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Peak of Hope is a Danganronpa-based roleplay held on Tumblr. Sixteen students are trapped in a mountain lodge by Monobear. Each chapter a motive is issued, a murder is committed, and then investigations are made to find the culprit.

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    Male Students 

Yuuya Kawamoto

Super High-School Level Painter
"This school was supposed to be a place for all of us to help our talent grow and help the world with, as beacons of hope for the future."

(Yuuya is a well-bred young man from a family of famous painters said to be one of Japan's national treasures, creating art for the country's most prestigious families including that of the royal family. Yuuya, coming from a traditional, wealthy and old family, takes pride in good manners and restraining one's self. That being said, he comes across as stiff and, more often than not, stuck-up.)

Shuu Shizumiya

Super High-School Level Forensic Analyst
"To gain trust you must share experiences with others, things you don't tell most people you meet. That way they hold something of yours."

(Shuu grew up with his mother and father and a baby brother in Kabukicho, Tokyo. He started taking a liking to going with his father to his work at the police station. Shuu was obviously not allowed to ride around with his father during the day, so he stayed back at the main office with his uncle, who was a technical assistance to the main forensics team at the police department where Shuu's father worked. Eventually Shuu's mother found out about her son's interest in forensics. Being a computer engineer, she introduced her son to his first computer, hoping she could urge him to stay at home. Shuu comes off as a mature individual who speaks respectfully towards others.However, when meeting and interacting with new people he can come off as aloof, as he rarely wants to make conversation and know the person he's talking to. During investigations he'll merely want facts and will be uncaring towards personal or co-workers.

The victim of Chapter 2, killed by Ai Asahi via a broken neck. Shuu's Alter Ego was executed in Chapter 3.)

  • Freudian Trio: The Superego of the Kabukicho Trio, with Yasu and Mari.

Yukio Kumagae

Super High-School Level Survivalist
"It's not some strength of will kind of thing; everyone's got that instinct, somewhere deep down. Sometimes that means eating something you'd never think of eating otherwise, or something. In this case it means killing another person."

(As a child, Yukio was always fascinated by tales of high adventure pirates on the high seas, explorers roughing it in the wilderness, knights on quests for glory. Dreaming of that life, he spent much of his time reading guides on survival, fighting and first aid — things that promptly got put to good use when he was forced to survive alone in the woods for three weeks, with a bear attack wound to the shoulder. The fame from his miraculous story prompted him to put himself into dangerous situations on purpose, filming it for the World Wide Web. Yukio is bravado personified; he's bold, confident, blunt, and harsh, after all, you can't sugarcoat things when you're roughing it out in the wilderness.

The culprit of Chapter 4, the murderer of Mayu Takagi and accomplice in the murder of Kikyo Ayase. Executed by being forced to navigate a forest riddled with traps before being mauled to death by a giant Monobear.)

  • Bears Are Bad News: The thing that sparked his rise to fame was nearly getting the shit killed out of him by a bear.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Unless it's anger, he doesn't really allow himself to get too emotionally extreme no matter what, but he does have a surprising capacity for empathy and comfort, although it's not something he considers a core part of his personality.
  • Killing in Self-Defense: His greatest weakness, as revealed in Chapter 2, is the fact that at a point in the past, he's killed somebody to save his own life.
  • Large Ham: The persona he puts on for his series has kind of blended into his personality over the years.
  • The Napoleon: He's 5'6, the third shortest guy, but his personality sure doesn't match..
  • Real Men Cook: In Chapter 2, after the motive reveal. What does he do to destress and try and forget the fact his dark secret will be revealed if nobody kills? Get a fucking apron on and make some goddamn breakfast, is what.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Averted? It's chapter 3, and he hasn't killed anyone yet. At least, not on the Peak of Hope resort.
    • Turns out it's played straight after all, as of chapter 4.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The Manly Man to Akimitsu's Sensitive Guy.
  • Threesome Subtext: Heavily implied to have occurred pre-despair, with Mayu and Akimitsu.
    Ai: I always wondered if the three of you cared for each other more than a bit platonically, and maybe in another day, another time that’s not here, it might have led to something. Food for thought.

