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i'm giving you a nightcall is a Fullmetal Alchemist Super Fic actually a Continuation Fic fanfic by clairedearing .

Edward Elric (the second) has always had to balance his double-life. By day, he works as a genius crime scene investigator. By night, he fights crime as Fullmetal with his alchemy.

Then mutilated bodies start turning up, people who all had been saved by him as Fullmetal. The scope of the murders force a joint investigation with the military, forcing Edward to work with his ex.


But the deeper he investigates, the more the murders echo an organization that his mother used to belong to.

This work contains examples for:

  • Above the Influence: Despite Edward throwing himself at him and telling Roy his actual feelings for him. Roy doesn’t do anything but calm Edward down and put him to sleep because Edward was drugged with a very powerful hormone. And he didn't believe Edward.
  • Alternate History: As a Post-Conqueror of Shamballa verse, this is to be expected. In this story the first Edward and Alphonse Elric were prominent figures in the Second World War and defused the tension of the Cold War and implied to have had a hand in the creation of their world’s Amestris.
  • Anguished Declaration of Love: Edward is physically and emotionally exhausted from being kidnapped by the new Homunculus Gang, fighting his way out and getting his automail arm painfully torn off. When Roy asked for an explanation to why he never told him that Edward was Fullmetal, he goes on an angry rant before finally telling Roy that he loves him.
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  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Despite Ed and Dante constantly sniping at each other and being rude, Dante pushes Edward out the way of the assassin's bullets to save him. Edward is beside himself with grief when she dies instantly.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Ed and Roy argue and tease each other fiercely but are still attracted to each other despite their break-up.
  • Berserk Button: Don’t threaten Ed, even if you are Ed. Edward as Fullmetal tries to give Roy information and flirt with him to put him off his game. But then Fullmetal says something sounds like he’s threatening Edward which causes Roy to go ballistic.
  • Blood Magic: Alchemy can only be activated by applying blood to an array. The Elrics are unique in that they need very little blood to activate an array.
  • ...But He Sounds Handsome: Indirect variant, Winry says that who created Edward’s automail must have been amazing, not realizing that she’s complimenting her alternate dimension past-life.
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  • Cannot Spit It Out: Edward tries multiple times to tell Roy about his vigilante activities when they were dating, only to stop trying after they broken up.
  • Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest: As it turns out this was reason Roy and Ed never had sex in their first relationship. Roy wanted his relationship with Edward to last so he put off sex so he wouldn’t drive him off. When they finally get back together Edward is miffed and quickly to rectify this.
  • Character Witness: Luca, the pickpocket that gave Edward the lead on Mackenzie. Instead of getting retribution for her trying to take his wallet, Edward just take it back and asks her for information which he pays her for. He even warns about the danger in her plan to get herself and boyfriend smuggled out of the country. When both Edward and her boyfriend go missing, Luca goes forward to the police.
  • Charm Person: Lance, the new Lust of the Homunculus Gang, makes himself irresistible to his victims that get in contact with his pheromone. Although it doesn’t work if the victim can’t smell or is soaking wet.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In Matthew Halsey’s autopsy, a chemical was found in his system which turned to be a modified hormone. This hormone is pivotal as it leads to the hormone’s creator, Lance of the Homunculus Gang who tries to seduce Edward and later tries to assassinate Mustang.
  • The Commissioner Gordon: Maes Hughes is the commissioner of the police, Edward’s boss and knows and supports Edward’s activities as Fullmetal.
  • Completed Fic
  • Cool Bike: Edward rides a 2005 motorcycle that he rebuilt and modified himself that he uses as a civilian and as Fullmetal. Unlike most examples, he deliberately customized the appearance to look generic.
  • The Coroner: Russell is best coroner in Central, despite being a botanist by trade.
  • Crack Pairing: Alex Armstrong/Rose Thomas. To be fair to the author they started shipping them when they were always together in the promotions for Conqueror of Shamballa.
  • "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot: Edward knows that he could have avoided the military being on Fullmetal's case if he just told Roy that he was Fullmetal before he got framed by Hakuro.
  • Daddy's Girl: Catherine Licht loved her adoptive father Edward Elric the first and would do anything to do his memory proud. Which is why she desires to open the Gate, she wants to see her father's homeland.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: Trisha had her mother, Noah’s dark skin and her father Edward’s blonde hair.
  • Dead Guy Junior: Edward the 1st named his daughter after his mother.
  • Death by Irony: Trisha was known to have been a powerful water alchemist. Which makes her death via drowning ironic.
