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Fanfic / GATE: and so the Iron Pact Fought

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Created by Aaron Fox (also known as Agent SciFi Maniac on on Frozen in Carbonite, Questionable Questing, and, this fanfic explores a scenario similar to the fanfic ''... and so the Soviets Conquered''.

The fanfic stars multiple characters including canon, original, and characters from other franchises. Like ... and so the Soviets Conquered, the story starts out with the Empire (in this fic fully named as The Holy Empire of Alnus) invading not only Tokyo Japan from an alternate version of GATE, but also Berlin in a timeline known as 'the Iron Pact', which in of itself is based on a Nightmare!Versailles discussion and the likely aftereffect thereof.


The Iron Pact's objectives are similar to Japan's (now joined with the US, mainly providing various elements of support), but with one key difference: uplift the Empire so it wouldn't do such a thing again.

That... is where things get complicated... as machinations of all sorts start turning in the background...

GATE: and so the Iron Pact Fought contains examples of:

  • Adaptational Badass: Quite a few characters from GATE get this sort of treatment in this fic including Cato El Altestan and by virtue of being his students Lelei La Lalena and Arpeggio El Lalena.
  • Alternate History: The Iron Pact is due to this, thanks to the leaders of France and Churchill and friends trying to force what is aptly named 'Treaty of Damnation' upon Germany, which everyone else on the planet told France and Britain to stuff it, which leads to the Great War of Resistance.
    • It wouldn't be alternate history without a likable Adolf Hitler... who didn't go on his genocidal path thanks to the aptly named 'Great War of Resistance' showing where that path would lead him.
    • Wilhelm the Second would become known as 'Wilhelm the Flawed' and would resign as Kaiser after the Great War of Resistance, eventually presiding over an endowment of the arts and sciences before his death during the timeline's World War 2.
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  • Blood Knight: Rory, as her original self.
  • Evil Empire: The Holy Empire of Alnus, given its Roman origins and willingness to enslave their enemies.
    • Subverted by Imperial Germany, who had elements of this during its initial colonial ambitions but abandoned them when it served them no purpose, allowing the creation of the African Commonwealth later in the timeline.
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: In the Iron Pact Timeline... Churchill got this attributed to him given that he was one of the major pushers of the 'Treaty of Damnation' upon Germany alongside France's political leadership.
  • Zeppelins from Another World: The Iron Pact utilize these for transport duties in their 'present day', with one explicitly doing an L59 impression to meet up with those that the Empire had taken as slaves from the Iron Pact world that ended up in Equestria... with one of the Equestrians remarking on the Graf Zeppelin Marsch.

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