Yasu Kyou

Super High-School Level Bounty Hunter
"Ya know, it's not wise to misjudge the integrity of a bounty hunter."

(Born poor to a teenage mother and an abusive father, Yasu opted to run away from his parents and joined the only other people who would accept him, a small time street gang called the Red Rebels. At first, his life was good within their hold, however, due to an unfortunate event Yasu went his own way and opted on becoming a vigilante instead, adopting the name the Neo-Knuckles. Under this persona, Yasu became a bounty hunter, hunting down criminals who dared to run away from the law. Yasu appears to be aggressive, firey, and daunting for most students. He's stubborn, sarcastic and rebellious, caring not for what others think of him. However, Yasu is far different the more you know him. He's surprisingly outgoing and sweet-hearted, being prone to becoming affectionate to people, especially girls and can be overbearingly protective or nervous around them.)

  • Ambiguously Bi: He still has a crush on Ryuusuke, despite his gender being revealed female. Plus, he has kissed Rai Maeda and had a bi-panic over Yukio. Word of Mun states he has crushes on most of the girls, too.
  • Berserk Button: When Yukio grabbed him by the front of his shirt. Understandable, if a little excessive, as it could have brought on the Gender Reveal much sooner than anticipated if Yukio had only looked down.
  • Face of a Thug: Those scars and tattoos ain't for nothing.
  • Freudian Trio: The Ego of the Kabukicho Trio, with Shuu and Mari.
  • Gender Reveal: In Chapter 2, it is revealed that Yasu is not male, but a female.

Akimitsu Yuzuki

Super High-School Level Stand up Comedian
"I can feel a change coming. Whether it's for the good or not, I'll welcome it. I've grown tired of these dismal days, and an alternative to their repetition is something my dreams have bloomed into reality. I'm absolutely simple, I'll confirm this. All I want is for this to end."

(Akimitsu was born into a wealthy family as the youngest child. He became intrigued in writing, especially dialogue. He watched plays and performances whenever he could, and his family was convinced that he would become an actor or a writer or something artistic or sophisticated along those lines. He had found a comedian doing a routine on television, and for the first time in his life, he was fulfilled by what acting and writing could not provide him. After that he became obsessed. He found an improv group meeting up one night, and snuck out to join them. His performance was a success, and he continued to sneak out and see the others every week after. One evening, a host of a nightclub watched the group perform, and invited Akimitsu to do a routine at his club the following week. His performance far surpassed those of the other comedians. He soon made a name for himself with his fast wit and clever wordplay, and began to gain more and more recognition in the comedy world. He was hired by nightclub after nightclub, and continued to gain recognition until he made his first television appearance at the age of thirteen. He now tours the world, performing. Usually very quiet, and often speaks about himself in a dismal or negative manner, he uses a lot of puns and plays on words, and oftentimes he'll recite poems or lines from some play.)

  • Catchphrase: When things go bad.
    Akimitsu: This isn't funny.
  • Never Suicide: Akimitsu is scared of killing himself.
  • Precision F-Strike: Not strictly canon, since it took place in a pre-despair AU, but glorious.
    Akimitsu: Oh, fuck diddly.
    • Ascended Meme: As of 03:42am GMT on August 5th in the Year of Our Lord 2014, 'fuck diddly' is 100% canon. We did it, kids.
  • Threesome Subtext: Heavily implied to have occurred pre-despair, with Mayu and Yukio.

Rai Maeda

Super High-School Level Undertaker
"I was just kidding though. You might be the type to murder me."