  • Dye Hard: Winry enjoys getting new haircuts and dying her hair different colors. She is currently a platinum blonde.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Ed loses his boyfriend due to mistrust, the military goes after his hero persona, forced to work with his ex, forced to deal with people mistreating him due to his circumstances of his break-up, watch the woman he viewed as a grandmother get shot and killed in front of him, gets kidnapped and his automail painfully ripped off. But he manages to take down the new Homunculus gang, gets his reputation cleared and makes amends with Roy and gets back together with him.
  • Embarrassing Tattoo: Defied, Solaris got her Ouroboros tattoo removed after she left the Homunculus Gang.
  • Even Bad Women Love Their Papas: Catherine Licht loved her adoptive father, Edward Elric the first dearly and wants to see her father's homeland.
  • Evil Is Petty: The plot started when Catherine Elric/Eckhart got jealous of the fact over her adoptive parents’ new baby. She started the whole mess because she wanted to prove that she was better than a baby!
  • Famous Ancestor: The original Elric brothers were famous for stopping World War 2 and smoothing out the Cold War and helped build the infrastructure for the newly formed Amestris. They are very prestigious and the second Elric brothers always get comments on their pedigree.
  • Former Teen Rebel: Solaris and Trisha used to been part of the Homunculus gang when they were younger as Lust and Sloth, respectively. Although they left the gang after deaths of Gluttony and Wrath.
    • The victim, Matthew Halsey, used to be a delinquent, skipping school and being in a gang. He turned his life around after he was rescued by Fullmetal, joining the army.
  • Frame-Up: General Hakuro was smuggling drugs on the side and when Fullmetal caught him he called for back-up made it look like Fullmetal was attempting to kidnap him.
  • Friend on the Force: After Hawkeye finds out that Edward is Fullmetal, she becomes his in the military along with Major Armstrong.
  • Happily Adopted: Catherine Eckhart is the granddaughter of Dietchline Eckhart and she was loved by adoptive parents and treated as their own daughter. Not that you can convince her that.
  • Heroic BSoD: Edward falls apart when his surrogate grandmother Dante dies protecting him from assassins.
  • Honey Trap: Lance seduced Matthew Halsey for the Homunculus Gang and tried pulling this on Edward.
  • Identical Grandson: Edward and Alphonse Elric are identical in personality and appearance to their grandfather and great-uncle.
  • Impoverished Patrician: The Elrics are a very prestigious family with major accomplishments behind their name, although they fell into hard times after Trisha and Edward the first died. Ed and Al had to live in poverty until Edward could access his trust fund at age 18 and they are not back to their previous prominence, but they don’t really care.
  • Inspector Javert: Roy is in charge of arresting Fullmetal for the attempting to kidnap General Hakuro which the latter was framed for and for his vigilantism. But when push comes to shove, he is willing to work with Fullmetal when he has to. He drops the attitude entirely when he finds out the truth.
  • In the Hood: Edward’s Fullmetal costume has a hood that covers his face and hair.
  • Jurisdiction Friction: The murder of Sergeant Matthew Halsey puts in the investigation in the hands of both the police and the military much to Ed’s ire, especially the military liaison is his ex, who he’s avoiding.
  • Kissing Cousins: Al bemoans the fact he has a crush on Winry, their second cousin through their great-uncle Alphonse. Edward just encourages him to go for it.
    Edward: Why? You gonna finally tell her that you're in love with her?
    Alphonse: Brother, she's our cousin!
    Edward: Second cousin; it doesn't count -
  • Knowledge Broker: Solaris, the former Lust of the Homunculus gang, is the source of Fullmetal's information to the underworld.
  • Legacy Character: Edward Elric the 2nd and Alphonse Elric 2nd are the grandsons of Edward Elric the 1st and grandnephews of Alphonse Elric the 1st.
  • Let's Wait a While: Roy decided to take his relationship with Edward slow.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Roy has no idea that Edward is the Fullmetal and doesn’t know why Edward broke up with him.
  • Loves My Alter Ego: Inverted, despite their terrible break-up Roy is still head over heels over Edward but he can’t stand the vigilante Fullmetal.
  • Maiden Name Debate: Their father Richard Martin took Trisha’s surname because it was more prestigious.
  • Marriage of Convenience: It’s stated that Edward the 1st and Noah didn’t actually love each in a romantic sense, but got married to support each other emotionally and financially.
  • The Masquerade Will Kill Your Dating Life: Ed ended up dumping Roy when the latter shot him and was put in charge of arresting him. Even before that, Ed had to leave in the middle of dates for Fullmetal business.
  • Mythology Gag: A ton of these to the original anime:
    • King Bradley running a movie theater considering his previous incarnation was Fritz Lang.
    • Maes Hughes being a police officer.
    • Envy attempting to rename his himself, “the Dragon” considering his final fate.
  • Nice to the Waiter: Edward makes a point of being nice to the people he gets help from. For example when he takes a taxi as Fullmetal to get to a crime scene, he pays and tips the driver handsomely and gives the man the autograph he requested for his son.
  • "No. Just... No" Reaction: Alex has this reaction when Rose suggest Olivier to be the godmother of their child.
