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A Sleepy Head Enchantress

My somnolence was part of the goddess’ divine plan. It had to be. Her gift—her curse—gave me tremendous advantage in the study of enchantment because the magic could only be accessed during sleep.

Some fantasy is Dark Fantasy. This is one of those books. Written by A.E Marling in 2012 its also an Epic Fantasy series with four books in the series as of 2014

Hiresha is an enchantress. A really good one. But she suffers from a form of narcolepsy that causes her to fall asleep at any moment.This makes it hard to her to have a full live and she wants to find a cure for her malady. But she keeps getting caught in tricky situations all over the land of Loam.

  • Brood of Bones ,2012
  • Fox's Bride,2013
  • Gravitys Revenge 2013
  • Dream Storm Sea,2014

On the authors website you can read the short story a Prelude to Brood of Bones about Hireshas life as a young girl.

There is also a "A Gown of Shadow of flames" wich is set in the same world.But apart from the apperance of the Lord of the Feast in both of these they are separate.


    Brood of Bones 

[Brood of Bones] contains examples of:

    Fox's Bride 

[Fox's Bride] contains examples of:

    Gravitys Revenge 

[Gravitys Revenge] contains examples of:

    Dream Storm Sea 

[Dream Storm Sea] contains examples of:

  • A Heros Reward is what Hiresha expects to get after saving the Mindvault Academy in the previous book Subverted when the Elders decides to strip her of her enchantress status and exile her to a foreign country''


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