(Rai's life was fairly normal.His father and uncle, both being family morticians, took him to work with them occasionally to get him to behave himself, and despite being squeamish at first, he developed a liking for it.There's no way to make it big in the mortician industry. It's a job usually for introverts and requires very little interaction with others aside from ensuring that clients needs are fulfilled. However, make a 17 year old boy a employee, and people are bound to talk. Rai is a very playful individual. He likes to jokes around and tease, but he has a habit of coming off as rather rude and inconsiderate. Victim of Chapter 3, a double suicide along with Mariko Suzuhara. )

Takumi Ogasawara

Super High-School Level BMX Biker
"I mean, I ain't really used to stuff like this. As long as we ain't been kidnapped, then I'm not really that worried. I mean, we got balloons. We should lighten up a bit"

(Takumi is an only child, born into the esteemed Ogasawara family, with his father being a veteran prosecutor and mother being a renowned defense attorney; both well known for their work and the fact they met through one of the most famous murder cases in Japan. As a child, Takumi had developed a strong liking towards stunt shows-particularly skating and BM Xing-after having been exposed to the internet as well as TV shows. With the purchase of his first BMX made by his parents, Takumi found himself leaving the house early to go to the local skating parks and coming home late with bruises and dirt marks on his clothes. Takumi then moved up the ranks by competing in bicycle motocross and BMX racing, and found himself winning almost all of the competitions he entered and getting his name published in not only the local papers, but magazines catering to the audience all across Japan. Takumi is easygoing and carefree, which makes him approachable to others. He has the odd talent of befriending almost everyone he comes into contact with, despite his scruffy appearance and lax attitude. Despite looking like a chill mofo, Takumi is actually very expressive, and will almost always show how he's truly feeling in an exaggerated way. Succumbed to the poison in Chapter 1's motive.)

Sato Masanobu

Super High-School Level Sculptor
"What does it matter to you what I do? What, is it too difficult for you to mind your own business? Last time I checked, I wasn't in the way of you, or anyone else, looking around here for clues."

( He's the victim of Chapter 1, killed by Hikari Genkou in an effort to save everybody else.)

    Female Students 

Mariko Suzuhara

Super High-School Level Contortionist
"I'm 17 years old, my favorite food is bubble tea, I like cold weather... and I don't feel human at all anymore."

(Mariko's parents were the owner of a popular and family owned circus company that has been passed down through the generations. Due to the popularity of the circus, her family has traveled to several places around the world, taking Mariko with them for as long as she can remember. As soon as she was safely able to, she began participating in performances as a young child. Usually typical routines, such as being part of a balancing act or an acrobatic routine. Her parents took notice in how flexible and agile she was, and quickly began to hone in her talent.Despite her upbringing in a loud, chaotic environment, Mariko is almost the opposite. She's quiet, soft spoken, well mannered, and not necessarily social. She's a friendly person, and enjoys making friends and speaking to people, she just doesn't actively seek it. However, she knows how to command a crowd when needed and can easily make her voice heard when it's necessary. Victim of Chapter 3, a double suicide along with Rai Maeda.)

  • Plain Jane: Mariko sees herself as "boring" or "unattractive" in comparison to just about everyone due to her low self esteem and Self-Deprecation complex.
  • Apologises a Lot: She's quick to apologize for just about anything she does, even if she did nothing wrong.
  • Grew a Spine: Mariko may be quiet and a meek person, but when she honestly disagrees with someone, she's not afraid to say it. She does this for Rai Maeda several times. Especially during the second trial where people constantly accused him of committing the murder and Mariko has to stand up for him repeatedly.
  • Undying Loyalty: Mariko is serious whenever she commits herself to a person. This is really apparent in chapter two where she befriends Rai, even though she knows he might betray her or manipulate her. She defends him tooth and nail, despite several characters not believing her. In the end it pays off because her standing up for him during the second trial gains a little bit of his respect.
  • Empty Shell: Since the first murder, Mariko has been shutting down emotionally as a coping mechanism. In the third chapter with Akimitsu, she comments that she doesn't even feel human anymore because of it.