  • No Sympathy for Grudgeholders: Downplayed. Edward's friends in the know do admit that Edward has a right to be angry at Roy, but implore Ed to give him a second chance.
  • Not a Morning Person: Rose is considered odd in the fact that she is a morning person.
  • Not Helping Your Case: As much as Roy wants for Ed to trust him again, he doesn’t help his case when he keeps insisting that he will arrest Fullmetal even Hughes and Hawkeye ask him what would if Edward was Fullmetal.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Maes and Roy see Edward making out with a stranger at the bar just when Maes was telling Roy that Edward does have feelings for him. Edward was actually enthralled by the stranger’s pheromone powers.
  • Not with Them for the Money: Despite having access to her wealthy husband’s money, Rose still chooses to work as an elementary school teacher.
  • Obliviously Evil: Gluttony is completely unaware that her mother is evil or what she’s doing is cruel. All what Gluttony wants to do is eat and play. To be fair, Gluttony is a little girl.
  • One Side of the Story: All of Mustang’s aides, especially Hawkeye hate Edward and are very cold to him when they first meet him. While Edward had a justified reason for leaving Mustang as far as they know the love of Roy's life cruelly dumped him for no reason and is very hateful towards him.
  • Only in It for the Money: Edward and Russell explicitly joined the police force because they get benefits on school tuition which they use to support their brothers’ educations.
  • Parental Hypocrisy: When Edward is taken to the Gate and meets his grandfather and all of his grandfather’s friends Edward’s grandfather calls him stupid for risking his life and becoming a superhero. The original Roy Mustang says it not so different than Edward’s decision to join the military.
  • President Evil: Katherine Licht, the Fuhrer of Amestris, turns out to be behind the murders and kidnapping rings and the ringleader of the new Homunculus Gang.
  • Psychic Powers: Trisha, Edward and Alphonse have psychic abilities due inheriting it from Noah, Edward can read people's hearts.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: By shooting Fullmetal and saving General Hakuro, Roy Mustang finally gets the promotion he wanted so bad. Doing so let the dirty General Hakuro go unpunished and loses him his boyfriend just when he was going to tell Roy the truth.
  • Real Women Don't Wear Dresses: Trisha once had a promising career of nuclear chemistry only give it up to become a housewife. Winry’s mother never forgave her that until Trisha died.
  • Retired Badass: Most of the surviving of the Homunculus gang which includes the likes of Solaris, King Bradley and Dante. Despite Dante living in a retirement home, she still rules Central's underworld and an important source of information to Edward. Until she is killed.
  • Self-Made Man: Roy is the son of poor Japanese-American immigrants who along with baking would do yardwork. Roy then joined the military he rose quickly through the ranks and makes money to afford a penthouse apartment.
  • Serial Killings, Specific Target: The victims were all people who were helped or rescued by Fullmetal.
  • Shipper on Deck: Hughes tells Edward that he should give Roy another chance and get back together.
  • Shoo the Dog: Once the new Homunculus started targeting the investigation team, they had their families leave the city. Hughes had Gracia and Elysia hide out with Gracia’s parents in the country.
  • Straw Vegetarian: Alphonse is a vegan who laments that he can’t get Edward to give up meat. Edward loves eating vegan dishes and easily gave up dairy products but draws the line at giving up meat.
  • Super Fic: Edward is the vigilante Fullmetal, using his alchemy to fight crime in Central.
  • Trial Balloon Question: Twice, Roy is asked what he would do if Edward turned out to be Fullmetal. Roy missed the point of the question, refuses to consider that possibility, state that Edward can’t be Fullmetal. He states he would arrest Edward if he was. Not the answer Edward, Hughes and Hawkeye were searching for.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Edward loves soy milk.
  • Wealthy Philanthropist: Alex Armstrong is a very wealthy Blue Blood and he frequently donates and participates in charities. Which is how he meets his wife, Rose Thomas, who he met while working in a soup kitchen for the poor.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?: Its very ambiguous where Amestris is. Countries like the U.S. and Japan exist but its implied to have been created post WWII based off Edward the 1st ‘s stories of the actual Amestris.
  • What You Are in the Dark: When Roy asked Ed why didn’t he trust Roy enough to tell him the truth, Ed points that if Roy was willing to shoot a total stranger without asking questions then he couldn’t trust Roy not to shoot him.
  • Working with the Ex: To Edward’s ire, the murder of Sergeant Matthew Halsey becomes a joint investigation with the military. Meaning that Edward has to work with his ex-boyfriend Colonel Roy Mustang, who he had been avoiding for the past few months.
  • You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious: Edward uses Roy’s last name in order to distance himself after their break-up, although he does use Roy’s first name when he’s truly serious or when he’s trying to calm Roy down.
  • You Need to Get Laid: Roy says this to himself because he got aroused during his tense meeting with Fullmetal since he sounded so much like Edward.

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