending on how long ago the strange parchment in the Asians' route was written/how long Zutrin has been alive, there may be an ancient message that got mistranslated. Or something. - Germany
  • Enemy Mine - Again, going back to the Asians' strange message: "Anot. . .evi. . . ter. . .roy. . .world. . ." seems to point to there being a third faction that wants to wipe out both the Nightwalkers and the Lights, and a possible tactic would be the two sides teaming up to take out this third side as described in the trope definition. - Germany

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