Karin "Karina" Watanabe

Super High-School Level Astronaut
"Don't worry, I understand why you did this; we all get desperate at times... This is one of those times where it's actually reasonable. We'll get out of here someday, and it'll be with all nine of us, okay?"

(Karin was born into a family of three, her mother, father and younger sister. When she was young, her father was gone because he training to be the first man to travel to the moon. But after a series of failed tests, her father was sent home in shame. Karin, at the time was at a very young age and couldn't understand why her father was upset to be back home. As he drank alcohol and committed crimes until he went to jail, Karin swore when she was older she was to fulfill the expectations her dad didn't. At the age of 12, she began to study to become an astronaut, taking over her dad's former research and training. Karin is seen as a cheerful girl full of personality, but in reality she's a very selfish and distant from others. She is famous for her title, for both of her launches to the moon was broadcast on live TV, she dismisses it and doesn't like them talking about her talent.)

  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: Karin is ashamed of her family, her mother ignores them, her father is in jail and she ignores her own younger sister.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Karin's own father is a criminal and a drunkard.
  • First-Name Basis: She calls everyone by their first name, ending with -san or -kun
  • Freak Out: After Chapter 2 Motive is revealed, she screams out and runs to the storage room crying.
  • I Don't Want to Ruin Our Friendship: Karin to Ai, but there isn't any friendship, just weird cuddles and hugs.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Karin hates being an astronaut and an idol, for once in her life, she wants to be treated like a normal person.
  • Important Haircut: After Chapter Four trial, Karin cut her hair off to symbolize her moving on and past the deaths that happened at the lodge. Despite this, she still clings to the deceased.

Hikari Genkou

Super High-School Level Weaver
"What an honor! Yes, I promise, as long as I'm here, nothing is gonna happen to you. I swear."

(Before coming to Hope's Peak, Hikari was in a middle school where she won several awards for her accomplishments in crafting with yarn. She always loved making things for her close friends, and before her first year's exams, she found herself fiddling with yarn to calm herself. Before long, she started to make things like dolls and articles of clothing. It wasn't all too hard for her to figure it all out and she began making complex things with yarn in her spare time. She has a bright, happy personality and is easily impressed. She'll laugh at jokes, even if they aren't all that funny. She puts on an air of being trusting of others, and forgives easily. She's easily flustered by compliments and loves to compliment others about basically anything. Hikari is definitely one for second chances, and will listen to other people's opinions to give them the benefit of the doubt. The culprit of the Chapter 1 murder, killing Sato Masanobu and covering it up with the help of Rai Maeda. Executed by being restrained and cut by strings of yarn and burnt to death.)

  • Sympathy for the Devil: Many of the students chose to see Hikari's actions as sacrificial and forgave her, despite her actions being anything but that.

Kikyo Ayase

Super High-School Level Archer
" You are allowed to show fear, doubt yourself, question your morality and the morality of those among you. In such a situation, it is almost expected."

( One of the two victims of Chapter 4, found by the back of the equipment shed on the archery range with her throat savaged and clawed open by Hayato on the order of Mayu Takagi.)

Ryuusuke Nakano

Super High-School Level Critic
"You know, it's so typical of humans to cover their unappealing traits with lies so only the sides they want to be seen are shown."

(Ryusuuke's entire family was lazy, finding themselves simple, low-paying jobs once they reached working age, some not even completing school and freeloading off of the rest of the family. She began to pick out their flaws, and eventually grew to pick everyone out before she could stop herself (needless to say, she was not very well liked). The attitude of her family made her see the worst in everyone, and warped her until her view of usefulness and uselessness was very black and white. At around thirteen, she moved from verbally expressing her judgments to posting them online in forums. Eventually, after being booted from several online communities, she started a blog that exploded in popularity due to her unique and sharp style of writing that mercilessly poked at the flaws in whatever her attention was focused on. In no time at all, her reviews became coveted, and people were begging for her to critique their work in the hopes that their businesses or trades would get the attention from her coveted blog. Ryuusuke is very cold and analytical at all times. She's extremely judgmental and unafraid to voice her opinion; in fact, when she initiates a conversation it's typically to pass a (harsh) judgement.)

Mayu Takagi

Super High-School Level Falconer
"It's like they say: the only way to win is not to play. But in order for a strategy like that to be successful, everyone would need to be on board and I'm not even sure if that is possible, to be honest."

(The youngest child of a talented family, Mayu drifted from vocation to vocation as she grew up, never really settling on anything in particular for long. That changed when her grandmother invited her to stay with her, and taught her how to hawk. Now she continues in her honour, with her saker falcon Hayato by her side, eventually gaining relatively more renown than her siblings and being invited to Hope's Peak Academy as the SHSL falconer.

One of the two victims and murderers of Chapter 4. The killer of Kikyo Ayase, and assisted with her suicide by Yukio Kumagae.)

  • Doting Grandparent: Her late grandmother, who taught her about hawking and falconry and in whose honor she strives to excel.
  • Never Suicide: While it did at first look like she had killed Kikyo and then committed suicide, it later turned out this was not entirely the case.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: 4'11, and could absolutely kill you with the aid of the bird. So it's not a huge surprise what happened, really.
  • Rage Breaking Point: She really did try to hold back from doing anything to Rai, but he pushed her far enough that she snapped, punched him in the face, and spat on him. Holy shit.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Not only does she warm up a little when you get closer to her, but she turns into a downright mess around people she admires romantically.

Mariko "Mari" Ikemizu

Super High-School Level Speed Skater
"I want to help everyone So no one ever has to be alone anymore. I want us all to stand united, because, if we aren't then what are we? Nothin' but trapped animals. We can't let that bear do as it likes with us, so far we've already fuckin' givin it what it wanted."

(Living within the confines of a poor income in the outskirts of Kabukicho, Mariko lived alongside her younger brother and parents. Her family's relationship with one another can be considered rocky at best. However, she had many dreams she'd formed in her childhood. When she was young her parents rarely ever got her any gifts, but on her 8th birthday, the bought her a pair of used roller skates. She adored that pair of skates, even using them as a means of transportation to and back from her school. Though what got her really interested in skating as a competitive sport was when her brother remarked on how fast she was at skating, and that she should go join a competition for it. Though he was only half joking, Mariko considered it seriously. The first local competition she took part in, she won first place. Exhilarated by the thrill of competition, she knew then and there that this was going to be her passion in life. Mariko is quite an energetic sort of person. She's often direct, telling people exactly what she's thinking, which often landed her in hot water with her parents and those around her, but this also means she isn't one to mince words and is quite an honest person.However, Mariko is a kind person at heart and though she never voices her concerns straight out, she still worries about others.)

  • Dark and Troubled Past: She helped her brother and father cover up their illegal activities. She'd even tampered with bodies before in the past, which was a skill that was put into use during Chapter 3's double suicide when she tried to make Rai's death look like a murder.
  • Failure-to-Save Murder: She feels that she and everyone else are responsible for Rai and Mariko's deaths. But not only that, but at her old school she had friends who were bullies. Though she never bullied others, she didn't stop her friends' actions. In the end it resulted in the suicide of a girl from their school in which Mari feels very involved to the point that she blames herself for that girl's death and would even call herself a murderer.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She nearly got everyone killed in the Chapter 3 trial, just to give them a wake up call to their situation... However it didn't turn out exactly as she had hoped...

    Non-binary Students 

Ai Asahi

Super High-School Level Parkour Artist
"We can do this again, you know; sunrise, sunset, or just under the stars. No matter who we have to be during the day well, the sunrise is never the same twice. You wouldn't want to miss it."

( The culprit of Chapter 2, killing Shuu Shizumiya by the latter's bequest after stopping him from killing Rai Maeda. Executed by being chased across a falling cityscape, before having their fingers cut off as they desperately cling to the last building and falling off to be impaled on spikes.)


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